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  1. The couple did well, they put a lot of effort into it rather than paying lots of people and they did a quality job in my opinion. Like it.
  2. It’ll be easy, just make sure you either roll the drum to get the cable off or elevate it so that the drum spins, if you have the drum flat on the ground and not moving and you just start taking the cable off you will end up with a nest like slinky coil tangled mess.
  3. Is it going in a trench or through the building fabric. if in a trench just roll it out out along line at side of trench. If through fabric of building I would use a short scaffold pole and a couple of car axle stands, with a spare bloke stabilising it all and helping unwind it while you take the loose end on its travels.
  4. My mate is an upholster, I can see a business opportunity 😀
  5. I installed a cat5 to every room, two to the office, I use 3 of them, one for the tv virgin box in living room, one for the tv virgin box in bedroom and one to the computer in office. The signal is definitely a lot less flakey than the WiFi.
  6. I rewired my house a couple of years ago, and I ran individual t&e to every switch and light fitting to two central junction boxes, one mounted on a board in the loft for the upstairs lights and the other in the cupboard at the top of the stairs for the downstairs lights. Again easily assessable and mounted on a wooden board in the cupboard. Inside each JB the terminals are all DIN rail mounted and ident sleeves put onto each core to identify it. Did it that way so that I had the option to easily make it SMART or easily modifiable in the future. Just found a pic of the JB at the top of the stairs when it was about 3/4 done.
  7. I have a 2.5kW system, it has been in for 11 years now, I log my quarterly readings, maybe I have just been lucky but I have noticed no drop off in my generation figures so far.
  8. Clothes Line, to cut back on your tumble drier perhaps.
  9. I like painted ply with the most regularly used tools on it, plus files up on a rack as they don’t do well in a drawer or tool box.
  10. Keep it. Remember the famous saying, he who dies with the most tools wins??
  11. Fire service is now fitting 10 year sealed battery radio linked detectors in Scotland for vulnerable people so that has to be fairly official.
  12. Wouldn’t mind a couple of Dali dimmers. Can pay you through PayPal. PM sent Thank you for the kind offer
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