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  1. Right of way

    It’ll be interesting to find out, I wonder how detailed it will be and whether that will work for or against me. There is a house on the other side which could give access . I know the owner is looking to sell in the near future but wants about £600,000,
  2. Right of way

    Hi Thanks for the advice,I fully appreciate what you say about the friendship,we were best men at each other’s weddings and I’ve known him for nearly 40 years! Unfortunately the landowner is a property developer who I’ve done work for in the past. I’ll get a lawyer to look into my friends existing ROW and the implications of any new ROW to the new plot.
  3. Right of way

    Hello My friend has a building plot that he's happy to seĺl to me , we're at the very early stage of negotiations. It's next to his house, which was built in the 50's , he has right of way over his neighbours drive to his own house but would that extend to right of way to the new plot? Thanks
  4. Plaster cracks

    Yes please, sounds interesting
  5. Plaster cracks

    I would counter batten over the pir board because it's bit spongy and you'll get screws popping. I think you'll get better u value, a service void and you'll see what you're screwing into, rather than guessing through the pir.
  6. Hi sounds like an interesting project. How would services work with this type of wall construction? I’m guessing you’d have to decide quite early on with switch and socket location? would the internal partitions have the same finish? are you intending to paint it?
  7. Which MVHR

    Hello how did you get on with bpc? I’m thinking of using them. thanks.
  8. How to protect oak against plasterers!

    If you are unlucky enough to get a plaster stain on oak, it can sometimes be removed by being scraped away with a brand new Stanley knife blade held at a right angle to the surface ( be very careful!) strangely the plaster stain doesn’t seem to penetrate that deeply
  9. How to protect oak against plasterers!

    We use 14 day blue dolphin tape ,sticks well but doesn’t give off any glue. I’d still give the stairs as many coats of whatever finish you’re going to use though. Although it’s a risk ,it is better to skim it with the stairs in place ,just in case a little bit of dubbing out is needed
  10. I'll have a look when I get home tonight.
  11. Thank you both for your help. I haven't got a pc at home although I can sometimes access one at my wife's work. I'll have a proper go at heat loss calculations with my ipad at the weekend.
  12. The never ending story

    Welcome I'm new here too and you've come to the right place for friendly, inspirational advice. This is one of the best forums I've ever joined!
  13. Ok thanks Ive tried clicking on the link above to your fabric and ventilation heat loss calculator but it just appears as a lot of question marks. Could it be to do with the fact ive only got an iPad?
  14. Are the Asterisk symbols representing multiplication?
  15. Garage door reveals blockwork

    Ok ,I had a similar problem on a job . We glued and screwed render board on the reveals ,we had just enough depth on the garage door frames to do this This bridged the join. Im guessing that’s scraped monocouche you’re having and not silicone,so I’d get a specification from k rend to put scraped render on cement board. make sure you get the monocouche sealed ,it’ll add years before you have to clean it