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  1. PeterW

    Waste drain location

    So the drain in the new house plot becomes an adoptable sewer so you have to meet all the requirements of the sewerage company ....
  2. PeterW

    Waste drain location

    Drain or sewer ..?? There is a big difference as you own the former, and if anyone is upstream you do not own the latter and need a lot of permissions.
  3. Depends what you want to do and what was agreed. Have you got down to specific detail in the PP that says stuff such as “timber windows painted white with glazing bars” as changing those to an anthracite alu clad in pale green is going to be a problem. Materials are usually a reserved item anyway where the council will want samples - that’s something that will need you to go back and unfortunately it’s the time to approve (up to 8 weeks) that will cause you the issue. Sounds like your PP needs to be detailed enough to get through, but loose enough for variation ..!
  4. Ok .... wall ties at 4/m2 would take up 0.0036% of a wall, so using something 100 times more conductive would mean that in a wall with a total u Value of 0.1 W/mK, the use of stainless vs basalt would take about 800-1000 years to repay the difference in cost... There are bigger problems than what a wall tie is made of - air permeability being the major one that is easy to design out and has significant benefit overall.
  5. Bond it over the front edge of the tile and onto the wall. It will cover the adhesive/grout behind the edge of the tile.
  6. You can do a land transfer yourself - buy an online map to the correct scale from one of the planning map portals and draw a line on it... You then need a TP1 form to complete the transfer from here Submit the additional form and pay the fee... That's it... nothing else to it, unless you want to pay a solicitor £500 to do 10 minutes work..??
  7. Yea - just bond over the tile edge.
  8. PeterW

    Edpm at edges

    Who installed the Rubber and what was the guarantee ..??
  9. I had a drum of 500m of black external full copper BT spec Cat5 and is ideal for all this sort thing - I’ve run 3 cores in 25mm rigid duct as it was cheap and was easy to install.
  10. PeterW

    Anyone forage mushrooms?

    Ideally you need to photo them in their environment as that can assist in identification as for example a birch polypore will only grow on a birch tree, but can look like something else ....!
  11. If it’s the BT armoured stuff it’s CCA and it’s ok to about 80-100ft for 70mbps so would be fine for broadband over 10 metres. Anything more than that and I think it would start to degrade.
  12. Lay two if you’ve got the cable as it’s cheap (free...)
  13. PeterW

    Anyone forage mushrooms?

    We used to have a saying when we taught wild foods ... all mushrooms are edible, some only once....
  14. PeterW

    Anyone forage mushrooms?

    Any old tree stumps under the lawn...? Could be a honey fungus but it doesn’t look right from that picture.
  15. Transfer requires two signatures - vendor and buyer. If the CIL has been triggered and the buyer doesn’t accept then the vendor takes the hit.