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  1. pocster

    First Self build - Cornwall

    £4 !!!! Mega money !!!!
  2. pocster

    First Self build - Cornwall

    Welcome ! Do you need some walk on glazing ? 🤩
  3. pocster

    Glazing costs .... OUCH!

    Latest company state (my favourite as their products look stunning): The Uw values vary across our range so please see typical values below:Sieger Slim Sliding Door 1.4Schuco Casement Door 1.8Sieger Casement Windows 1.1Sieger Entrance Door 1.3 These are double glazed. Not sure the extra cost for triple glazed will justify the U value improvement. Down to 24k now - but will have to drop their front door suggestion as way to expensive....
  4. pocster

    Glazing costs .... OUCH!

    I suspect . They will then say “triple glazed units for all bar the sliding doors “ . When the price is crap and “discounts” are offered I go looking elsewhere....
  5. pocster

    Glazing costs .... OUCH!

    Yes new build Are you saying any sliding doors can’t be triple glazed ???
  6. pocster

    Glazing costs .... OUCH!

    Another day; another quote. Overall almost the same total cost but it is interesting that previously "The Supplied and fitted cost for a 1 x 3 section SL20 Classic Minimal framed sliding door system with all panels sliding with multi point locking and all frames in a standard RAL colour all glazed units will be energy efficient glazing and a U-value of 1.3. The approximate size of the doors would be 5700 x 2450 the cost of this would be £16,261.00 plus vat supplied and fitted." 16K!!! From other company " 5700mm wide x 2450mm high -Three track Sieger Slim® sliding door system comprising of 2nr sliding and 1nr fixed panes (→,→,Fixed) 1 item 7,617.28£ 7,617.28£ Alternative Option - 5700mm wide x 2450mm high -Three track Sieger Slim® sliding door system comprising of 3nr sliding panes (→,↔,←) 1 item 8,119.93£ Alternative Option " 8K!!! Original company (with double glazed units) have now said for the same cost they will do triple. Anyway I've halved the price of 1 expensive unit already 🙂
  7. pocster

    Geberit wall depth

    Thanks. I am committed now to 100mm!. I've shuttered this amount away from my UFH - so that's the deal 🙂
  8. pocster

    Vapour barrier

    Ready for you @Onoff 😂
  9. pocster

    Geberit wall depth

    It’s ok ; watched video again - I guess that’s a “yes”
  10. pocster

    Geberit wall depth

    So 100mm wall depth does that allow for the waste ? ( if say was straight down through the floor )
  11. pocster

    'Zoot’s Driveway Gate Project'

    Ouch ! I’m up to £1.02 . Its bizarre - acroprops , scaffold boards , bricks sell quick . Walk on glazing no one wants . I might wait a few decades and then take them to antiques road show ...
  12. People use to see me coming round the corner a good 5 seconds before I did
  13. pocster

    Steel staircase on the cheap

    Helical stairs !!! 😘
  14. I think 100 people should piss in your new toilet . Baggsy first wee !