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  1. You need to decide what render you are going to use as most of them will give you a list of approved boards that they recommend. I used Parex render and on their list was Moisture resistant render board which I got from Berrys of Leyland. The exterior render board is not cheap so sit down when getting prices. The more you get the better the price.
  2. Pete

    The Build - Nearly done!!

    Coming along nicely, wish our's was to!!
  3. Pete

    Plasterboard What Thickness

    I will be in the same position soon so let me know how you get on. On line is a good place to start and then play one merchant against the other is the norm. Usually cheaper to get a bulk order but with p/b you need to get it stored so you not continually moving it about. How will access be for your site as it could come on an articulated lorry as part of a multiple order? If your local merchant gives you a good price they may have a smaller wagon for delivery.
  4. Pete

    Plasterboard What Thickness

    12.5mm minimum. Do not think you can get 9.5mm in 8 x 4 so making more work for yourself
  5. Pete

    window cill

    We have Internorm windows with a spruce wood interior and are planning on laying an oak floor so a bit unsure what type of window cill to fit. I want a low maintenance house so not keen on MDF/HDF which will need painting.I should mention that the window is 3.5m wide so brings with it a few problems. One thought we had was to make one using the flooring but I am not sure this will look right. Other options are a stone cill but may need a join due to the length. What have people used that we may consider?
  6. Pete


    Give Paul a ring at On Target Scaffold. Helpful and you can have it for as long as you need it.
  7. Pete

    Help required wiring my ASHP/UFH

    Pub? Just to reflect and have some time out away from the problem. Hope you get things sorted. (At not much cost to yourself)
  8. Which toilet system have you used Peter? TIA
  9. Pete

    Boarding for an attached garage

    Thanks for that. Will have to dig into the regs a bit more and find out his reasoning behind this
  10. Pete

    Level thresholds in thin air

    I have the same sliding door arrangement and my cill does not move. It is rock solid all the way along. I wonder if it was not supported enough underneath when installed. Hope you manage to get it all sorted with those trims.
  11. Pete


    Great blog and very informative. Glad @Onoff is a man of few words otherwise non of us on here would get much done!!
  12. Pete

    Boarding for an attached garage

    My detached garage is 12.5m x 6m and the BCO wants me to board the ceiling. When I asked him why he said it was due to the size.
  13. Pete

    New series of Grand Designs

    Did I miss something or did they not put insulation in the main roof?
  14. Pete

    Delayed gratification

    Looks great and very informative!
  15. Pete

    Be careful....

    My knees are as bad as my back!!