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  1. Thanks very much for the comments, the architect got a few more quotes for each but there is little saving to be had (they used the quotes to get another 10% knocked off). Does seem that's the going rate for the area, garden size & market demand!
  2. Thanks for the advice! Due to being a mature plot and there being two mature trees within 10m of where we want to extend to. Combined with punching through a very mature & large hedgerow for a new driveway we do need the tree survey. Likely to need piles just because of the willow tree alone!
  3. Thanks Russell, The garden is on a noticeable slope away from the house, with the new extension needing to be 1-2ft higher then the existing house (provisioning for 2-3 steps in the entrance hall). There are also a few contours within that slope as well. Architect confirmed all would be required for the planning app.
  4. Thanks both, these prices were from the architects. They have said they can get a few more quotes, but broadly speaking they wouldn't expect much price fluctuations.
  5. Just had confirmations on the cost of surveys ahead of kicking off our project, they seem high - but google is always a dangerous tool for this. It is a big, mature, garden of 0.75acres in the midlands, and it is for a 130sqm bungalow extension, with a new driveway. Garden does consist of several mature trees , 2 in close proximity of the extension inc a very mature Willow tree (worryingly so at this stage...) Topographic and Measured building survey - £1250 +VAT Tree Survey - £950 +VAT Ecology Survey - £1200 +VAT Many thanks,
  6. Hi David, How did this go in the end, were you able to find any improvement in price? Thanks,