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  1. “ Switches my vacuum cleaner on when I start my saw? “ Your wife ! 😁
  2. Pretty sure . Drop them a line - respond really quick .
  3. Oops sorry ! Just read your ‘spec’ . I put 150mm inbetween rafters and 50mm over it all . From memory this gave around 0.15. So with plasterboard aswell should meet your spec . More intelligent people will be along shortly !
  4. Hey I put pir insulation between rafters . Foam filled any gaps then 50mm over the lot taping all the joints cheers
  5. Maybe - the issue is if there’s a failure say ITTT fails !! . BT/virgin etc have outage . Isn’t common but does happen . Prefer security kept local - so when it fails it’s my fault ( potentially! )
  6. I’m going with IQglass- you could try them .
  7. I would suggest avoiding all ‘cloud’ based services - keep everything intranet .
  8. I did about 4000 ties by hand Once complete my SE said I could of used zip ties !!!!!! So check !!!!!
  9. I would of gone underground for an extra floor - but what would I know 😎
  10. Can you mount the spigot upside down ? So bottom entry rather than top ???
  11. True mate ! . Best way to beat neighbours complains / calling enforcement officer is to allow ‘natural wastage ‘ 😎
  12. Yes - should do . Was told by bpc that I can fit the flexible silencers first to Mvhr - which should give me enough ‘bend’ to be in the loft space .
  13. Not yet ! But bathroom to the right so in theory should be easy ( he says )
  14. Beast is on the wall . I’m sure it’s grown !!!
  15. Crumbs ! I’ll buy the lot ! MMA fighting and inflatable ladies - what more is there to life !