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  1. ok so that wouldn’t be on any plans or tender so your contractor is within his rights to say no. I would too ..!! Porcelain isn’t good at elastic / tensile bends so when you cut it then you create stress and it will break. At 40mm slices at that length there is no way of on site cutting that so you would need it to be water jetted. I’d expect about £15 a cut, so you’re probably at £5-600 for cutting but would add 50% for breakages so two tiles, cutting etc would be £15-1800. Redesign it.
  2. Make it bigger if possible - if you can get a 300 or 350 with a coil rather than a PHE you have no moving parts either.
  3. Be careful..!!! @joe90 is referring to the wooden cill, not the concrete cill ..!! If that is staying in then it is opening only you need to measure.
  4. Get the UPVC company to provide a stub cill. This is shorter than an ordinary cill and will sit on top of the concrete one. I would always try and use a cill, without it you need to get a window with what is called face drains which will add to the price. How big is the window…?
  5. Will most likely be one of these - decothane is the product range
  6. Don’t hold back @Nickfromwales…
  7. They will quote much less if you give them a list and also open an account and show them the size of the orders. I tend to use a mix of JTM and Toolstation of all places for Hep2O as they get very close on price and also have good availability.
  8. Ahhh yes it’s a Hong Weng Chinese Plug Company socket … Weatrer Proof..??
  9. Ok but you have to also look at air leakage as you haven’t got a perfectly sealed load cell, so you will have voids and also other leakage routes and won’t create the lift you are anticipating. You’re also only using self load, so haven’t included any additional static load or additional downforce such as fixings. And you can’t measure 0.025mm in a building.
  10. They don’t and can’t move and all you end up with is an increase in air pressure in the cell using a straight line PVT calculation.
  11. 2372mm doesn’t work any sort of unit though - 2380mm is 28 bricks high
  12. These may work but bluebirds are the best. They are in boxes in my local MKM to buy individually but make sure they price them for you as trade
  13. Birtley do a thermally broken lintel - have you checked with them …? eLintels do them if you want a price
  14. Ok so you’re probably now split zoning everything … and gas is cheaper than ASHP for heating to a point so need to be careful here.