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  1. Many thanks for your replies, we went with the continuous dry verge from here They where able to supply the black in 6m lengths so no joining required.
  2. Roofer has turned up and started grading and holing our slate but has said that he doesn't want to cement the verge as the cut slate wont get much of a grip and has asked me to source him some sort of plastic dry verge. Our PVC Fascias are already fitted up the verge so can anybody suggest an option that is readily available and wont look Knaff? Only thing I can see is continuous dry verge and nobody stocks it.
  3. I'd wait for prices to fall if they ever do. Our cost so far is up by a third from what was originally budgeted.
  4. Windows getting fitted this week then, many thanks for the assurances
  5. Probably yet another stupid question but is it OK to fit the windows and french doors before the roof is slated? Will the timber frame settle a bit and then things wont open after the weight of the slate is added?
  6. Best thing you can do is send your floor plans and underfloor make up to somebody like Wunda or VPS and they will give you a rough quote listing all materials, amount of zones etc.
  7. No the price of £233 a cube is for cemfloor liquid screed delivered to site only. The pump and couple of guys is extra
  8. Has anybody bought cemfloor screed or similar recently and mind sharing the price? Being quoted £233 a cube which seems pretty steep when compared to the £86 a cube we paid for concrete.
  9. They where not listed separately but I’d assumed they where included in ironmongery under “all necessary fixtures and fixings” but apparently not.
  10. Are the galvanised tie downs for anchoring the frame to the foundations normally included in the timber frame kit?
  11. We are currently comparing window quotes and Liniar are coming in cheapest, anybody ever used them? Other option we have are Veka. I no they are bottom of the barrel brands but funds are tight. So basically if you had to choose would it be Liniar or 1k more for Veka?
  12. We need to take delivery of our attic trusses a month before we need them to avoid another increase in the price of them. There 9m long an there’s 45 of them. I was thinking of cementing a couple of scaffold poles into the ground and making a frame of scaffold to support them. Any ideas / advice appreciated
  13. The price of metal has gone up almost as much as timber. A252 3.6x2 mesh when bought for founds was £27 in April, bought it for subfloor in July £38, was a sheet short when laid out this week £68.