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  1. When I bought my land 15 years ago there was no Wayleave in Place so trees were starting to get very close to the 11KV line, I immediately contacted the network Wayleave dept who sent me an agreement to sign, which had the rates they pay you per pole and per stay wire. I signed and then they came on an inspected, Couple of months later there was a fair bit of activity with a pole getting changed and tree / branch clearing work. Yes the soft ground was chewed up but it heals with 2 or 3 months. It also helps prevent my neighbours and I getting power cuts. Now they just have a guy walking the cable route every 5 years and then a follow up visit by a 3 man gang for a day chainsawing and clearing, not much, to hardly any ground damage on these follow up visits. Bonus is, I get a small cheque from them every May.
  2. Wago’s sized for the 6mm will work well, presume the cable will be properly glanded and banjoed / piranha nutted to ensure that the armour is earthed and continuous between the cables.
  3. That was quick delivery by Royal Mail, looking forward to see how it performs in a battery strimmer.
  4. @Onoff posted a new blade off to you by Royal Mail so hopefully you will get it by the end of the month😀 It should go well with the completely refurbished brush cutter.
  5. No probs, will get that posted to you tomorrow.
  6. The bore is 25.4mm and the diameter is 255mm on the Echo blade.
  7. Don’t do it, the slightest off balance will wreck your body, and you won’t notice until next day when you wake up in pain. Cover the postage and I will send you a spare brand new blade that I have for free.
  8. PS I have four angle grinders, so I don’t have to keep swopping discs, couple of the grinders were very cheap, and it saves so much hassle. Be careful with them, wear safety specs and keep guard on, I have opened up my leg with a metal cutting disc as it got nipped and kicked back, I have used angle grinders for many years so it can happen to even the experienced.
  9. I use four main types of discs. Thin discs with metal written on them for cutting metal. Fat discs with metal write on them for grinding metal. Diamond disc for cutting stone brick etc, zipped through a couple bits of plastic with it but not as a rule. Fat discs with stone marked on them (as in your pic I think) mostly for finishing edges on stone brick slate etc. For plastic pipe I tend to put in my chop saw, or I hacksaw or I use the plastic pipe shears.
  10. In summary, the plug is knackered, cut it off and change it. The socket has signs of heat damage from the plug, and is cracked, the overheating may have been a factor in it cracking it could also been a slightly misaligned pinned plug being persuaded into the socket. Doesn’t really matter the socket needs changed as well. When you change the plug and socket don’t fit cheapoes. I always used to fit MK, hundreds of them, but the quality is not what they used to be. I tend to fit Hager or Click now, probably only very slightly more expensive than cheapoes but they are better.
  11. Coincidence I think
  12. I rewired a couple of years. CAT5e to every room, use 3 of them, one in the box room for the computer, and one to each of the virgin cable boxes. I also have one hard wired phone downstairs and one upstairs, as they will still work in a powercut. The cordless ones won’t and the mobiles don’t pick reception in the house unless they connect to the WiFi.
  13. Yip, when you stop using it and so no more flowing through the nozzle, it will go rock hard in the nozzle in say about 5 to 20 mins depending on ambient, so as said above drill and clean all the holes first. You usually get a couple of nozzles when you by a tube. I used a tube yesterday that I had last used two weeks ago removed the old nozzle, fitted a new nozzle and away it went no probs. Note, the mixing occurs in the nozzle, there is a spiral plastic form inside the nozzle that mixes the 2 part resin from the tube, so it doesn’t go off in the tube. The stuff in the tube will be knackered after a while but as I said I just reused one I opened a couple of weeks ago.
  14. I use a fair bit of resin, usually just buying the cheapest. I have the resin gun which is a bit wider and heavier duty than a standard skeleton (silicone) gun. If you don’t have a resin gun make sure the tube of resin you buy fits a normal skeleton gun. Also make sure the drilled hole has been dusted out, either by a resin bicycle type pump to blow the dust out of by a vacuum cleaner with a bit of 6mm tube botched on to the end of the hose with duct tape, and when you start to use it the first 3 or 4 inches of resin is not used as it won’t be mixed, there is a distinct colour change when the mixed stuff comes out. For 6mm screwed rod I would be drilling a 7 to 8mm hole. Fantastic stuff.