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  1. @pocster at home the ‘chime’ that is plugged in always goes off a second or so before the phone and the chime is normally a second or so behind the event. When away, phone notifications are normally reliable but probably a good couple of seconds behind the drag curve as far as notification goes but conversations are not a problem. It’s not a 100% hit rate on motion detection, but I think it is on bell presses but of course I could be missing loads and be none the wiser.
  2. Generally yes we can. Occasionally, by the time we get the phone notification of someone at the door, they’re walking away.
  3. We have a Ring doorbell. Subscription is optional and allows you to review captured video yonks afterwards, I don’t recall how long yonks is. If you don’t pay, you can’t. When the building was unoccupied the Ring gave fantastic peace of mind, a proper little CCTV experience, You don’t have to wait for someone to press the bell, we have a footpath running past the property and the Ring ‘wakes up’ and records for a minute every time someone walks past, it also records the audio (yes. I know.) It also picks up the rabbits eating the flowers by the front door. All of these settings can be adjusted.
  4. @Adsibob yes, you can change the default fan speeds, times of operation etc etc.
  5. @Adsibob agreed. We have the Brink Flair 400. We wanted a good spec but overall we wanted a quiet unit as it is in the loft right above our bedroom. It's still running its factory default settings because I haven't had the time to have a good play with it yet. The factory default has it running at 200m3/hr ramping up to 300m3/hr for a couple of hours in the morning and again in the early evening. At 200m3/hr it is basically inaudible even stood right next to the unit, at 300m3/hr you can hear it and at the maximum 400m3/hr you can tell it's doing its job. Outside of its little cupboard in the loft you can only really hear the unit when it is on its maximum setting. In all rooms (apart from our bedroom) it is inaudible at 200m3/hr. At 300m3/hr you can hear airflow to some of the extracts but it's not obtrusive and if you didn't know what to listen for you probably wouldn't hear it. In our bedroom which has the shortest duct run (4.4m) you can just about hear airflow through the supply air vent at 200m3/hr, and of course it becomes more and more obvious the faster the unit runs. There is zero noise from the unit itself and zero vibration. Our unit is sat on an offcut of EPS from our slab which was a temporary measure that I think will now become permanent. In a nutshell, we're very pleased with it but have nothing to compare it with so have no idea if a less expensive unit would be any better or worse for sound transmission.
  6. @ToughButterCup very pleased to hear that 👍
  7. It was Jeremy’s early reporting on his SunampPV that grabbed my attention way back when. His warts and all explanations of the problems he encountered with the second generation Sunamp was hugely informative and not enough to put me off. I know there are some on here who have had problems and would probably launch their Sunamps off a cliff, if only they had the strength to move them. I guess there are others here who are having no issues? Despite our little er, hiccough, I’m still smitten. Maybe not if it fails again though.
  8. Dragging this thread kicking and screaming back up to date and on topic. We love our Sunamp and are definitely in the ‘marry’ camp though I suspect what follows will make most readers think we are nuts. We had the Sunamp on site for 10 months before it was finally commissioned and when it was finally commissioned there was a click, a couple of lights in the control unit and that was it, 30 mins later it was producing hot water. That first full charge was all we gave it for a week or two (we weren’t living there) and it was only towards the end of the second week that it became obvious that the water temperature was dropping. We hadn’t used it for much, washing up and the like, but I was quite surprised at how long it was able to produce hot water for. I’ve never treated a UVC in the same way so no idea if that would continue to produce hot water for the best part of two weeks after initially getting up to temperature. Would it? All was well for a month or so charging up every time the sun came out, and if the sun couldn’t be bothered to shine then we didn’t charge it. Then it stopped working. In the control box the LED’s were telling us that there was a ‘temperature sensor fault’. The only reset button was not the issue. A call to Sunamp and their technical department got back to me quickly. The problem was diagnosed as a failure of the 4 core temperature sensor that slides down a thin tube in the centre of the PCM. They sent an electrician out to confirm that, and then sent him back to refit a new one so everything is back up and running and hunky dory at the moment. If that fails again, or any other part does, then I’m sure my good lady will insist on a divorce, from the Sunamp to start with I guess, because when that was down there was no hot water, apart from the Quooker. Actually the Quooker was great, I could still do the washing up because you can get it to dispense boiling water and cold at the same time so even without the Sunamps help it is a perfect mixer tap. But probably a bit of a stretch to have a bath that way! Has anyone else experienced a failure of the temperature sensor? Is it likely that it was faulty and a few charges killed it? Could our ‘charge every fortnight if we felt like it’ policy have killed it? Any other ideas as to why that bit of wire and gubbins would have failed? One other thing (if anyone has got this far) when it was first commissioned the LED’s never showed ‘cold start active’. When the replacement temperature sensor was fitted there was still no ‘cold start active’ indication from the LED’s but on starting after the replacement temperature sensor was fitted the cracking from the PCM as it started to melt was louder than I’d heard before. Much louder.
  9. @jack can you get a local metal fabricator to make them for you? I’m sure it would be way cheaper.
  10. I’m on this and should be on the Agile Outgoing by tomorrow. I’m using the cheaper overnight rates for the Sunamp and UFH. Here’s today and tomorrow’s prices. They release the following days prices at around 16:00. PV is starting to offset the peak periods. Batteries one day should help even more, charging at the low rate and using at the peak rate.
  11. Well it’s early days as the MVHR has only been on for a little under a month but my pre filters seem to be doing the trick But not perfectly, some of the little rascals are getting through, I think I’ve got a ladder in me tights.
  12. I’ve seen some. Is that not down to poor prep or is that inevitable regardless of the prep?
  13. Now ain’t THAT the truth! I’m looking forward to hear of your progress.
  14. I was thinking of the white grid with some cotswold stone to kinda match the render but haven’t got as far down the path (so to speak) as your good self.
  15. What colour grid are you going for? And what gravel? Gravel gravel or something else?