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  1. Pete

    32mm Water connection

    Thanks. My thoughts exactly that they only had 25mm ferrules in the van.
  2. We always have a fear of moving away from the norm and trying something new, some call it trendy, fashionable. A friend of ours was forever decorating and having the latest trends in their house and had a glass sink put in when they came in. Many months later we went round and you could see all the sealant had gone black between the outlet and the glass and the only way to remove this was to strip it all out and redo it all. Anybody got the latest black metal taps?
  3. Pete

    Satan is whispering in my ear....

    Is that a rail on one side and overhead/diverted on the other?
  4. Pete

    32mm Water connection

    This is the description on the invoice
  5. Pete

    32mm Water connection

    That's my new connection on the left, the other is my neighbour also building his own house. My nephew (who used to work for UU) asked a senior man at UU today about our connection photo and his immediate response was the connections are to close and that our connection should have been 32mm straight from the main and he offered to contact a hydraulics engineer to work out our pressure loss which may come in handy when we see what UU are going to do about it.
  6. Pete

    32mm Water connection

    I bought a 32mm atplas meter box so it really should be 32mm all the way. UU want an email to query with the connection company so will see what happens.
  7. I was away when we had our water connected up in the main road. I had requested and paid for a 32mm supply as we are about 80 metres from the main supply. I have now received photos of the actual connection and it shows the end of my 32mm pipe going into a reducer, a short length (100mm) of 25mm pipe and then the coupling into the main. My question is this normal as I expected it to be 32mm all the way to the main? I cannot see it making to much difference but just thought I would ask?
  8. Pete

    Window Fixing Straps

    No, £6.60 for 25, cheap as chips mate. Are your windows pre glazed or not? I had a bit of both so the windows that were not pre glazed you can fix through the frames and not bother with this these straps. I only put them on the sides. I had some really large windows so to ensure they did not bow I put some angle brackets on the inside at the bottom to keep the window securely fixed.
  9. Pete

    Window Fixing Straps

    Got mine from SBS Cumbria, Unit 5 Parkside business Park. LA97EN. 25 cost £6.60 incl vat
  10. Building this way removes all the problems with the VAT claim, what type of screw to use(Ian), what make of power tool. Whether Passive, decrement delay is sorted (I think Jeremy?)and I would not have to use Internorm windows!!
  11. Pete

    Slowly moving to Torx: why?

    Bought three pairs of glasses from Aldi the other week for just such occasions. (You clumsy oaf)
  12. Pete

    Steel Single Stringer Staircase

    As @Hobbinihoand @ProDave mention the stairs have to pass BR. This is a picture of the staircase we are going to build for our house, the first thing our B/I said was that the gap is to big between the treads so you will have to do something to overcome this. BUT the thickness of the glass in the drawings is 12mm toughened and the staircase manufacturer said he would not be happy with that thickness and wants to use either 15/19mm toughened or at least 13.5mm laminated but my B/I was happy with 12mm. You win some you loose some. This staircase was built down South but seems to have been past by B Control there!!
  13. Pete

    Door frame jig?

    As @Russell griffiths says you can get shadow gap trims which is what I am using. The way I am suggesting is the same as using a door but a using a 4 x 2 frame instead. I will glue the the 12mm MDF in place and use a filler if necessary, once it has had a few coats of Zinseer it will be ok.
  14. Pete

    Door frame jig?

    MDF is used all the time for skirting and door cases.