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  1. We have sold our house and are moving in the near future. There is a lot to sort out so won't be on here for a while but hopefully will come back at some time with questions and contributions. Good luck to all with their projects.
  2. The local farmer used a vibrating roller when compacting the driveway of the converted barn next door. Bloody noisy it was too. https://www.hirestation.co.uk/tool-hire/Compaction/Vibrating-Roller-Hire/050070/
  3. Looking at the steps going down there are different levels so are the concrete panels acting as retaining walls.
  4. The AECB are having a free webinar on the 6th April 12.00pm about the AECB Building Standard compared to the PH and other building standards. https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_g5SW2xOcSx2SOhp4IBG02A
  5. In my system the EASHP removes heat from the exhaust air after the heat exchanger has recovered the heat from the extracted air and as a result the air leaving the vent is very cold. Our EASHP is rated at 585W and with a good CoP can deliver a reasonable amount of heat but not enough to heat the house in the winter. Used in conjunction with extracted air from warm bathrooms it is sufficient to maintain 23C in our small house (130m2).
  6. As you are in a terrace I would find out who your neighbours use for lenders.
  7. Sorry I can't help with the 'Green Network Energy' query but hope you are feeling better now. Building works can cause a lot of stress, you're not the only one.
  8. Well, tbh I wouldn't a bracket in the corner.
  9. I would run them down the corners as that is an electric cable safe zone so less likely to be drilled into.
  10. The stack is made up of McAlpine 40mm BSP fittings with the odd size adaptors for different hoses from Ebay.
  11. From what I've read in the past, burning heather is bad for the peat underlayer and bad for air quality. The rich grouse shooters aren't too worried about that though.
  12. The planners can be very awkward and use ambiguous planning policies to try to thwart peoples plans to build replacement homes out in the sticks. It took years to finally get permission for our build but if you stick at it you can win. If the property is more or less okay it can be a lot easier and quicker to alter it using PD to create what you want.
  13. I used that scheme for my initial designs but that was eleven to twelve years ago, don't know if they still do it.
  14. If you have legal cover with your house insurance I would initially ask their advice.