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Found 27 results

  1. Hello, I have just found this forum, too late for many of my questions as we finished our self build last year. It would have been so useful. It will however be great to chat with others on their own self build journey and get advice on the items we still need to tick off...what has been a very long list over the past few years.
  2. Is it possible to claim back the VAT on a digger if bought from a commercial supplier
  3. Sorry to bring this up again but I am struggling to find this in the archives. If I remember rightly you can claim the vat on a hob with built in extraction? We have such a hob and we are trying to get the kitchen installer to put this in an invoice and he said we will not be able to claim it back in an email we received today. I will be having a chat tomorrow to explain I just want the invoice stating it is a hob with extraction and not his opinion on whether we can claim it back or not! But have I remembered rightly that you can claim this back? TIA
  4. I'm just planning budget and cashflow. However I hadn't thought about reclaiming VAT for purchases in Ireland. I.e. Kore insulated foundation - Circa £8k BPC - MVHR - Circa £3.5k I did ask the KORE Sales rep the other day but he wasn't quite sure? I know a few have used Kore foundations and BPC kits, hence any advice?
  5. Hi; new to the hub and my first post. we are buying a plot of land to put a new house on; we will project manage only - not getting involved in the actual build. The hope is to then sell - at a profit. Our understanding is that VAT reclaim is only for a self build you intend on living in - so our costs would increase substantially. First question is whether contractors would still zero rate their invoices - so it's not quite as bad as it could be? but is there a better way to set up - ie start up a VAT registered Ltd co; in which case could we reclaim VAT and the end supply (sale of house) remains zero rated. anyone with experience to suggest the optimal route please?
  6. Should the cost of installing a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) fibre-broadband connection to a new dwelling be zero-rated for VAT? I ask as I have just going into battle with Cambridge Fibre asking for it to be zero-rated. Reading VAT Notice 708, I think the answer is yes as it falls under "any other service closely connected to the construction of the building". What does everyone think? (The installation will be a 40m cable between three telegraph poles plus a small bit of excavation for a conduit.) (Mine is a zero-rated eligible new build in Cambridge, England).
  7. Hello all I have a 1960's riverside bungalow built on a concrete slab, raised about 4 feet above ground level by concrete piles. I am looking into getting the piles surveyed, with the idea of building a new dwelling on the existing slab. This is only really an option I want to explore if the build would be VAT free. If it's not, I may as well take up the piling too and start from scratch. However I'm confused as to whether it would be subject to VAT or not. The HMRC guidance suggests if you retain only the ground floor slab of a building then you can avoid the VAT. But it also goes to lengths to say you can't retain existing foundations. Do the piles count as foundations from a tax viewpoint or not? Grateful for any advice. Please feel free to indicate if you've had experience of anything similar. I will get pro advice before the build, but in the meantime would like to feel quite confident about this point.
  8. I am doing a conversion of an old agricultural building and believe I qualify for the 5% reduced rate of VAT under the DIY housebuilder scheme. I need to get the old asbestos roof removed and properly disposed of - can anyone advise if this is able to be done at the reduced rate or whether I need to suffer full VAT on this? Thank you
  9. I am about to start the VAT reclaim process. Do people think that a built in barbecue counts as a solid fuel cooker? It is outside but attached to the house. Would the granite work surface around it count as a kitchen worktop? Thanks
  10. I wrote a blog entry some while ago about a lighting order I made from China, but it's buried amongst all the other posts now, so I thought I'd start a thread here. My search into ordering lights direct from China came about because I saw a picture of the vibia cosmos pendant lights on Pinterest and was smitten by the lights but not the price. I originally ordered some from one Chinese source that I had been pointed in the direction of, DHGate. This is similar to AliExpress in that it's just a market place for squillions of different sellers. I can't recommend DHGate based on my experience. I originally ordered my lights from them back in June and despite being told 3 times that they had been despatched, they have never arrived. I cancelled the order but was ignored and my payment was released anyway and I'm currently struggling to get a refund, so I wouldn't use them again. On the other hand, my experience of AliExpress has been very positivve. It has a good user interface and, if anything, appears to be cheaper than DHGate. My goods were shipped via air freight but with zero transport costs to me (Chinese companies get massive subsidies from their government for transport costs) and they have arrived just over two weeks later. I'm in possession of one half of the order, the remaining half is with the Post Office delivery office as they hang onto it until you've paid the customs charges, which I did this evening and the final lot will be delivered on Wednesday. The goods I've received so far have been very well packaged with corner reinforcement on the boxes and a wooden framework inside it to protect the pendant light. Hopefully, the others will be as good. Anyhow, I reckon I've saved quite a bit of cash on these and the customs charges weren't onerous at a total of £27.34. Blog update to follow once I've got the complete order and taken photos.
  11. Our windows arrive next week and the window manufacturer is also installing them for us. The final payment is therefore due soon after completion. I have been told by them that the VAT is payable up front and I will be able to reclaim at a later date. However, I have also heard that if I submit an invoice for such a claim it will be rejected as it will be considered to be a wrongly charged VAT invoice. That is, the VAT shouldn't have been charged in the first place and therefore can't be reclaimed as a result! What is the collective's view on this? Thanks.
