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  1. Almost impossible to answer without seeing ground conditions and loads. What's the differences in the quotes. Is it number, pile type, spread and or depth ??
  2. Have they the fresh air piped to the stove ?? If so why can't the hole be fully sealed so it's air tight? Have you any pictures to help out with showing what your issue is ??
  3. Your best bet is to find out who owns the sewer, council or Thames water etc.. and contact them they will have to give permission for a connection and confirm capacity, no point having a builder look at it yet as the asset owner could put any type of conditions on a connection first.
  4. There's no limit per say, depends on the size of the main but if there are only 2 other houses on it that should be no problem what so ever , as for other criteria it depends on the are your in, and who owns the main.
  5. I'd be very wary of buying any large plant without viewing, regardless of how good an auction house is they won't do mechanical checks on any of the plant only a brief visual usually by someone who knows feck all about plant and it's sold as is no garuntees. I have put some pigs through auctions and have been caught with a few but given we have between 300 to 400 items of heavy plant and a team of fitters it's not such an issue. I'd try and visit before I bid on any big ticket items, then again you could be lucky but if not you could be very very unlucky..
  6. Not familiar with this particular auction but use a few other big ones on a very regular basis. What type of plant are you buying ??
  7. Thank MrPunter, yes I might look about another type of ventillaion only system that might negate the need for trickle vents and cold bathroom extractors fans. I have just over an acre and a half and a 6m x 12m garage so it would be very suitable for pv if needed. I just need to see what my architect has done or has planned .... I know I'm getting a bit of flack and have different priorities than some on here BUT I appreciate hearing all the different views / arguments on it regardless. Keep up the good work BH 👍
  8. Hi Dave yes it's a new build. It is for an ammended planning application and as the approved application has 2 fireplaces I don't see it as being a problem BUT I could be very wrong. It has been known 🙄 Whenever my architect finally comes back with the changes and let's me know if I need to do anything else I'll let us know. This Covid aparently stops everyone from working quickly but hopefully I'll know in the not to distant future Probably would get 60000 miles a year outta one of them 🤣 or not at least in the timeframe required.
  9. I spent years designing and building pipelines to Carry oil and gas, I drive a 6.3 litre petrol car, have a diesel for work and do over 60000 miles a year so I guess I'm not that bothered by my carbon footprint, also my nearest neighbour is along way away and they like 95% or higher of my the houses in the county never mind local also burn fires and have oil central heating. It may not be right, it may not be best and I may be wrong as I am ALOT BUT I can live with that and I will have my open fireplace.
  10. Woods free which helps but the main thing is we both really want the open fireplace, I suppose it like a new Porsche or the Rally car in the garage or anything else we throw into houses or our lives because we like them. I'm prepared to put up with all the downside to have them so if as stated elsewhere I have to "buy" SAP points or whatever to satisfy this I'm ok with that. Horses for courses i guess I'll 👍
  11. Hi Peter, thanks for the heads up and I appreciate where your coming from but this will be my "forever" home and SAP scores really don't register with me. The Open fireplaces are important design features for both me and my wife so I'd prefer have the house we want than compromise for a SAP score or such like. It's in northern ireland and I have a few relatives that built in the last couple of years and all have open fires so I guess I'll just have to see what they did and what my architect says if he ever gets back to me with the final plans . 🙄