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  1. I did not explain myself properly, yes I have double extract from bathrooms. I have mainly double supply ducts and double extract which was different from what @Bitpipewas saying he had done
  2. I have not doubled up extract and single to supply. I have the same amount of extracts to supply throughout the house so I assume it is easy to balance? I have not bought my vent axia but will be soon. It is a BPC designed system.
  3. We have solar glass on our South facing Internorm windows and it works really well. Only yesterday I was next to one of the windows whilst it was 28 degrees outside and there was hardly any noticeable difference in temp next to the glass. Not sure what to suggest here as your comments remind us of our nightmare with Internorm. Sadly they (Internorm)are not bothered about the problems their inadequacies create and so although the product is great, the service and most definitely the after service leave a lot to be desired. What people need to understand with Internorm is whenever there is a fault, be it a mis measure, damage etc it always takes approx 3 months to correct the mistake. There is no rushing an order through to get the job done, they are a massive world wide company and your damaged window will get replaced when it goes through the normal system like everything else. My windows are still not right and my original installation was late 2017. I have just received a new trim and seal for roof terrace door as apparently it is the wrong type of door for my location. There is no one to fit it so it is being left to me as my original window company no longer deal with Internorm and sort of went bust.
  4. 3 miles at most, usually go when my berlingo car is full and then to BM or Screwy etc. I get on well with the guys at the centre and always take them something at xmas. I have been numerous times, especially when my timber frame was unwrapped and I had to dispose of large bundles of plastic. Saved me a lot of money I think
  5. Any rubbish I take to the recycling/rubbish centre. Have recycled as much as possible, re used my hardcore, dismantled all wood from Internorm pallets (alot of wood) and reused in the build
  6. Coming to the end of our build and we have not used one skip!!
  7. +1 to above. We did exactly the same on our build
  8. Always reminds me of the Jackass lads when one of them is fastened inside a portaloo which is FULL if you know what I mean. The loo is fastened down while a crane extends a bungee that is attached to the loo until it is released,when the entire contents of the loo are released, enough said.🤢🤢🤢
  9. That must be the replacement product, happy sticking. Make sure you fold the tape along its middle so you can stick one part before you do the other.
  10. I purchased all my tapes from Passivehousesystems but could not find the tape that I used. There is a black and green coloured tape that I used against the VCL but the colour of the tape that I used on the concrete floor/wall junction was a light green split 50/50 tape but it is not on their website now. May be others can recommend a tape for you, sorry.
  11. I had to prime the concrete floor, PVA or SBR and then used the appropriate tape for timber to concrete
  12. Understand S plan etc now and found Telford so know they only do cylinders
  13. Thanks John, have you highlighted the relevant pages😂
  14. Hi @PeterW, thanks for your valued input. Why 9kw ASHP as you say the heating load will be low? (I am not doubting your ability but just trying to understand the reasoning behind your judgement). What is S plan, W plan etc? Do Telford just do cylinders? Any chance you could do a drawing for the pipe layout and wiring diagram if that is not to much to ask so I can get my head round d it all. Many thanks
  15. 100mm, part of Passive base