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  1. Tree/shrub removal

    I'd heard similar stuff before (normally from my wife as I fire up the hedge trimmer) but hadn't heard a specific date, so thanks for that - I'd better get busy!
  2. Tree/shrub removal

    That's interesting Russ and could affect us (if we're lucky with our application). Where would I find that bit of legislation?
  3. Any news on Solar panels

    Hi Graeme, that's not hugely dissimilar to what we have planned and, if we get planning, we're hoping to use the Tata Steel panels that incorporate built in PV. The PV is in strips and is bonded to each panel, between the standing seams. Copied below is the response from BIPVCo after my request for information regarding our own plans which may be of some use. I hasten to add, I have no idea if this product is good, bad or indifferent. Thank you for your email. Across a 15.5m roof, you could fit up to 39 Urban panels if you used a 390mm width panel. Lets say 37 to allow for end panels A 4.8m long roof could accommodate a 219w panel, so that’s 219 x 37 = 8.1kWp across one roof The cost of each module (excluding the inverters, cabling etc), supply only, would be £361.35 ex vat/delivery
  4. Which MVHR

    Sorry, thread creep... I'd seen that 'warmfloor' before (probably from a post on Buildhub but I don't recall) and am seriously considering it as an alternative to wet UFH. From what I read about it, it does seem different from the 'normal' electric systems - have I just been bamboozled?
  5. Standing seam roof

    That looks really nice Pete. We are waiting on our planning and hopefully we'll be using the same Tata steel for the roof and elements of the cladding (with BIPVco PV on the southern roof elevation) and concealed gutters. Is that concealed guttering in your second photo?
  6. Thanks all, for your replies. I think I'll go looking for some rechargeable batteries, seems like the simplest solution.
  7. Doh! So... what I understand from your reply Jeremy is that if I plug this old adapter in it's unlikely to kill the decoration? Did I get that right? (If it does kill it then my life will be on the line!!)
  8. No, currently using disposable AAA batteries. It has an adapter socket but didn't come with an adapter, so I'm wondering if an old adapter would work and not kill it? Good grief! That's ridiculously cheap, thanks for that link Steamy
  9. Definitely not self build related, but hopefully one of you wise (wo)men will help me out. My good lady wife has a Christmas decoration powered by 4 AAA batteries (it's haemorrhaging our savings keeping it fed on batteries, so a tenuous self build link!) I've an old adapter that outputs 7.5V and 350mA, will that make the motor spin really fast and the LED's burn really bright or will it quietly smoulder in the corner whilst I do a runner? Russ.
  10. Best wood for porch ceiling cladding

    We were looking at this at the NEC recently and some of the cladding (as opposed to decking) looked really good, lightweight, easy to fit etc etc, so it moved towards the top of our list, but I haven't done a proper price comparison yet. A bit of Googling highlighted there could be problems, but as I recall that was more to do with using WPC as decking. I'm definetely getting sucked in to the 'virtually maintenance free' bit, plus it's nice to know that all my recycled plastic bottles end up in WPC instead of landfill or the 'Big Blue'... Or...
  11. Best wood for porch ceiling cladding

    Have you considered wood plastic composite (WPC) cladding? It comes in many different styles and colours. I don't know what the forum view is on this particular product (thread creep welcome - from my perspective!) but we are considering it for parts of our (hopefully - one day) self build as it seems that the better stuff is pretty much 'fit and forget'.
  12. PHPP

    @gravelld The PHPP plus designPH is coming out at €439 from, though I'm still waiting for the email bill to confirm my order - a cooling off period maybe!?! That's a few bob less than my "consultant" was going to charge, and he hasn't/won't be paid so I'm looking forward to the challenge... With a little bit of trepidation.
  13. PHPP

    @craig Well, thats my 'due diligence' done a little to late! The first of many lessons for me perhaps. Hahaha, thanks for the encouragement! I'm going to have a go at the designPH as well as it's already modelled in Sketchup - I'll let you know how it goes...
  14. PHPP

    @craig Thanks for info. I'm still undecided about certification, and now, after a bit of a scare from my (ex)PHPP consultant, I'm going to go 'solo' on the software and see how I get on...
  15. PHPP

    Craig, does the PHPP get checked prior to the build commencing? I'm having sleepless nights wondering what would have happened had I not spotted the error in our PHPP and gone ahead and built a house to Passive standards using a PHPP model that was incorrectly orientated by 60º. If the Passiv Haus institute check the PHPP prior to the build commencing it's starting to look like a pretty good investment from my perspective. Russ