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  1. pocster

    Which unit

    Thanks . I plan to make sure access is good and will mount it suitably just for that reason .
  2. pocster

    Which unit

    BPC have replied and suggest Vent Axia Kinetic FH Duct pipe cost more than the unit! 🙄
  3. Dumb question and just a thought . Could you not comb the floor with adhesive. Then comb the back of the tile offset ? I.e so tile adhesive interlocks the gaps in floor adhesive... Or is that plain dumb ? 🙃
  4. pocster

    Stud finder

    It’ll be worth every penny !
  5. pocster

    Stud finder

    Well ! A walbot iOS is on the way ! So guess who will be testing it first !!!
  6. I would imagine walk on glazing is difficult to add after the build . Best Buy it now ....
  7. pocster

    Possibly starting all over again

    The ratchet method is your friend ; but very slow I.e years .....
  8. pocster

    Possibly starting all over again

    As I’ve said many times before covertly record all conversations with planning . They lie , contradict , obfuscate any issue to wear you down and make sure your application is rejected .
  9. pocster

    Which unit

    I’ll send a plan off to bpc and see what they suggest . Then might shop around for the mvhr unit . Thanks all . Will let you know what I go for 🙂 cheers
  10. pocster

    Toilet of death

    Erm , that might of caused the issues in the first place 🙃
  11. So ! I will use bcpventilation as everyone seems to recommend them . But which unit ? ; prices seem quite varied . 1.2k upto 3k - can’t see a great deal of difference between them . Intend to mount in the loft but off the rafters as others have to reduce noise / vibration . ta
  12. pocster

    Toilet of death

    I’ve got lots of gloves ; rectal or otherwise 😭
  13. pocster

    Toilet of death

    Cokie cola it is !
  14. Yes ! topic says it all Tenant done a runner . Toilet now better but no matter how much bleach or cif can’t get it white ! What magic do I need ?
  15. Mines just screwed to osb . Will box in after . Screeded floor first