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  1. Using the car analogy, are you not comparing Rolls-Royce build quality to Chevrolet? They will have been thrown together with less care, and will more likely need some rectification. My point is, most people won’t see the same faults as the self build community and therefore aren’t bothered by them. And to be fair, the OP could have bought his house, lived very comfortably in it for a few years with everything working and then sell it before most of us get halfway through out projects. Where as half us are in caravans, or half finished houses for years. 😂... why would you put up with this glaringly obvious fault?
  2. At the risk of being strung up... are we being overly critical here... is everyone looking at this from the perspective of the self-builder (who is always aiming for perfection) rather than comparing this with other development type build standards? Is this any worse that the usual corner cutting you would see or expect on a new development? There are probably millions of new builds out there with significant amounts of poor workmanship, but most home owners would never notice or care.
  3. Table saw is a good shout... get some extraction on it too. Although in reality you will still be tweaking to fit with a hand saw anyway. A bread knife works well too.
  4. Example (quick google search) this manifold has 7 loops with actuators, so could be controlled as 7 different zones or all 1 zone.
  5. Are you using a manifold? If so you will have an actuator on each loop. Otherwise every zone will need a zone valve I would think. my downstairs only has 1 stat and that controls 4 actuators and a 2 port valve.
  6. You could always start with 1 stat and add more if you felt it was needed. Easy if you use wireless stats. or maybe using slab sensors?? No idea if that is a good idea or not.
  7. Sorry I should have said, anywhere near central Bristol... all the others you mention are out of town.
  8. Not sure it’s that great now... just one of the only affordable parts left in Bristol for a lot of people.
  9. Can you get a camera or mirror under the lip and see if you can spot the offending area? If you know for sure how the water is getting through then you can decide the best way how to tackle it. or even a cheap endoscope off Amazon?
  10. Bath is a very desirable location. Although traffic is a nightmare anywhere near the city centre.
  11. If it were easy a developer would have already done it... realistically it’s only the more difficult plots that every seem to be within self-builder reach unfortunately, unless you are very lucky.
  12. ‘Lower’ Clifton any good for you? 😂 PLOT WITH PLANNING & HARBOUR VIEWS
  13. Don’t do it! It’s not fair to any newbie!