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  1. Except those kerdiboard pockets... what are you doing about them? Are they going to be tiles with the same tiles?
  2. Didn’t you do that at the time?? It would have been really easy with the adhesive still soft. 😉
  3. I have no professional experience... but I did all my planning app drawings in MS Paint. It certainly wasn’t time efficient but it was cheap!
  4. @OnoffHave you actually drawn a pair of scissors ✂️ on the cut line for lowering your noggin?? 😂
  5. I had a cheap mains powered blower/vac.... it was crap. Like others have said, it can’t shift anything that has got damp. So I would definitely go for a petrol version next time.
  6. I think, but don’t know, that the key to a septic tank is the water flow. My view is, less poo = less sediment build up. So will probably never need emptying. I only got our tank emptied after 4 years as I started to doubt myself... all tank emptying company’s tell you you have to do it every year. But I have read that if it’s working properly, you shouldn’t need to empty it as everything breaks down and eventually makes its way out into the drainage field. .... Turns out mine didn’t need emptying.
  7. I read the post title and thought it said ‘tiles’... 😯
  8. P.s. Nice way of getting past the language filter
  9. How many do you need about your (expletive deleted)ing tiling... just get on with it man!!!
  10. Interesting, but possibly the most boring voice over guy ever employed!
  11. Maybe neither is right for you and you should try to find one that is?
  12. I just read up about ct1.. it sounds good and perfect for the job... but definitely right in waiting for someone who knows wtf they are talking about.
  13. Sorry, no I meant I used silicone not ct1... I didn’t know about it before, but now I do I’ll use it when I refit the shower frame.
  14. Don’t know if it’s correct, but that’s exactly how I did mine. I used clear silicone for the shower door frame. One thing I have noticed is that some water can get behind the nice bead of silicone and gets trapped there, then after time turns green (algae I guess) which is annoying as you can’t get at it. So at some stage I will be dismantling the whole structure and re-sealing it. So the lesson is, make sure there is no opportunity for water ingress anywhere.