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  1. I honestly believe most of these idiots only exist on twitter and in organised mobs. My ex girlfriend is 23. None of her friends were “woke”. They all think it is ridiculous as the rest of us. When you look at what China and India are pumping into the atmosphere. All of our best efforts to be green make no difference. We make less difference than one arrogant, pig faced child. Who has not worked a day in her life. The world has changed massively in the last 5 years. Recent signs of improvement though. Everyone has had enough of media driven dross.
  2. Yet you never see any of this on the news. Just the rising sea levels and melting glaciers. It is such a important issue, but I get the feeling all the “green” government interventions are just stealth taxes. It’s so hard to believe anything they say. When they pushed us all towards “greener than petrol” diesel cars it seemed confusing to my simple mind. The only cars/trucks with black smoke blowing out of the back I see have been diesels since I was a kid. Now they say the opposite. Imo the biggest ecological disaster on the planet currently (other than the human population) is the amount of plastic (and other crap) in our oceans. That is one thing we know for sure we are 100% responsible for.
  3. Randall Carlson. He says global satellite mapping discovered a lot more forest growth than was predicted. kind of makes sense that high co2 would benefit plants.
  4. There are major issues with battery production though? Surely not all of that is petrol head nonsense? It is so difficult to gage anything you read these days.
  5. Will be interesting to see what happens as we are pushed toward electric cars and homes. We don’t have the capacity to cope. I wonder how much co2 all those lithium mines will create? I was watching someone argue that forests are growing and deserts are shrinking due to current co2 levels in the atmosphere. He wasn’t wearing a tin foil hat either. It is difficult to gage anything these days. Every argument is toxic and it seems everyone HAS to pick a side. Reasonable debate is not part of today’s culture unfortunately.
  6. Stumbled across this https://www.greenmatch.co.uk/blog/2016/02/pros-and-cons-of-air-source-heat-pumps It says that ASHP is not the best option if mains gas is available. Would others agree?
  7. Just admit it......you’re a stoner. It’s nearly 4.20pm.
  8. K78


    Has anyone considered ordering PIR insulation boards from China?
  9. Thanks for that Jeremy. This is useful but a little dated. No PIR option. https://www.vesma.com/tutorial/uvalue01/uvalue01.htm
  10. So the uvalue of the 300mm block would be 1.5? (1.2 + 0.3) Table is great resource. Thanks.
  11. This is something I’m thinking about at the moment. Seems to be many cases of ASHP failing and repair being expensive? Im considering a gas boiler instead.
  12. I have just done a sketch of the wall build up I was thinking of using if I go with strip foundations. All the EWI and cladding would be DIY with skilled assistance. I think @Jeremy Harris suggestion of hilti nailing is the best option.
  13. What would be the formula for calculating the u value of a 300mm wide block? is it as simple as u value of a 100mm block x 3?
  14. That’s great although, I imagine that would not cheap.
  15. I’d be more concerned about it looking like a bus stop or smoking shelter 😊