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  1. Pete

    Slab edge thickening

    Not sure if this helps but this is our passive slab detail. Foundation section A Peter Vasey.pdf
  2. Pete

    The Build - Stone work commences

    And me. Taking shape and looking great
  3. I would be gutted. Good job we have this site to guide us. Long may it continue.
  4. Pete

    L V cable price

    You would have thought so but no they cannot. I take your point about just splitting it but the neighbour's house is approx 30m from the main and we are a further 30m on. I have just had a quote for the cable which was £800 so depending on how you do your sums can make quite a difference. I think we should be paying more due to the fact we are further from the mains cable. Now I have an idea of the price for the cable we can work together to sort it out.
  5. Pete

    L V cable price

    Has anybody any idea of how much a LV mains cable supplying two houses would cost. I am trying to divide up the electric supply quote fairly between two houses but ENW cannot give me a breakdown as the computer will not let them.It is cheaper to do it this way than have a separate cable to each house from the mains but they cannot give us a breakdown of costs, computer says NO!! The length of the LV mains cable is 60m with a service connection at 30m for the first house and then at the end of the LV mains cable there will be another connection for the domestic cable to house two. Part of the quote breaks down this part into the price of the cable, pulling it through the duct and the pavement excavation but that is it. I have contacted an electrical wholesaler but they needed to know the size of the cable which I do not know. They have said they will work on it being a similar size to the domestic cable to the house and get back to me.Anybody have any ideas? TIA
  6. Pete

    Planning permission granted!

    Congratulations, major hurdle overcome.
  7. Pete

    Hey from Essex... xx

    I had to take the exterior wall of a house down from the wallplate where the roof sits down to the 1st floor joists as it was bulging. When I had it all open and you could see the inside wall a neighbour said to me you should have supported that wall as it will fall down. I said to him how would you like me to support it? He said acro props and I said what do you want me to support, the slate roof. When I pointed out the roof sits on the inner wall he just looked at me and I carried on repairing the wall. Just ignore him and prove him wrong as people have said.
  8. Pete

    Embedding threaded bar in concrete.....

    Got any spare timber on site? Get two and screw them together to form a right angle and attach this to the wall temporary to allow resin and bolts to be fixed. The timber will support the threaded rod until it has set. Do they all have to line up horizontally(?), if so set laser level to ensure you fix wooden support to the line. If they have to fixed accurately with an even spacing horizontally then cut smaller timbers to sit on top of L shaped timber to go either side of threaded rod and you will cover all bases. Moral of story never throw anything away until you have finished the build!
  9. Pete

    Decoupler mat

    We have a passive slab and are busy choosing tiles, approx 270 sq m and we would like them to be 120cm x 120cm and a couple of tile shops have said we will need an anti crack mat which I assume is a decoupling membrane. Our slab is generally 100mm thick apart from the load bearing areas and has steel reinforcement within the concrete. What I am asking is the mat a necessary item or a just an in case item in that if the concrete does crack then the tile will not crack? Not sure if this needs another thread but what have people done with expansion joints? I really do not like them and a tile supplier I spoke to last year said we would not need them but I see them all the time in large tiled areas in commercial buildings and it is another one of those do I or do I not fit them. TIA
  10. Pete

    Like buses

    Yes. They have a large showroom and like to do a deal.
  11. House looking great and moving on at a pace. I take it the reason for the battening on the upstairs floor is for the UFH? If so are you using any form of spreader plate? TIA
  12. Pete

    New knotweed study

    We got rid of knotweed from a property a couple of years ago. We had to be meticulous to ensure we did not transfer it from the initial site to elsewhere in the garden. But by a process of injecting neat Rosate (bought of Ebay) into the main roots and actually getting down on our hands and knees to chase out the roots and carefully prize it out we managed to completely remove it. We used to burn all the roots in a very hot bonfire by adding it to the glowing embers.
  13. Pete

    Where to buy chunky timber for stair treads

    Not sure how you are going to use your stairs i.e shoes on or off? We are thinking of using a veneer on some solid cheaper timber as there will only be two of us using the upstairs and defo no outdoor shoes on the stairs. We are also going to buy cheap fire doors and have them veneered and it is working out a lot cheaper than buying a large say walnut door from say a company like Deuren doors. You get to pick your own veneer and can have subsequent cills etc made to match which we need as we have some large window bottoms to do.
  14. Ian, be firm with her and she will understandđŸ˜‚. Play the health card if she unsure. I think procras______ is best done with a lovely view and you have that in abundance, especially looking towards Cumbria!!
  15. As you say as self-builders we do procrastinate but that is because WE all have the fear of doing it wrong or not choosing/buying the most appropriate part (Sunamp/combi e.g) for our build. We just look at it that we are in the great position of being able to build our own house and try and enjoy every moment even if that involves more procrastination!1 As an aside Ian, it could be worse and you are living in a caravan as some have done on here and do not have a choice in that matter.If I was in that position I would do less proc__________ and be doing my damndest to move in asap but seen as we both live in a comfortable house adjacent to the build then take as long as you want.