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  1. S5 clamps for solar on a standing seam roof have little impact on oil canning. The solar array would in fact make impossible to see if they did. Its essential however that positioning is solar is discussed during the installation of the standing Seam roof so additional clips can be introduced to compensate for the added load being applied to the metal roof. most Domestic applications use a Fully Supported standing seam in Aluminium, Copper, GreenCoat PLX ( PURAL), Stainless Steel or Zinc. As all metals come from coil there are memory tensions, like a spring, whereby the metal wants to coil back into a coil when cut to length. A standing seam profile along each edge of the roof sheets effectively fights that. oil-Canning. I applause the earlier remark in that it should be accepted as a function of using a metal roof. It is there to a greater or lesser degree from many factors: poor quality material, inappropriate levelling by the manufacturer poor rolling and handling on site, using inferior equipment or lack of knowledge incorrect clip positions, hampering expansion poor substrate preparation incorrect choice of metal, coating, colour, gloss level natural or bright metals that develop a Patina can look horrendous when first installed. Give it time, let the process happen, understand the material. WARNING don't use a natural shiny patinating metal in area where there is no rain wash, soffit, facia for example. The weathering of these areas could take 5 x longer than a roof to weather, if at all. Black Zinc will also take on a Patina, the colour of the zinc will change. Example Cafe Torino, Bishopbriggs. Black Zinc roof almost 30 years, still works, now grey - visible on Google maps. i saw a post talking about 'halters with Aluminium' this is normally an Industrial scale, unless someone has a desire that their home resembles the local hypermarket or railway station you can dismiss this from your list. independent multi-metal distributors like Metal Solutions Ltd will provide guidance on material cost, life expectancy, design and specification and advise on regional Installers. Working with owners, architects and Installers obviously with commercial gain as an objective by supplying the products, providing training in mind. As always have an open mind on Metals, a realistic view on budget and overall an understanding on the metal. Manufacturers Information is sometimes a Glossy Bruchure which your building is shoehorned to fit as a Sales Activity. A metal Roof, or Cladding can be the first think you see when arriving home every day, the first thing your friends and family see when they pass or visit. Invest Wisely, a well installed metal roof can last a Lifetime
  2. I don't understand why are you having to wait until December? Standing Seam available in 3 weeks. Installers can be found. contact me if you need a push or installers
  3. Would love to know who installed the curved roof
  4. Hi James, GreenCoat is available in both Traditional Standing Seam, a roofer would generally arrive on site with coil (width to suit the location or site exposure) and run the trays and fabricate flashings on site. Currently most installers are full on following Covid shut down. The Alternative, for straight sheets is GreenCoat Snaplock which is Factory manufactured and manufactured to your dimensions, flashings, rainwater systems etc. Access to site for delivery is crucial of course. Metal Solutions are the UK Partner for GreenCoat
  5. Most metals moved to 600mm wide to reduce oilcanning and to avoid excessive wind uplift and drumming
  6. I am always amazed to hear from Architects and self builders who automatically assume a Metal Roof is a One Fits All Solution. Metals behave differently, whether it's expansion, colour, formability aging and patination or risk from corrosion, external environment or underside from a wrong build up. Architects cannot always be relied upon to know everything, and Manufacturers can be guilty of being blinkered to their product sale. There are good Independent sources of information. It's important not to have a single product mindset, if however you are set on a particular metal take advice willingly. Huge price differential is possible, this doesn't mean expensive is best or cheapest is worse. Media hike and Marketing drives the price these days. Be open with your design and stay flexible
  7. The lowest roof pitch for a 25mm Traditional Stending Seam roof is recommended at 5 degrees, though no British Standard exists. Many roofs are installed at 3 degrees. It's imperative to use a Seam sealant gel. A Solution is to raise the standing Seam to 38mm and use the Snaplock standing Seam, 385mm wide trays. The Snaplock isn't folded tight so capillary action isn't a risk. The Eaves Flashing will be crucial Snaplock in a 0.6mm GreenCoat S280 coated steel, 38mm profile should do the trick, available in A Zinc look alike Metallic Dark Silver, Nordic Night Black or Mountain Grey (RAL 7016) Google Snaplock Metal Solutions. Drawings recommended, DIY Self Build system. Case studies are available
  8. You are correct 9 years and corrosion is totally unacceptable there should be an eaves flashing to prevent water tracking back onto the substrate, often referred to as a T Plate. If there corrosion further up the sheet it's even more worrying would like to know more on the VCL, Insulation, fixing method and standing Seam system / manufacturer though
  9. The preformed trays that Russel used were in a simple 25mm high Snaplock profile, custom lengths, minimum tools required. Ideal for sloping roofs. The tray widths are standard at 425mm wide. the Traditional 25mm profile standing seam comes in format up to 530mm, needs to be formed on site, additional tooling required. The wider sheets are fine but expect more deviation in the surface flatness. If the building is in an exposed location both seams are ideal with the traditional standing seam reduced to 430mm wide trays from 500mm wide coil. On site rolling is only possible on a traditional standing seam too. you can find full design assistance at Metal Solutions Ltd the Official GreenCoat partner for Swedish Steel SSAB
  10. There is NO British standard on min roof fall but consensus today recommends min 5 degrees slope. 25mm high standing Seam roofs are the most common Metals vary widely on price and warranties are vague, aesthetics warranties may not be offered on Natural metals due to adverse weathering possibilities Easy install systems such as Snaplock are being favoured though site folded seams continue to grow.