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  1. mvincentd

    A difficult day...

    ....the machines were turned off at 11.45pm on mine when the batteries to the mountain bike head torches ran out....
  2. mvincentd

    Ho hum - time to remedy.

    If gone through the full grind process to fully polished I don't believe they need any sealer. Powerfloats are hard to use a sealer on without defeating the object of the powerfloat and roughing the surface. Mine is also waterproof concrete so I have to use a topical (not penetrating) sealer. Watco do a powerfloat sealer that doesn't require any surface roughening. Absolutely......i'm experimenting for the hell of it but am actually happy already with the house showing the scars of its difficult birth....thats a personal aesthetic though and @MikeSharp01 might not have it in his minds eye, hence I was detailing my experiments more in the hope they might help him....i'm speculating his powerfloat has 'suffered' some of the same characteristics. Yes, probably a lot of parameters to add up to a great result..and a spot of luck also in the mix!
  3. mvincentd

    Steel, beams and a problem

    For mbc purposes I see no reason why the highest point of scaffolding would be higher than what they're building. The roof membrane installers should have a high hand rail...but given its single storey and not exactly urban they'd probably 'overlook' it, especially if you had air bags/crash mats.
  4. mvincentd

    Ho hum - time to remedy.

    My powerfloat had some 'failed' areas and I experimented with grinding those smooth.....however the moment a diamond grinder goes on the surface it creates a distinct edge....which i've yet to succeed in feathering off to the powerfloat. I also hired a slow spinning machine with 5 carborundum blocks on it...this was quite gentle so minimally affected the powerfloat while doing fairly well at smoothing the 'failed' areas. However theres typically unevenness at the transition area and it struggles with this, ultimately failing to feather. I'm still experimenting. @jack I love your result...fairly seamless transitions in and out of exposed aggregate....I just cant find the machine with the right balance of oomph/finesse. Assuming by 'polish' you mean powerfloat,....what are the bad bits like? I found the rough areas that didn't float well to be much softer and so responsive even to a p40 grade sanding disk on a 4" random orbital's just the bloody transition that I cant feather. Agreed, i've not been able to find examples of a grind feathering back into a powerfloat. Also wherever i've tried hiring concrete grinders its as if they know nothing of the theory of working through the grit grades....machines come with whatever disk is on it.
  5. mvincentd

    A difficult day...

    I have my fingers crossed for your powerfloat but think they're gonna need floodlights!
  6. mvincentd

    Fixing POSIs to a wall plate (rim joist)

    ...if youre not using the smaller flexi ducting for mvhr remember to put the rigid stuff in simultaneous to the posi's or you'll be cutting lots of very short lengths later on!
  7. mvincentd

    Timber to timber Joist hangers

    As posi joists are a bespoke engineered solution i'd have assumed your posi supplier would be specifying and supplying the hangers as part of the package. Don't their drawings spec the hangers, and include a disclaimer against adapting/modifying without consultation.
  8. mvincentd

    Ordering POSIs: how accurately do they need to be measured

    If trimming is restricted to one consistent end only then the block line will not alter.
  9. mvincentd

    Ordering POSIs: how accurately do they need to be measured

    Imagine a blockwork inner leaf broken by a steel goalpost structure surrounding the opening for sliding doors. So mines made a tad awkward by faceted wall faces but it still pic shows combination of pozi bearing onto blockwork and alongside pozi in hangers on timber packer in the steel. (Just for fun add a steel coming off the goalpost parallel with poi's). The different bearing approach has altered the length of pozi and therefore shifted the webs. You then get picture 2 for your mvhr! For me this was my best positional option for the hole....nobody could calculate it in advance of placing the pozi's, ruling out a neat plasma cut circle in factory so it came down to an angle grinder in-situ. Picture 3 shows another instance of different build methods meeting causing a change in pozi hanging method (rc wall continued as blockwork).
  10. mvincentd

    Ordering POSIs: how accurately do they need to be measured

    Crendon did the measuring themselves on mine but it didnt prove entirely trustworthy so i'm glad i went for trimmable ends. Try to make all trims from the same end so your webs remain in line. On that note also try to discourage them from introducing a range of supporting methods, as that will also throw off the webs and potentially close the continuous service channels that are such a benefit.
  11. i'm of the belief that regarding sound there's little between 2 or 3g....its the distance between the panes that affect sound??
  12. mvincentd

    Grass / living roof

    When my first quote came in at £52k for vcl, insulation, membrane, trim...I spent 3 months procuring a more rational quote elsewhere for £32k.....for exactly the same product. In between I got quotes for numerous alternative solutions...none of them bettered the £32k i'm paying for my preferred option. I had a reason for distinctly preferring one particular solution but i'd say if your project doesn't have any specific foibles/requirements just go with whatever fully guaranteed system is being offered by a roof co' that you gel with. Every horror story about one system can be matched with stories about another. By 'fully guaranteed system' I mean that a roofer will use his preferred product and be 'ticketed' to install it, and the product will have a specification written (by the producer) for its installation onto your project...and they'll inspect the work your roofer does with their product on your project before issuing the guarantee. Note that if you then plan to do the green roof bit yourself there may be expectations regarding what your green layers are, in order to maintain the guarantee.
  13. mvincentd

    Slab edge thickening

    Pure chalk base excavated to between 1m and 4m below topsoil...chalk rated by SE at nominally 125kpa so he was thrilled when i proposed 'mega' 300kpa insulation;
  14. mvincentd

    Foundation choices

    Strikes me you need to see a drawing in order to make a decision.
  15. mvincentd

    Rain and Guttering

    i have just this week fitted iron effect polyflow deep flow guttering....quote attached fyi. It was certainly easy to fit, and looks fine to me....although I don't think it's gonna fool any other than the most casual viewer as to its plastic content (min you, i'm generally a pretty casual viewer of guttering in general life!) Given how little i needed I would have been happy to go with any option almost regardless of price but this just seemed the best option for me anyway. Time will tell. img-180703100311-0001.pdf