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  1. RX101 , i don't use any other and its what most designers spec as standard on large RC frame projects where required.
  2. Put up a pic where they are detailed and it should be fairly simple to say if they are required or not
  3. Mars bars are the right tool for the job for placing on the insulation. Just use them nice and stable no overturning or damage to insulation.
  4. Concrete with me is about 65 pm3 so £8 per m2 based on a 5"slab then add about £4-5 pm2 for laying it at a guess so circa 12 to 13 pm2 and I can get SMA supplied and laid for £13 pm2 based on a single 80mm layer.
  5. I'm having full Aluminium windows and have values of 1.4 as an average think worst was 1.7 of the top of my head. There tipple glazed too though not sure that makes much of a difference
  6. Jesus I wish they were that quick for me, I'm waiting nearly 6 weeks and still don't have a quote
  7. I don't like the idea of the government banning anything anyway, Its no way to achieve anything. Why don't they make the preferred alternatives the preferable option through correct investment and proper incentives, those that are converted in this manner are alot more likely to embrace the whole eco friendly ethos to their whole build than someone who feels they have been cheated out of their preferred heating option by a government deadline.
  8. Don't mind it touching off the toilet but when it's dangeling in the water that's what annoys me ..🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. Can't generalise all construction workers as bad just like construction workers can't tarnish all clients as bad and trust me there are as many bad clients out there as there are builders. You just got to do proper due diligence and have proper communication but I suppose you can still be unlucky on both sides of the fence.
  10. +1 if this is a fully handed over estate, likelihood is the developer has had everything "taken in charge" and has no tie to it any longer and has probably closed the company they set up to build that specific estate.
  11. And how do you propose to rod it if it blocks? That's going to need at least 2 very deep inspection chambers. Dave is right, it looks to me like you are burying some future problems deep !! With the orientation on your incoming and outgoing pipework that tank should have been turned 90 degrees which would have made it somewhat easier. You will need to fill over the barrell of the tank with concrete, I'd use a damp leanmix and any half decent driver should be able to bank up the muck to act as a shutter as he's going along. That hole is nasty looking now but it is nothing to how bad the hole will be IF you have to go back and try and rectify things at a later stage. Get your GW and Machine driver by the scruff and get them to sort it out right for you whike the hole is still open.
  12. If he's admitted to not installing as per spec tell him to get it taken up and start again from scratch. DO NOT accept a bodge to fox a bodge , Its you that will have to live with it
  13. Welcome, there a right few NI self builders on here and one or two up your direction if I remember correctly
  14. I had looked at them and always wondered were they any use or just a gimmick. I might try them on mine next year
  15. As said buying direct from quarries are usually the cheapest route. Just to annoy the rest of ye I'm paying £6.50 a ton 😋