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  1. So there is 300sqm of blockwork and the 3000 bricks based on that. First two are not far off what I pay for labour - usually add £10/m for detail on soldier heads etc. Last one by my calculation is £65/m to lay blocks ......... even if he includes the materials, he’s well off the mark !!
  2. Sandtoft 20/20 would do it and they look pretty good and are a decent price. Worth getting some samples.
  3. Will be 3 days minimum - day to open, day to connect and ST to inspect and a day to close.
  4. Wouldn’t bother with one - they let cold air in !
  5. It is all in Part Q of the Building Regulations
  6. So bear in mind you will need to pay for a Section 50 Highways agreement and the section 106 connection agreement that is around £950 of your costs before you start. 4.4m into the carriageway is more than half a lane, so you will need traffic management - that’s about £120 a day, so will be £600 If the contractor is quoting to also include the demarcation chamber at the property edge, you can say that is £750 installed. So £2300 of your £5600 is just for the basics. £300/m to dig and reinstate the road, and you’re probably left at about £1800 in the end that is materials, plant, labour and profit. That doesn’t sound too unreasonable to me.
  7. May not help as ST put a flow restrictor in the meter unit so you get limited flow until they have seen sign off for the plumbing work
  8. You won’t get insulation into the webs so don’t try. Much easier to get the sparky to run first fix now and then insulate around it
  9. It’s not a smart meter. Severn Trent fitted Landis & Gyr meters in the 1990’s and early 2000’s and these have a remote reader head that looks a bit like a black plastic container lid with 3 lugs on it. These are being phased out to be replaced with boundary box meters that have the whole lot at the isolator point for the meter and the stop tap You need to just lay the pipe from your point at which it enters the house to the boundary where ST identify the connection point, plus about 3 metres. That’s about £1/m to buy so there is no real saving in providing it to ST and also you have the issue if it’s damaged and it leaks (on their side of the meter) then basically there would be an argument as to liability.
  10. Sparks should run his cables in the webs and then you can go over / under the wires. He needs to de-rate the cables as it’s in the insulation but you only have sockets and a single light or two so I wouldn’t be worried. You can get FrameTherm in rolls - i would use that instead as slab is for walls normally.
  11. That’s £7/m for supply and lay additional hardcore which isn’t unreasonable
  12. Quote or Estimate ..?? 250mm up from 150mm isn’t that much - it’s about 7sqm/tonne of MoT1, which at £35 a bag would be that he laid an additional 75 or square metres (inc labour) then it is probably about right otherwise it seems steep.
  13. Welcome - are they virtually flat ..?? You would need a flat roof light such as one of these
  14. Use rockwool - so any of the Earthwool Frametherm products, not the loft products. 2 layers of 100mm and it will be fine. It will also work as sound and thermal insulation.