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  1. If you have a ‘feature’ that bco would wince at say for example a dodgy temporary staircase - would that deem it not habitable? . So you live on site but not habitable . Another condition we all need is fire alarms - yet I have none installed . So bco might deem these things as not complete . I’m just concerned as I get the robot from the council out for tax valuation they obviously have to add the property to the list - but I don’t want the word habitable anywhere . Perhaps get the fire brigade to take a look ? . Fairly certain they will be shocked - they surely could write a short letter stating ‘ dangerous ‘ , ‘ incomplete’ and not fit for habitation perhaps ???
  2. Agreed . Front door is the face of the house . Definitely go bigger . rk doors for me
  3. You mean who haven’t got a clue but do it anyway ? . The pioneers , the brave , the stupid !
  4. But do I need it ? . I don’t want to trigger anything ( Hmrc wise ) . Or just do nothing ? . Move in , pay council tax ….
  5. @ProDave you said something about a temporary habitation thing . Who do you get that from and how does that work ??
  6. When I live in it ( soon ) and ultimately pay council tax I.e habitable . Do I need to do anything more ? . My sign off will be by bco when I’m ready ; which will be years later .That all ok ?
  7. Really , concrete screws ? . Overkill maybe ; but if it makes a rock solid fixing I’d be happy .
  8. They look interesting. Maybe with a washer on so they don’t pull through the composite tread . Might be worth an experimentation first …. 😁
  9. Yeah I thought about that . But if they get damaged and need to come up …. I could just drill a hole through tread and steel then nut and bolt . But it’s a pita trying to tighten the nut when you can’t reach the bolt . No friends syndrome again 🥲😂
  10. Cracking on with these external stairs . The steps etc are all steel . The tread is this stuff . They supply self drilling screws to attach it from underneath. But they don’t bite as well as I’d like . What I really want to do is fix down through the composite tread into the steel - just at the edges of each tread . So a shallow bolt head would be fine . What should I use though ??
  11. I’m confused by the valuation. I thought you simply ‘finish ‘ get BCO out then 3 months to submit - and that’s it . As @ToughButterCup states I am indeed asleep at the back of the class - what have I missed ?
  12. I plan to purchase literally everything before my claim goes in I.e the 3 month ticking bomb from sign off . So that reduces the chance of Hmrc bitching at me . Though this fight is still a good few years away from me ; I’m in the ring training !! ( boxing ring before @Onoff jumps in there )