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  1. Can’t find a set like this from and uk/Eu seller. Can anyone point me in the in the right direction? Thanks
  2. K78

    Buying a used van or pick up.

    I ended up looking at caddy and transporters. Caddy was a bit on the small side and only 2 seats. Transporters seemed crazy money due to camper conversion potential. They all had high mileage in my price range and didn’t have nice spec. Then I stumbled across this. Nice spec, one owner and a price I was happy with. It’s a highline with pretty much every option including dsg gearbox. Im really happy with it. Not going to bother leasing another car when my Volvo goes back.
  3. K78


    I just bought a 300kg rated, folding platform trolley from Aldi for £35. The generator sits on it fine and it is easy enough to move. It all goes in the back of my xc60. I would rather get mains power once my house is watertight. for £299 I’m happy with what I got. I love a bargain
  4. K78

    Leicht Kichens

    I’m not ashamed to say my kitchen will be ex display.
  5. K78

    Leicht Kichens

    Poggenpohl make me laugh. £40,000 for mdf cabinets.
  6. K78

    Leicht Kichens

    No kitchen on earth is worth £27,000. Mark ups are ridiculous. I’m glad I’m not married. GF has no say in my build, even if she thinks different.
  7. K78


    They have 3 left. Really good price for a makita. https://www.worldofpower.co.uk/makita-eg2250a-2-2kw-petrol-4-stroke-generator.html
  8. K78


    Thanks for all the advice. It’s appreciated as always. I bought the makita. Seemed a bargain at £299. Even compared to the Lidl one which isn’t in stock.
  9. K78


    My site doesn’t lend itself well that. It’s large l shaped and split level with the house on the lower level. A 900w Honda is over £800.
  10. K78


    No doubt it will get used for a lot more than charging batteries. That is my primary concern at the moment though. I’m going to need a generator onsite. The build will be mostly DIY with help from a few skilled friends. Light amongst other things will be a concern in a month or 2. 49kg isn’t too heavy. If it goes in the back of a Volvo I’m good.
  11. K78


    Honda are no doubt the best but expensive. I’m thinking that Makita is a good option?
  12. K78


    I was looking at this one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Böhler-AG-Petrol-Generator-3-8KVA-WX3800K/dp/B06W9DXZBX/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1537818534&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=Generator&psc=1 It’s just for charging batteries and power tools on site.
  13. K78


    Can anyone recommend a good, cheap petrol generator? just had a look on eBay and there are loads to choose from. Brands I have never heard of though. Thanks
  14. K78

    New series of Grand Designs

    Scares the life out of me.
  15. K78

    Timber Crib Wall

    I looked at every possible option and this was by far the cheapest and quickest for my situation. My house is going to be ICF and clad in timber though. Can’t wait to get started.