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  1. Or... a battery system that you fill up with their ‘bargain bucket’ 35p stuff and sell back to them at over £2 a pop. Just a thought...
  2. My thoughts exactly. Ive seem all of those letter before, but I’ve never seen them arranged in that order 🤣 What is it?
  3. As it happens, we’re not. The Agile import rate is hitting its capped price of 35p/unit early in the morning, 07:30 today, and staying there til late at night, 23:30 today. It’s a similar story most days. The export rate exceeds the import rate at 16:30 today (49.49p a unit) and stays way above the import rate til 21:00. It peaks at 235.93p/unit at 19:30 - over 6 times the import price! It was way above 200p/unit yesterday evening as well.
  4. @pdf27 that’s an interesting/troubling report.
  5. @SteamyTea interesting stats but why does the first day back at school cause such a spike? @joth Agile has been very hit and miss for us, they seem to have plenty of problems but so far, with time, they’ve fixed our import/export issues. It took months and it’s all going Pete Tong again now but I trust them to sort it... eventually. @pdf27 so why the high spot gas prices? Is that all connected to the kids going back to school? I don’t get the connection at all. I guess I’m just slow!
  6. Octopus Agile prices are going off the scale, yesterday it was at its capped limit of 35p/unit for most of the day. Agile outgoing rates were equally wild, at one point reaching over 60p/unit for export - all be it for a brief period, I’m pleased to say it was a brief period that the sun still shone on my panels. Equally nuts today. What’s causing this? Light winds and not enough sun?
  7. @puntloos we have the Internorm 3G windows with the Venetian blind on the outside. The Venetian blind unit is combined with a battery pack and solar PV to re-charge the battery, so no drilling/wiring etc. All of this is protected behind a forth pane of glass that is hinged for access. The blind/battery/PV can be removed in a matter of seconds. We’re very happy with them. Throughout the fleeting sunny spells they’ve been titled to keep the sun out but have let oodles of light in. Pass. Standard Venetian blind privacy performance, you can flash to the neighbours should the urge arise or keep it all well hidden. Again, standard Venetian blind stuff here, light leaks through when it’s fully closed. IMG_9045.MOV
  8. @richie9648 you could use a pedestal system to support the new patio
  9. @Ralph I hope it helps, the current arrangement looks pretty unsatisfactory. (FYI the link I posted was just an example as opposed to a recommendation)
  10. If that will introduce an unwanted cold bridge then you can get GRP angles that will overcome that. Our doors and sliders are supported on them.
  11. That’s a fair point. I guess you could commission it prior to closing up the plywood boxing. Another fair point. I haven’t got around to it yet and it seems to be performing just fine.
  12. Seems like an elegant solution to a tricky problem, I can’t see why it would be a problem.
  13. @ProDave I’m on Octopus Agile Outgoing and use the on line portal, I have the app as well but prefer to use the portal. I have a SMETS2 meter but there have been problems with being paid for what I’m exporting, it gets fixed every now and again but the last time I spoke to them they said they should have a proper fix some time this month. I’m thinking of switching to their ‘Go’ tariff over the winter when there is likely to be even less sun than there is now so that I can charge the Sunamp and run the Willis heater when required on the cheaper overnight tariff.
  14. @Triassic I’ve got the all electric Sunamp so no ASHP in the equation for me but plenty of solar PV. Works a treat, but I suspect our first full winter of occupation (which seems to be fast approaching) will highlight how little the sun will play a part in our master plan.
  15. @Triassic obviously depends on the model, the largest is around the £3300 mark from Midsummer