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  1. Here’s what I used https://www.screwfix.com/p/ced-galvanised-all-round-band-12mm-x-10m/18298
  2. I had this concern also . My sparky did conclude that if a timber frame is burning then you shouldn’t be worrying about cabling but need to get out . So I have just metal ties screwed to the timber supporting cables . He was happy with that .
  3. In theory you should be ok . But who knows ; guess we wait until June and find out !
  4. Can you explain how 'income' from property is devised ? i.e. being a 'landlord' ( which anyone can be simply from renting out a property' and being a self employed landlord ?) I know HMRC treat these differently one as an investment ( so no help where SE or not) and one as a trade/business . What 'defines' the difference?. Obviously if you work full time and have 1 property let through an agent that looks clearly like an investment.
  5. Yeah I have watched that . Can’t tell if he has that other slidy bit in the rail - I’ve removed mine anyway for now !
  6. I just don’t get how the anti slam works . I don’t see how the plastic white clip part ‘catches’ anything to cause it to work .
  7. Ok . Trying to lift a 45kg door onto these bolts ( that slide ) ain’t going to work !
  8. There ! Took slidy rail out ( on the left ) this was in the rail on the right so naturally assumed that was correct ; as it was supplied like that . But as I have seen Eclisse send more stuff and variations of instructions because they presumably don’t know what you need . I actually was sent 3 anti slam kits ( 2 of the ‘doubles ‘ ) . Countless frame instructions synthesis line ,vitro ,bias . Dead helpful !
  9. Quite possibly ! Also the sliding vertical track confuses me . You’ve got the sliding bits . But there’s another track in there that moves - don’t understand that at all . Also have the ‘double side ‘ anti slam . It shows a single door ( not double ) so assumed anti slam on opening and closing ... I’ve gone with the Rallenty one for now .But the sliding metal has a ‘bit’ that stops the runner .... Better photo of slidy rail inside rail . Also the bump that stops everything !
  10. Or they send me 2 anti slam kits - so I have no idea which to use ( or how exactly it works ) - both different lengths f ing Eclisse - hate them . Even their technical support didn’t seem to know - of course they are all in self isolation now ffs !
  11. Like this . On the left shows an ‘end’ stop type thing in both pictures . Then beneath it shows the end clip crossed out . So need end clip don’t need end clip ? Perhaps it’s me ( probably) or perhaps it’s just confusing . Trial and errors going to be a dog as door weighs 45kg
  12. Reluctantly back at this . The multiple sets of instructions and complete confusion is a nightmare. Understanding this is more difficult than building the f ing house . Doors beautiful though ...
  13. Hmmm yes . I was taking short route method - but take your point . Still can’t find 112.5 soil weld - I must be looking wrong intend to add support later anyway