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  1. Pete


    I have fitted my own ASHP with the help of a plumber (and buildhub) and it has cost me around £6000. I had quotes of £12/13000 and nearly choked on my porridge! My £6000 was for a brand new 9kw Panasonic Aquarea with HW cylinder and associated valve and pipework. I put my own heating pipes in the slab and kept it all one zone and it works great. It has taken me two/three weeks to understand how to run it and how it interacts with my house but now I am getting the hang of it ( thanks to @joe90, @jackand @ProDavefor giving me advice on their setups). My advice is do your homework and KISS like most have on here. Like Dave said treat it like a boiler and your plumber will have no reason not to be able to fit it. My Panasonoc came with a simple schematic to explain the setup and the controller is really easy to use. I am only up the road from you if you want to see my system.
  2. We like free! I am retired also and next job is the garden having finished plastering today. May wait till it warms up a bit though. Just put up my bird feeder so that is sort of gardening? (Being outside!!)
  3. You have tooooo much time on your hands!!
  4. When I questioned my B/insp over this issue he just said if wind can move this building we are all in trouble!!
  5. We moved into our passive house just before xmas and are still adjusting things to suit how we live. I notice you have shut the heat off to the bedrooms, how has impacted on your energy consumption and the comfort levels in the bedrooms?
  6. Why would it have moisture in the elements?
  7. We fitted two ovens in our kitchen which was lucky as one did not work so had to rely on one only. Just to explain we bought a load of Gaggenau appliances from Ebay ( over 18 months ago) and all have worked as expected. I tested them when I got them home just to see if they switched on which they did. The kitchen was fitted 12 months ago and we moved in this xmas. The oven in question turned on ok and my son did all the settings and everything was tickedy boo. When we came to actually use the oven it tripped and due to the time of year I left it until now. So today I got the oven out and had a look at it. The oven is on a 4mm radial circuit and that circuit works fine until the isol switch is made. I have a flex that I can connect to a reel so I could isol the oven and see if the fault is from the oven. I connected this up, L and N only and it works ok. Just by luck I decided to try and connect another cable that had an earth cable and this then tripped the CU. So just to clarify, oven trips when hard wired and when isol the radial circuit works fine. When I connect a bit of flex up just using L/N it is ok but when I connect L/N and earth it trips. I tried the extension reel with the flex on both sides of my CU and it still trips out so has anybody got any ideas or is it a case of getting engineer out as I could ring Gaggenau tech tomo but I am not sure what they will say over the phone apart from getting an engineer out? My mate who could find and fix the fault is not back from France till June so I suppose I could wait till then although SWMBO might not be as keen on this idea as me!! You can see the oven is brand new and never been used, was all wrapped up when we went and got the thing but obviously there is no warranty. We saved a massive amount of money overall so it is not the end of the world if we have to go down the engineer route. TIA
  8. Look under "covering an eps plinth" there are photos on there. I used the Ubiflex on top of blockwork and it looks really smart
  9. Alot of us have used Ubiflex and it looks really smart. Put this is the search engine on here
  10. I'm not as lonely in this world as I thought!! Thanks chaps
  11. How do you do that partial quoting of what people have said instead of their whole reply please? (Top Luddite here!!)
  12. We had a log burner in our previous home and it was lovely but I had insulated the old cottage that much when we lit the fire (5KW) it used to send me to sleep! Every day is a learning day! I had the number of the tech guy who stat I was using and after a call just now he is sending me an updated sender unit that is more suited to my house with a greater degree of hysteresis and a degree of self learning so what a great service that is.
  13. I think this is the problem with your house and @ProDavein that you have log burners and this will add considerably to your heat input and thus reducing your heat pump usage compared to my house which has no log burner. My stat has a .5 degree increment but the temp of the house goes nearly a degree over the set temp if I do not turn it off manually. I have not introduced any heat into the house for over 24 hours and the temp inside has not dropped at all in this time
  14. @jackruns his at a low temp and I think I need to try this. I am starting to understand my new house but because you do not get instant feed back from any changes you make and no two days are the same weather wise then you a few variables to contend with can confuse matters. My heat pump does seem to defrost quite regularly so not sure how to combat this or whether my heat pump is prone to this? Have you always run your temp so low or have you had them higher and then reduced them once you got used to the house? With you saying the house is slow to react because you have such low temps does this mean the heat pump is running longer to maintain a constant internal temp?