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  1. Is the function of a skirting board also to take the knocks? If you don't have one, after a year does it not look....scuffy?
  2. Just been watching a programme in which the suggest using long pendant lights in a corner and avoiding spots everywhere.
  3. Yikes, think they might be rather mad at me for that and I would be thrown off the course before the big day in April.! I can however give an outline of it and stuff they point you to that are available. To be frank the first thing is I got an understanding of the procedure that is followed by for example the architects. You all probably know it but this for example... file:///C:/Users/pc/Downloads/2020RIBAPlanofWorktemplatepdf.pdf Just in from work so haven't seen past the three hours yet but so far it's gone over.. Procurement options Building Regs Cost Control Designer’s role and responsibility
  4. I am 3 hours in to the 7 ish hour course, it's been well worth it for what I have already gleaned - admittedly because I am totally green about all of it. 85 reduced to 68 I think until tomorrow (Tues) with the promo code.
  5. Might do online version but thinking it's probably covered here at more depth. Anyone done it?
  6. Hey @Kingostar, your site looks stunning. Planning here can take a while. I suspect we may be running on the same time frame for our builds. @Iceverge you said you wouldn't do a cement floor again, why is that?
  7. patp you both sound amazing. Good on ye. As long as you know the charities are there for you emotionally if you need it. I really wish you the best.
  8. Yay, stunned one thing may not cost an arm and a leg. Thanks.😁
  9. Any thoughts? The wires, I see three....they dissect the site. I wonder could they be buried? Also there are three wires going from poles on street front to back. Front one takes 2 wires to cottage. I fancy 3 phase.
  10. Lol I have a bosch but since I heard or rather didn't hear a really quiet one in a very luxurious apartment in luxemborg, all my appliances sound really noisy. With you re the wine..
  11. At this stage, more interested in how noisy or quiet they are when running. Huge differences.
  12. In our area there is the pink ladies charity that is really helpful with helping out with situations like this. Is there a charity locally to you that would help? Even to help organise re what you would need to get in. They might be able to call in a few favours for you. People are good given half a chance.
  13. Mostly long established hedges and 4 fruit trees. Daughter is crazy about birds so really doing it to calm her down that none will be ousted by a digger.