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  1. Who else looks through Facebook pages, company portfolios etc and is astonished by some of the stuff they happily put their name to? I should grab a photo of a fence that was recently put up near me. It’s on the p*ss. They have made up an infill using bowed timber as they started from one end of the run and later realised that the fence they joined up to had a cut down panel. A bit of thought would have made a better job. Perhaps they mentioned it to the customer and they couldn’t justify the cost of one more panel to replace the shorter one and bridge the gap. I doubt it though. They happily nailed an advertising board to it so must be chuffed with their efforts.
  2. A friend of mine is a bit of an odd job man. I called him in once to give me a hand putting a fence up as he owed me a favour. I’m one of these people that likes things to be right, which often takes a bit more time to fine tune and he said something to me that will stay with me for a long time... “I wouldn’t take this up for a living, you’ll never make any money!” I’ve received my fair share of half decent work over the years that would be pretty much perfect had it been finished off with a little more care. Often when you mention it they will rectify, but there have been occasions where I’ve redone stuff. I also stand by the fact that I pay people because I want a better job than I am capable of, but find if you take your time doing it yourself you’ll work to a standard you are content with, and can sit back and compare it to what you’d probably get if you paid which is often enough to allow you to live with some imperfections. (Obviously you need to know your limitations). When you pay and it’s not right it does your head in. I am that guy that inspects stuff at the end of every day of project to see if anything looks like it’s going to be an issue so I can raise it before it becomes a problem. Unfortunately I’ve seen some terrible stuff that the homeowner sees no issue with - and that’s a big part of why it’s so common.
  3. Now it’s just a game of waiting for that £55 to show up... Shocking to see them actually write how they’d ‘happily’ see you in court.
  4. Are your plans annotated incorrectly? (Ground and First) The garage internals are larger than that of my original 1980s house, and no doubt exceed what is common place today. Do you intend to store a vehicle in there? (Sounds like an odd question but we all know many people use a garage purely for storage)
  5. Really is a question of effort Vs cost and therefore whether you are time rich, money poor or vice versa. Someone out there will come and take away your chunks of concrete FOC (list it on FB Marketplace, Gumtree etc) which will save you a fair amount of time breaking it up.
  6. I have found a ‘new old stock’ window which is pretty much ideal, at a fraction of the anticipated cost from elsewhere. Width wise it is bang on dimension, but 200mm taller than the window I identified on my drawings. Would this constitute a non-material amendment, or are windows something that are accepted as drawn for reference, providing they are in a similar position and scale? In another breath as I come to think of it, I left a gap above the window on the drawings to suggest there would be space above for brick/render but would probably want to position it up to the roofline/fascia.
  7. Depends on the level of use and how dependable it needs to be, but your track record of decent brands last 16 years and cheapies lasting a lot less, it makes you wonder whether it's worth the extra inital outlay for something a bit more reputable.
  8. No Grand Design new build from me unfortunately - extension to existing property.
  9. Curious whether said tree is going to be dropping any leaves in the coming months?
  10. Welcome. I did my own planning permission drawings - the hardest part was getting started. What software are you considering using? (Assuming software - paper based is fine too) Do you have a building background?
  11. Thanks for your comment Temp. Funnily enough I came across that very thread when I was looking at what size people were using to do my costings. No doubt you know a lot more than me, but is this not very much like an exam question - need to show your workings to show how you got to the answer? If it is a case of over specifying something proven to be more than suitable of taking much more than my load, I’d be happy to go down that route.
  12. I'm not even out of the ground yet, but it feels like this thing has been built several times over in my head. Essentially I am trying to be several steps ahead of myself to ensure things can run as smoothly as possible. I am looking at having a beam calculated in advance of the walls going up, and want to make sure I have enough info/detail to make it clear to others what I am trying to achieve - especially if there's no site survey, they could misenturpete my requirement. Project is a 100mm single skin, single garage which is to be extended width ways to a large double with a 16ft door opening. Beam length approx 5100mm (4800 + 150mm each end) so off the shelf catnics and similar become cost prohibitive. One pier of the new opening falls within the existing opening so this opening will be paritally bricked up to in effect move the opening over. Currently, externally there is a single course of facing brick on top of the steel strip attached to the catnic lintel. I am looking to render the outside of this garage when complete, so my intention is to have a steel beam with a plate welded to the bottom to take it out to ~215mm in width to sit on the piers and allow a course of brick to run flush along the front of it which can be rendered over. Would others recommend this approach or try to hide the beam up behind the fascia? The wall that will be built within the existing door opening will replace the old catnic or sit under it. Footings will be dug to the same depth as other trenches - I am under the impression this footing doesn't need to be calculated. Reason being, I am not showing any calculations for the rear wall which will also hold the roof and assume the depth check to solid ground in advance of pouring the concrete would suffice here? For Building Control, I am doing this under a notice rather than full plans. Would I require more than just a beam calcuation to satisfy building control for this lintel? Will they require additional Building Regulation drawings that I don't currently have? I guess what I am trying to avoid is having a calcuation that doesn't satisfy the BCO, or paying more than neccesary obtaining drawings that aren't neccesary. Attached images should hopefully help visualise.
  13. Hi all, New here, based in Somerset. Unfortuantely no extravagent house build from me, merely a large garage extension which I am managing myself and doing all I can to keep costs affordable. With all the research I am doing, I thought this may be a good place to find and share information along the way.