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  1. Do you have a builder ready to start as soon as permission is granted? If not, I think you need to be realistic about having this done before May if that was your intention.
  2. I have had an extension built over an existing soakaway and need to either reposition it or route the surface water to the front of the property as an alternative. At the front I believe the surface water goes to a drain rather than front soakaway. My rear garden is not technically large enough to run a soakaway as in whichever direction I was to point, when 5m away from the building I am within 2.5 metres of the surrounding boundaries. This rather lovely drawing visualises my thoughts, running around the garage extension to join up with the drainage at the front. I'd intend to fit roddable bottle gullies for the downpipes at the front and rear which would hopefully allow access to those sections between bends. The two 87.5 degree bends at the corners cause a run down the far right side which is inaccessible in the event of a blockage. Would a rodding point at one end of that long run suffice or do I need inspection chambers at each end?
  3. And it will. Go on one of the popular comparison sites, click on to each of the suggested providers and drill down to see what the charges are rather than just £x per month/year under the heading.
  4. They ask questions like that for the benefit of those that don’t have access to/ cannot be bothered to look up their annual usage from a statement. Number of bedrooms at least gives an indication based on average consumption for a property of that size, obviously not taking in to account any of the variables. If you don’t know your annual usage but know what your daily standing charge is plus what you pay per KwH, you can drill down through each supplier and compare those figures. I’m another Octopus customer. The monthly email reminder to request an actual reading is a nice touch to ensure your account’s not running on just estimations for those without smart meters.
  5. I agree with this. I've supplied all the materials for my extension and brought trades in on a labour only basis. Lots and lots of research has enabled me to know exactly which materials are required in advance therefore been able to shop around and get the best value possible. A wealth of information exists on here, google in general and also via the LABC technical manual. As suggested with the juggling, it's not just about knowing what you need and ordering it, it's making sure you allow for the lead times of certain items and also not having everything too soon if space/storage is going to be a concern. The pandemic has not helped in that regard. When it's you that's holding up the trades, it's you that's getting the blame. Boils down to the time poor / cash rich or vice versa.
  6. I know nothing about ASHP, but hello and welcome from a fellow Somerset member 😀
  7. My understanding is that if someone was to notify the planners that they had built in excess of what was granted, they are obliged to investigate. You've got non material amendments and minor amendments where and applicant may wish to make small changes, but mostly these seem to be for things that don't change the boundary, scale, appearance being adversely affected etc. Anything more substantial than the limitations of the above options requires a new retrospective application, I believe. If the increased size would likely to have been approved beforehand, it would probably go through, but if they built something that would have unlikely been granted then they could potentially take enforcement action in extreme cases.
  8. Set back 20cm isn’t much, and if it looks closer than that as mentioned, it’s worth another visit if possible with the drawings at hand to do some measurements and look where the roofline is likely to finish. They’ve taken a risk starting before applying/receiving permission.
  9. Thanks Temp. That's right, the existing wooden soffits are vented. Screwfix does appear to come out top price wise for the VP400, £100 for 50x1.5m . I will try my friendly Merchant who have been unbeatable on most stuff to date. Trusses arrive next week. Measured the existing ones myself to replicate as none of the suppliers I tried were offering surveys. Wish me luck that they match and line up 🙏
  10. It's just going to be a garage workshop, with no heating or insulated cavities. For what it's worth, the existing ceiling is plaster boarded with rolled insulation over it which I will probably continue in to the new section, making sure it's not tucked in to the eaves. OK, Thanks so sounds like if I was going to renew the whole lot, a breathable membrane would be the way to go and thus wouldn't be a need to vent the soffit, whereas I can do as you say and use a breathable membrane and vent it as belt and braces to avoid issues with the area that's remaining non breathable. If I overlap the existing membrane about 600mm (across 2 trusses) / couple of tiles width does that sound sufficient? My research here leads me to going for Protect VP400 membrane. It's like to be exposed for 4-6 weeks whilst I await delivery of my unicorn poo Redland tiles. Fully expecting that delay to increase with the 3rd lockdown this week!
  11. I am extending width ways an existing garage which currently has felt underlay (80s build) and vented soffits. The intention is to remove all existing tiles from the front elevation, add new membrane, batten, fascias etc etc so that the whole run is replaced. Whereas at the rear, there is an extension which has rafters protruding through the garage roof (pitch change) which I don't really want to disturb. Intention there is to lap the new membrane over the existing where it joins. Therefore about 1/6th of the structure will be original non breathable felt and the majority will be a new membrane. Would people suggest I buy a non breathable membrane and vent the new UPVC soffits as it was previously to keep it all the same or is it permissible to use/mix a breathable membrane with old? (I really don't want to interfere with the other roof due to the valley etc - appreciate doing so would be a solution for many)
  12. They probably pop in for the ‘warmth’ and stay until that awful ASHP racket wakes them in the middle of the night and off they scurry.
  13. Nothing was specified one way or another. They’ll find out Saturday when they lift ‘em - Merry Christmas!
  14. Looking at images on Google and the diagram you showed - the inlet combination valve is often joined to a copper pipe. May be your photo angle, but does yours tee off with a flexi, hence no stability and it requiring propping? Also found reference to the valves leaking: https://quooker.ae/most-frequent-questions/the-inlet-combination-pressure-release-valve-is-releasing-water May not be your issue, but worth a mention.
  15. Threw a poly sheet over them. Will stack some out tomorrow. They are laying a course of block followed by 3 courses of facing up to DPC - I’ll be surprised if they do much more than that Saturday morning. They can either create multiple stacks where they want ‘em in preparation or tell me so I can have it sorted for them to return on the Monday. No doubt they’ve laid worse and will adjust mix accordingly.