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  1. Concrete slump

    same as others.....structural eng' does not indicate anything for concrete spec beyond rc32/40.
  2. Missing Post - MBC Review

    Best do the same with numerous other posts on various windows for example! It would be a desperate shame if this action was taken on mere projection. If mbc have forced this action on a thread that was at the end of the day very balanced, then that's a very sorry state.
  3. Multi tool choices

    if you choose to go Makita cordless don't get tempted by the cheaper earlier model that didnt have a tool-less blade change......apparently was a problematic pita. This is 2nd hand info...not my own experience..but it took the advice , and the quick release version is proving great so far.
  4. Edpm or grp ?

    In your makeup what do the clippings, sand, driveway blocks bring to the party apart from an aesthetic (I assume) at the cost of what....70mm or more? Couldn’t you ‘stamp’ the concrete when it gets poured, with a block pattern, and add a dry shake dye to the concrete to get close to the look of the currently specced blocks?
  5. Does anyone have a potter's wheel?

    Spot on...i paid £1126+vat for much the same...3 boreholes and a soakawy test.
  6. Edpm or grp ? you already have the lower layer of rc in place.
  7. Travis Perkins: Cash or Credit?

    I have cash accounts because i like to walk away with THE piece of paper that needs to get filed so I can do it immediately, not wait for a monthly statement...and I can see the debit to my balance immediately, thus keeping me in a state of continuous financial alarm and vigilance rather than just the once a month heart attack.
  8. Edpm or grp ?

    Is that a typo and you mean walked on? Is this a 3 line list, or a single sentence? Surely if you mean your 'roof ' is more a 'utility deck' you need a 'specific to concrete' type of membrane, not standard roofing edpm? I might be way off here and reading it all wrong (due to gin) but i'd ask your structural engineer if this is a roofers job at all.
  9. Project Managers

    Yes, that scenario works better for me than an external project manager, ....and certainly on a cost/benefit basis. Yes, it goes without saying that my build needs a project manager, but there's no reason why it can't be (inexperienced)me. I want sufficient involvement in my project that I know and understand it inside out anyway, and i'm prepared to give it all my time. If I was only going to 'visit' the project a couple of times a week it would be unthinkable to me not to use a main contractor who was effectively project managing it and replicating my level of understanding of the project as a why would I then add a project manager. A project manager is like any other contractor....interested and committed in accordance with his remuneration. My biggest problems are occurring at seemingly micro-detail on the drawings, missed by architectural technician, structural engineer and building I don't believe an external project manager would have spotted them prior to them becoming an on-the-ground problem either....unless i was paying him to be extremely inquisitive from early on. I do believe his trouble shooting of them would be superior to mine but he'd still have to refer to the team of AT, SE & B' he wouldn't have fundamentally changed the situation but what help he brought would have been at great cost. Don't get me wrong, i'm having huge difficulties with my build and have made horrible mistakes. Self project managing won't be viable or palatable to everyone or suitable to every project but please lets not rule it out as something else best left to professionals along with almost everything apart from shopping for windows and floor finishes.
  10. What next for my new flat roof?

    very very useful responses for me, thank you all.
  11. another expensive extension to policy

    I've just arranged to extend mine with Protek and it was pretty much pro-rata the original policy.
  12. What next for my new flat roof?

    I have the exact same question on my mind right now and for ease am inclined towards the same solution of mineral wool...but i'm bugged by the idea that it might be effectively creating a hybrid roof at that point, with insulation both above and below the osb maybe foil backed insulation is needed to mitigate condensation. This article and its subsequent comments seem to support my concern;
  13. Q: What's in a name? A: £100-£50

    I paid £50 in Nov' 2016 for a North Dorset new build being the first address on a street that didn't have a I got my first choice name, and number 1. The postcode allocated was previously parked along with others 'yet to be allocated', in a field 3 miles away....and when my new address went live with the post office it still took a couple of months for google to accurately place it, in which time numerous delivery drivers gave themselves the runaround by not reading their notes.
  14. South coast inflation

    I'm in North Dorset Vivienz. At an early stage of works I accompanied my groundworker to Sydenhams and Bradfords, places he favoured and had a rapport with. His introducing me made a significant difference I believe and i've had great service and good prices from them both, compared to other merchants where i've just made solo contact as a self builder. My Blandford branches are constantly accessing Verwood's stock for me. Even if I went into Verwood for something i've already had before from Blandford, they'd check to ensure I didnt pay more than I previously had. I think it all comes down to what 'discount tier' the merchant group chooses to put you on, and for me that was significantly affected by how I was introduced versus my cold calling for 'best possible prices'.
  15. Mortar Gun recommendation