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  1. I'm in the middle of drawing my plans for an extension for building control, which I will post on here in my blog when they are done, but may not be done until November time. Not for a full house, but will give you some ideas of whats required. Its masonry cavity wall too.
  2. Cheers mate. This has definitely been the hardest room so far, i always knew it was going to be though! Glad its done now. Few weeks off, and then the master bedroom floor is getting ripped up! But that should be a straight forward, everything out and everything in job...he says lol
  3. no your right it is a narrow one, it used to be a cupboard there, so its a 610 wide door. In an ideal world i would have put a normal size door in, but its a supporting wall, and I couldn't be doing with ripping out the lintel and putting a new one in for the sake of a few cm's 😂 its fine to walk through, it'll have to do anyway.
  4. Well finally got another room done, or at least phase 1 before the extension... Cupboard boarded... Plastered... Coved and undercoated... All decorated and the airtight membrane taped to the wall. Just the radiator to go, which gets delivered Friday, will stick a photo up when its done. Been a huge job this one, not helped by lockdown, but got there in the end!
  5. IG do a free design service if you send them specs of your building, they'll run calculations and specify a lintel for the job, i've used it before, and it was pretty quick
  6. To cut your ceiling holes you need one of these: https://www.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-adjustable-holesaw-with-cowl-29cm-9-piece-set/2571V?tc=TT6&ds_kid=92700055262507123&ds_rl=1244066&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrIjYzoTP6wIVluvtCh3FiwRWEAQYASABEgJg1fD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Saves getting an eye and gob full of plaster too
  7. Thanks! Was my first attempt at undercoat plaster, and only my second time plastering, really enjoyed the first time I did it. Managed to get a lovely smooth surface to paint on, few little bits I missed but nothing a bit of easifill and a quick sand won’t cure
  8. Just done this during my lunch hour, squared off the plaster ready for joinery to go on, and put a piece of plasterboard up on the ceiling to fill the gap, lines up bang on to the other second layer which is on rest of ceiling, so even though I thought it was 9.5mm board, it must have been 12.5mm.
  9. Just remember to clean it regularly and this won't be an issue
  10. Been a while since i've updated this, but I have been slowly getting on with it. Yorkshire Water came out and inspected the meter and signed it off, so was able to finally get the floor finished and move on. Floor done, and got some stop beads 15mm in depth to ensure my background coat was the correct depth to marry up the existing coving (bit of an amateur cheat i found online), to save any mess putting new coving up. Extended the cupboard and mounted the MVHR unit MVHR vent for the dining room Background plaster done on right hand wall, half done on left/front wall, but couldn't move at this point! Finally got some bags of multi finish, and this weekend got that on the walls. Next weekend going to get plasterboard on the missing bit in the ceiling where the cupboard used to be, plasterboard the cupboard walls, and then do all the joinery bits around the doorway, and hang the new door.
  11. The unit that i had damaged, the chap who picked it up said he was collecting all the damaged bits for a new kitchen in his council house, so fair play to them really, it was usable, but not worth paying for.
  12. Just a thought, but assuming you have a mortgage, have you spoken to them about it? Technically the property belongs to them if you do have one, and they will have a lot more leverage and internal legal teams to apply some serious pressure to the builder.
  13. They're white, perhaps just a slight off white (warm white). Can take some photos if you want? I've not got them mounted yet, but plan on making a start on a couple today. If you wanted them a different colour, you could spray paint them yourself. I bought all my components seperately from BPC rather than relying on their kits, as the kits included bits I didn't need for my install. I got the premium pipe (antibac,antistatic) which seems good quality, quietvent manifolds and domus plenums.
  14. I spent ages looking around, and found BPC are massively cheaper than anywhere else, just taken delivery of all of my components. The airy valves are incredibly expensive, i've just gone for the normal metal ones, but depends what you are after. BPC stuff is all branded, I did find their PVC 125mm pipe quite thin though, bends a fair bit.
  15. Yeah I massively over think things too. For me it would be far easier to go with the 200mm from wall, as it'll be easier to get to in the loft. Rooms aren't huge, only a 2 bed bungalow i live in. Just taken delivery of all the ventilation gear from BPC, its amazing how compact it is, had in my mind it was going to be huge.