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  1. Can’t you invent a noiseless flow regulator for at source? . Dragons Den will back you 😁😎
  2. Can I ask @Nickfromwales out of interest ; why attenuate at outlet not source ? . What’s the issue ? Or is it just bad practice?
  3. Ah ! So I have mid understood ! I assumed quite naturally they could do both I.e that was their function . Well attenuation at a outlet shouldn’t be an issue . For now i’ll Just stick ‘em all full on once ready for take off ! Boom ! - bet @Onoff took 6 months to do that bit 😎😎😎😇
  4. I’ll do the hot one tomorrow- too much excitement for one day !
  5. Really ? They generate that much noise if not fully open or fully closed ? . That was one of my reasons for choosing these nice expensive brass manifolds - thinking I could be clever and control flow 😖
  6. Well it ain’t pretty but timber allows a Hep2o clip per pipe . Going under the render board ‘lines’ the pipe up to run across the ceiling . Not sure how good this will be really . Need to run a ‘ real’ pipe and see ...
  7. Actually I could ‘throttle’ the outside tap ( planned to do this on toilets anyway ) by adjusting the isolator value to restrict flow .
  8. Didn’t think of that . Outside tap will hardly ever be used so i’ll Let it go 😎
  9. Labelling to my hearts content !
  10. Just done my 16 vertical holes . Ordered washing machine waste to act as conduit . Just making up the manifold . Photos later
  11. Not sure where someone like you would pick up such ‘tricks’ . 4 25mm holes drilled . 16 to go
  12. Yep I checked this as it was an option for me . Vertical or horizontal no issue .
  13. Will have a suspended ceiling .
  14. Googling seems to range from 16mm to 20mm . If that’s correct would be good !