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  1. Really appreciated that Ronnie and, as you said, it was a bit of a tough read "why use 1 word when 50 will do?" sprung to mind. I've got back in touch with the planning consultant because I think I'm going to struggle otherwise...
  2. Wow, thanks for all the helpful replies. I only turned my back for a minute! To answer some of the posts and questions: The cottage in question is Grade II listed (circled in red) and at the north end of a group of buildings in a conservation area (orange boundary), our bungalow is circled in yellow in the clearer image below. I haven't spoken with the conservation officer yet, I was curious to know what "the impact on the setting of the listed building" actually meant, but I will be in touch with him later by email, not sure if he'll take phone calls - I'll ask. We've had a bit of help from a planning consultant already who advised that there shouldn't be any issues and suggested that I submit the application myself. I guess it's time to get back in touch... That is much appreciated Ronnie, looks like quite a read. I'll get to it now - thanks. There are already numerous hedges and trees in situ and something I consequently hadn't considered - but it may help, thanks. I'll probably go back to the one we've used before to start with, but thanks for that offer Lizzie. No, our bungalow is from the '50s and separated from the listed building by a footpath and electricity substation and the listed building is privately owned. Wise advice I'm sure, I'll endeavour to do that. I hope we have the same one Jeremy, we're Wiltshire as well so I suspect there is a high likelihood. Thanks again all. Russ.
  3. 13m. In the Google Earth/Sketchup image below the orange roof is the listed building. The black roof the existing bungalow and the white roof the proposed redevelopment (it won't be white roofed!). The proposed ridge height is 2.7m higher.
  4. Hello all. We've applied for planning permission which involves demolishing a bungalow and replacing it with a contemporary looking house. The conservation officer raised some concerns which we addressed and he has come back saying he has: "no issue with the orientation, design, materials or otherwise per se, it is the impact on the setting of the Listed Building that needs to be addressed." What exactly does 'impact on the setting' mean? Is it defined anywhere (I can't find anything) or will it just be the conservation officers personal opinion? Thanks - Russ.
  5. Russdl

    Water Softener: Good Idea?

    I’ve seen those around the Bazaars Lizzie and always been interested - until I heard the price! But if they work (and I guess, more importantly, how long they work for) then they look like a great solution to the hard water problem. I’m surprised that no one has commented on the technology so far... Anyone? I’m on tenterhooks waiting for your feedback in a couple of months.
  6. Amazing technology, quite an incredible guy it would seem - with a great sense of humor as well. I hope every one saw the “DONT PANIC” in large friendly letters on Tesla dashboard.
  7. Russdl

    Tree/shrub removal

    I'd heard similar stuff before (normally from my wife as I fire up the hedge trimmer) but hadn't heard a specific date, so thanks for that - I'd better get busy!
  8. Russdl

    Tree/shrub removal

    That's interesting Russ and could affect us (if we're lucky with our application). Where would I find that bit of legislation?
  9. Russdl

    Any news on Solar panels

    Hi Graeme, that's not hugely dissimilar to what we have planned and, if we get planning, we're hoping to use the Tata Steel panels that incorporate built in PV. The PV is in strips and is bonded to each panel, between the standing seams. Copied below is the response from BIPVCo after my request for information regarding our own plans which may be of some use. I hasten to add, I have no idea if this product is good, bad or indifferent. Thank you for your email. Across a 15.5m roof, you could fit up to 39 Urban panels if you used a 390mm width panel. Lets say 37 to allow for end panels A 4.8m long roof could accommodate a 219w panel, so that’s 219 x 37 = 8.1kWp across one roof The cost of each module (excluding the inverters, cabling etc), supply only, would be £361.35 ex vat/delivery
  10. Russdl

    Which MVHR

    Sorry, thread creep... I'd seen that 'warmfloor' before (probably from a post on Buildhub but I don't recall) and am seriously considering it as an alternative to wet UFH. From what I read about it, it does seem different from the 'normal' electric systems - have I just been bamboozled?
  11. Russdl

    Standing seam roof

    That looks really nice Pete. We are waiting on our planning and hopefully we'll be using the same Tata steel for the roof and elements of the cladding (with BIPVco PV on the southern roof elevation) and concealed gutters. Is that concealed guttering in your second photo?
  12. Thanks all, for your replies. I think I'll go looking for some rechargeable batteries, seems like the simplest solution.
  13. Doh! So... what I understand from your reply Jeremy is that if I plug this old adapter in it's unlikely to kill the decoration? Did I get that right? (If it does kill it then my life will be on the line!!)
  14. No, currently using disposable AAA batteries. It has an adapter socket but didn't come with an adapter, so I'm wondering if an old adapter would work and not kill it? Good grief! That's ridiculously cheap, thanks for that link Steamy
  15. Definitely not self build related, but hopefully one of you wise (wo)men will help me out. My good lady wife has a Christmas decoration powered by 4 AAA batteries (it's haemorrhaging our savings keeping it fed on batteries, so a tenuous self build link!) I've an old adapter that outputs 7.5V and 350mA, will that make the motor spin really fast and the LED's burn really bright or will it quietly smoulder in the corner whilst I do a runner? Russ.