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  1. You are an easy man to please Ian!
  2. I have just used this system on my large kitchen floor tiles and they have worked a treat
  3. Thanks mate, not sure I can afford the postage of those stairs as they look like an integral part of the setup! Have ordered some eurocones and will try my air test kit so may be coming back to you if this fails
  4. Has anybody used these adaptors as I need to use some to rig up a test kit for my UFH and they do not sell the inserts separately?I only need two but have 10 pipes to test and have not connected the manifold yet as not sure of final height position so would like to test the pipes now. When I have looked at them I think you would be able to re-use them instead of having to buy quite a few as the 16mm end that goes onto the UFH pipe has a bit that inserts in the pipe with a split olive on the outside and then the securing nut.TIA
  5. Pete

    UFH air test

    That is my reasoning also but I also want to test all the legs and just wondered what people thought about using air rather than water
  6. I had to use option 1. My B/insp wanted me to fold the membrane up and behind the breather membrane on the outside of the panelvent or the OSB sheathing in your case. My frame make up from the outside is render board, batten, breather membrane and then panel vent board and then timber frame and insulation. Hope this helps.
  7. I need to do an air test on one leg of my UFH as the timber frame installer decided to drill in a doorway when fitting the internal wall soleplate. The question is will an air test work to find if there is a leak now the pipe has been encased in concrete for over 12 months or will it be better to do a wet test to see if a wet patch develops? Hope this is not to silly a question!
  8. Talc also works for bald/shaven heads. If I have a sweaty head and I ask SWMBO to run the trimmers over it she puts talc on it and it stops the judder.
  9. Cordless angle grinder, plunge saw. I suppose it depends on your level of involvement in the build as to what tools you have!! I love my 6" pry bar, got me out of a few problems!
  10. My B/Insp said I was ok with soakaway crates. We worked out the roof area and just put in the appropriate number of crates. I will add we are on excellent draining land and the plot is reasonably large so had a lot of room to spread the soakaways apart. I also do not have any trees near me as the B/Insp was concerned about them silting up in the long term and the roof is metal so we should be ok I hope.🤞
  11. Just a query really, why is there a Hep2o fitting 15mm to 3/4" female thread and not a 15mm to 3/4" male thread?
  12. We put in red ducting as instructed. When the inspector came out to check the ducting before connecting the mains he told us we had used the wrong red ducting. We had used the red flexible duct instead of the 3 metre socketed pipe but at no point was this specified. He passed it after we said at no point was it specified what type of red duct was required and when the cable pullers's arrived on site they said they preferred the flexible duct as it provided a nicer bend for the cable to traverse
  13. Sounds like it was written by @Onoff? This could give his bathroom a run for its money!! (Hope you get the answers you are looking for)