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  1. Possibly the site has to include all land necessary to carry out the development, this includes access to the a public highway? i think it varies from LA to LA.
  2. Hi Pieter and welcome, I am by no means an expert, or even much of an amateur when it comes to this, but as long as you include the usual things like expansion vessel, pump, filter, etc then you could have a simple loop from the ASHP to the UFH manifold. It’s probably not the most efficient set up, but it’s very similar to my setup, but I have 3 zone valve (1-UFH, 2-rads, 3-DHW). Which works for me. Now ive said this, there will probably be a gaggle of ASHP nerds coming along to correct me shortly. 😂
  3. Nothing that would affect us paltry selfbuilders. It’s required for national significant infrastructure projects (NSIPs)...
  4. Haha no, I had to do national as well as local. The nationals like to charge the best part of £4k per ad. I would think £250 ish wasn’t too bad. When you compare it to something like autotrader @£50 odd for a tiny ad by comparison. Its just frustrating spending your hard earned dosh on something that doesn’t add value to your build. How come you are subject to article 13 anyway? I though that was only for when you don’t own the land, or if it’s tenanted? But I could be 100% wrong on that!! 🤪
  5. Read the regs. It will state very clearly what the minimum needs to be in the ad.... they normally quite prescriptive. As long as you do this you won’t have any issues.
  6. “Notice of applications for planning permission 13.—(1) Except where paragraph (2) applies, an applicant for planning permission must give requisite notice of the application to any person (other than the applicant) who on the prescribed date is an owner of the land to which the application relates, or a tenant— (a)by serving the notice on every such person whose name and address is known to the applicant; and (b)where the applicant has taken reasonable steps to ascertain the names and addresses of every such person, but has been unable to do so, by publication of the notice after the prescribed date in a newspaper circulating in the locality in which the land to which the application relates is situated.” You will definitely have to advertise if you are subject to Art 13, however which newspaper is up to you, as long as it’s distribution is the area of your build. If it makes you feel better, the build I’m on at the moment just cost me £13,500+vat to advertise!! They normally charge for either word word count or space, so try to just meet the minimum required to make the ad adequate.
  7. Both my sets of bifold doors have decent angled rubber seals on the outer edge but rubbish brush type seals on the inner side of the frame, where the doors close against. And I do get a bit of a draft past these. Has anyone replaced these brush seals with something better, such as rubber seals?
  8. Gav_P


    If it is 8kw then it’s a real bargain! Both @joe90 and I have the 4kw versions which seem to do the job.
  9. Gav_P


    Do you think it’s the 4Kw version ? It has a different shaped fan grill to mine, so wondered if it was a bigger output.
  10. Gav_P


    This one is being advertised again, but now at £750.
  11. Gav_P

    Detailed design plans or not?

    Having just finished my build, which I only used PP drawings, I would get detailed drawing done. The cost of them should easily be balanced out by reducing errors, late changes, better fixed cost from builders, stress etc etc etc
  12. Can you double up on the wall mounted joist thingy?
  13. Gav_P

    Second hand solar panels

    @ProDaveI’ve just sent you his number via PM.
  14. Gav_P

    Second hand solar panels

    I’ve just tried to message him on bookface asking for his email address... the photos show stacks of panels already on pallets.