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  1. After numerous leaks 🙄 Ensuite and shower constantly running seem leak free now .....
  2. Funnily enough I heard that expression Friday night ...
  3. It couldn’t . The council forced me to add it years ago ( hmo ) the plumber at the time saw this as the only viable option . Too be fair - it’s been fine for 10 years until roofer removed it ...
  4. Though you can see what a top job the roofer did ! . Shame he didn’t mention the poo pipe . Luckily scaffolding still up as rear chimney stack is well f’d
  5. Tenant sends me this .... I’m wtf ! . He’s on the 1st floor ! 💩 going up the pipe defies laws of physics . I call emergency plumber to attend ( ££££ ) As I drive there I think - there’s a loft wc - but what could of happened! Roofer took the waste pipe off and didn’t fix it back on properly ( though he claims he never removed the pipe so magically tiled under it ) . Plumber uses solvent weld to ‘ fix ‘ it - which even I know won’t hold it . 💩 everywhere ! Plumber coming back next week as we need a clip of some sort to hold that bend in - but it means fixing to the tiles somehow . Enjoyed today
  6. pocster

    Gate Pillars

    Touché ! . Bit chilly today think I’ll put the ufh on ; and you ?
  7. pocster

    Gate Pillars

    Have these pillars not disintegrated by time ?
  8. Don't know why you (expletive deleted) wit (expletive deleted) are laughing - that's exactly what he said - HONEST!
  9. My installer mentioned how (expletive deleted)ing amazing I am - which is of course true .
  10. I’m on octopussy . Took a while to sort the meter to smets2 and then for the Borg collective to take over MY Tesla battery
  11. For 8k you could get some walk on glazing and have change .....