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  1. I like to do a “high 4 1/2” with my nephew as we have both lost half a finger, me when I was 12 with an axe splitting wood for kindling, him when he was about 8 when a door closed on him at the hinges at a sports centre. My grandad had lost all the fingers on his left hand when he was 15 in a guillotine accident at a foundry, stopped him getting called up to go to WW2.
  2. The angle grinder cut edges on my roof are hidden as they are either under the ridge tile or under the slate gable edge trim, I also used slate and 1/2 so that the alternative row ends had a larger slate as I didn’t want the wee 1/2 cut slates. Scottish roof so it was nailed directly onto sarking boards with a breathable membrane.
  3. When I did mine, I used a 9” angle grinder with a diamond disk, hot knife through butter.
  4. I use a Clarke BPT 1200SS booster pump, this sucks the water up 2m from a well and then pumps it up at at a guess 6m to a loft header tank, it has a pressurised bladder in it as well so the pump is not switching on and off all the time. Works by sensing the pressure in the line, from memory pump switches on at 0.5 bar and off at 2.5 bar but don’t quote me on that. Works very well and I think it would be more suitable for your needs.
  5. Have you had someone staying that doesn’t know about not putting female sanitary products or wet wipes down the loo?
  6. I still have a big question on how the electrical infrastructure will support all the extra load from heat pumps, electric heating and EV car charging when he try to get rid of gas boilers and petrol cars. The supply cable coming into the street ain’t very big and our spinning reserve of generation ain’t big either. Yip houses with good insulation is vital but as stated a lot of the housing stock is around the pre and post war era and can only be improved so far. What do we do at night when the wind ain’t blowing and so there is no solar PV and we have mined all the limited supply of Lithium for our batteries. The interconnectors to Europe are working at full tilt and importing leccy possibly generated by coal anyway. Can’t help thinking there is a lot of green wash getting painted about by politicians trying to vote score without thinking things through. Lets get our housing stock sorted, properly assess the environmental impact of people like me that will be encouraged/forced into scrapping a perfectly good ICE car for a Lithium battery car, encourage less babies by stopping family allowance at two kids. I can go on but I don’t want to sidetrack us too much.
  7. I usually surface mount on the side of the cabinet, because as stated above the backs on a lot of units is thin.
  8. Give it a year or so and the building will be down on its own accord anyway, 😀 This looks like a fantastic project.
  9. I bought a roll of code 4, 2 years ago, told to go and just take it from the pallet, oh how I laughed when I thought they had stuck it down, they hadn’t, it was just a lot heavier than I thought it was going to be, if my memory is correct I think it was 40kg.
  10. Mmmm not sure, would have to look into that but I’m afraid it’s quite far down my priority list unless wife decides otherwise 😀
  11. Wish my roof kicked up at the ends, I have black streaks down the white washed gable ends because there is no kick up.
  12. Sounds like a great build, I spend more time in my workshop than I do in the house. Where roughly are you in Scotland, no need to say if you don’t want to. Good luck
  13. Sounds like you have a decent builder there, good luck with the rest of the work.
  14. During 1st fix I ran a good quality coax and a cat5e from under the stairs to each bedroom and living room, and just a cat5e to the rest of the rooms. The Virgin bloke was happy that he didn’t need to run any cables, although the first thing he did was meter my coax to see if there was any signal loss either by cable damage or low quality cable.
  15. Make it 6, Flashing kit is part of window.