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  1. Waney edge oak supplier?

    Where in the U.K. are you ..?? Decent sawmill in Alford in Lincs has that sort of stuff at very good prices but shipping will be your problem.
  2. Is this rafter detail OK?

    Can you not lift the wall plate as that would be better
  3. Improvement on block and beam foundation insulation

    Sorry @joe90 forgot you had too ..!!
  4. Improvement on block and beam foundation insulation

    No it’s me that did it and worked really well. Needs a big (600mm) step DPC but is very effective.
  5. Resitrix

    I take it he’s used to building car parks and offices with the random details he’s used on this ...?? You said skylights so not all of it can be parking..?? I would make the minimum possible as parking using concrete and the rest I would build up as a green roof type construction.
  6. Resitrix

    So use waterproof concrete ... and that needs to be very well detailed and I would look at alternatives as that’s not a great way to do it ..!
  7. Resitrix

    Why are you using concrete as a roof ..??? This sounds like some concrete insulation sandwich your mad architect has dreamt up and tbh it’s barking mad...!!! Unless it’s structural, don’t use concrete ..! Have you got a section drawing ..??
  8. Resitrix

    Slightly lost here ... you are putting the rubber on what ..?? Membrane should always go on last - or at least under a removable surface such as pavers - so it can be replaced. Are you suggesting you are sandwiching it ..??
  9. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    I love T2 Rectorseal..... lets just leave that there...
  10. Cheap 6KW ASHP

    @Cpd So your UFH is solved with these Over the top of 90mm of Celotex they will let you add a tile with room to spare. They also do one for wood flooring.
  11. Why insulate

    DIY SOS meets BuildHub...... wonder if @Nickfromwales is really Nick Knowles in disguise .....
  12. Weeks and months Target time for a burst cruciate is 14 days, after that it's downhill for the next 6 weeks at which point it becomes a "best case" repair. Push them to do it - agree to take a cancellation if the surgeon is the right one...
  13. Planning permission granted

    Congratulations ..!! Really good news ..! Now the real hard work starts ...!
  14. Permitted development....

    PD doesn’t kick in until after sign off. What you can do is make your life easy, frame out all the openings and trial fit the Velux and then put temporary battens etc over the hole. Plug and fill from the inside for your air test and then as soon as you get sign off you fit them under PD. This is also assumes you haven’t had PD removed as a planning condition ..!
  15. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    I do hope you didn’t pay that for it ..!!! RRP is £65 and a cylinder is £8 for propane, £11 for MAPP. The swirl tip on those isn’t the best - the one on the Bernzomatic is better and usually cheaper too.