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  1. PeterW

    PIR alarm sensor in garage

    Microwave detectors are fine for garages. They are pretty immune to drafts and you can get some nice ceiling mounted central ones that cover a decent area.
  2. PeterW

    Rafter to ridge detail

    So that 357 weighs nearly half a tonne... and the post detail is odd as the whole of the 203 is hanging on 4 bolts. The other odd bit is the post also only has 2 bolts..?? Should be 4, 2 each flange.
  3. PeterW

    Rafter to ridge detail

    Two steels is the answer - sorry ..! Engineer who designed that wants a slap, and has completely ignored the lateral forces of the two different pitches. Also, the 356 has been chosen for the deflection over the span, as the intermediate is the same size. What is the total span of the open space as there looks to be intermediate walls in that design..?? Ridge board, steels around 7-800mm down from the ridge apex and stick decent ceiling binders in as that is one very odd roof design ..! Have you got the engineers sections to show what they think it will look like on the posts too..??
  4. PeterW

    Cost of running electric ufh?

    Yikes that’s expensive ..!!!! 200w/Sqm with digital programmable thermostat for less than £70 Here Good guys too - easy to fit and reliable.
  5. Make sure you have your dump point and washout sorted. He will want to empty everything , and a mixer truck on full chat fills a barrow in less than the time it takes to say “oh fc*k where is the other wheelbarrow.....” Also, make sure you know where you want him to wash out, and it’s not into the skip....
  6. Sink In a 500mm is fine. Is the manifold fitted as you’re talking a 4 port manifold not 8, as they count as pairs. A manifold is probably 300mm wide, pump will add another 150-180mm so will be very tight in a 500mm cupboard.
  7. They never go for that. Every large building starts at £100 but ends around the £3-5k mark. They also have high buyer premiums and VAT to add
  8. PeterW

    DPM, how to shape to an inner corner?

    Fold it. Pull the long edge taut, toe in the corner and take up the slack. Should allow you now to pull the middle up, then fold the excess over to the side like a reverse hospital corner and tape it you want
  9. Got one and love it. It’s set on a solid wood base, been there 8 years and no issue. Tap is a John Lewis tower mixer, works perfectly. Overflow is in the back of it, nice and simple. There is a 65mm hole through the 3” oak plinth, that was a bugger to cut..!! It bedded on white Unibond Sealant and hasn’t moved unless I’ve cut it off (to properly sand the plinth.
  10. PeterW

    Blow off pipe

    If you have never seen anything come out of it then I guess the tank has never been tested or inspected as you should see water come out of it when the PRV is tested....
  11. Why do you think I have a clean licence *......?? 😉 *it is actually due to my driving and no other reason ..!!!
  12. Yeh and my mate who is a traffic officer said they are now on the lookout for older vehicles ...!! No tax or MoT required, and a few are forgetting insurance ... Number of unsafe vehicles they pull is rising too - oddly newer ones and usually tyres these days.
  13. Just a thought if you haven't already done this - you could always hole saw a hole in the correct place to allow you to pull the tube and then just screw a plate on the outside to cover the hole..?
  14. PeterW

    40mm Shower waste to soil pipe

    No - that sort of pushfit seal is fine underground.
  15. PeterW

    40mm Shower waste to soil pipe

    50mm is 50mm ... outside of a socket is probably closer to 56mm but that is wall thickness. This is the adapter you need underground. Put it so the adapter is at the top of the tee branch to stop it collecting crud ..... 50/110mm adapter