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  1. Yes but would the work have been done to the same standard that you did? At the moment most people I have to get in to do work has left me feeling like I wish I had done it myself.
  2. Welcome from another Cumbrian!!
  3. Pete

    Power float concrete floor

    I know exactly how you are feeling. I used a vibrating beam screed and I had it like a billiard table until the beam screed fell to bits and by the time I had sorted it the concrete was passed being workable. It is flat but far from how US self builders would like it!
  4. Pete

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    I was not cannon fodder Ian, I was a member of the senior service floating around the world!!
  5. Pete

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    How are you doing at understanding this latest fiasco concerning Sunamp @AnonymousBosch? The more this goes on I wish I had installed some ducting for gas when | put my utilities in! My concern is that us mere mortals cannot understand or even comprehend fixing or trying to make this latest Sunamp work when it goes wrong and from what it looks like this is becoming a regular thing. Not impressed at all.
  6. Pete

    Timber cladding, recommendations

    We used Trespa Romantic Walnut for our contemporary build and we think it really works for house. It will never need any maintenance apart from a wash down now and then. Over the time we have been building and going through the process of choosing everything associated with self build we found we over thought a lot of things cause that is how it is when you have many things to choose! Then as you move on through the build and things you chose/debated months a go just blend into the house as a whole (unless it is a dolphin window blind ala @Onoff) and you hardly notice the thing in isolation.
  7. Pete

    Manifold choice?

    Just deciding on some aspects of my plumbing and will be using the manifold for my H&C system. Question I have is why have people chosen the manifold with isolation valves over the non isolation valve ones which are quite a bit cheaper? Is it just to be able to isolate individual pipes or is there something more to it? If I chose the non valve ones I could still put one isolation valve at the inlet which I know would isolate the entire manifold but that in itself would not be a problem. TIA
  8. Pete

    A Change of Materials

    I wanted to change the limestone exterior wall, approx 42 sq m as it was going to be very costly and use a contemporary wall clad system that would be half the price. I contacted my planner, Mike Hoar from South lakes planning dept and he said he was in favour of this, just get some samples and we can chose. He has been a pleasure to deal with I have to say.
  9. Not heard of him in Burton, try further North!!
  10. Pete

    External Velfac door - how to fit?

    I have fitted my own Pirnar door, 2.9m wide including a side window and used the steel plates described above. One advantage of using these is the door can still be raised/lowered a fraction so when I tile the floor I can get the door threshold to sit right down on the tiles by adding/removing some packers
  11. What have I told you about using foam!!
  12. I have not decided whether to use downlighters or the narrow panel Led lights that some have used but my main concern is that I have my VCL directly above the lights. I know the led lights do not produce as much heat as the halogen ones used to but it still concerns what the heat long term will do to the VCL. I know I could put some form of barrier in place but has anybody had to deal with this situation? TIA Distance from plasterboard to VCL is 120mm.
  13. Tata steel roof but we bought ours through Catnic although it is the same system
  14. I must admit this did concern me, the fact that you leave a gap and then it is filled when the first coat of render is put on. What type of boards did you use?