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  1. ADLIan

    Wall with severe exposure

    Assuming in England Appr Doc C gives maximum exposure zones for a range of cavity wall details - fair faced or render? full or part fill insulation? cavity width? etc.
  2. Are those figures correct, MVHR reduces heat loss by a factor of 7? I can see 10-20% improvement when using MVHR provided it is correctly designed. A poorly specified/designed MVHR system can potentially increase energy use!
  3. ADLIan

    Tapered Roof Insulation

    Depending upon the supplier you may have to cut the mitred boards on site (especially if not 45 Degree mitre). Some suppliers have mitred boards as part of their package
  4. ADLIan

    Solid external wall advice

    Suggest you check MIs and BBA certs re additional mech fixings when using adhesive or plaster dabs with foam backed boards
  5. ADLIan

    Solid external wall advice

    Foam (insulation) backed plasterboard must be mech fixed to wall (otherwise it’ll just fall off in a fire!)
  6. ADLIan

    Roof construction help

    Vents required at high and low level - normally eaves and ridge.
  7. The Building Regs (Engalnd & Scotland), advice in Timber Frame Construction (from TRADA) plus other sources all refer to the use of a ventilated cavity behind render systems (on a carrier board) onto TF construction. Render on insulation on the structural frame is not recommended and has not been for many years.
  8. ADLIan

    Roof construction help

    As a general rule if OSB or ply sarking is used this is classed as having a high vapour resistance so 50mm vent air space required below the sarking/above insulation (even if breathable membrane used above sarking). See BS 5250.
  9. ADLIan

    Fire Barriers

    Above diag only refers to masonry leaves not timber frame.
  10. ADLIan

    Isle of Wight Grand Designs

    The EPC states a GSHP has been used so the COP (though we do not know if manufacturer data or default value used) has been accounted for.
  11. ADLIan

    Isle of Wight Grand Designs

    Just a few comments on the IoW house EPC; I know the assessor and he is vastly experienced, an expert on SAP and very unlikely to have got it wrong The assessor does not list the recommendations in an EPC - these are automatically generated within the EPC software The SAP rating is a measure of energy cost. Electricity is a lot more expensive than say gas within SAP so will impact (negatively) on the rating The SAP rating is not used to assess Building Regulation compliance (which is based on CO2 emissions) Difficult to say why this house has such a low EPC as we do not have the detailed information but I imagine it is due to being all electric, the large glazed area, no air leakage test (default used) and a poorly specified/designed MVHR system (which can increase energy use!) A house can have a poor EPC (D or E) and still pass the Building Regs
  12. ADLIan

    First Self build - Cornwall

    The SAP rating is based on energy cost so choice of fuel has a big impact. Electricity is more expensive than gas in SAP (though impact is offset by efficiency of ASHP) so SAP/EPC score will drop.
  13. Software I use gives a decrement delay of just over 12 hrs for that construction
  14. ADLIan

    Retrospective PP for change to new build

    Also remember that the energy conservation standard under Appr Doc L1A (assuming England) for new build is much onerous that Appr Doc L1B for extension/conversion works. Check carefully with BCO exactly what they require.
  15. ADLIan

    Solax Battery and 3 phase Inverter.

    Lots of references to Code for Sustainable Homes and Zero Carbon Homes in the Fen Drayton doc. As these are both dead in the water I doubt these conditions are now enforceable. I believe JSH had a similar issue and had the condition removed.