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  1. We have just got our planning permission for cavity wall house so very pleased. 😁 Architect doing construction drawings then out to tender. One builder said he would want to just do up to walls and roof then we can finish rest with the various trades. I guess this is cheaper than getting someone to give it to us turnkey? Any tips?
  2. Your car insurance will not pay out if you have the wrong address, you need to change your car reg docs and driving licence too by law. Not sure about banks and credit ratings.
  3. Fair, I have a lot to learn even to become a DEA at this point, nor do I want to feck up/ tick the wrong boxes. 😬 I have seen the training for NDEA's, Sap assessors etc, thermal etc.
  4. £35, could that be part of the problem? Do you think going for the cheapest could compromise the standard? It shouldn't, obviously - the code of conduct and insurance is there for a reason. I would be extremely annoyed if I received or gave a substandard epc.
  5. As a self builder honestly I appreciate your feeling, the sheer fecking expense of everything is awful. That said there is a point for at least some of it. You can't depend on people's honesty sadly and a new buyer needs something independent to go on.
  6. I was told to tell clients to expect me to be there for between an hour and an hour and a half. I don't understand how anyone could do 12. Unless possibly in social housing but there are strict protocols. If you are unhappy complain to their accreditation body, it should be on the end of the epc.
  7. I suppose if they are still working but we are told to use the latest software and obviously it updates so the assessor has no influence over the algorithms. Also we are given conventions which are supposed to be applied. I think there are small things that you can watch out for. Like a plug in electric heater shouldn't be included but there is an exception. So basically, I personally wouldn't have it on view. Still on the course,I appreciate hearing complaints/issues.
  8. I am sure you all already know this but as we are preparing to build this has been a useful lesson for me in what we should look out for when making buying decisions for our new home. I hadn't realised that even doors had certificates and sometimes we can accept receipts for certain things. This means a lot for EPC ratings which will be increasingly important when selling or renting. Our golden rule is that if you can't see it, it doesn't exist. The owner has to prove otherwise. Houses should all come with manuals I suppose.
  9. Presumably being n N.Ireland we won't have to pay the customs? So why would somebody in England just not get it sent to NI? Then get it sent over.....or is that smuggling? Incidently our local Sainsburys has so many empty shelves, worse since the P&O thing. Whereas the irish supplied shops are grand.
  10. https://www.energyvanguard.com/blog/path-low-pressure-drop-across-high-merv-filter/
  11. Hiya, we are doing a granny flat and my mum has problems with steps so we are going to use ramps. Also I wanted to ask about sliding doors and entrance doors. We went to visit a new build extension and she tripped over the sliding door entrance because it was raised. I thought that just happened on retrofit? Can you get flat to floor entrances? Anything else anyone can suggest safety wise will be appreciated.
  12. Same. Nerve wracking.
  13. So do I turn the white handle or the bolt? The water flowing is reducing inside the house so guessing it must just be water left in pipe network.
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