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  1. pocster

    Tiling...many questions

    Not another porno ! 😎😊👍
  2. pocster

    Tiling...many questions

    Will a film be made from this thread ? who would star as @Onoff Tom cruise ? Or boris Johnson ? Be an 18 for sure ......
  3. pocster

    Tiling...many questions

    Meat and wine can sustain you through your tiling woes .
  4. pocster

    Tiling...many questions

    No proper food means mitring is poor ! Steak is food of the gods
  5. pocster

    Tiling...many questions

    It’s Saturday night ! Wine and steak surely ; not tiling 😳😎
  6. pocster

    Tiling...many questions

    That’s a neat mitre !
  7. pocster

    Plumbing dishwasher

    But I would invalidate the warranty yes ? It is brand new .
  8. pocster

    Plumbing dishwasher

    That’s exactly what I have
  9. pocster

    Luxury HMO

    You lot will like this ! My requirement to the builder was that 4 uvc showers and an electric shower could run simultaneously ( lower flow of course ! ) and be usable . Someone gave a nice diagram of a system to do that ( showing a cold accumulator tank ) . Anyway right at the start of the refurb I showed it to builders “uvc expert” ( the guy who installed it ) . He’d “never seen anything like that “ - so it was left . Today I run the electric shower and 3 uvc simultaneously- guess what ? . Underflow light comes on electric shower and naturally water cold . Builder takes a look - he’s never heard of a ‘cold accumulator ‘ . Anyway he has to do some ‘internet research ‘ and undoubtedly will retro fit a pressurised cold accumulator just for the shower . I didn’t say “I told you “ . The more I employ ‘trades’ ; the more knowledge I gain ! 😎😂😎
  10. pocster

    Plumbing dishwasher

    I did think this also Funnily enough I had a washer repair guy at a different property and asked him . He said the ‘ in built ‘ hose fixing ( internal ) isn’t something you can always change . Think I’m going to just drill through the wall to the drain outside !!
  11. Some very good points made here ! Problem for me it’s either ‘this way’ or ‘that way ‘ - which means compromise in order to move forwards . Funnily enough some of my EU tenants ( all working ) ask *me* if they will be allowed to stay !!!! 😞 The fact they ask I find very sad ; imagine how unwelcome they must feel 😞
  12. pocster

    Plumbing dishwasher

    Ffs ! Got this extension kit with a coupler Can’t tighten the jubilee clips any more leaks !!
  13. EU are 40% of our trade . Dont destroy the economy for own beliefs . Coukd we if out the EU get trade deals ? . We could ; but Canada took 7 years to secure theirs . Also the assumption of “the British empire “ have long past . Remember why we joined the EU ; we were “the sick man of Europe” - we have benefited. The EU is less than perfect - but as we are in the club I suggest we argue the toss for change . “London , the gateway to Europe “ . Euro derivatives of in excess of 1 trillion get traded per year - imagine the commission on that . As you can tell my view is solely trade . We need low skilled and low paid immigrants as that aids are economy ( 99% of veg pickers are this ) , staff in any hospital. Boy ; do we need them . That’s the rub ; we need the EU more than they need us . Leaving or crashing out will damage both sides . Our ‘leverage’ outside the EU for trade is limited and could take considerable time to get traction .
  14. pocster

    Tile problem- need help.

    Start a CCJ perhaps ?
  15. pocster

    Crimping hell

    Nah ! It really is ace . Once you have the wires lined up the push thru rj45 does seem to guide them through . Quick visible inspection ; then a surprisingly gentle ‘crimp’ action and you’re done . If a 2nd referendum was a crimper it would be this crimper . The other shite crimper is Brexit .