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  1. It worked, hoover up and running again
  2. It is an electrical contact cleaner
  3. My lovely wife decided she was not happy with my Bosch hoover to clean the floor in outr new build so took the household hoover down instead. She did not realise that there was some concrete dust left and this has made the hoover overheat now. It is a Shark and I have cleaned all the filters and made sure there are no blockages but when I stripped the body down I noticed the armature/commutator is now covered in this dust and i think this is what is causing it to overheat. Would I be ok to try the WD40 contact cleaner to try and clean it out or would it be better with something else? I can get the motor out without disconnecting any wires so have good access all round. TIA
  4. I think it was stated in the spec so gas can dissipate into the ground in case of a leak
  5. Quite a few people have mentioned that is does not heat the bathroom but I wonder if this is because of the MVHR system you have fitted as I have a friend who has elec UFH in their kitchen (old house, no MVHR) and that definitely heats the kitchen as you can physically feel the difference when you walk into the room
  6. Born in Lancashire, post code now is LA so say no more (just dont check on a map!!)
  7. I shared our trench with the guy building next door. He had put a 50mm perforated yellow duct in for his Gas and then we had a delay getting the road permit (not our fault) and consequently it has been 6 months since he put the duct in. Gas was due to go in last week and they only managed to pull the pipe about a metre before it jammed due to the duct being silted up. The gas connection company said it should have been a 75mm duct and not a 50mm which was not specified on my next neighbours forms. He has now dug up the old duct and just put the gas pipe on sand and filled the trench in.
  8. And another, welcome
  9. This is such a big decision for most people and I am not sure which way to go. Over the last 18 months I have been certain on a Sunamp but with recent issues now I am not so sure. I like the simplicity of a willis heater but then the decision on hot water crops up so what do I do there. PV is an option but have not made our mind up regarding this as we do not want it to spoil the look of the house but on a DIY basis seems the right thing to do.
  10. Welcome, you will fit right in with @AnonymousBoschand me as we know nothing!! There are a few of us in the North West, where abouts are you?
  11. LOL, should have known, sorry will sit in the naughty corner with @AnonymousBosch
  12. Sheepishly asking what does KISS refer to?