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  1. Left the gap as you suggest which was covered by the skirting. Did not bother with silicone to save money!! (Tight us northerners!)
  2. Would be ok but I did not even do that in the two bathrooms as I had used the mat throughout
  3. I do not have expansion strips of any kind in my doorways. I have laid 1.2m x 1.2m tiles throughout my ground floor onto decoupling membrane on a concrete slab and have had no problems and imo looks better than putting thin strips in which would have spoilt the look of my large tiles
  4. I used the mat to cover my entire concrete slab just in case, just peace of mind really
  5. Okay, you mentioned solar gain that was all and not the cold in your first comment so that confused me
  6. Not sure why you are saying 3g is a must? We have 3g and it still gets plenty warm when the sun is on it. On the windows that are truly South facing we had a solar coating put on them and this really does help
  7. we have used similar lights down a corridor. They are the plastered in ones and sit about 300mm from the floor and do look really smart but if you are having a tiled floor it shows every little bit of dirt!!
  8. You sound just like me and the answer was you cannot reclaim the vat but no reasons given
  9. I tried to argue but computer says NO!!
  10. When I spoke to HMRC about this they said I cannot claim the vat back on induction hobs with built in extraction.
  11. I did exactly the same, must be a Northern thing, eh, like!!
  12. I had this issue! Office staff deemed it ok so we proceeded with the ducting etc. When insp came he was not happy about the ducting, another story, but even less with the internal meter. When I told him it was a Passive house and had been sanctioned with his planning people he told me he needed to make some calls. When he came back he begrudgingly told me all was good but he was not happy, what I wanted to say to him was suck it up buttercup but thought better of it!
  13. We did not go for cert either. We decided that the cost was not worth it and spent the money on the fabric of the building!!
  14. We built to Passive standards but never tweaked the house design. Our house is 330m2 and has a lot of glazing which is not compatible with Passive!! We kept things really simple in terms of ufh and it is all one zone. We use ASHP for ufh and hw and it works well for us. We only moved in two months ago so we are still getting used to the ASHP and tweaking it but our electric bill for last month was £122. The house does not have any other form of heating and the stat is set at 21. We built in t/f and used the Passive frame/foundation combo. As @jacksays the floors are always warm if the house is warm. We just used the concrete slab as a thermal store and it is brilliant. We only have porcelain tiles so it is great at heat transfer. Mvhr is a must and the fresh air feeling is lovely inside all the time.
  15. We had the issue with the top of the door dropping and I used an acrobat to push it back up and tighten the fixing screws