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  1. This is going in my data cupboard so accessibility to each connection and reliability are my concerns .... Worried that potential moving of say a 24 port punch down patch panel will eventually cause frail wires to fail .
  2. But what happens when you wish to add/alter/fix one ? . You unscrew the whole thing and tip it forward hopefully not putting strain on the ‘fragile’ connections ...
  3. Sure . But I’ve got a mix . Toolless keystone seems the answer for solid core . Crimp for stranded . Was looking at this https://www.cablemonkey.co.uk/brackets-frames/10511-200mm-deep-wall-mounted-19-frame.html then my patch panel will have ‘space’ behind it so I can access each keystone or coupler . Waiting for someone to say ‘good plan’ or ‘what are you doing !!?’ 😁
  4. Googling more ! It suggests there is no such keystone for stranded . So should I crimp these and presumably there’s some type of coupler that fits a patch panel ?
  5. Kind of asked something similar before but understand a bit more now . I have around 40 stranded cat cables and 20 solid core to wire . The 40 I was going to crimp. The solid core Idc . Can I / should I use toolless keystone for stranded and solid to 1 patch panel ? - also Is there a wall mounted patch panel that tilts open rather than rack mount and accepts keystones ? Trying to find the simplest solution . I see the toolless keystones are relatively expensive ... same keystone for solid and stranded ???
  6. Another more sensible quote 1 x vitreous enamel adjustable stove pipe, 1 x 1200mm vitreous enamel pipe, 1 x appliance adaptor, 4 x metres twinwall solid pipe, 1 x 0.5 metre twinwall solid pipe, 1 x rain cap with bird guard, 1 x ceiling cover plate, 1 x new lead flashing kit, 1 x storm collar, 1 x universal bracing kit, 2 x wall brackets plus 100mm offsets, 1 x carbon monoxide alarm, 1 x data plate, 1 x hetas certificate....£1480.00 No vat to add.
  7. Did the trick ! An entire roll mind !!
  8. Well it almost fitted! Screws into dewalt laser no issue. But on tripod stand it's too loose (must be just 1 or 2 mm out ). So erm; what should I order now - half way there! 😂
  9. Can we have a “groan” emoji also a “ F off” one ? . Yeah admin ? . I’d use both of those frequently
  10. Excellent! The house on the same drain ( which I use to own ) has a stench pipe . Their drain joins into my new build which in turn joins straight into the main drain . Just an AAV then 😃
  11. I assumed I need an AAV and stench pipe ? I.e both - this not correct ??
  12. Ah ! I’m doing it ass about tit then ! . SWMBO just wants a stove fire . 6” makes my life easier as it fits between the concrete beams ( I assume as they are non combustable I don’t need any clearance ) . So what stove output suits that ? . That link you gave looks good as they have a design service .... Going to cost materials and installed rather a lot less than the insane 2.7k...
  13. How do I know what size ( output ) fire I need and I assume is linked to flue size . Guy said 7” flue so go with that !????
  14. So if I do a roof vent what are the rules on this ? . Simply place it high as possible up the roof ????