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  1. The sink has no overflow . Should I just ‘fill’ the overflow connection on the strainer ? ( cap it somehow )
  2. I bought a very cheap sink . Assumed it would have have drainer and plug . But of course not ! . The hole seems rather large - 9cm ; this standard ? . What type of drain fits this ??
  3. Bought 7 unit off eBay ( will obviously be crap ). Bought a sink and mono tap for total of 30 quid ( will be crap ). Now looking for 6m ( in 3m lengths of cheap worktop ) and yes "will be crap "
  4. Finally went to Howdens ; what a waste of time. Deal had ended and it would seem adding the cheapest 'extras's' anyway would push the price towards 900!. Was in there about an hour being jerked about ( so that was ok ) New rooster bollocks deal March 22nd ( though I'm not meant to know that ) but no guarantee of price . Going to buy cheap ebay crap then make shelves/worktops from trestles and scaf boards. A TRUE self build ( i.e. shite ) kitchen .
  5. Rumours are now that due to the extreme heat of a functioning ASHP and the warmer weather he opened one of his 1st floor outside opening patio doors .... bit of a fall ( fool 😂 )
  6. Tried to PM him but I’m blocked ( guessing everyone is ) . Last I heard Zoot had died of hypothermia......
  7. Let it not be said that my emails are not effective. IQglass will repair the door for free and in essence agree ( how I read it anyway ) that the guy dealing with our install was a knob . If anyone wants me to send abusive but factual emails I’ll do it for free - because I’m kind ( and enjoy it ) to anyone I should add ! Not just IQglass . Neighbor, the council ( my favourite as they are lying (expletive deleted) ) , lovers , even that guy you hate at the end of the road - he’s sure to be a (expletive deleted) wad . Equally anyone on here 😁
  8. Can I mix these ? I’ve run out of standard pb for ceiling ( 12.5mm ) but do have some ‘water resistant’ pb ( also 12.5mm ) . Can I mix these ? Will the plasterer care ? . I was wondering as they are different they might dry at different rates once plastered and maybe increase the risk of cracking .... ?? 🤔
  9. Lol ! I’ve got them all on a spread sheet . Reckon I’m 3 years away from complete finish . So means total build only took 10 years 😂
  10. Can I ask . Do we think Hmrc are more vigilant the larger the overall vat claim ? . Does some poor sod really look through every receipt ?? . I’m upto around 600 at the moment 😂
  11. Unfortunately he wasn’t as skilled as you may have thought . Cynically he can wait for it to fail and get another call out fee . As many of us have found most trades think they are doing a good/correct job yet they aren’t . In my experience about 75% don’t do it properly ( though it may work ) or cut a corner to save them time .