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  1. I was just away to post the exact same issue, our cemfloor was poured about 7 weeks ago and today two large cracks have appeared in the hallway. I asked the Screeder about expansion joints before he poured it and his reply was none needed with cemflooR over 160m2. Good to hear it’s not a major issue though, just not so good aesthetically as it is going to be our finished floor until we’ve saved up for flooring
  2. We’ve just taken delivery of two bathrooms and after trailing round lots of bathroom shops we ended up going to MKM, semi decent quality stuff like roper Rhodes. Checked a handful of the prices on the quote online before ordering and couldn’t find any of the items cheaper online.
  3. What’s the make up of the existing slab?
  4. No heat loss calcs done unless that’s part of the sap calcs done for the building warrant? I’d say our insulation levels are average for a new build.
  5. I was sceptical that the wee heater tube would make any difference to the heat of the house as was the joiner, builder n sparky however it’s currently -3 outside but inside the house is now 13 degrees and now that I’ve turned the flow valves down it has raised the input temperature to 35 degrees so I expect the temp to raise further in the house. So for the sake of £40 buy one. remains to be seen if I still recommend them after I’ve had my leccy bill tho.
  6. I get that it’s a bit risky but in this instance I’ve got to go with what I’ve got for the time being, if it works an house gets warmer I will run another larger cable into house
  7. I was going to pipe the prv to a bucket but it’s set at 3bar and I’ve got it running just under 1 so what’s the chances of it blowing? It’s 13amp fuse, no power in house yet so extension lead is all we’ve got but been on all night and only a little heat in plug so sure it’ll be fine…. Hopefully it is only very temporary. The plan was to wire it into an imersion timer, on a few hours n off a few once there’s warmth in house anyway point to doing this is house is getting taped n filled starting next week and we need warmth. I’ve had it on all night and the flow temp is only up to 24 degrees and the return is 12 degrees. Should I be turning the flow valves down to get the flow temp up or will it eventually warm up? I have the pump on its slowest setting. It’s warming up 70mm of cemfloor and it’s frosty outside
  8. Anything obviously wrong other than the dodgy wiring? Should I have the flow valves all fully open? Think I’ve finally got all the air out so how long before it starts to show heat on the return side?
  9. Been offered a new Vaillant 425 which is described as an “open vent only boiler” I don’t think it is suitable but want to make sure before I turn it down an my plumber is awol till after new year so can’t ask him. I need one to run an unvented cylinder and ufh anyone no for sure if the “open vent only” bit means it needs to be supplied from a header tank etc n not suitable for our needs
  10. I decided for the sake of £40 it’s got to be worth trying so I’ve ordered a Tesla version of the Willis heater. I have an old expansion vessel with filler, bleed point etc on it and the pump is on the ufh manifold. Once I’ve plumbed it up, bled it any suggestion on pressure? Turn the pump as low as it will go and just leave it and heater on 24 - 7? There’s 160m2 so presuming I won’t need to worry about thermal cut outs? Any idea how long it will need to be on till we see any heat in the floor? Any advice welcomed
  11. Can you send me a link for a wills heater, had a look but can’t find anything, ta
  12. Taping and filling meant to be starting next week and would like to get some heat into the house. Has anybody plumbed anything into there ufh pre boiler install? I’ve seen the portable electric boilers but no hire company near us does them. Would a 3kw hot tub heater do anything? Any other easy options? Have a few electric heaters in there now but not really doing much. Our ceiling plasterboard also sat outside for a month and although it looks dry it’s bound to have a bit of moisture in it so another reason to get heat inside if possible
  13. We had zero fees for roads or schools from PKC for our Planning last year, maybe just lucky though as another self builder we spoke to had to pay 6k, he was in the catchment area for 3 schools 1 at capacity and other 2 not, guess which one they used to work out what he was due.
  14. Had a quote back from The Surface Works and it’s nearly 1k cheaper than the kitchen supplier quoted so think it’s definitely worth supplying them ourselves.waiting on another few quotes from companies suggested above