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  1. So our site has full PP, but we want to put in a new planning application and only resort back to the current PP if the new application is refused. The site currently houses a load of fixed cattery pens and a wooden office block, which need to be demolished. What I want to understand is what site activity can I perform which will not risk a CIL breach.
  2. Anyone have a recommendation for a good bombproof wheelbarrow that might survive the beasting of a self build project?
  3. The graph clearly states that it's using tender prices and main contractor. That is of course going to cost you considerably more than managing the contractors you need and doing the rest DIY.
  4. If you are in the know, it's amazing what you can achieve using birch ply and vacuum bag veneering, all of which are something I am able to do. I have no intention of spending > 10k for a kitchen. Just no need.
  5. We are on a tight budget < £1500/m2, but I intend on doing a lot of the work myself. Kitchens / bathrooms, plumbing, carpentry... I was a cabinet maker in a previous life. I just wanted to add that, as I know some on this forum are banding around figures of £2500+/m2 for a self build, and I simply am not buying those figures. The reason for the post is to try and understand what is it that you need to avoid when trying to create a contemporary design. I assume lots of steel (cantilever) and glass will eat into the budget, but if I was to show the designs below Ignore the balcony and the fascia on the top as I wouldn't want those. Drop the cantilever on the left hand side Could these be done on a budget or is it simply impossible?
  6. It was more to do with the sorting of the material post demolition. The digger will as you say rip it all down in no time, but then I'll have a huge pile of wood, metal, insulation, polycarbonate roof sheets which will need sorting? Or will a grab lorry company happily just load it as is into the truck?
  7. Cordless wouldn’t work as I wouldn’t have any means of charging the batteries whilst working on site. The digger is an option, but then I’m left with loads of trashed timber that I need to then load into a skip. I thought skip rules recently changed so that you cannot dispose of treated/painted timber in a general waste skip.
  8. I've got a massive amount of wooden building demolition to do, and am planning on using a 240v (I don't want 110v and will use an RCD) reciprocating saw. Only issue is that there currently is no electricity on site. So I am after a generator that is quiet to power said too.
  9. Now we have purchased a plot, I am unsure what insurance I should get if any, before development starts. We are most likely putting in a new planning application, so it could be months before any construction works start. So any insurance is to protect us from some trespassers injuring themselves and then trying to sue us. Do we just need Public Liability for now?
  10. Thanks very much. You’ve given some very useful information there and most likely saved me wasting money by immediately engaging with an Architect.
  11. Thanks. So consult with a planning consultant, before engaging with an Architectural Practice.
  12. Can you share anyone who is coming in at £100m2 as I've had quotes > £150m2 and I cannot fathom how they've arrived at that price.
  13. The plot we have just purchased comes with full PP and all that is left to do is a few minor amendments and for the Architect to do the drawings for building regs. So from that perspective, we have already saved a large amount of time / money. However, we are not overly sold on the design and feel that it is basically what the seller of the plot wanted to build (very similar to their property). The property sits in an AONB, but it is is quite a distance from the neighbouring property and we are trying to deduce whether the planners may be open to a two storey flat roof uber contemporary dwelling or whether it's wood cladding / clay tile roof and a dwelling that is in keeping with the surroundings. Not sure how to proceed, or whom to approach. We don't have thousands to throw at a new planning application if the planners won't go for it, but then again, we don't want to build what has been granted, only to then think "Could we have got a more contemporary design approved" I was contemplating arranging a meeting on site with the Duty Planning Officer, but was concerned that when they speak with a layman, the might say "forget it, you won't get that", but if it was an Architect / Planning Consultant, they might know that they cannot pull the wool over their eyes so easily.
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