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  1. Build it live ? more like build it (expletive deleted)ed This why they have a picture of a cock ?
  2. (expletive deleted) that ! . That’s mental ! Talk about accident potentially about to happen ! . Jesus !
  3. Flexi’s can fail for no obvious reason . Agree some must be better than others . Now ( after experience ) I only use flexi where I have too - do a visual inspection every 12 months for any sign of decay / leak . My new kitchen I installed copper rod fittings . I feel happier about that .
  4. Pocster

    Dimmer issues

    Checked it just now and it’s off ! Turned it on off a few times and was fine …
  5. Yeah - a pita . changed all IP’s instead .Messed up lots of things - but almost back to 100% now …
  6. Pocster

    Dimmer issues

    Just installed a new dimmer . Never noticed this so assume the problem wasn’t there after install . Turn lights off ; 1 light stays a bit on . Notice it’s last and first to power up before the others . Led failing ?? Photo of lights off
  7. Take my new robot vac . Couldn’t get it to connect to my WiFi. No idea of the issue - no error message except fail Googling … only apparently connects to 2.4gz not 5 . Mines both with band steering . So I disable 5ghz - still doesn’t work . How would you explain how to do that to someone without a lot of detail ? Google more . Apparently for reasons unknown doesn’t like a router address of - exactly what I have . So I change that ; which naturally breaks everything else . Explaining how to do that would be very difficult if the person you are explaining it to is just following your commands . That thought gets it working ! - shame everything else is bust though due to router IP change …
  8. No it’s not difficult. But that depends on your knowledge and understanding of these things . People think sometimes you can write a step by step guide that you just follow . But you can’t ; as there are plenty of unknowns and what ifs . Router config , firewall , ip address setup etc. etc. There are video guides online . But again if there’s any variation in what you have to the video and you’re simply copying the steps ; then it might require a fuller understanding.
  9. Raspberry pi , picore player , any speakers you want . Cheaper than all other options and dead reliable. If not tech savvy then forget it
  10. I haven’t looked at this yet . When I said I’m near to vat claim ; ‘ near ‘ is quite wide …..
  11. Check eBay British heart foundation as seller . Ignore advertised price . Ask if they will take an offer …. 👍
  12. A machine that tickles , sucks , wet wipes is the ultimate toy
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