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  1. Do you know any of the local fire service, they will blast it for you.
  2. Pete

    Hairline plaster cracks

    If you get I-------- windows your frame will have done all its moving before they have finished the install!
  3. We had issues with our build and I have had to lower the ceiling in the corridor to run all the ducting down. There was no other way of doing it as the roof above is the roof terrace which splits the house down the middle. We lost 100mm but it is has not made a big difference.
  4. Pete

    Quiet strike impact drivers.

    Take your mind off your diet by following @Onoff silicone saga mate
  5. Pete

    Quiet strike impact drivers.

    I replaced my broken Bosch impact driver for the new one and could not believe the difference. The new one is so much more powerful and you can adjust the power level. I had to drive 100mm stainless steel screws in to batten the exterior prior to render board and it made it a lot easier than using my Bosch drill/driver IMO. ( I just time the noise out) P.S just don't use it when popmaster is on!
  6. I have similar size house and BPC have just doubled up the ducts to each terminal. I suppose it comes down to cost of materials and how much room you have to run things. As an aside I was pretty naive when I ordered the materials and bought everything from BPC. I have since found out I am possibly two rolls short of ducting and rather than pay for two rolls from BPC I have bought them from Plastics Express which do 75mm ducting. The outside diameter is the same but inside it is 2mm narrower. So I have just bought some couplers and will use a short length (50mm) of the BPC ducting from the plenum box then a coupler and then use the new ducting from there. The difference in the cost of the rolls is over £100!! (Sorry if this is off topic)
  7. We are having this dilemma at the moment. I think a lot depends on what type of property it is, as if it is an older looking house then a focal point like a fire is probably a must. Our build is very contemporary and we think we could get away without a fire if we decide not to have one. Just Google or use Pinterest to look at what people have done, it really is a great source foe ideas.
  8. Pete

    32mm mdpe water pipe

    Hi @PeterW, what do you mean restricted to 15mm at the stop cock end? I have 32mm from the main, through the water meter, i know it is 32mm as I bought the box with the 32mm built in connections and then it goes into the house and reduces to 22mm at the stop cock.
  9. Pete

    Automated garage door

    We saved £1500 on buying and fitting two Hormann doors over what the fitted price was.
  10. Pete

    Plastering and the white room of paint

    As always a really interesting read. How did the plasterers do the overhang for the led lights? I can see what looks like ply going up, then plasterboard and then a corner bead. Are there two corner beads to cover the depth of the combined ply and p/board or something different as I cannot make out from the photographs? Thanks
  11. Solar block glasss with SKN coating and IBE light, that is as much as I know.