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  1. Yep very much so..! They are bonded together with glue but still plenty of holes.
  2. Depends - on the last mediums I think I paid 93p ex VAT.
  3. So use it as a path across the lawn..?? You need to slow it or stop it before it gets the house or build a big French drain around the property.
  4. Put a diagonal field drain in. Dig a trench about 12” wide and 24” deep, you can put a pipe in the bottom if you want but don’t make it parallel to the slope, make it run down the hill slightly. Then back fill it with 20mm coarse gravel to the top. Don’t worry if it starts to grow with grass, just try to keep some of it clear. It will stop a lot of water.
  5. if the water main is on your land then you’re in a very good place as you can basically dig the whole lot yourself.
  6. It’s constructive criticism .... based on a solid understanding of previous performance ..!
  7. Both.... you have to plan for both of those, and tbh your issue is when the water reaches the top of the gutter it will find the shortest route to the ground and that could be via your cavity wall.
  8. £1-1.20 laid on the cost of the block and mortar round here
  9. It is very advisable. Water weighs a lot, we did a commercial job with hidden gutters and on a 30m building, we worked out the hidden gutters held 5.7 tonnes of water between them before they overflowed ...
  10. If it’s on your own land you can dig your own and do it for the price of the pipe and a digger. If you’re into the roads, it gets pricey as road opening, traffic management etc doesn’t come cheap.
  11. You could use a concrete slab on edge to hold back that hedge - cheap and cheerful
  12. I think you should have the posts CNC Lathe turned from composite, and then have 3D metal deposition brackets made whilst setting it onto a series of hand welded double helical piles ... The roof should be cedar shingles - they take about 15 years to grow, so if you sow them this autumn you should be able to harvest by the time you’re ready to get the roof on ....
  13. Also get yourself a pack of these. No other drill bits required ..!!
  14. Yep, nice small lightweight drill that can do most stuff.