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  1. I would not worry to much Ian about using resin on the base attachments, it is the wall ones you need to make sure are solid.
  2. No, dont do that, sorry did not realise this!!
  3. I have a distance of about 25m from house CU to garage CU so what size cable would I be better using pls @ProDave? Probably be a 4KW system. TIA
  4. I saw a driveway system with granite setts on a large building site being laid on top of a concrete pad and they core drilled out in a regular pattern through the concrete and then filled this with gravel and covered over with small pieces of Terram membranel before covering with sharp sand and laying the paving
  5. We have a Tata steel roof which has been on for two years and it is fine. Yes the panels are secured through the panel but they are an elongated hole which allows movement and seems to be ok on our roof
  6. I work on my own on our build and at the moment I am really glad I have no one around me during the day. May have to think about some Coronavirus airlock as my Mrs works in a hospital!!
  7. Not wanting to take sides but if using one of these trays then they recommend you do the walls first to get the right position of the tile in relation to the linear drain, just saying!!
  8. What wattage ufh did you use and what make? TIA
  9. We have wet UFH (in the bathrooms) in a Passive house and wonder whether I need electric UFH in the two downstairs bathrooms? Reason being we will probably do the chunk of the wet UFH in the night if we go down the Willis heater route so there will be no form of drying the floor when we shower although I have no experience of how the slab will work when we eventually get in!! The showers are wet room type and measure 1.9m x 0.9m with a glass screen measuring 1.3m wide and 2.0m high but I fear we will have water getting outside the wet zone and do I need to be thinking of drying it by some other means? We obviously have MVHR so not so sure how effective this will be at drying out the rooms but do people think it is worth putting an electric mat in place? TIA
  10. Hi Terry, have you a drawing of your set up?
  11. I really like contemporary builds and this looks amazing. Hope all goes well.
  12. Following this with interest as we are about to get to the time when to decide how to provide DHW/UFH. Current thinking ASHP and cylinder but could do with a imlpe diagram on how people have done it please. (Back of fag packet will do) Other option to try Willis ( leave some tails to be able to add ASHP at a later date)and a Sunamp for DHW but need to get cost of Sunamp first. TIA