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  1. PeterW

    Full fill foil faced insulation

    @sam There is one in the BuildHub Tool Loan scheme from memory. @Nickfromwales..?
  2. From memory you don’t have UFH so break out the Stihl saw and cut a channel in the concrete 50mm deep and 75mm wide and drop in 3 lengths of 25mm conduit with nice long elbows either end. Then back fill with some rapid setting concrete and job done ... And 3...?? Allows you to do a loop and add that induction hob later........
  3. PeterW

    Basic kit superstructure erection

    You must make sure they are stacked on minimum 4x2 bearers at 600 centres and the TF co will tell you how high. Are they pre-insulated ..?? Lay them outer side up and make sure they are strapped down too..! Do not use pallets to stack them on ..!!
  4. PeterW

    Processing planked logs

    Do you want tube rather than square section then..? If so, look for a pipework fabricator as they will have a mandrel bending machine - usually hydraulic and possibly CNC too... they are super accurate ..!!
  5. PeterW

    Self levelling pre tiling

    Yep done this. Make it quite liquid - another half a litre per bag - and make sure the floor is wet too. I’ve used Mapei but wasn’t overly happy - it doesn’t cover what it says on the bag. Also used Wickes own brand and that was fine too. Make sure it’s the flexible one though..!
  6. PeterW

    Cistern help please

    Ok ... plate at 30 degrees to the wall - bottom touching. Slide it up and when it’s compressed the springs push the plate back to the wall at the top that should let you hook the top over the backplate
  7. So a 110mm round waste could be replaced by a 95mm square section to get the same cross section however it would be a pain to connect to as everything would have to be at 90 degrees.
  8. Round comes off the extrusion die and can twist slightly to no detriment. Square would have to be held true until completely cold.
  9. PeterW

    Getting plastered

    That’s a better price and closer to what I expect. I didn’t realise how much building is going on in Sheffield - talking to a chippy who said he has to get lads from Manchester to work in Sheffield as everyone is busy ..!
  10. PeterW

    fire in the house

    Powder can settle over time but if you give it a good shake occasionally it won’t harm. The other minor issue is CO2 is an asphyxiant so backing yourself into a corner and dumping a 6kg CO2 into a room can be a counter productive situation ..! Best system I’ve used is bulk halon in a data centre where we had BA kit at the back corner as it was deemed too far to run if the system went off whilst holding your breath ..!! Now banned I believe but was great fun doing fire alarm practice ....
  11. Just reminded me I used my last one so need another bag ...!
  12. PeterW

    Tiling...many questions

    Thought wall and floor tiles were the same so surely using same grout colour ..??!!!
  13. PeterW

    fire in the house

    Find a local fire extinguisher service company - usually run by at least one ex-firefighter. They exchange and service older extinguishers and sometimes have to empty them to dispose of them. Most companies have a legal limit on the use (pressure dependent usually) so they would help you I expect with both finding one suitable for you and also give you a bit of hands on training. I have an AFFF in my garage for welding however I also have a power knock off so in the event I had an issue it’s power off and AFFF on ..! I have been trained though...!
  14. PeterW

    Tiling...many questions

    You can set an aluminium profile into the wall and seal it with CT1 - doesn’t need to be watertight on the outside as you can get IP67 LED strip and your join would be in the attic anyway ... however....... I can’t see swmbo being impressed at having floodlighting of herself in profile in the shower so this is a seriously bad idea ..!!!
  15. It’s a kitchen isolator .... in a house he’s selling ... and will fit straight in... 😉