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  1. Turned out it came out without any drama. Job done.... hopefully. Just running it back up to temp now.
  2. Loving the progress... we all love pics! I’ve always wondered about insulated rafts, especially built on a slope, what stops them sliding away? Obviously they are quite heavy things when built, but some heavy rain would worry me. ... I would picture my house disappearing off down the hillside and out too sea. 😂
  3. To continue your analogy, you won’t be able to make your supertanker handle like a ski boat, so don’t try. Use it in the way that it’s able to operate. I have an old and predominantly poorly insulated house and an ASHP. The heating isn’t responsive, but it is good at keeping a steady constant temperature. So I had to move away from thinking of the heating working like it did in other homes with oil or gas boilers. My set up seems to be fine once up to temp, as my house is always at 21.5*c (even if away). It’s worth noting the amount of people who first turn on their system thinks something is wrong because the house is taking days to get up to temperature (some times 1 degree a day).. but that’s fairly normal. I thinking @ProDave said it took his house a couple of days to warm back up after going on holiday for a couple of weeks (in the dim and distant past).
  4. Oh and to compare, oil used to be about £1000 a year.
  5. No PV. Annual bill is about £1400. DHW is by immersion and cooker is electric... plus it seems every single electrical device in the house is left switched on permanently 😂
  6. My house has UFH downstairs and radiators upstairs from an ASHP (albeit undersized for the job, but that’s another story). It works fine, even in the very cold spells. The challenge is the that the system is slow, so you need to plan ahead... I just keep the house at a constant 21.5*c but others here have some very smart systems which consider weather forecast etc I’d happily have an ASHP again in my next project.
  7. I’ve got a 250L UVC and a 4kw ASHP... 3 of us use a shower (high flow waterfall showers) every morning... and we don’t need to rush, my daughter can take 15-20 mins. But if we have visitors (not happened in a year now tho) we need to leave an hour for it to warm up again. Don’t get me wrong, I do miss the convenience of on demand gas or oil combi boiler.. but the low running and servicing costs does help.
  8. I’d do this too... better off doing it correctly now, rather than a solution that will always feel like a sticking plaster.
  9. That’s crap if it’s really the reason for failing. The radiant heat from heating manifold shouldn’t do that should it? Considering it’s designed to be on part of a vent system that could see 90-95+*c. Still, either way, it’s great customer service! Will be interested in what the route cause is.
  10. Oh great joy! Thanks for the heads up though 👍
  11. There is only the spring and the flap/disc that moves, I assume it was that part that had failed if it was letting smells in. I didn’t think I was... I said it should be good quality as it’s 3 or 4 times the price of other tundishs.
  12. So lesson for today... After a few occurrences of water leaking in the loft (splashing out of the tundish), I replaced the tundish with a Hotun and re-did the pipe work. I then investigated the reason for the water passing through the tundish. 1) checked the expansion vessel - it was down to about 2.5 bar so I thought “got it”... didn’t fix the problem. 2) Next, must the the immersion thermostat... replaced it even though it tested ok... nope not that either. 3) today, only tepid water temp in the morning... bit more investigation... looks like it’s the Temperature Relief Valve that’s dumping the hot water when it reaches about 50*c. So ordered one of those... fingers crossed that it sorted.
  13. I’ve just fitted one... seems nice quality piece of kit, especially compared with a “standard” tundish.. but it should be at 3 or 4 times the price. How did yours fail?
  14. Don’t know what ‘set the water hardness’ is, so nope not done that. What is it? Yes we do fill the salt regularly.