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  1. Have a look at Onestream, https://onestream.co.uk/ (if they operate in your area) I switched to them and they organised an open reach engineer to upgrade the existing copper connection at the fibre box so we have almost fibre speeds at the house over the old copper wire. Average around 60Mbps I dont understand how this black magic works but BT insisted it couldn't be upgraded without paying them a lot of money yet Onestream sorted it all out at a cheap price!
  2. hmm interesting, I guess if they refunded me they would just refuse / withdraw the application though. No I havent agreed to or even been offered an extension on the decision It is just so frustrating that no one will tell me why there is such a huge delay on a simple application that they have already said is ok at the pre application stage.
  3. Well it has been 6 weeks now and still they refuse to talk to me about what the delay is with making a decision. They first saw the plans back in November and my pre planning application was approved... I guess I will just keep waiting!
  4. Im currently using about £3 a month electric, (because im still renovating just use the kettle and powertools!) and Ovo tried to put my direct debit up to £70 despite me being £300 in credit... they claimed it was because I used so much electric last spring, the house was not owned by me and was empty then... They were useless and very hard to deal with, after months of arguing I managed to get my DD down to £15 but they wont go lower despite my huge credit!
  5. Well I finally managed to get in touch with the planning officer today, it turns out they are working from home and do not have mobile signal on their work phone while at home! Genius. They say the hold up is with the highways department which is operated by a different council, they have said they need more information but have not said what the additional information is. Highways asked for more information right at the start of the process and have received all of the information that they requested then. I have written to them asking (politely) if they could tell me what additional information they need, I tried calling but they are all working from home as well.... Why it has taken 12 weeks for them to decide they need more information is anyones guess but so it goes...
  6. Yeah I know it is just frustrating that I have had to pay the council a lot of money over the last year and they dont reply to me. No nothing lairy, it is just the dropped kerb that meant I had to apply for full planning so I decided to make the rear extension bigger than would be allowed under PD to see if that would be acceptable, as it wont cost me much more to make it bigger and will give me a better layout. I am both
  7. Does anyone have any good ideas for how I can politely tell the planning officer to hurry up and do their job? My planning permission decision is now more than 2 weeks overdue, I wrote to the officer last week and asked if there was a problem and when I could expect to hear from them. I have not heard anything back. It is for a rear extension and a dropped kerb, not a big complex application. Obviously I do not want to tell them what I really think as I do still want them to grant me permission! From what I have read online my only option is to appeal to the Secretary of State as they have taken a lot longer than the 8 week period, but this will take several months. I am planning on calling the officer tomorrow to try and get some answers as to what is going on with it.
  8. I trust you guys! I will get it sorted before the screed goes down. Luckily Ive got a few days! Thanks I tried your guy but he said he would be quite expensive as the area is only 30m2 so quite a small job for him, ive got a local company coming to do it.
  9. These are the prowarm pex-al pipes, yeah it was a bit spring like coming off the decoiler. My staples arrived yesterday so I'll sort it out today hopefully. Then I'll go dump the egg crates on my friends drive!!
  10. It was on the advice of some builder friends that said it would be easier... but yeah if I was doing it again I wouldn't bother. Yeah I used a pipe decoiler the pipes still seemed to get a bit twisted up though, I guess I need more practice!!
  11. I've opted for a traditional sand and cement screed which will have engineered wood on top so hopefully I'll avoid any further headaches with it! It is on PIR insulation so the staples should hold well, Ive ordered some staples which should arrive tomorrow. Todays job is connecting up the manifold, hopefully it'll go smoothly!
  12. Thanks, hopefully it'll hold down ok got the screed being poured in 10 days time! damn youtube tutorials dont warn you about that happening!
  13. My underfloor heating pipes are lifting up a bit especially at the ends of the runs. I have not filled the manifold with water yet. They push back down easily, and will be held down by the concrete but do you think it is worth adding staples to them as well to make sure they all set at the right depth? has anyone else had this problem with their pipes? Ive googled for solutions and not found much helpful!
  14. For my extension and drop kerb proposal the pre application was useless, it just repeated what I had written for 2 pages and then summed up with "applications of this nature are generally favourable" I've submitted the full plans now so we will see what the real verdict is. I submitted fully detailed 2D and 3D plans and photos of the area at the pre application stage. In future I wouldnt bother, it cost me £75 and the full application was only £206, but I guess your full application fees will be a lot higher if pre application is £3k!
  15. Ah I didnt think of cutting the back. I left some rubble on top of it over night so hopefully that will have helped. Yeah I have enough of my DPM left over to cover this top layer as well and I'll tape all the joints, hopefully it'll all be good and im just overthinking everything!!
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