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  1. mvincentd

    Plastering ICF Basement Walls

    I did the Nudura course and that left me with the impression you could apply direct but it was very important to do a very fastidious job of roughing up (Cant recall technical term) the surface.
  2. mvincentd

    Green roof

    I have to for planning, and want to anyway. They are not ‘fit and forget’ so if you’re not keen on gardening I’d suggest not burdening yourself. That said, they aren’t necessarily too demanding on maintenance.....depending on what look you want. Sedum can look pretty dead in winter......people think it’ll give constant year round green appearance. Wildflower won’t offer much in winter. Meadowgrass is pretty good, but needs more growing medium depth....means more roof build up, more weight... We want a roughty toughty mess so wont worry about weeds, but if you wanted well manicured you’ll end up weeding just like a garden. You’ll half run-off so reconsider any rainwater harvesting ideas. Ballpark £7k for my 150sqm flat roof....but that’s the ‘green’ element, materials only....the roof also had to be engineered for the weight and the membrane had to be specific. There’s an ‘approved’ approach to creating a green roof which you’ll need to follow if you want any waterproofing guarantees from your roofer....this makes it difficult to diy a cheap alternative.
  3. mvincentd

    JJ I joists for external walls
  4. I burned half of mine today.....cut in Feb and now so dry it took nothing to get it started. The dodgiest bit is adding piles of leaves once it’s burning well.....they tend to get taken by the updraft and if they’ve managed to catch light that’s not ideal. Im now bagging the leaves and let them compost. Be careful...I’ve a lot less hair on my face after 4 hours of burning today, but feel lucky to still have eyelids.....wind changes direction fast!
  5. mvincentd

    Edpm at edges

    Just check ‘he’ hasn’t already included in his quote to flash this .... if he’s looked at the job to quote you already i imagine either he’s taking responsibility for it or he’ll have looked you in the eye and made you aware of what you’d need to provide him so he can achieve a waterproof roof .
  6. I’ve used they charged a £300 design fee, refundable against order, and this meant they actually thought about it rather than just threw a quote together for items that wouldn’t work in practice. Don’t get too wedded to that idea until you’ve consulted an expert.
  7. mvincentd

    Cast concrete joints

    Basement? the slab/wall junction is underground and earth retaining?'re too late for retarder/pressurewash but if it was my basement i'd want both a scabbled surface to key to and a waterbar so i'd find a way to create it. You're aiming to end up with a monolithic structure, not something with a weak seam exactly where water is likely to be.
  8. mvincentd

    window lead/install times

    Idealcombi quoting 8 weeks usually but add 3 right now due to summer shut down.
  9. mvincentd

    Found a cheap structural warranty

    I told Protek which bc I was using and said I wanted them to tie with them for the inspections.....Protek at the time didnt have a partner bc all the near my build so they were happy to forge a new relationship. You being in London might not have that luck as they'll already have a few bc partners. My bc wouldn't extend to london so no use to you, but fyi i'm paying a pretty nominal sum extra to them to cover admin of passing reports to Protek...cant remember but £300ish.
  10. mvincentd

    Found a cheap structural warranty

    Protek are letting my building control (private) do the inspections AND letting them be the judge of what inspections are needed......resulting in no additional burden over standard bc anyway.
  11. mvincentd

    Garage floor step down

    Yes relaxed......another annoyance with my architects who imposed it on my build unnecessarily.
  12. mvincentd

    TV options

    We had a holiday let which was remote to us and so at the end of each guest stay we'd send a cleaner in to prep it ready for next guests. 80% of guests would fiddle with controls to the extent that the system would not then work according to the instructions we provided.....and the cleaner would not always be able to fathom how to get everything reset. Keep it simple.
  13. mvincentd

    Found a cheap structural warranty

    My Protek structural warranty a year ago cost £1500 including inspections....thats for a £480k build cost 240sqm complicated underground flat green roof house in a dorset village. We recently investigated some interim financing via both mortgage and development finance....we didnt follow through on this so I cant be conclusive but it didnt seem Protek were a problem for any of the financiers.
  14. mvincentd

    Hydrophilic Water Bar

    ..make sense as the brutality of the pour could i guess dislodge it. If that co' doesn't want to sell you it try Resapol
  15. mvincentd

    Hydrophilic Water Bar

    Do you mean like Sikaswel, as these people sell: Did you drop a baton in the slab to shutter a trench for it to sit in, and use retarder on the slab where your walls will cast onto? About half way down this blog post you’ll see what I mean (as applied to walls)