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  1. Soldering Zinc Gutters is an art. Training and Soldering equipment can be purchased / provided at Metal Solutions in France, where Zinc Gutters are popular, it’s probable you’ll see Cast Iron pipes at ground level especially on street scene as zinc pipes can be easily squashed. The alternative is to slip a plastic pipe inside the lower pipe as reinforcement
  2. @roofing-tools.com Gutters in All afore mentioned metals and GreenLine. metallic dark Silver is really close to zinc in colour
  3. Underlying question for any warm roof. Is the Vapour Control Layer adequate for purpose, adequately installed and 100% sealed against leakage into the roof void? if the answer is a resounding Yes, a warm unventilated roof is possible. if in doubt however, ventilation. By way of a minimum 50mm void directly under the substrate timber, plywood or OSB3. note: a ventilated Softwood under zinc is how it’s been done in Europe. Plywood and OSB3 were not around. The standing seam technique is also relatively new, in the grand consideration of zinc. if you use OSB3 or Plywood almost every zinc manufacturer will recommend a Structured Underlay such as ISO-Mat Metal. Even if the rear of the zinc has been coated! by far going with ventilated softwood, Vac Vac treated. (Avoid Copper treatments) GreenCoat PLX is not susceptible to underside corrosion so you have greater liberty on the support structure. Aluminium is another proposal. More traditional detailing at penetrations. Metal cost will undoubtedly have a bearing. the ventilation void must be increased on lower or longer slope lengths to potentially evacuate moisture build up - a chimney effect. wet insulation doesn’t perform correctly either. finally, we live in a wet climate. Moisture retained during construction has to escape. Ventilation
  4. until

    Sunday 30th 10.30 at National Self Build and Renovation Show. GreenCoat PLX The product developed specifically for metal roofers Showcasing SSAB GreenCoat Colourful Steel Metal Solutions Multi Metal
  5. Not my build Dave Jones Rip Off Plots?
  6. The SS Snaplock panels were rolled to width and length and transported to Newport where the PV modules were attached. The complete units were then shipped to Bicester. The bonding process can be carried out by MSL to reduce additional transport charges. currently have no information on removal. It’s a valid question. Will revert on this shortly
  7. Focus for comparison on Yield. Currently costs are higher than Glass modules but a new, more attractive product will be available in 2022. Of course lower cost might be lower frills. The Teflon self cleaning might be an obvious casualty here. These modules do not prohibit foot traffic so are suitable for either easy install Snaplock, minimum tooling or a Traditional SS which is closed mechanically or by hand on site. Aesthetics incur cost in most purchases. Wiring in this project is at the ridge secreted in the ridge detail. The module can be wired from the rear if access is available from the loft space or at the bottom via an overhanging eaves for example No bracket and rail mounting = reduced weight, no debris build up, no vermin (pigeons) Minimum maintenance
  8. Yes there are pre-pressed sheet effect products, often as lightweight products offering the appearance of slates or tiles. I agree the complication of cutting and forming complex weatherproof junctions such as Hips and Valleys can be problematic. several companies for instance offer metal pressed sheets as replacement for conservatory roofs. Some are now exploring SS including Snaplock. In essence the detailing is key in either option
  9. With future legislation on Green Energy I thought it worth posting an image of the Integrated Solar Modules installed on this staining seam this Self-Build at Graven Hill. increasingly popular
  10. Off the shelf items only fit an off the shelf building. A tailored solution is available for self build enthusiasts search SNAPLOCK in PLX or visit NSBRC, Swindon to see in the flesh. if the installation needs a professional seek advice from the official distributor of the selected metal.
  11. Clad in zinc standing seam. dramatic lighting and viewing angle
  12. Coil can be slit to width and desired length many ‘standard widths’ are 600mm so no, or minimal waste incurred
  13. Metal Roof system suppliers are introducing price increases with up to 80% being put about. Already several system suppliers have full order books with extensive lead times in 2022 Standing Seam is now widely adopted. Work with reputable distributors who can offer installer details or product installation trading and with those who have stocks
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