  12. The chap I have lined up to demolish the last of the cottage is questioning whether he can zero-rate the work because he is an agricultural contractor and not a builder. I've read the rulebook (again!) and cant find anything that would mean he cant zero-rate. Does anybody have any experience of this? Thanks
  13. I am building a new house but using a main contractor. This contractor has registered his involvement with HMRC in order to claim VAT exemption. However, I'm buying some materials and components myself when it is cost effective to do so, e.g. at exhibitions and shows and where I come across sale items. So, I would also like to register with HMRC for VAT exemption in my own right. Is this possible when the house is already registered by the contractor. Malcolm
  14. I’ve had some grondwork done. The guy price inculds his time, a machine and a pecker. His invoice includes VAT. Am I correct to assume I can reclaim the VAT when I submit my own novices to the VAT man at the end of the build?
  15. Trying to finalise my budgets and cash flow for my new build and not clear on VAT. I have read as much as I can and mostly clear on what can and can't be claimed. However not clear how the process work with a contractor. For example these are my thoughts but feel free to correct. Builder 1 is not registered for VAT if he purchases bricks etc. he pays inclusive of VAT, as he isn't VAT registered he cant claim the VAT. The alternative is for me to pay directly for the materials then claim back VAT, otherwise I pay the VAT to the builder and loose it. Builder 2 is registered for VAT if he purchases bricks etc. he pays the VAT then claims it back himself or can ask me to pay directly and claim back myself. Ideally I want to pay out as little VAT as possible during the build then have to claim from HMRC but maybe there is no choice . Maybe I am missing something obvious. Any help appreciated. - thanks.
  16. We should be in a position to discharge our initial planning conditions in a couple of weeks and the first thing we will do then is get the bat man in and dismantle the roof of the existing bungalow. I know that the VAT reclaim usually relates to goods, but can I reclaim the VAT on the bat guy's services on the basis that it's a planning condition? I seem to recall seeing something alluding to this on BH before but can't find it now.
  17. Hi everyone Will be needing a company to reclaim VAT payments on our completed DIY new build (BC will sign off in about a month) I'm not great with paperwork, so... idea is to drop off a box of receipts... And wait for cheque! Prefer to use someone in Kent if poss (not keen on sending paperwork through post!) Any recommendations welcome
  18. I understand that (kitchen) appliances aren't eligibile for a VAT reclaim, but saw recently that downdraught extractors do qualify since they are classed as ventilation. Can anyone advise what is the situation re. boiling water taps?
  19. Hi all - just a quick one - can I look to claim the VAT back on scaffolding, supplied and erected by others? Thanks PW.
  20. Landscaping is going well and turf finally being laid. Contractor is on a labour only rate (VAT free) and I'm buying in materials as we need them. Paving around the house etc was explicitly included in the approved plans, as was a new wall at the front with planting within as a planning condition (so that's covered too). However I'm not sure about turf in the back garden. Anyone have experience of successfully claiming VAT back for that? If it's a no-no then I'll need to see if the contractor will supply it and zero rate it at his end.
  21. Hello My first time on the forum, so bear with me. We have planning permission pending for 2 houses to be built to the side of our current home. We own the plot as individuals but we are also a Ltd company (builders) and want to move into one as a self build (built by our company) and sell the other. I know I can reclaim the VAT on any items we buy (if reclaimable) at the end of the project for the self build and I will be making VAT returns for the other property via the company. It will be a massive headache splitting out the costs so any ideas on that would be appreciated! I'm also trying to work out how to make the idea work out most efficiently in terms of tax. I will be hammered for CG when we sell the new build, I'm wondering whether I can do something clever with the ltd company to help alleviate the hit. Has anyone done anything similar, that I can fire some questions at? I'd be so grateful, my brain is mush every time I try to work it out!
  22. We have tried to reclaim vat on our self build, submitted all the paperwork and receipts but we have been refused. The problem being we had added a toilet and shower into a roof void space that was not on the original planning drawings, even though we made no alterations to the exterior of the build and building control approved it and signed it all off, we've been told by hmrc we have built unlawfully. Anyone else been refused like this?
  23. We are shortly to receive the building regs completion certificate as building control are satisfied with the construction of the dwelling itself. We still have a gravel driveway to construct, a timber framed garage, patio and also to purchase and install an en suite. My question is can I reclaim vat on the materials if they are purchased after the building regs completion certificate? Having read guidance it appears that HMRC consider the building regs completion certificate as a point of completion. However, the items mentioned above are all included on the drawings and on the planning permission - even the patio is required to discharge the landscaping planning condition. There does seem to be a loophole for delaying some works (such as outside works) due to adverse weather conditions (we have been waiting for springtime to do some of the outside works). We have therefore complied with building regs but we still require these materials to comply with the planning permission / conditions. Does anyone have any experience in this please?
  24. Hi, We had big problems with our windows for our self-build project and we have had to replace them. We settled with the original company and bought some more from a different manufacturer. The fitter tells us that he's taken advice and insists we're definitely liable to pay VAT on the basis that they're replacements. I'm convinced we should be zero rated for VAT on the fitting in the same way as we are for any other work. We're still at first fix stage, the house isn't habitable and we haven't put our VAT reclaim in yet. Can anyone clarify please and, equally if not more importantly, let me know how I can get written confirmation from somewhere (HMRC?) that will satisfy/reassure the installer? Thanks Dave