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  1. pocster

    Tiling...many questions

    To cheer @Onoff up ! https://kotaku.com/porn-star-comes-to-the-nintendo-switch-1832643719?_gl=1*15ux1in*_ga*YW1wLXJHR1RHRUJiUHl0QWJVcWIxQmtLUWV4QjhMSERyQVZKYTF6VlhjUFdzWV9xR3lvRGdRU0xQUG5QOXpaRnBQeGw.
  2. pocster

    Tiling...many questions

    I think @Onoff should resilicone it everyday . It would be good practice.
  3. pocster

    Quiet strike impact drivers.

    Lol ! I use to use my Hilti breaker without headphones . Made my ears ring ; use headphones now ! Real men use noisy tools and are deaf .
  4. pocster

    Quiet strike impact drivers.

    My dewalt impact driver is singly the best tool I have . Screws into anything ! . Don’t care about the noise . Real men have noisy toys !
  5. pocster

    Newton Fibran XPS 500-C Closed Cell Insulation

    I haven’t . This is kind of what I was thinking . It is in essence just normal XPS . Whom though should I approach for routing ??
  6. pocster

    Newton Fibran XPS 500-C Closed Cell Insulation

    Argh! can't really find anything much cheaper!
  7. Hey all, It would seem I need this in my basement and a drainage channel around it. Seems rather expensive! so it's just to provide height (a raft) for the drain. Googled but can't find an equivalent (slotted!). Could I not just use some cheaper XPS variant??? Cheers
  8. pocster

    Edpm at edges

    Yeah that’s what i’m Hoping . Just want this bloody roof done been a right pita !
  9. pocster

    Edpm at edges

    Still waiting on roofer ...... 😕 To be fair; he was currently doing a zinc roof worth 300K! - so mine it comparably quite a small job....
  10. Thanks . So would it make sense to add a vertical stud in between the ‘ real’ ones / just so pipes/cables can be clipped to that . Then when plasterboarding simply ignore screwing into the extra stud . That sensible ? . I just think of all the cables and pipes with thousands of drywall screws the inevitable will happen otherwise .
  11. Anyway ! So should pipes ( like hep 20 ) be attached to the stud or loose ? . If attached then you are next to a vertical stud so chance of a screw hitting it is greater . If loose I assume the pipe work could move and jolt when water pressure changes .
  12. I might have some redundant windows somewhere ; let me take a look ........ 😎
  13. Can I ask a stupid question Though it’s obvious to see the ducting / pipework / cables in stud wall with one side open . How do you plasterboard the other side with certainty of not sticking a drywall screw through something ..... ???
  14. pocster

    Want !

    Excuse me all ! What about my bloody amazing shower ! . Talk about off topic 😎