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  1. Luckylad


    +1 to the above, the brickies here mentioned bicarbonate of soda. Hecateh what has your builder used?
  2. Luckylad


    I’ve seen people use diluted vinegar,bit smelly but it worked. Find out what your brick manufacturer says.
  3. Hello We use baking soda to clean our plastering machines,do you think it could be harmful in any way to them? Theres very hard rubber inside the machines and I often wonder if it'll do long term damage. Thanks.
  4. Luckylad

    Dot and Dab

    Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t think it would work because you wouldn’t be able to build up a thick enough layer of pva. Previously we’ve only done a parge coat for sound proofing behind dot and dab. I was undecided whether to do it on my own house. Having seen your suggestion and read up on it, I’ll do it for airtightness ,on my own house,but it’s not something builders want to pay for.
  5. Luckylad

    Dot and Dab

    Hi Is the parge coat really worth doing? Does it make the airtightness that much better?
  6. Luckylad

    Looking at a plot with PP but scary soil survey!

    Hi Do you have a cross section plan of this you could post here please?
  7. Luckylad


    Those bricks are a lovely colour and I like the corbel design. That view is amazing!
  8. Luckylad

    Just not happy about the concept of joist hangers.

    They are more thermally efficient on paper but not in the real world. The 2 wet looking patches that fall away from the upper window are cracks that can easily be seen in daylight ,the lighter coloured areas had frost on them. glad to hear that about your walls @Declan52, could you give me a detailed breakdown of them please? mine have got bed joint reinforcement, which was a bit like a toy train track. that camera looks the dogs dangles!
  9. Luckylad

    Just not happy about the concept of joist hangers.

    @Moira Niedzwiecka ive got a photo of my neighbors house which is 6 years old ,where you can actually see the heat escaping from the cracks in lightweight blocks. You can also see cold bridging and missing insulation!
  10. Luckylad

    Just not happy about the concept of joist hangers.

    Hi I wouldn't use thermalite or celcon blocks again. They've hairline cracked all over my internal cavity block. I'm now putting silicone over the cracks before I parge coat and dot n dab. I used fibolite on the outside skin,I haven't found 1 crack in them yet. It's extremely difficult to get a fixing in light thermal blocks as well
  11. Luckylad

    Completing my Forever Home

    Hello to @juj, looks like a very interesting project, hope you get the vat sorted. Sorry about being off topic, but @Alexphd1 , do you have any info on that graco machine?
  12. Luckylad

    Connecting Gas to a Static Caravan

    Hello I’m not aware of any legislation,I change ours without any problems. we had our gas boiler serviced after it had been sited because our plumber said the pipe joints might be stressed while it was being moved. I fitted a trace heating cable to all the pipe work and waste pipes,it was about 50 metres long. It works well but couldn’t cope with minus 5! Do you know how long you’re going to live in the caravan?
  13. Luckylad

    The cost of waterproof concrete

    Yes you’re correct it’s data sheet says it’s suitable for tanking underground
  14. Luckylad

    The cost of waterproof concrete

    Hi be careful of using that to tank underground. It says plasticiser on the tub which means ,amongst other thing it adds air bubbles to the mix.
  15. Luckylad

    Bungalow Barn

    Hello you’ll have some spectacular views from your barn! Just out of curiosity,have you done a price comparison between a concrete floor and a limecrete floor?