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  1. epsilonGreedy

    Opposite of an AAV?

    I did not want a roof height stack because I did not want the associated the hassle and screw holes of supporting the stack hence the plan for a short external stack at about toilet seat height.
  2. epsilonGreedy

    Opposite of an AAV?

    @PeterStarck yes mine looks the same but in black. Can you see a part number? My box says BS487.
  3. epsilonGreedy

    Opposite of an AAV?

    I have looked in daylight, nothing to be seen. Will keep you posted on developments.
  4. epsilonGreedy

    Opposite of an AAV?

    Ok. Just thought it was possible that venting off positive drain pipe pressure was required at times hence the part I am looking at. In my case I need an AAV for the start of the under static caravan foul drainage plan and the more I look at this component the more convinced I am that it works in reverse. I will leave the mini stack open for the moment, buy a genuine Brett Martin AAV and then compare.
  5. epsilonGreedy

    Opposite of an AAV?

    With the disk in the raised position there is an open route for air and when lowered is seems closed. It came out of a Bret Martin box but nothing on the component indicates a part number or manufacturer.
  6. epsilonGreedy

    Opposite of an AAV?

    Is it possible to buy a 110mm valve that operates as an air expulsion valve? I ask because looking at the mechanism of the the AAV I purchased on friday it appears the close under negative drain pressure.
  7. epsilonGreedy


    That is a problem I am now too familiar with.
  8. epsilonGreedy

    Brexit ( sorry mentioned it )

    If we had European style voting patterns which delivered diverse and fragmented political groups into Parliament the outcome would be Government through political alliances which is all about compromise, hence no need for charismatic leaders. At the end of the day, just like newspapers, a nation gets the politicians it deserves.
  9. epsilonGreedy

    Brexit ( sorry mentioned it )

    I thought this is why we had a Head of State i.e. someone with the power to wade into an extreme situation knock politician heads together and appoint a Government of National Unity by decree. I am disappointed that none in the media have dared to whisper "erm excuse me Your Majesty, what do you think we pay you for?".
  10. epsilonGreedy

    Flexible pipe for awkward temporary foul drain connection.

    A timely warning. A visit yesterday to inspect an example at Screwfix confirmed it had a thin pipe wall similar to heavy duty pvc sheet. There are some flexible rubber 110mm drainage couplers available though much shorter than the 2ft I need to bridge so I will either need to source 1 meter of the rubber hose used to make these couplers or close the 2ft gap with hard plastic bends and then use a flexible couple
  11. epsilonGreedy

    Achieving a clean square cut with plastic 110mm pipe, how.

    A useful collection of advice videos there, thanks. Having watched the pipe cutting episode I am reassured I will do better using the @JSHarristechnique. Even on the low resolution instruction video I could see the resulting cut was something like a 5mm out of true. If that is what pro's do when on best public video behviour I need not worry about my diy standard 🙂
  12. epsilonGreedy

    Flexible pipe for awkward temporary foul drain connection.

    Ok. I will visit my local Screwfix which has one in stock and ask to inspect the example. It looks like water inlet hose as used on boats which is robust enough to be attached to an underwater seacock which would be typically left open for days when crew are aboard.
  13. epsilonGreedy

    Tile problem- need help.

    Seems you used a floor tile on the walls of your shower cubicle. Not saying this is a heinous DIY error but could it be relevant?
  14. epsilonGreedy

    Flexible pipe for awkward temporary foul drain connection.

    This is the closest material I can for my requirement. I reckon it will require a few circuits of gaffer tape to make water tight in place of a proper rubber seal. https://www.screwfix.com/p/flexipipe-pipe-110mm/76775
  15. epsilonGreedy

    Flexible pipe for awkward temporary foul drain connection.

    This might work, just been outside experimenting with two 45 degree bends.