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  1. If he's admitted to not installing as per spec tell him to get it taken up and start again from scratch. DO NOT accept a bodge to fox a bodge , Its you that will have to live with it
  2. Welcome, there a right few NI self builders on here and one or two up your direction if I remember correctly
  3. I had looked at them and always wondered were they any use or just a gimmick. I might try them on mine next year
  4. As said buying direct from quarries are usually the cheapest route. Just to annoy the rest of ye I'm paying £6.50 a ton 😋
  5. You could always buy a few 6m grown trees and plant them. It will cost a few pound but get the job done and dusted straight away. Well you'll have to wait till the correct planting season which is from October to Feburary ish for big trees like them.
  6. When the foreman is back and if he's a good un , have a chat and I'd imagine once he sees it he'd be happy enough to discuss relaying this section it doesn't look very big and won't be a big effort or cost to take out and relay. If it was me or one of mine I wouldn't want a couple of cube of concrete tarnishing a good job otherwise.
  7. Looks like cracking from too warm and not protected after pouring in this really hot weather concrete would really need damp Hessian at a minimum. Don't look like they'll be too much of a worry but I'd war h them and see. If caught early you can brush some raw cement in which will help seal some. Biggest problem with small cracking like them is it's a route for water which can cause larger problems with the freeze thaw affect in winter time
  8. I really like them as per the picture, and it comes down to how much it's worth to you. I'd talk to your builder / tiler and ask for a price as you want it and a price for his suggested alternative and then you'll know what it will cost you and if it's worth it you then the pain of getting right will be on him which I'm sure he will price 9nto the job and if you can't live with the price at least you'll know But I'd reckon it's definitely not going to be cheap
  9. Feck that anyway..... thanks Declan thats what I thought. Thays really going to blow my chances of being weather tight for Christmas
  10. To the lads in NI I was supposed to have my BC paperwork gone in for approval with the hope of having it ok'd very shortly after planning but I've just found out due to "Covid" and now holidays it's still not gone in. As I'm keeping my existing house I'm getting a mortgage to build this new one so I need sign off before the mortgage company will process everything so I am wondering how long BC sign off took from submission so I can chat my blocklayer and give him a more realistic date which hopefully he can do 🙈
  11. Oh no.... fecking horrible stuff. Did it come from neighbours "managing" it.
  12. Must have been a very bad digger driver on that job 🤣
  13. Not that I've ever heard of, the bucket of the digger "slipping" whilst digging foundations is fairly common 🤫 I even had my architect talk to my wife after we got the planning last week to recommend a little miscalculation when setting out to make the utility room a bit wider.... I said no as the bloody thing is over 3500 sq ft as is, it is tempting though but as I'll be driving the digger I'll get my way * probably 🤔