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  1. I found that many Italian resellers would find you the tiles at a great discount as compared to UK resellers where the mark up is stratospheric! Just look at tile look.com for resellers in Italy
  2. I am coming to the end of my build and been having problems getting someone to come and install my RED heat pump which comes with its DHW tank. Does anyone know of a good installer of ASHP who will be willing to do this job for me? I live not far from Cambridge Thank you
  3. I am coming to the nitty gritty of my build, just want to know the price of manpower for tiling floors plank style porcelain tiles in Duramat, what is the price per square metre for tiling only as I have supplied all materials further I would also like to know the price for laying down engineered oak to be glued down also per metre square? thank you
  4. I have a comfo Q450 together with a ComfoPost CW8 for my MVHR AND ALL THE PIPESlies within the house envelope see attached design Do I need to insulate the blue inflow 76mm pipes to prevent condensation if I want to cool the inflow air? if I need to insulate them what should I use and what thickness thank you for your help
  5. Thank you i have been looking at alternative but currently the lead times on many ASHP in excess of 6 weeks for some even like 6 months for Ecodan. As I do not to pay for excessive installation costs given RHI needing MCS certification - licence to print money as far as I am concerned( in excess of £2K for installation with a preplumbed cylinder!!, I am trying to find something which my plumber can install Any ideas for a 7-9kW ASHP with cooling and heating function easy to fit thank you
  6. Hi I want to buy a NIBE ASHP and get it installed by the plumber who is experienced and has fitted quite a few while working for a company specialising in renewables i do have some questions about whether NIBE does heating and cooling? where can I buy a NIBE for a plumber install? Thank you
  7. Just trying to figure out the costs of metal roofing today as the quotes I have are very different from each other i want a roof in Greencoat PLX to cover main roof 104m2, central raised area 28 m2, dormer roof 27m2 and entrance roof 13 m2 together with flashings for 4 Rooflights. Eaves apron, verge, abutment flashings to top and ridge flashings together with linlab RWG half round gutters 125mm 50m in total and 9nr 87mm round down pipes Fascia covering 250mm and soffits 250mm returns quotes are in excess of £28000! From what I know Greencoat PLX is about £13 for 0.6m2(linear metre 600mm width) can someone help me to unravel these costs? thank you
  8. Basically the days of persons individually importing from the EU is gone. If you are a VAT registered company with a EORI number then you can import directly B2B and pay VAT at entry to GB for products made in EU( not Chinese product transiting via EU) It can be done if you get the paperwork done. All goods bought in EU should be VAT free i.e. you should not pay German VAT of 19% if you are importing into GB Given that we have always been fleeced by local retailers for EU stuff we are now stuck with their prices
  9. Just tried to buy sanitary ware from Germany> all the comanies will not deal with UK customer (Reuter, Megabad, Skybad) as they do not wish to register with HMRC to get a UK vat number. In summary they told me that it was quite bureaucratic and they had to collect the UK vat for HMRC not only on the goods sold but also on the transport. Further they told me that I would have to pay import duties on all items bought if the total price exceeded £135 this depends on the goods and this can be anything from 1 to 2.5% of the total cost! So much for a free trade deal!!
  10. Advice on choosing roof insulation: ICF house built to neat passive standard Which type of insulation better PIR or Hybrid Actis? Is there a big cost difference to achieve similar U values? About 140m2 of pitched roof with 3 dormers any advice welcome Roof construction.pdf
  11. Hi guys I always turn for the forum for lots of advice and some dilemmas which need clarification: My latest on is to do with the roof construction: my build s now up and going really well, the Nudura walls are coming on well so I have a question about my roof made up I will have a cold roof which will be covered in Greencoat PLX. In total about 140 m2. However my question is about the insulation: should I use PIR or Hybrid Actis. Please see my roof design attached My architect says I should use PIR but other people have said that using the Hybrid Actis system would lead to better U values for the roof Can I have some advice please Thank you. Roof construction.pdf
  12. Thank you The 4 inch is for the garage only, the rest of the house including lobby in 6 inch SE wants blocks for supporting walls
  13. Thank you everyone for their advice. PP achieved and demolition of bungalow started Build warranty and building control in place, SE appointed now the nitty gritty: footings for Cube6 beam and block, U value 0.1, UFH in screed However problems for SE original plan to have Nudura 4inch block as central spine wall but SE said no would not support roof discussion about having some block work to support the roof. 1st floor posi joist with Lewis deck +/-UFH TG windows with external roller shutters ordered from Josko, as well as lift and slide TG doors in dining room with external Venetian blind MHRV Zehnder comfoAir Q 450 with Comfopost for cooling agreed i need help with structure see below and any advice welcome for air to water HSP to supply UFH, DHW. The prices for MCS install of AHSP are eye watering!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thank you 0227 104 draft 201203.pdf 0227 101 draft 201203.pdf 0227 102 draft 201203.pdf 0227 201 draft 201203.pdf
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