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  1. Pete

    My self-builder's zimmer has arrived!

    Porsche yellow, your build will speed up now Ian!!
  2. I am trying to pour some self leveling upto my sliding doors with which I am trying to get a level threshold. Can anybody @nod/ @Nickfromwales give me a rough idea of the depth I need to leave to ensure I am pretty near the top of the threshold without going over? I am thinking of leaving approx 25mm after I pour my self leveling to allow the adhesive(3mm notched trowel), Ditra, adhesive (10mm notched trowel)and 10mm porcelian tile. TIA
  3. Pete

    Joist Hangers: too many holes?

    I have used both and they both have their benefits. The Paslode is easier to use, especially if you are on a roof. It takes about half an hour to service and is like anything else,if you look after it it will work fine. One tip though, if weather cold put the gas in your brew/pocket before using. Compressor ones are as good but can be noisy and you have to drag the air line round with you.
  4. Pete

    Joist Hangers: too many holes?

    17😂. I was under the impression that every hole was nailed. You have plenty of jobs to be doing so hammer a few in, have a brew, do a few more, procrastinate a bit more, do some more. Even better is to find your old hammer and get SWMBO to do some!! ( Once you have measured and put them in place or may be better to let her put her own in, enough said)
  5. As everybody said you must be so proud. You have built a house while we wait for our windows to be finished, so jealous! The house looks lovely and when the landscaping is finished it will sit nicely in its surroundings.
  6. Pete

    Tiling...many questions

    You would make a great self-builder as you want everything to be millimetre perfect and that is not always achievable as you, me and others have found out. Keep going bud and when it is all done and grouted, towels everywhere you will wonder what all the fuss was about!
  7. Pete

    Tiling...many questions

    looking great now mate.
  8. Pete

    My knees need a ladder

    My knees have only just recovered from setting levels on my concrete floor ready for the SLC. Like some have said you need to buy the right tools to aid ones old age (me included). I am looking at a trolley for mixing/pouring self leveling and tile adhesive and possibly an upright spreader so I am stood up doing a lot of the jobs instead of kneeling. WE have to look after ourselves Ian.
  9. When I laid the wet UFH pipes in our concrete slab I put a loop in both bathrooms. Now I am hoping to put an electric mat under the tiles above the wet pipe system unless the collective say otherwise. Like some I am hoping to have a subtle background heat (electric)from the bathrooms to heat the house before we go full wet pipe but not sure if this is ok above the wet pipe system. TIA
  10. Been quite a bit if talk about thermostats and temp just recently and got me thinking what do people have their house temp set at? I used to do some work for a lady that had her house set at 27c and I used to perspire profusely. A young couple rent a house of us and they have it set at 25c. We have our house set at 19c and will prob be happy with 20/21 when we move into our new house.
  11. Thought so but not sure why @worldwidewebs got knocked back. I am sure he will explain.
  12. Pete

    Fixing joists to the wallplate

    I cannot see why you would do it this way. When you mark the wall plate for the spacing you would trust your pencil line (measure twice an all) so why not just attach the hangers and this will make your life a lot easier Ian. Just be in time for the Patten arms opening if you get a move on!
  13. Pete

    Where to position your themostats?

    Don't make it to comfy she will want to stop!!