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  1. Pete

    Building regs approval

    Yes we did the same as it was much cheaper
  2. Pete

    The Build - Part 1 - The groundworks

    Not if it is like mine. No suspension and manual tipper but does the job
  3. Pete

    Power Floated Concrete Raft - Yes or No?

    We had about a cube to get rid of and we just spread it very thinly on the drive. It is easier to break up afterwards if you need to move it than have to break up a large mound of the stuff
  4. Pete

    Mitre Saws

    I would assess how much work you have to do with the larger size timber. I have a large mitre saw but I also used to have a cheapie £40 type one for cutting stud and general carcassing work. You could use a jigsaw/circular saw to cut the I-beams and just buy a smaller mitre saw if you do not need a larger cutting range.
  5. Pete

    Bit of a cock up

    But I bet the sense of achievement is a great feeling
  6. Pete

    Comparing lengths of impact drivers

    My bosch one packed in last year after many years service and I purchased the new one and could not believe the improvement over the old one. You can select the torque on the new one and it will drive 4" stainless steel screws in for fun. Has loads more power than the old one
  7. Pete

    UFH Manifold.- Which One?

    We did not pressurise our pipes before pouring concrete. Just thought that if there was a leak I would not be able to do anything about it anyway!!
  8. Pete

    Meeting architect for first time

    From our experience your architect needs to know your budget as they have a habit of really overspecing the build. For example on our build the architect had a porte cochere joining the garage to the house, it was a really fancy feature but would have cost the earth. As many will tell you, put your money in the fabric of the building with loads of insulation, good quality windows and MVHR and you will have a good base to start with. These things you want to last for a long time yet other items like bathrooms and kitchens can be upgraded at anytime in the future if you cannot afford what you want now. Be realistic about what YOU can do in the way of labour and finishes as if your paying for everything to be done by tradesmen then costs will be a lot higher. We tweaked our design after the architect had presented us with the initial design so do not be afraid to question why he/she has designed it that way.
  9. Pete

    Specifying our roof; cement board and OSB3

    Hi Ian I have used moisture resistant render board from Berry's at Leyland. 2.4m x 1.2m which is 12mm thick. Ask to speak to Jonathan Aspin and if you open an account you get free delivery. Be warned they are quite heavy!!
  10. Pete

    Saturday night nonsense

    look carefully at the man in the last row
  11. Pete

    Saturday night nonsense

  12. Pete

    Nailer Just noticed this nailer as these have been discussed recently.
  13. Pete

    Hard standing over tree roots — how?

    We had this issue with a yew tree my neighbour's garden which was highlighted in the tree report and had a TPO on it. I was told it was a no dig zone and root protection was required which I was not to happy with. I then spoke to a hedge layer and he basically said he had chopped loads of Yew tree roots in caravan sites locally to us and they had suffered no harm at all and found that Yew trees are virtually bomb proof. This tree was on the otherside of a 12 foot wall so gave us plenty of privacy but needless to say we dug away with a digger and the tree is still growing strong. I think with some of these things bureaucracy takes over and has been mentioned many times on here, do your homework and stand your ground.
  14. Pete

    Airtightness tape

    Delivery over £200 is £12 and free if the order is over £300
  15. Pete

    What plant to hoick around concrete floor beams.

    Self building is all about adapting and overcoming these issues. 3 people could easily lift the beam leaving one in the void to assist and then rotate so you all get a rest. Take a leaf out of @Nickfromwalesand @Onoffbook by laying one,have a beer and then lay a few more. You will need liquid anyway if it is going to be in June when you lay them.