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  1. Have a similar situation myself have Two meters THTC from SSE, problem is one meter is called a variable rate and is specific to SSE (for the heating side of usage), and when I go on comparison websites no companies are able to supply due to meter type they say. Asked for a single meter to be fitted as it would work out cheaper with another supplier due to SSE high prices, but have not heard back probably due to covid.
  2. Hi, Maybe this would work on damp concrete surface.
  3. Good to get some prices, you might want to include hire of a concrete pump truck, another Icf company worth a check is JUB. There blocks come with external wall insulation included in the block, so no need to fit after, that's what I am planning to use next year. Check out @Simon R.
  4. Yes the quote I mentioned earlier, included two site visits and the job, approximately 70 miles from nearest available screed.
  5. Thanks for your reply its helpful, so have to have a think, still waiting on another quote for liquid screed.
  6. Hi, Have to decide on how to finish the floor, not started the build yet so just checking things, had one quote for liquid screed 50mm,145sqm floor, £3,700 ex vat. Don't have anything to compare it to but thinking concrete would be better deal.
  7. I think there could be a cost saving in using 100mm concrete as finishing screed on top of under floor heating, compared to 50mm liquid screed. Is underfloor as effective in concrete? Will be for an Icf build.
  8. A question about insulated raft foundations, why do some have the dpm bellow the raft and some have it inside the raft? And are the Eps rafts not waterproof anyway?
  9. Sandybay


    If you cut your chainsaw file in half, It's easy to sharpen your chain by putting the file in a battery drill just be sure to maintain the correct angle on the chain teeth.
  10. Nice work,you will have top spec build by the time your finished! Well done.
  11. I have found There are very few icf builders in Scotland with experience, Beware of Econeckt unless you have deep pockets.
  12. Ok thanks, that sounds great, liked hearing about your roof too,basically looking to build a bungalow to a similar spec as your build, struggling to get an experienced ICF builder near me though.
  13. Hi,What was your overall wall width? Blocks look good, is the external side wider for extra insulation saving fitting ewi?
  14. Hi Has anyone heard of JO Blox? Would it be an equivalent to icf?