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  1. If you're going over it again, a top coat rolled over will cover those smooth sanded areas and blend in fine.
  2. What pile is your roller? Might be too deep.
  3. This is a job I’ve been putting off, but it’s one of the very last things I need to sort for sign off. I have an integral door ‘down’ in to my garage which is an old external door. To meet regs it needs to be changed for a 30 minute fire door. As it steps down in, the exterior door frame with the sill is of benefit as it offers a threshold. In an ideal world I would like to be able switch the door and retain the frame to save interior decoration. Therefore is it possible to adapt an exterior frame to take intumescent strips? There is a rebate already for a weather seal but it’s at the edge - would that rebate take a strip and meet the regs? If not is it possible to add the strips to the door itself like in commercial applications - unsure whether the door thickness in such application and frame differ to the 44mm I’d be looking at. The weather strip rebate I mention shown below
  4. Internally I filled mine with type 1 as I was doing the sub base. Externally it became the dumping ground for left over cement initially and then type 1 whilst I was laying the sub base for a path around the building
  5. Did the officer state they didn’t attend site or is that an assumption because they didn’t approach you? They could have seen the site from where your photographs are taken.
  6. I enjoy HUTH. Particularly when an agent says it's been decorated to a decent standard and the camera man zooms in on the light switch which was cut in by someone using a broom. I agree though, when I see a 100 sqm block paved driveway, full replacement render and decoration throughout with kitchen and bathroom and it's cost them just several thousand and they have done none of the work themselves, my teeth start to itch. Do aspire to be on there one day though.
  7. Overheads. There is a very very old school electrical shop near me. Chap sits in there all day every day in the dark and I never see anyone in there, yet they must sell enough in order to keep afloat. The sad reality is, he would probably be better off locking the front door and racking the place out top to bottom and moving online. Although I must state that selling online can be very much a race to the bottom. A mix of both is nice. I bought some LED lighting panels online at the best price I could find and the website was an electrical wholesaler up north. When the delivery date was missed I spoke to a very well sounding older gent from what sounded like the shop counter which was refreshing rather than a call centre. Canny guy too as the order was drop shipped direct from the manufacturer Eterna so just shows how businesses can be operated so differently today. Which will last the longest...
  8. Wish I’d got in to a trade. It’s the opportunity to earn that appeals to me as well as reaping what you sow a lot easier than earning your employer a better living. Never too late I suppose, just a lot harder to be able to afford to live on a starting salary whilst learning when you have more outgoings than a youngster.
  9. I have areas of my loft boarded using loft legs above a couple of layers of insulation. But not the flimsy clip over ones that are common in the likes of B&Q, the sturdier type like this: Raise Loft Floor Above Insulation | London, UK | Loft Leg I'd recommend them. Just be mindful what you are storing as weight soon adds up.
  10. BC work on the basis of the species mature height don't they? Annoyingly enough I had a single unruly Laurel near one corner of my extension. Because it was about 5m in height and very obtrusive it was spotted and I had to go down 1.7m deep that end. At the other corner was a fence with a run of several laurels just poking over the top that are kept pruned to just above the fence line. They didn't take much notice of those and I didn't point them out despite being positioned at the same distance.
  11. Where in the SW are you Moonshine?
  12. Looking good. Any surprises due to the madness recently with material price increases or did you lock in the price?
  13. I imagine canopy doors are mostly a standard size whereas sectionals and rollers are easily made to your specific dimensions to order. I recently bought a sectional and was given the exact opening required for an off the shelf 16’ wide door but then learnt that it would be no extra to have it made to the mm of my opening. Garador are a popular choice for up and overs, I’d get in touch with them and other brands you may have in mind and ask for the overall frame width. Alternatively you could always fit it inside the reveal to the timber but you would obviously lose some internal length which may be a consideration.
  14. What type of door are you going for and how high is the opening?
  15. Thanks, very much water under the bridge as you say. Not intending on powering anything heavy out there. Intention is a total of 5 double sockets - purely so there’s a good spread of power points around the room where you need it. Somewhere to plug the trickle charger in depending where the car is parked, the vacuum cleaner and charging my power tool batteries. May see how the 16a goes first before changing for 20a. I do actually have a double socket out there on the integral wall spurred from the 32a ring which I can use for anything with a higher draw.