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  1. Multi tool choices

    Dewalt all the way!. I think I have almost all their battery tools even some XR 56v stuff - AWESOME!
  2. Edpm or grp ?

    Yeah ; that’s about the most appropriate one I could find also .
  3. Hey, Everybody!

    Welcome ! as you can tell from my avatar - I’m all man 😎
  4. Edpm or grp ?

    Any recommendations for a t & g cement board ??
  5. Edpm or grp ?

    I meant cement board so this on top insulation - do grp , edpm, ashfelt etc . Bond to cement board ?
  6. Edpm or grp ?

    Well ! Got a price !! 😩 3.8k for 40mm + vat 3.4k for 35mm + vat ( u difference is about 0.01 ) so I think 35mm will do ! area is approx 6m x 6m my next lesser issue issue is what concrete board to put over them . Must be tougue and grove as can’t fix through the vac packs . Also be able to take whatever waterproofing method architect fancies ...
  7. Edpm or grp ?

    More damaged you mean 🤓
  8. Edpm or grp ?

    My avatar will out live you all and become the thing of legends !
  9. Edpm or grp ?

    No other solutions come to fruition! damn the price 🤩
  10. Edpm or grp ?

    Spoke to vac panel ! 40mm gives a u of 0.18 :-)))) Thry are happy with concrete board on top , waterproofing and then concrete pour . price will be around £110 a sq metre 😞
  11. Edpm or grp ?

    Regular reinforced- can’t remember exact depth ( will check ) but can guess 100mm
  12. Edpm or grp ?

    I need to achieve 0.19 u
  13. Edpm or grp ?

    Oh but a solution!!!! architect is now on about ashfelt as the waterproofing ......
  14. Edpm or grp ?

    Lol the parking area would probably just about take the size of an average car ! i think total depth for this insulation is around 20mm ( which is amazing ! ) . Will contact a firm tomorrow too see ! undoubtedly £££££££ will be distressing !
  15. Edpm or grp ?

    Trust me no matter what solution I use we are never parking a car on it 🤓 http://coolconversion.com/pressure/150-kPa-to-kgf/m2 hmmmmmmmmmm !! 15,000kg per square meter ??? That right.