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  1. Resitrix

    Structurally it all is parking the sky lights will be slightly raised and to the sides of the parking zone . water proof concrete does sound simpler . But what ‘detailing ‘ is required ? Apart from the mix ....
  2. Resitrix

    Architects detail ! just following his ‘ plan ‘ .....
  3. Resitrix

    Lol it is structural you can park on the ‘ roof’ the rest of the dwelling is below ground
  4. Resitrix

    Hmmmmmm obviously not the right product for my needs . Though he did seem to know his stuff and suggested this over edpm ....
  5. Why insulate

    -1 and I’m working outside in shorts ; what’s wrong with you people ! Man or mouse 🐭
  6. Resitrix

    So I have my concrete ‘roof’ then need the waterproofing ( company suggested this product as it can take the loading ) then insulation then reinforced concrete then water ever for finished floor / roof cheers
  7. Resitrix

    Hey! such as: https://www.rubber4roofs.co.uk/resitrix/ Anyone installed this on a flat roof with skylights? (the bit I'm worrying about as the most likely point of a leak) Spoke to one of the guys; was very helpful. I suggested installing it and then pouring water all over it to "test" it. I really need to do this as my roof then has insulation and reinforced concrete on top; so it needs to be leak proof 100% before I cover it. Any advice on this system (or something similar) appreciated! Cheers
  8. Permitted development....

    Pd removed ! . Erk it’s possible as this was a contentious application. I’d better dig through all the paperwork....
  9. Hey all before my completed build is signed off as complete can I apply for permitted development? basically I wish to add some velux windows ( not over looking anyone ) . if I apply for an amendment it will be the usual nightmare ( took 2 years to sort the gates , I just had some made and installed about 1 yr before they even agreed ) . if I just put them in then the lovely neighbors will contact enforcement ( which may not be an issue ! ) a permitted development in writing for lawfulness I have done before ( to avoid any future issues ) . so can I apply for that before a build is complete ?? just trying to hedge my bets !!! cheers
  10. Intelligent towel rail

    Hey ! i know perhaps it’s overkill ; but seemed like some company would of done this even with just a simple micro switch on the rail . I guess just on/off twice a day for an hour would do the trick especially with Mvhr .But in these days of interconnected devices just seems to be a missed / simple thing :-)
  11. Intelligent towel rail

    Lol either ! seems strange it doesn’t exist guess I could link an event like using a bath or shower ( via say z wave motion detection ) turning on the towel heater for a predetermined length of time
  12. Intelligent towel rail

    Seems dumb but does such a thing exist ? essentially a heated towel rail that detects if a towel is on it !!
  13. Cedral Click going up (at last!)

    Started snowing so work ended early today . Side ‘wing’ clad - so detail around doorway the issue
  14. Cedral Click going up (at last!)

    Yeah this is what’ll do . Still don’ t like it that unless the cut is mm perfect ( and assuming no scratches ) might wobble . Will still use trim to ‘hide’ cut my original plan of drilling holes in the symmetric trim would work ; but man that’s a lot of holes ! abandoned that idea and have another ‘plan ‘
  15. Cedral Click going up (at last!)

    Yeah . You never think of these things though until you start installation. Also I noticed in a mock install video his door and window placements just happen to line up perfectly with full board heights ! . So no horizontal cuts ! . I’ve got some long runs above multiple openings so do have to cut full length boardsalong the 2.4 metre edge; chop saw no good for that :-( still ! It does look smart . Once I’ve got a bit further with the rear I’ll stick some more photos up cheers