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  1. He will see it ! In his mind it will always be there ; non symmetrical; taunting everyday and every night . @Onoff ; you know your fate , you know your destiny young sky walker . Make them symmetrical or have no peace
  2. pocster

    Edpm at edges

    Had some guys look today They did mention cutting in the wall to make a water proof join etc . ive estimated the material costs are around a grand . He started at 4K!! ; needless to say I got that to drop quite swiftly ..... Should be starting next week 😎
  3. pocster

    Edpm at edges

    Yeah the wall is random stone ; so no chance of a nice level mortar line to cut . At least now when I get a quote I know what to ask 😊 cheers ! 😎
  4. pocster

    Edpm at edges

    Hey ! ok - that all makes sense ! In the video though he has a nice flat wall ; mines ‘natural’ uneven stone . Is it the same principle just more work ? 😑
  5. pocster

    Edpm at edges

    Hey all Getting my cement particle board down which will have edpm on it . I’m not going to install it 😝 But what should I do at the edges ? . I presume he can’t just stick the edpm up stone !!!! Does the installer provide some ‘fillet’ to get over this somehow ?? Cheers
  6. “ picture yourself as a turd “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. pocster

    Down pipe into slot drain

    Now there’s an idea ! A small project for @Onoff ; can supply his hydraulic shower head as well 🤣
  8. pocster

    Down pipe into slot drain

    Thanks nick . pretty sure I’ve got that straight in my head . Will get the parts assemble then stick a photo up before I pour concrete over the lot 😊
  9. pocster

    Down pipe into slot drain

    Thanks ! just one final question do I glue this pipe work together ?
  10. pocster

    Down pipe into slot drain

    Do I really need one ? Down pipe straight into horizontal pipe ; can’t I stick one at the end ??? ; just rainwater .....
  11. pocster

    Down pipe into slot drain

    More complex I am afraid . That would go to a sump and main drain . This way its water harvesting I.e into a tank
  12. pocster

    Down pipe into slot drain

    IC ? What’s that 😊 ?