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  1. HepVO and cut a swept tee into the upright of the waste pipe, ideally with an elbow so the HepVO is running vertical.
  2. thats a standard measurement. You use spacers to get the correct gaps plus it allows rooms to be out of square. Also, the depth of a corner isn’t a multiple of 100mm so you need the adjustment
  3. PeterW


    That is what CPD hours are for ..!! Keeping up with new developments and technology. It’s also borderline hot air and bo!!cks as the principles of insulation haven’t changed in decades. More insulation = less energy to heat / cool is the basis of thermodynamics that has been there since the 1970’s That doesn’t even meet building regulations ..!! Never mind be energy efficient ..! The issue with a number of architects are they are crayon kings, and focus on the looks and aesthetic rather than the practical build scenario and the long term efficiency. We have a couple on here who do get it, but my overriding experience is that the “fabric first” learning is done on one wet Tuesday afternoon at university and forgotten thereafter ....
  4. It’s also called RTFM ... Read The F&@ing Manual..!! It tells you the min / max dimensions and depths for installation.
  5. Quick answer to that is to book the fitter for 2 weeks after the delivery date. It is what they advise, as do Howdens, Wickes etc to cope with that very issue. No issue with MFC - the issue is BenchMark are bottom of the range and the cabinets are only 15mm. DIY - and other decent ones - are 18mm. You need an account to buy from Howdens at anything like standard pricing - and also wait for the March/November sales.
  6. That looks like it will come forward but I would carefully slack those screws off with an ordinary driver and not an impact as it looks like you used cheap crap screws and the heads will chew up if they aren’t done slowly. Also - you need to make sure you find a decent level and find how you can set that veritical (or aligned with the tiles ....) as a rectangular plate will show. You may want to just put one screw back in tight over the @Nickfromwales Space-O-Matic ply spacer (good idea to also drill a hole through the spacer so you don’t have it jacking up off the timber) and then put the shrouds and cover on to square it up. Then tighten up the mounting screws.
  7. You’ll be looking at £50-60k for that power and water service connection via the road, and burying those LV lines. Unless you can get that off the price of the plot I would walk away.
  8. Doesn’t need to be strong if it’s only a spacer as it’s in compression. I would mark round the face plate, draw 20mm in and then cut the tile away and pull the valve forward. Mucking about with those little cuts you’re more likely to crack the tile.
  9. Can’t see the benefit of that build tbh as it’s going to cost you probably £50k and you have very little extra space. I would also be checking which way joists run - there could be some real complications. You could do some value engineering on that which would mean you could leave a lot of the walls intact. For example, that widened hallway is pointless - just put a door into the WC. Also the bathroom door swings the wrong way - a standard 762mm door will cover most of the room - you won’t be able to easily walk round it. Is there any reason you want to extend rather than just move as I doubt you will get your money back on this.
  10. Right so it is cantilevered over the wall ..!! Less concerned now !
  11. @nod - what are your thoughts ..? You should expect cracking at doorways anyway so surprised that’s not already happened when the UFH is switched on.
  12. Why ...?? Where are you going to get significant differential expansion to justify it ..?
  13. The work visa is much more stringent than previous and you need to use an approved route. If you “just” bring him in, and pay him cash, then at worst he will be deported and banned from entering the U.K. for a significant period, and you could also be fined Doing it properly is not easy or quick, and it can get very expensive.
  14. Just be aware for those looking at UVC for a heat pump, Telford do a 300 litre with twin immersions as a standard product for around £50 more. Single immersion Twin Immersion Telford are fully configurable to allow placement of the pipework where you require, and will also add additional pockets for around £30 each if you want more monitoring.
  15. Thanks - I suppose the only saving then is not heating the whole tank. Still don’t get the point of the PHE - it’s moving parts where none are needed..! In terms of controller I assume the PHE pump has to plug in somehow to the Mixergy controls. I’ve seen the 300 litre tank at £1075 ex VAT but the PHE I could only find at £250 ex VAT. That’s still a lot more than £825 ex for a 300 litre Telford and there are going to need to be some substantial savings to make that back. Will be interesting to see how you get on with it.