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  1. From memory isn't it always preferable to have an airgap inside the partition, i.e. the insulation shouldn't full fill, so that any sound can reverberate and be absorbed.
  2. One other thing to consider is the two types of bifold doors, there are top hung and bottom hung, the better ones in my opinion are always bottom hung, where the weight all goes on the bottom of the frame, rather than hanging from the lintel, this may help to reduce deflection also.
  3. Seems an expensive product also. How about https://www.airstop.co.uk/product-page/isowindow-feba-soft Depending on how hands on you are, this would be easily done after their installation, before plastering. Out of curiosity, how much was your windows quote, i keep looking at adverts for idealcombi, look nice windows, well designed.
  4. The top opener window should certainly have the ability to lock with it open slightly. It should have one of these (the gold bit) One slot is fully closed, and the other is vent.
  5. im not too sure with tilt and turn, mother in law has them and I think hers has a lock on the turn, if you take a photo of both parts of the locking mechanism with the window open I might be able to suggest something
  6. Or surface mounted may be easier to air seal
  7. cement based asbestos is low risk anyway, its very likely that the dust you saw was just dust and not actually from the sheet. They are incredibly hard to break and when they do they don't make much dust, you would have to take to it with an angle grinder to get any proper dust.
  8. Works spot on for me with a humidity boost sensor, the bungalow tends to me drier than it perhaps should be majority of the time. Drying clothes indoors is just mind bogglingly fast!
  9. Get your self some bar keepers friend just in case! But no wouldn't have thought it would stain.
  10. Are you able to put the window on a vent style lock? I can never remember if you can do that with tilt and turn. Or even just tilt it. Zero cost. Whatever you do low cost will let cold air in, but this may not be a serious issue.
  11. How about Larch with a light stain, you may have to get some samples and test: https://duffieldtimber.com/blog/cedar-vs-larch-cladding-which-should-i-choose
  12. You're getting there 😀 Looking very nice, unbelievable how expensive nice things are these days!!
  13. Also just to note, they will make suggestions to your plan if they think something could be better in their opinion, obviously have a think about it, but don't get swayed too much, how i designed it which is what i bought was far better than their suggestion.
  14. You submit the plan to them for checking and then they come back with a trolley ready to hit buy, at least that’s what happened last year when I did mine
  15. FYI https://www.stonespecialist.com/news/stones-quarries/engineered-stone-own-brand-international-quartz-international-stone