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  1. My last roofer had the apprentice empty and clean the van on my site ...... the apprentice dumped £150 of scrap lead in my skip that promptly made its way out when they left ..!
  2. Sounds a bit odd ... you either need a lot of joists, or they have been priced wrong. Is he certifying the joists then as they will need to be stamped either C16 or C24 for strength / span purposes.
  3. How did you submit the commencement notice ..? Some councils don’t issue a confirmation so it would be interesting to see how they are saying it has only come to light now ..?
  4. You can get a 40A RCBO in any of the boards but from memory, a conversation with @Jeremy Harris advised against that due to the constant current draw over a significant period of time.
  5. I’ve used the Contactum ones from TLC-Direct 20 Way
  6. It’s a standard PVC welded membrane so needs proper detailing. I would expect a lot of the cost will be in stuff such as the pre-made corners etc. I don’t think that’s a bad quote for a roof anyway - assuming you’re putting down a ply base beforehand ..?? What is the insulation spec and detailing ..?? And how are you forming the falls ..?
  7. Because I don’t like the idea of the shear strength of the foam being the only thing holding board and foam on, and the PIR backed plasterboard is 25% more expensive than the two products combined. That’s a lot to pay for gaining a little easier fixing. If you go that route then I’d consider the foam bonding rather than dot and dab - it stops the big gaps up the backs of the boards.
  8. Full VAT payable then as it’s only VAT exempt if they supply and fit. That would be a big chunk of capital to be waiting on reclaiming.
  9. @john0wingnut how do you get the power wall to be the source for the out of E7 hours heating ..?
  10. ..... in 2026.... Why rush these things ...
  11. @AnonymousBosch 2 core cable here Grippa connectors here I get all my stuff from them, buy the profiles and the strip - even the trade stuff is very good.
  12. You can buy the correct cable and the connectors for this and it makes connections a doddle.
  13. Most of the IKEA appliances are manufactured by Whirlpool or Electrolux, induction hobs share a lot of components with the basic branded models.