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  1. No I don’t agree. Nice idea, but woodland isn’t for living in.
  2. I know someone who lost there house when they tried to challenge right of way. Everyone advised him against it but the idiot insisted it was “his land”.
  3. I don’t think anyone would list their house as non standard construction if it was timber framed. Most buyers don’t care if there is a block skin, but many are put off by a all timber house. Silly, but that’s the way many brits are. Obsessed with bricks and mortar.
  4. K78


    He seemed really confident but I was surprised. My mate knows a few scaffolders so Im hopeful I’ll get a good deal.
  5. I don’t pretend to understand this nearly as much as you. A concrete block house with EWI was always the example I thought of. Surely the concrete blocks retain heat better than a timberframe with EWI? The storage heater comparison always made sense to my simple mind.
  6. K78


    I was planning to buy. But a builder (who quoted £3.50 per block), said I was looking at around £600 to hire. If that is the case I will be hiring.
  7. Thermal mass is one of the things mentioned on this forum that is easy to understand without all the scientific explanations. It is basically how effective a material is at absorbing and retaining heat. I think most idiots would guess block is better than timber in this regard. Whether the name is technically correct or not, it makes perfect sense to me. Not worth heated debate imo.
  8. I am planning to use block as I’m on a tight budget and prefer block for the reasons you listed. However I’m reluctantly looking back through basic timber frame quotes as I’ve been quoted between £2 ( local, dodgy builder) and £3.50 per block. At £3.50 a block I could have a basic timberframe supplied and erected for just £4K more (£19k) than labour cost of my walls.
  9. Depends on your price point. Many buyers with a family insist on s en-suite. A small dressing room between the bedroom and en-suite would solve the issues you mention.
  10. Don’t know if it still applies, but no toilet used to render a property not fit to live in, which makes it council tax exempt. First thing i used to do when I bought a house to renovate was remove the beat up bathroom. I used to buy investment properties in Salford and the council tax rates are horrendous.
  11. I only need it for basic floor plans. Nothing extravagant. I ditched my laptop for a iPad Pro which meets 99% of my needs. IOS doesn’t run sketchup though.
  12. I’m looking to buy a cheap laptop for sketchup. Would a 2015 MacBook run sketchup ok? Thanks
  13. I just don’t enjoy arguing on the internet. Saying germans buy their own brands is like saying brits drink tea. I buy German cars and tools makita apart. So do many brits, Australians, americans etc. Their artificially weak currency allows them to make maximum profit on their premium products too. It’s just a shame that it does the opposite to Spanish oranges.
  14. Yes I mean really. Can’t be bothered arguing about something so evident. Especially with someone who asks for evidence that the bbc is anti brexit. Why do you think there is a £90billion trade deficit?