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  1. I think a huge problem is people on low basic wages with high commission. My mate has just had to furlough all his staff (recruitment company). They all drive cars they could never afford (£750 per month pcp) and have huge mortgages or rent cc apartments. As a nation most have been living above their means for years. My generation don’t know any different.
  2. With all due respect. Only a idiot would put a £100 deposit on a electric truck that is not even a concept, and expect to get one at the end of next year. You will never see a cybertruck on the road. If he was serious it would need a completely redesigned shell. That would never meet pedestrian safety standards. To compare the company that owns vw, Audi, seat, Skoda, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti to Tesla is ridiculous. VAG can take the deposit Jeremy mentioned and give you a id3 (the car exists and the company is big enough to deliver). Many thought the model 3 would make Tesla go bust and they would not be able to deliver. Credit to Elon they did. Tesla’s future imo is in battery production. They can’t compete when the big car companies go fully electric.
  3. Just read the motoring press or watch any major motoring channel. It is not a real car. It’s not even a full concept. Even Tesla fan sites say it is not real. It’s just sheet metal on a tesla “skateboard” chassis. They could put a sheet steel elephant on one if they wanted too.
  4. VAG are in no way comparable to Tesla. Tesla may not be around in 10 years. VAG own everything from Lamborghini to Skoda. Do you believe the cybertruck is real? Surely not? Your Tesla fanboy hat is clouding your judgement.
  5. Well that is even more ridiculous. The deposit for a roadster is £15k. Very clever to have half a million gullible £100/$150 deposits sitting in their bank account gathering interest for a few years before being returned. He made $5m overnight selling 20,000 limited edition roofing torches as “not a flame thrower” for $250. They sell on eBay now for £3000. People doubted Tesla could cope with the volume for the model 3, not make it. Not many people (even car journalists) believe the cybertruck will be built. It looks like a total recall prop and the staged video towing against a petrol truck was hilarious. It’s not a real car. Just a pile of sheet steel on a model x platform. That design would never meet safety standards. The one thing I love most about Elon Musk, is that he is the only person capable of being a real life supervillain. No doubt he’s a genius, but he isn’t above the odd internet scam. He openly joked about it on JRE.
  6. BMW have lost the plot. Extended warranty on m3/4/5 once they have 60k miles is nearly £5k a year. They clearly don’t have faith in their twin turbo engines. Build quality was awful on the f generation cars. As you say rattles everywhere, but it has improved massively in the new 1 and 5 series. I think they had slot of owners reject new cars due to rattles and hopefully learnt from that. Merc did a similar thing from late 90’s to 2007. Awful build that cost them sales and customers. No doubt the model 3 is a good car. Praise is universal. But the S and X are well known for awful build quality.
  7. I don’t hate Tesla’s. I like Elon. I just think the build is (or should say was?) shoddy and they are over priced. Stunts like the cybertruck don’t help their reputation. If he was serious about producing them, the deposit wouldn’t be so ridiculously low. The model s I drove was nearly 3 years old. It had rattles everywhere and wasn’t ageing well. It was all very “plasticky” The only other Tesla I’ve been in is a model x. Again the interior build was awful for such an expensive car. This is the same opinion as the owner. Even if it is a iPad quality tablet. They are still cheaper than the switchgear and dials they replace. That isn’t a Tesla specific gripe. Mercedes wanted £1500 for slightly larger screens when I was thinking of buying a new daily a few months back. The standard 7” looked awful. They sell the screens as a upgrade when they are a cost saver for them. I prefer analogue dials. Porsche have the perfect mix. Maybe the model 3 is better built? It is at a decent price point too. So it is unfair to compare them with much more expensive cars like I did with the s and x. No doubt it is the best electric car at a sensible price. I have to disagree about Audi interiors. They are by far the best of any manufacturer (super expensive stuff excluded). The new rs6 and rsq8 have amazing interiors. I wasn’t using false information. The 2 Tesla’s I’ve been in had poor plastics and were not put together very well. Overall build quality was far from premium. I wrongly assumed the tablets were Chinese. Even iPhones are made in China. I have never been in a model 3. Seen a few on the road. The dual motor has interesting performance figures but I’m not a fan of the look of the car. Or any Tesla tbh. Taycan is interesting, but I could never afford one. ‘When I put “Tesla poor” into google. Build quality was the top suggestion. Seems the model 3 is better, but early cars are bad. Awful now they are a few years old. https://www.hotcars.com/glaring-problems-with-teslas-everyone-just-ignores/
  8. You shouldn’t be. They are 100% accountable for their actions and accidents. We can’t do anything about idiot drivers other than ban them.
