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  1. Travis Perkins sent me a email today advertising internal oak doors for £55 with a minimum order of 2.
  2. What would be a fair laying rate per 100mm block in the NW at the moment? I posted a job on mybuilder and have had quotes upto £3 per block! Thanks
  3. Awful time to be buying anything imported. I honestly think the EU will buckle on the backstop issue before Halloween. The Irish economy would crash and without us, Europe will struggle to pay the bill. Boris and Trump have really put pressure on them.
  4. Cheap Chinese ones with German sounding names are best avoided. I bought a makita for a great price in a sale. Shop around.
  5. There will be at least a 12 month transition period when all the posturing is over.
  6. Strip foundations?
  7. https://u-build.org/#section-3 Apologies if this has been posted before.
  8. Even done properly most of the big mortgage companies won’t like it. Silly but that that is the uk for you.
  9. As my wall leans back and has no dpc im guessing it’s too late to even consider now?
  10. BCO made it clear from day one he would prefer them to be separate. My initial se design was a one piece slab and wall. I figured why build the wall twice.
  11. Thanks. It is really appreciated. Layout works really well.
  12. I agree. Ive been tempted by a few eBay bargains in the past but decided to wait. Tech moves so fast and I feared regretting the purchase.
  13. Normally a few bargains on eBay.
  14. Thanks for the very detailed reply @Ferdinand. It is appreciated. The two gardens that the bedrooms open onto are small and private. There is a retaining wall at the front of my plot so they’re not really linked. The main garden is on the upper level. I agree about downstairs being dark. I was intending to use floor lighting, but it is a concern. The wall upstairs was removed straight away. It is totally open other than the cloakroom. I was struggling with the layout downstairs and used the attached floor plan as a guide. I needed to take a break from this as it got to the point where I was getting stressed and agitated with it. I’ll be sitting down tonight and taking your points on board.
  15. ‘This is what I meant re makro, Argos, Amazon etc. Cheap Chinese tat with fake Eu marks have flooded the market. When I checked out telesteps (Swedish company), there were numerous collapses and a few broken backs. Ive been told the main reason tradespeople hate them, is that they fail to operate unless clean. Dirt, paint, plaster etc clog them up. I think i will will give them a miss.