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  1. When I let my tube splurt and it’s all hard and not gooey I always get a new one . Same for sealant .
  2. Don’t fret on the timescale too much . It will be worth it . The build up and suspense of moving in must be enjoyed .
  3. You wait @joe90 !. Once the final details are sorted and the netflix series titled "BuildHub - better than sex?" - you'll see plenty of my smutty humour.
  4. Tbh it seems to work . I usually do a thicker initial caulk line - assuming it will crack . Then very fine line a few days later , using my finger to feel the crack . 😉
  5. I read this also , and I still didn’t give a (expletive deleted)
  6. Maybe but I like it this way . I always check it is sold by Amazon I.e 28 day no quibble returns policy exists . Also in this case it may be tricky to prove cheaper as the replacement is coming from China …
  7. I’m bored today as men here fixing stairs again so I’m out the way doing nothing . The awol ltv3500 pro is awesome - I don’t feel the need to adjust the image depending on content ( with nexigo you kind of did ) . Bought from Amazon . Found it a better price , so will order that and return the other back to Amazon 😊 Picture without any blinds and in daylight is watchable as a tv but obviously not as bright . Add an ALR screen and a motorised blackout blind all linked to HA and it is pretty awesome ! . Gaming is especially intense at 120” . I would go larger ( believe a guy in us stuck it on a 340” screen ! ) - but then I’d have to build a bigger house !!
  8. My bco came out about a year ago to look at my staircase ( a pointless excercise ) . He said they had never received a soil sample report ! . I sent it 11 yrs ago and made sure I kept the email thread from a previous bco accepting it . Sent that to new bco - never replied ( believe they are meant to have 5 weeks to respond ? ) . Planning and bc are a joke . Record all conversations ( assume you ever get a face to face ) . Keep copies of everything as they’ll deny you did it . They are useless twats .
  9. I sometimes get this . I just caulk over it again and deliberately don’t paint it .
  10. Planning = P eople l ack a ny n uance n (k)nowledge i n n egogiations g eneral public You have no idea how hard that was !
  11. I won’t test the supposed 116kg limit !!
  12. Funny isn’t it . It’s only 4 screws - but so much that can go wrong !
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