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  1. No it was a Solsylva set of plans - don’t seem to be on the web anymore.
  2. Will see if I can find them - was off the net and dead easy to build.
  3. PeterW

    My kitchen - pricing

    That’s about 5-7% more than DIY kitchens and then there is VAT on top of that I assume ...? Howdens door quality finishing is pretty average for what they charge - cabinets are ok, fittings are all a mix of Hafele and own brand stuff. Lamona is a mix of Candy, CDA and Beko. Ovens are Beko, dishwashers and laundry stuff is Candy. After my recent exchange with Howdens I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole but that’s more about their company ethos rather than the products. Caveat Emptor
  4. PeterW

    My kitchen - pricing

    Hotpoint at Currys would get you the oven and micro for £550 all in with their current £50 discount code.
  5. PeterW

    Any special measures for a hot weather concrete pour?

    Decent wellies, gloves and safety specs as concrete in the eye is no fun ....
  6. I have a small one built of wood - cuts around 300 x 300 and 100mm of Z travel. Made of 4x1 and skate board bearings it’s surprisingly accurate. Downside is the cheapo Chinese driver sometimes skips so I tend to do stuff a section at a time.
  7. PeterW

    Any special measures for a hot weather concrete pour?

    Won’t really matter with a foundation but keeping it damp does help. Spray with a hose once it’s started to go green
  8. PeterW

    Trenchfill or Not, is not a binary decision.

    LPG can come through a wall - if you have a buried tank then the main regulator will be wall mounted outside so work out where you want that to be. Water needs to be planned but it can be as simple as a piece of 110mm underground pipe with a swept bend on it and you can shove the MDPE down it. What are your invert levels on the drains ..??
  9. PeterW

    Trenchfill or Not, is not a binary decision.

    And that spons block price includes labour but it takes much longer. Cash rich or time poor..?
  10. PeterW

    Trenchfill or Not, is not a binary decision.

    So don’t pour a full load but bear in mind you’ve got to be a min 450mm below ground level with any foundation, and most services will be within the first 300mm at most below the surface, pouring a 600 x 600 into a 900 x 600 trench gives you lots to play with. One course of blocks and you’re into engineering bricks anyway so easy money.
  11. Nope - think how bubble wrap works as insulation and you’re half way there. There is very little space for a convection current to create in the frame and conduction through uPVC is poor so you will probably find the frame is a better insulator than the glazing unit.
  12. PeterW

    Trenchfill or Not, is not a binary decision.

    Strip foundations - which is what your BCO is talking about - have to be a minimum of 2w where w is the width of the finished wall. The depth of the strip that most SE’s will specify is a minimum of w so either you have some skinny walls or your BCO is taking the regs and adding 100mm ... The biggest issue with strip fill is laying foundation blocks - you also need clearance and your brickies will hate you if there is no clear edges and they are having to hand ball foundation blocks from ground level to -750mm all day. A rough approximation from Spons shows Trenchblock at 305mm as £47 per square metre. The same linear metre with trenchfill is about £56 based on £80/cube for concrete. Trenchfill will take a couple of hours to complete - trench blocks are roughly an hour per square metre so 4-5 days depending on complexity. I can’t see why you would use strips and blocks based on that.
  13. PeterW

    Gas boiler servicing cost?

    Most estate agents exclude any appliance details as they can then not be sued for misrepresentation. Surveyors ignore them too - had a survey on a repo and had to advise the surveyor the flue was missing from the boiler ...! A gas service is as good as the day it was done - I would just ignore them and if a solicitor asks then they can get it done and give them £150 off the price ... it’s not a legal requirement for selling, only for renting.
  14. Start searching eBay for sinks - new ones come up pretty often for less than £75. Keep to a brand such as Franke and you won’t go far wrong. Avoid the sheds - quality is appalling .
  15. Thats what makes them energy efficient - the hollow chambers act as insulation, so the more channels the better.