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  1. epsilonGreedy


    Would this be a land of Outback pioneers free of planning officers, building inspectors and regulation? Will your cottage be inspired by English cottage designs or does the word mean something else in antipodean parts?
  2. The local concrete supplier advised today that they charge £1 per minute after 20 minutes if there is a customer caused delay onsite. I was prepared for a higher penalty rate, is a £1 per minute reasonable?
  3. epsilonGreedy

    Level tolerance for hardcore under a concrete slab.

    Presumably I would wait until the surface is no longer wet and tacky? Or alternatively I could arrange some wooden battens standing 8" above the surface then lift the plastic over these, but then would I ask creating a greenhouse heating effect? Weather tomorrow is sunny after lunch.
  4. epsilonGreedy

    Floor membrane detail at garage door threshold.

    "Expansion". And here I am worrying about traction from wheels tugging the blocks (E) towards the hardcore ramp (R) which will not provide that much lateral support. Where does your garage door sit at floor level? I ask because another thing I am concerned about is the possibility of wind driven rain causing moisture ingress between C & E with a result that water flows under the slab but above the membrane and thus becomes trapped. The vertical dashed lines are the wall profile.
  5. epsilonGreedy

    Self build - foul waste connections advice please

    ... Is a digger hire part of your DIY plan?
  6. I intend to use grey edging blocks along the garage door entrance and I am debating where the dpm under the floor slab should end at the point where the slab edge meets the entrance edging blocks. In the attached diagram: E = edging block 200mm deep, 100mm high at the leading edge and 125 high where the block meets the slab. C = poured concrete slab. HC = hardcore S = Sand blinding B = coursing block H = Heavy concrete foundation block R = Approach ramp in 2" clean limestone with dressing chippings on top Hashed area is strong concrete cavity fill. My concern is that the edging blocks might wobble loose under the traction vehicle tires. To reduce that risk I would prefer to have a mortar joint between the blocks and the leading face of the concrete slab. That however would allow moisture ingress into the slab. It is a single story garage with a typical roof overhang. Where should the dpm membrane shown in the thick blue felt end at the door threshold?
  7. epsilonGreedy

    U value real world difference. .18 vs .2

    Just a hunch... £20 to £40 p/a.
  8. epsilonGreedy

    Level tolerance for hardcore under a concrete slab.

    One of my self build neighbours is helping plus one other hired help because I only have 1.5 effective arms at the moment. On local advice we are doing a rough tampdown to be followed by "latex" layer once the roof is on. I hope a rough tamped finish will provide a good mechanical key for the final few mm of hi-tech leveling compound.
  9. epsilonGreedy

    DPM, how to shape to an inner corner?

    I am prepared for some relationship tensions this evening when Swmbo helps. "No not like that, Pete W on BuildHub said like an upside down hospital corner... grrr.. didn't your mother ever teach you how to make a bed...."
  10. I am going to lay my 1200 gauge DPM today ahead of the ground baring concrete slab pour tomorrow. It is a thick slab (6" to 7") formed by a boundary of inner wall concrete blocks 225mm high. How to I shape the membrane to the inner 90 degree corners? Leave the membrane uncut and stuff it up to the corner with a few ruffles as a result. Cut it at the corner like wrapping a Christmas present and then tape up the adjacent flaps. As (2) but tape in a custom supplementary corner piece.
  11. epsilonGreedy

    Level tolerance for hardcore under a concrete slab.

    Tomorrow (Thursday) 11am. You are welcome to observe or lend a hand.
  12. epsilonGreedy

    Are countertop basins use or ornament?

    The few boutique hotel bathrooms I have encountered cursed with them have seemed poorly cleaned at counter level behind the basin. I would not consider fitting a counter top basin.
  13. epsilonGreedy

    Fibolites 3.7 N for inner garage wall.

    They are the default light block option at my favourite BM.
  14. epsilonGreedy

    Fibolites 3.7 N for inner garage wall.

    Yes. I wish I had not bothered with the steroid injection because I could cope with the tennis elbow but now tying my shoe laces is a major achievement. Defo not fit enough for one armed combat in the global warming lpg thread.