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  1. Lol Had this conversation- this is just for sensors . Solid cable to jacks etc . Yet to be done !
  2. Currently pulled through 300metres of stranded 1 at a time so I can label as I go . Not even half way yet ! 😎
  3. Nah - don’t like tenants having gas . Gone for electric oven and induction hob - electrician will run a new feed for hob .
  4. Ok it’s crap . 32A for hob ; seperate supply
  5. This pack suggests it’s ok ???? https://www.myappliances.co.uk/prod/Oven-Hob-Packs/art50606-oven-and-hob-pack.htm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6YWNuJup5gIVybHtCh0cuwG7EAQYAiABEgJsXPD_BwE
  6. I guess an induction hob equally draws little current. Are most electricians qualified to cap the gas so a swap to electric can be made ?
  7. Actually ! Can I replace this gas oven with an electric one ? . Electric ovens require their own dedicated wire and fuse ? - or do they come with a plug i.e just plug in and go ...
  8. Hey all Do gas ovens have fans ? IMG_0441.MP4
  9. That’s what I said in a Bristolian fashion !
  10. I answered honesty . But as I’m a complete cock ( as @Onoff will agree ) not sure how much help it will be . A cavalier approach at best ....
  11. I need a long bath to get myself in followed by my appendage 😎
  12. Not sure . I bought a house to do up and sell that was my intention. Recession pushed that to 10 years later . Then I had changed tactic and went for planning . So my intention changed ????
  13. I think it’s more about ‘intention ‘ Self build means to me fighting everyone from planning to trades . Then doing majority of the work yourself ; otherwise you are just the ‘project manager ‘ . To live in it is the goal . Nothing more primitive but rewarding than building your own cave .