  9. I’m not trying to be argumentative. I just think the whole electric car thing is premature. Some of the crap being released (not tesla) won’t do 60 miles on a full charge in cold weather. It will be a long time before we can all feasibly drive electric cars.
  10. How many people wouldn’t be seen dead in a rs4? It’s a understated estate with a beautiful interior and all the toys you could want? I know many who would not be seen dead in a Tesla. They look like jelly moulds and the interior plastics are fisher-price quality. I’m not impressed by a cheap Chinese tablet replacing all my switchgear either. Many people are waiting for the roadster. They have been for a long time, and will be waiting even longer........if it ever appears. If it does, it still looks like a jelly mould. The performance claims are probably similar to the smash proof glass in the cybertruck. The cybertruck will never make production. Tesla can put any body on their skateboard chassis for a unveil.
  11. I don’t care what anyone says. Autopilot, no matter how good is dangerous. If your car has been driving itself for a year with no issues. You will not be subconsciously switched on when in the car. Too easy to fall asleep or be on social media.
  12. I think they will get to a point where they are very good. I’m happy to wait until then. I just love the internal combustion engine. It’s a happy accident that a good one sounds (imo) better than anything on earth. One big problem is the amount of terraced houses and apartments. The other is the grid can barely cope to make us all a brew at half time of a World Cup final. I can’t see how we can all go electric. It’s not practical. Hydrogen cells have potential, but of course they are inherently dangerous.
  13. Another thing that causes me concern (not Tesla) is the cost of fast chargers. The network owned by ford, vag and others to take on Tesla’s fast charge network. Are already charging the cost of a tank of fuel for a charge. I thought they would at least wait until more people adopted them before doing this.
  14. ‘I would expect it to win the drag. No way it would do a lap quicker than a f80 with a proper driver imo. I guess 4wd gives it a advantage as the f80 struggles for traction. I nearly killed myself on portwood roundabout in Stockport. Doing less than 30mph, slight bit of throttle, full on sideways. Scared me almost to death. I have never driven a model 3. I understand then to be the best everyday EV but EV’s are not for me. I’m not knocking them. I just think there is a lot of media bias as Tesla are the brand the woke kids/media love. ‘’I don’t do twitter. But I believe if you make a negative Tesla comment. The “mob” come for you. I just don’t think the “petrol heads” that buy m3 etc will adopt them until they have too. I know I won’t. The company are morally corrupt as well. They are clearly taking deposits on cars they have no intention of building. Cybertruck is a bad joke. Anyone who believes their $500 “deposit” has secured the a car that will never be built are gullible at best. ‘’look at the deposit you need for a roadster (a car they will build). It is a long way from $500.
  15. M3 is discontinued but you get a easy 25% off a m4. Anyone who pays near list price for a BMW is mental. The traffic light race is Tesla’s one trick. Show it a twisty road and it wouldn’t see which way a m4 or rs4 went. I think it will be a long, long time before AMG, RS and m car buyers go electric. The new c63 amg will have the 2lt 4pot from the a45s and a electric motor. It’s 2 years away and already people are very angry. Performance car drivers will be the last to accept electric. I drove a model s and was unimpressed. Cheap plastics, shoddy build. Felt more Dacia than Audi. The straight line pull is initially impressive but it gets old quick and the car hated bends. All felt very artificial too. Taycan looks impressive but it costs 80k more than a gt3. Only company directors are going to take them for the tax break. *forgot to mention how bad the model 3 performance looks compared to a m3/rs4/c63. No way it’s taking many buyers from them, other than company cars.