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  1. OH F**K!

    Driving South from the land of the cock plumber ..!!
  2. OH F**K!

    Eeeuuwwww...!!!! The transit was bad enough for 3 hours ..!!!
  3. OH F**K!

    He’s more the petrol strimmer type...
  4. OH F**K!

    It’s @Nickfromwales that looks like an extra from Grizzly Adams ....
  5. OH F**K!

    I’ve seen the shoes ... lots of shoes ........
  6. @Ferdinand where did it come from out of interest ..?
  7. Flooring under kitchen cabinet?

    Errr because kitchens change ..?? I did a conversion where two rooms got swapped and the stone flooring didn’t go under the kitchen cabinets - fun job getting that to match otherwise it was 40sqm up and in the skip for the sake of about 5sqm.
  8. Heavy man

    How about stainless ball bearings set in cold casting resin ..?? Would be easy to do and also look nice....!
  9. Desperate advice for access road

    I’d ask yourself what you are going to have delivered tbh. Most rigid BM wagons rarely go over 20t unless they are taking a full load of blocks. Concrete wagons again, for an 8 cube mixer it’s around the 18t mark when full. 24 tonnes is a lot of weight - get your council to tell you how heavy the refuse Lorry is full as that’s the day to day benchmark and the one the developer probably should be aware of.
  10. Heavy man

    Depleted uranium.... Ask Sergei for some ...
  11. Desperate advice for access road

    24 tonnes all up when full or thereabouts.
  12. Help me find my hot water cylinder

    When you get the answer let me know ...... Got mine to do too ..! Edited to add - this is the sketch which shows flow and return on mine.
  13. Smug to Mug

    Just don’t ask them to deliver on a Saturday if you live more than 5 minutes from a UPS depot ..... or you get a long drive ..!
  14. Smug to Mug

    It was the second pint that did it.... then the 3rd, 4th and 5th didn’t help either..!
  15. Smug to Mug

    What ..??!! I was driving ..!!!