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  1. Always tell the council to go F themselves. They try everything on ; thieving gits! ( I'm not a council fan....)
  2. Hey @Abbi ; welcome. There is tons to learn and lots of mistakes to make ( talking from my own experience of course ). Now is the time to be brave and creative though. I can hear a groan coming from the regulars......... Have you considered walk on glazing?. For that wow factor........😎
  3. The only reason is when I’m in the living area underground and someone rings the doorbell I can’t be arsed to run up the stairs to open the door . With some code I can see who is at the door and open it if I wish . The fact it can be done remotely is just a by product of the system I.e everything can be accessed remotely. At least until I code it so it can’t be . Its definitely a snug fit when the doors shut - so perhaps it is just the seals ‘pushing’ it open Power cut ? . Nothing happens - it doesn’t unlock when power is restored because my code controls the door lock
  4. The door lock supplied is just open then shut . Quick look today and there is a spring ( assume it’s not a cable housing ) that opens the door . I could remove it
  5. Yes . I can use my phone to send the mob round to your house to get your key . ( it’s under the flower pot we all know that )
  6. Yeah . I suppose it should be ‘unlock’ but you need to push it to open - fair point
  7. Guys If you have an intercom and you can ‘buzz’ to open the front door and let someone in that’s a feature you want . If in the above example you wire/code so you can buzz the front door open from the other side of the world that’s up to you ! This isn’t a failing in the door . I’ve simply wired in to allow remote access . The intention was exactly the same as the intercom example . The fact I can do it remotely is a side effect I can code around to prevent accidental opening or if I wish make it deliberately not possible . I just thought it happening would give someone a laugh .
  8. Maybe . I suspect rk doors could supply an automated closer arm at a distressing cost !!
  9. Not possible ! Once the door is unlocked it ‘springs’ open
  10. Yeah yeah yeah !! Inadvertently hit the “unlock front door” whilst deploying the latest code . ffs ! Drove to the other side of town to close my own door ffs ! Will add a “yes/no” prompt followed by a 4 digit code to prevent said happening again ffs ! Where’s my wine 🍷!
  11. Oh contrare Rodders ! I’m scaling those images right down . Also do have a PTZ camera to install . So I can view EVERY detail !!
  12. Now that I’m finally clean from painting back to the bridge ! Dropped the Mac ha and gone with homeseer on a NUC . Homeseer is somewhat buggy : but - thanks to the scripting anything can be achieved somehow !! Currently semi functional we have audio streamed from nas to bathroom . If music is playing and doorbell pushed then ... New screen is pushed to iPad showing camera view ( this is trickier than you think as a streaming camera at even 2fps cripples HomeSeer - so we constantly grab the stream via a .bat file and resize the image to something more manageable ) On pop up screen you can currently unlock the door or turn the door leds on /off. Music is then paused mp3 for ‘doorbell’ is played ( struggling to get speech working yet ) At this point music is meant to unpause - but issues there . Have a crude slider for bathroom lights which seems to work . So fundamental basics ( music , light control , complex doorbell ) working but not 100% You can tell I was a programmer and not an artist !