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  1. Pretty sure it will of been a collating gun rather than a nail gun
  2. All Renewable Energy Ltd They are in Perth but cover Fife and will sort you out with pump and panels and install. UFH would just be your plumber? Our slates came from SIG in Dundee, they came in the cheapest by far for a warranted slate, think they have a fife branch
  3. We do but it’s never been on but house is warm and trap only holds Half a ladle full so I’m thinking it must be evaporating as can’t be anything else.
  4. We have been moved in for 3 months now, starting from last week the shower trap has started emptying causing the on suite to stink. It’s a jackoboard linear drain and tray. Even when the house is empty for the day the trap empty’s so cant see it being sucked out and it can’t be evaporating that quick? Also when I’ve pulled the trap out to test it by filling it with water and checking for water leakage thinking it was maybe cracked (it holds water fine) I noticed what looks like a gap between shower tray waste and the cup on the end of the drainage pipe, is that normal or something that needs filled in? What else could cause trap to empty?
  5. Chatting to a chap about solar panels pros and cons and he said that as we had missed out on the good sell back to the grid tarrifs what we needed was an old style rotary electric meter as they go backwards when power is going back into the grid. Anybody got one an can confirm this is correct? Not that there’s any chance of any energy supplier fitting one for us, just curious.
  6. Do you need a structural warranty to get a normal mortgage? We never bothered as never intend to sell but will be looking to switch from self build mortgage (3.9% interest) to normal mortgage (hopefully under 3%) in the next few months.
  7. We have permission to discharge into the stream, that where the water has always ended up as its clay all over our site so soakaways are not an option. They have asked for a filtration strip before the stream tho.
  8. So building inspectors will be ok about it. what about inspection chambers/rodding eyes did you need one at every change of direction? The drawing we have for the surface water shows I think 5 inspection chambers which seems excessive.
  9. Stream at the bottom of the garden. Its not existing, we are thinking of putting the gutter drainage as on the drawings but using 6" slotted or land drainange instead of the 4" on the drawings and then back filling with gravel to create a frenchdrain to help get any water away from the house. French drain only around the house, the other 250m to the stream which is all downhill would just be normal 6" pipe. There would be a silt trap both sides of house.
  10. Anybody no if it’s ok with building control to have your gutters connected into 6” land drainage pipe that is at the bottom of the french drain surrounding our house? Also would I need an inspection chamber at every change of direction?
  11. For a bungalow 160m2 that’s sitting at 17 degrees throughout with little heat in the screed as the heatings not been on for a few days how long would you expect the ufh to be on for to reach 21 degrees throughout?
  12. Surely each press of your hand primer will just be blowing bubbles through your traps? Council just wanted to see an air test on our underground waste pipes before they where buried nothing after that
  13. I think that might of been what was happening, I’ve swapped the input and output wires as suggested by a few people and the meter is going up much quicker so thinking it was just wired back to front.
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