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  1. mvincentd

    Is this a reasonable quote?

    I paid near £1k per year site insurance with Protek and have extended it twice pretty much pro rata.
  2. mvincentd

    Inwards or outwards?

    Interesting, makes offenders are 1m wide x 2.3m high. A further critique...don't know if this is all t&t or just IdealCombi...because of the multi-function job the hinges have to achieve they end up being less beefy, more complex and less optimally sited than on a bog standard while my floor to ceiling T&T's do provide the experience of a door onto the garden, my fitter advised they do need treating with some consideration and care. I find that whilst they are less prone to slamming from wind in the 'turn' than they are in the 'tilt' i'm equally reluctant to leave them turned open due to the greater available travel and subsequent brutality of slam.
  3. mvincentd

    Inwards or outwards?

    Mine don't have any mechanism for fixing the tilt's a single position and reliant on the weight of the window to 'hang' open. In a light breeze they keep opening and closing of their own accord. I haven't yet investigated solutions but for the long term it's intolerable, so i'd advise you check how any chosen manufacturer deals with this.
  4. mvincentd

    Posi Joists

    SE specced the steelwork and I used a local fabricator who also installed them ( he was a small outfit and mucked me around a lot with timing so I would not recommend and would use a larger company next time).
  5. mvincentd

    Drive matting

    I plan to use it on my sloping drive. My building inspector advised not to buy cheap grids because the top of the honeycombs break. Perhaps less of an issue on the flat.
  6. mvincentd

    Posi Joists

    £7800+vat g20789ac posi flat roof (higher roof) layout 11_10_2017.pdf g20789ab posi flat roof layout 18_10_2017.pdf g20789aa first floor layout 18_10_2017.pdf
  7. mvincentd

    Sub-Soil Survey: Getting it Right First Time

    Talk to a potential structural engineer and ask what they would want the soil survey to cover, because they will design the basement based on that survey so you need to give them what they want.
  8. mvincentd

    POSIs : treated or not?

    My egger protect was exposed throughout winter, easily 4 months, had snow sitting on it and countless soakings. I’ve had to belt sand the joints as they swelled despite what I thought was liberal use of d4. Otherwise they’ve survived.
  9. mvincentd

    Flat roof dilemma

    Consider your timing and if viable have your membrane contract in place and scheduled so you can properly weatherproof the osb deck fairly soon after it's laid. I had a stressful fiasco:
  10. mvincentd

    savings to be had

    Re' fixed price or day rate, it has to be a trust thing. If you've screwed someone down on a fixed price and think you're getting it cheap, trust the price but dont trust the work!
  11. mvincentd

    Flat roof dilemma

    I used 4" x 3" timber sliced to make furrings. Where they reduce to near zero is the unseen back of my house so the roof deck just rolls into standard gutter. At the front I have the benefit of the chunky 4 x 3" atop the joists. I stopped the joists at the inner leaf but continued the furrings to create a small overhang and brought the deck to the furrings edge. I fixed upward through furring and deck into 8" x 2" to make a perimeter to the deck (I needed the 8" height to contain green roof materials). This and the furrings provided ample structure to create a batoned base for my horizontal cedar fascia. The outer leaf was built up (almost) to underside of furring and the facia overlaps by hanging lower. If it's a warm roof plan early for airtightness, perhaps using a 'tony tray' that envelopes the furring extensions. This approach only worked though thanks to my only needing overhang at the fat end of the it's limited.
  12. mvincentd

    Electrician Costs

    I'm paying £30/hr in Dorset. The entire 1st fix for my 240sqm 3 bed house has been £1200 x vat for labour so far...there's another half day to go. I did pay a further £350 all-in much earlier once the meter had gone into a cupboard on a boundary wall, to get temporary external sockets running. My 1st fix materials have been circa £800.
  13. mvincentd

    sarnafil rubber roofing

    I have a sarnafil of 130sqm and a Bauder of 90sqm. The sarnafil was a necessity because it had to bond onto a sika wall membrane. The Bauder is cheaper. Their warranties are comparable and the finished results are comparable. I cannot comment on their durability given mine are only a year old. The roofers preferred the Bauder product to work with. They particularly feel their vcl is superior. My superficial judgement of the materials was that the bauder stuff was better, but what do I know. The bauder inspection was more thorough. The sarnafil required an additional root protection barrier...the bauder didn't (although we didnt green it in the end). I believe any problems will lie with workmanship, not materials. We've had one problem, with the sarnafil, definitely a workmanship issue...whether that has any correlation with the roofers finding bauder easier to work with, I doubt. Shop around, sarnafil write a spec for the job but despite this I still got quotes from their approved installers that varied from £38k to £56k for the exact same job.
  14. mvincentd

    Board concrete form moulds

    Thanks for the details @Luckylad, the relative ease is inspiring.
  15. Many of us have built basements. How many of us have built basements in London terraced houses? The mechanics of building, we can help with. The unique logistics....I dunno.