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  1. Good point, thanks, of course it will need to be beneath the surface. Hopefully building control will find it acceptable.
  2. Proceeding at a typically glacial pace - I have the measurements! Hut to Invert = 20.8 m with a 500 mm drop
  3. Very cunning @Russell griffiths thank you!
  4. Oh that is good news, I hadn't taken into account that it is actually a little deeper at that point, that will help. Feeling a smidgen more optimistic. Will I also measure from the height where the toilet will be in the hut, or from ground level at that point? Thank you.
  5. Ah!!!! That looks familiar, in a distant and unpleasant way, 'if the tree is 20ft away and Timmy is 4'7" how soon will the train reach the station?". Thank you! Accurate enough to be 100% confident the drop is sufficient to work for foul water... The proposed hut location is a fair distance from the septic tank. Step 2 will be discovering the formula (forumula probably as I will ask here!) that tells me if poopies will make it that far. If not there is a plan b but I prefer plan a quite a bit more.
  6. Thanks for the link, I will refer to Google for operating instructions clearly I should have said could a not very bright layperson do it!
  7. Thanks, I am on an island so that adds hugely to time and travel costs. I don't believe there is anyone local who will do it as they are all part of firms who work on big projects. It looked easy enough when done for the house but I wasn't thinking ahead far enough to really pay attention to how it was done. I will have a look on ebay for laser equipment.
  8. Hello again knowledgable folk! I'm going to need levels measured on the area where I'm applying to site a shepherd's hut, both for the planning application and for building control in order to get approval to connect to the septic tank, however I know from the house build that it costs loads to get this done. Is it something a layperson can undertake, and is the equipment expensive? I did help by holding poles when the levels were done for the house, but please assume I know nothing because that is pretty much the case! Thank you.
  9. @Gus Potter That is a brilliantly creative perspective. The roof soundproofing is especially appropriate as we have a crow (Russell) who delights in waking people before 5am by pecking the static caravan roof loudly, everyone on first hearing it thinks someone is knocking at the door.
  10. It is a beauty, but I am missing how it is made so that it can be removed in no more than two sections? I did only get a couple hours sleep so I may be extra unobservant today!!
  11. Diameter approx 2cm, length about 25m. It says 1x16+16+16mm2, and Eca 01816 m. ?
  12. I will call and ask him on Monday. We spoke about an en-suite unit... Gas is not a problem if it isn't sufficient, and recommendations would be great if anyone has experience of gas powered showers as my friend is going to put one in their hut facilities.
  13. I hope it is adequate, I discussed the intended use with the electrician when they laid it... ? ?
  14. I've come across floor plans, but nothing more detailed or technical than I could draw myself. I'm happy to pay for detailed plans of a layout that suits...
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