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  1. Hmmm.... got a hose with it ..??
  2. Important updates to BuildHub

    I think the alternative font theme uses the "default" font so it allows for auto sizing. May be worth a try. I've had a quick check and the old forum was also 14pt font @Nickfromwales - been to Specsavers recently ...? 🤓
  3. Important updates to BuildHub

    I reset the background to the same as the old forum setting as I know it's something you requested previously. I can take it a shade darker if you want...?
  4. Best source for back boxes & cable

    Thanks - couldn't see the double boxes that's all..!
  5. Best source for back boxes & cable

    Thanks - couldn't see the double boxes that's all..!
  6. Important updates to BuildHub

    Short answer is no.... we would have to edit the whole of the CSS to do that and test it as it's not a quick job. I've created an alternative theme that people can use - it's set up with the Default Font which should use your browser settings. If you look at the bottom right of the home page it should allow you to use it.
  7. Starting first fix next week and just looking at finalising the cable etc. I've found a decent cable supplier who does Doncaster Cables at a good price but where is the best place to get back boxes ..? Where possible the plan is to fit them to noggins so I don't think I need many dry line ones. Are Appleby worth the extra ..? I'm assuming Tower are still the best clips on the market ..??
  8. Important updates to BuildHub

    I think it's the same size but just a different font. There are are some subtly different colours in the new profile too - you can't really tell unless you have them side by side.
  9. Planning Committee

    If the council apply a community infrastructure levy or CIL charge to your approval then as a self builder you can claim exemption. The key is not starting anything on the build until the paperwork process has fully completed.
  10. Important updates to BuildHub

    Yep @Stones that's the one ..! delete that and the world will return ...
  11. Important updates to BuildHub

    C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc although if you don't know where it is, chances are you haven't edited it..!
  12. Important updates to BuildHub

    Sounds like a caching issue. Have you got an entry in your hosts file ..?? That's the usual reason for the redirect issue.
  13. Important updates to BuildHub

    Odd ...? I'm on Chrome and it's fine ... Let me have a quick look
  14. The 6k kitchen

    There are a lot of misconceptions about cutting granite - it's the polishing that's the hard job ..!! Don't forget to keep the cut out bits and make a nice serving platter .....
  15. Important updates to BuildHub

    Reputation / Reaction is currently as per the default 4.2 forum settings - we can remove some of them if needed or replace with others .... It takes a while to get round all the new features - some are documented but others you have to find ..!!