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  1. K78

    Insul hub

    It will be interesting to see what insulhub say later this week. To be fair all the isotex YouTube videos say 1.5m per pour. Edit, The insulhub site says pour every 6 rows. https://insulhubuk.com/documents/8/ISOTEX_brochure_V4_2019_FINAL.pdf
  2. K78

    Insul hub

    I was aware of your issues mate. But I thought they were down to the contractor not taking care with the blocks? I was planning on going to 2.5m and pouring that day.
  3. K78

    Insul hub

    It will have a big say in which route I take. My whole plan and costing was geared around 2 pours. Im glad one of the joiners I am using attended the durisol course with me. The additional concrete pump hire is costly and I would have people stood around on site doing nothing if we could only stack 3 blocks high.
  4. K78

    Insul hub

    Durisol confirmed via email today that they recommend stacking to 1.5m now. They say 2.5m is the absolute maximum. No clarification yet on why this has changed. I’m guessing a few people have had disasters at 2.5m?
  5. K78

    Portal Frame House

    I have seen a few threads on here regarding converting existing portal frames into houses. But none on building with a new one like the barnhaus concept. Would it be a issue getting a house like this to meet building regulations? It looks like a huge saving in foundation cost. A steel portal frame would cost less than my quotes for feature trusses. https://nacsba.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/images_shoestring_18_shoestring13_ed-green.pdf
  6. K78

    Modern Portal Frame Barn Conversion

    The barnhaus concept uses a portal frame on pad foundations.
  7. K78

    Insul hub

    That is more reassuring. I was planning to brace the corners anyway. It didn’t make sense to me that durisol were saying 1.5m per pour. Dry stacking blocks is not rocket science. Looking forward to the isotex course next Friday.
  8. K78

    Insul hub

    My point is that if you are correct regarding durisol. The information I was given on the course I attended is incorrect. Which is a cause of concern. I am aware of why they do the courses and what they cost. I’m just saying be aware the trainers are salespeople. Double check everything you are told. I managed banking advisors for a big bank for a while. It’s amazing how many people think that their local banks, banking advisor (or bank in general) is there as a free, public service. Rather than a salesperson with strict targets. The general consensus was. If they are asking you what they should do with their money, they haven’t got a clue. I think durisol and isotex are both good products. It’s the conflicting information on different courses which is worrying me.
  9. K78

    Insul hub

    I’m aware of that. I was surprised he was no longer with durisol. Then I stumbled across insul hub. It will be interesting to see what he says now. He told me 2.4m was not as issue with Durisol. Everyone on the course questioned it as we were told bracing was not needed. I’ve lost a bit of confidence tbh. Especially with what I’ve read about only one side of a Durisol wall being flat. This obviously was not mentioned on the course. I think people should be aware that the “courses” are essentially their selling opportunity. A bit like an estate agents “valuation”.
  10. K78

    Insul hub

    I’m aware of the previous connection to Durisol. Jamie run the durisol course I attended.
  11. K78

    Insul hub

    I agreed with the trainer, that if I cut the corner blocks and laid the first course. He would come out for the day and we would get to first floor height and pour. The selling point to me, is that these blocks are DIY “friendly” and easily stackable. Im beginning to think it’s better to research yourself, than take what is said on these courses as gospel.
  12. K78

    Insul hub

    Totally different to the course I attended then. How much experience do insulhub have with isotex?
  13. K78

    Insul hub

    On the durisol course they definitely said you could go 1storey high.
  14. K78

    Insul hub

    According to the insulhub videos on YouTube you can only go 6 courses high before a pour. Durisol was 2.4m if I remember correctly? Reading about the inconsistency in sizes of Durisol blocks over the last few days is a concern though.
  15. K78

    smart meters

    I’ve said no.