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  1. Barryscotland

    Starting the planning permission process in Scotland

    do it all as in architectural drawings for planning an building warrant and supply the kit ready just to zap together. Yes we'd still need our own tradesmen to put it together. What were trying to get is an idea of cost difference between getting an architect to design the house we want an then getting it built against buying a ready designed house that comes pre built in kit form from the likes of scot-frame.
  2. Barryscotland

    Starting the planning permission process in Scotland

    Perthshire, hopefully be starting demolition in July unless there is any hold ups. Only one that we can foresee after getting our Preapp reply is the dreaded Bat survey. The choice we need to make now is 1 Buy a kit through the likes of ScotFrame an choose a design that we can live with an get them to do it all 2 Architect designed to what we want to live in and get the likes of ScotFrame to build it 2 Architect designed and get a local Joiners to build the timber frame on site
  3. Hi from Scotland. We've been gifted a chunk of ground with a derelict house on it and are starting the process now to demolish and rebuild but on a low budget so any cost cutting tips welcome!