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  1. I assume it is for boosting . Can’t remember seeing an option though to ‘set it ‘
  2. Decided to give this a test run . Choose purge for 60 mins - just too see if it worked . I know I’m meant to balance this at some point later ; but what should I alter ( if anything ) on the settings ?? Vent Axia Sx
  3. Now there’s a question 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  4. Are you @Mr Punter because you frequent ladies of the night ?
  5. Tom Cruise here , I’ve borrowed pocsters account for a bit . After hours of prep , some dry run thru’s - we finally went for it . Absolute silence on the set as I do the most extreme and skilful stunt I’ve ever performed. Remember this scene from my next movie “Mission Impossible: Glass door dilemma “ ( rated 18 - due to extreme scenes of a DIY nature )
  6. But it’s not underground . Winters coming Jon Snow . Roth of SWMBO will curse you …..
  7. Now , now , no need to be horrid to @Onoff
  8. Nice and cool underground people …..
  9. Yes . Getting it in the frame and placed correctly will require God like skills
  10. Yeah . I found a slightly smaller wheel . So 1 ‘ as is wheel ‘ and one smaller wheel will *just* fit ( less than 1mm of play ) 💪😉👍
  11. Yes ! With one set of instructions and 1 ( correct ) runner . You’re a nice man really
  12. Yes . But *should* miss ufh 🙄🙄🙄
  13. Yeah but then it will be outside the frame I.e visible . Really want to get it in the shitty frame
  14. Don’t (expletive deleted)ing start ! . I had 7 sets of instructions and 4 different slider mechanisms supplied ! Eclisse were zero help as they just send all the instructions out as there’s so much variation . They are (expletive deleted) wits . I’m hot and fed up so @Mr Punter leave me alone 🍷