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  1. I used PU glue for fixing my timber studding plates to concrete floor. It also sticks metal to concrete. https://www.axminstertools.com/titebond-greenchoicetm-polyurethane-construction-adhesive-310ml-pack-12-tubes-718696
  2. My mate converted a barn with vaulted ceilings. He didn't want wall lights so wired 5A round pin circuits in most of the rooms and even had floor sockets for free standing lamps.
  3. I used Soudal MS Clear for sticking down the toilet pan in the wetroom at my last place and had no problems for the three years we used it. https://www.soudal.co.uk/pro/products/sealants/hybrid-sealants/soudaseal-ms-clear
  4. My son has this flue arrangement with his WBS.
  5. I think the builder is referring to Compriband expanding foam tape which would be ideal for that purpose. It comes in different widths and thicknesses. The thickness size is for example 3/10 which means when rolled up it is 3mm thick and then it will expand to more than 10mm but if less than 10mm it will be air and watertight.
  6. At our last house we were supposed to have roof drainage dealt with on site but there wasn't enough room so I spoke to the local highways office and BC, and as a result we were allowed to discharge onto the lane. This then ran down to to a ditch a couple of hundred yards away.
  7. Good luck trying that. At my last place after the planners had vetoed another design I asked them what they would like, and was told it's not our job to do the design, just to consider yours.
  8. When we built our last house we designed the bathrooms ourselves and used Bathstore for all the fittings. They were well made and I would use them again but I'm not sure whether the current incarnation of Bathstore at Homebase is the same as the original.
  9. I used a Vitrex Ultimate Diamond Blade when I had my tile cutter. I used a few over the years for roof tiles, porcelain floor tiles and sandstone paving with no problem.
  10. We had 200mm type1, 70mm asphalt, 20mm resin bound gravel.
  11. On the last one I fitted I trimmed the rubber/plastic seal strip on the bottom of the door so it also went under the hinge filling the gap.
  12. We've just bought a bungalow with PVs and ST installed. Both of the previous owners unfortunately died last year so it was a probate sale. We found out various bits of information from the LA Building Control office and the executors. The good news is our PVs were installed in 2012 so attract a high FiT rate and the bad news is they are registered with SSE who are very slow at transferring them into our name.
  13. I thought about making my own, but couldn't be bothered, so bought some from Everedge. https://www.everedge.co.uk/product/garden-rings/
  14. On my timber cladding I ran it down in front of the reveal and left a 3mm gap between the reveal edge and the cladding as a drip gap.
  15. I dismantled our old timber clad, timber frame bungalow a few years ago and all the timber was taken after I put it on Freegle. All the rubble was crushed and used on site.