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  1. Oh - some stuff’s disappeared! Naughty @Onoff !
  2. I ordered some of the crystal dehumidifier pots from eBay . Worth a shot . Gut instinct now tells me condensation. 😶
  3. No . But I have seen that before . Air gets ‘stuck’ almost in a corner . What’s the best eBay type dehumidifier / condensation absorber I can buy her ? ( I’m kind like that ) .
  4. Just cavity wall . Never happened before . House has 1 Covid positive tenant - so I can only do a basic look tomorrow. Wondering ( as everyone is in their room ) if condensation from lack of airing the room .
  5. My tenant just sent me this photo . This wall is to the left of her window . There is a loft room above her with ensuite - so I would assume an issue there . But the specked pattern confuses me - doesn’t seem like a ‘normal ‘ leak ...
  6. Yes . Foiled backed stuff . All around the timber frame externally ( with either cladding or a thermolite wall beyond that ) . Then pir in the timber studs . Also in between ceiling joists .Then 50mm pir over all of that and foil taped all joints . You can only insulate once ......
  7. I’m no expert ( as others will confirm ) . I put insulation outside my timber frame and also between the internal timber frame .
  8. Going to lose then !! 💪💪💪💪💪👍
  9. No wonder he wants to visit me - we can fight !
  10. Decided to persevere with my home made beading - until I ran out of trim . Got the mitres as tight as I can .
  11. Bought a small relay . Wired this up and it works properly I.e as I would expect it to work . The software though leaves a lot to be desired - but I can work round those issues . So now I have a video doorbell using no cloud , no subscription and good luck to anyone who wants to hack it !
  12. You tried my friend - that counts for something
  13. Did a dummy setup with silver ct1 See how it looks tomorrow Actually might just be easier and look ok if grey grout goes in there ...
  14. Decided to do the beading around the bathroom window . Fraction of a mm out shows up on the corner mitres . Will silver ct1 hide this good enough ??