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  1. I clocked some "unbranded" Belling hoods at under £100. The branded options are outrageous prices for such a simple device. I assume they get away with it because people loose their heads when speccing a new kitchen.
  2. How about Appliances Online? My last washing machine took 22 hours from click to doorstep delivery. Here are their cooker hoods https://ao.com/cooking/cooker-hoods-and-extractor-fans/?mmref=cooking|built_in_cooking|Cookers Hoods|8_4_3
  3. Where does the exhaust air from the tumbler go, direct outside via a hole or into the internal airspace of the garage?
  4. I know what you mean. On the 27th when that storm struck the UK I was up on my tarpaulin covered roof in the dark being buffeted by gale force gusts and my thought, "the last time I had such an adrenaline rush was solo sailing to France when my boom disconnected from the mast at 1am".
  5. Do you have the type of soffit vents that create an air channel between the soffit and up above the insulation roll level?
  6. That white monster looks like a next generation robot from Boston Dynamics, are you sure is has not escaped from an AI research lab. Just hang on if it decides to execute a back flip while you are fixing the roof.
  7. Our standard of living onsite improved incrementally. A garden shed for the washing machine and tumbler was a big step forward. Hardcore parking for cars. Then a rotary washing line in the Spring. Finally we developed a garden area with potted plants and garden furniture, after dark on a summer's evening we forgot we were living on a building site. Last week I got the fridge freezer out of storage and set it up under the temporary roof of the utility room.
  8. Have you considered sourcing direct from a quarry in 10 ton loads? Suppose it depends on storage space onsite since manually shifting that much in a weekend would be a backbreaking task.
  9. My early-stage seasonally adjusted self builder tips in descending priority are: Hook-1: So that you always know where your ear defenders are. Hook-2: For a proper builders face mask. A good torch powered by the same rechargeable battery system chosen for your power tools. A few tons of hardcore for site paths to get you out of the mud.
  10. Now we know where English Barnett formula money goes. 😉
  11. Yes a slow round the world cruise on Cunard's Queen Mary, should be dry enough to seal on your return. When did you move in?
  12. Essential that payments are tied to completed stages as shown in your revised payment schedule. One BuildHubber got caught out paying the builder a monthly appearance fee. I would just caution about your relative percentages for the stages, in general for a whole house build a water tight shell is just a little over the halfway point whereas with your budget you have paid out 70% at this point.
  13. Ok that is a very different situation. So you want to know what insulation type has slumped to the bottom of the cavity that you suspect is wet due to other symptoms.
  14. When getting a cavity wall insulation quote for my 2001 built house the assessor drilled a 10mm hole in the mortar bed at the corner of a brick. By looking for debris on the drill bit as it was removed he checked what was in the cavity. The cavity was empty as I thought. Why not top up the current wall insulation with an extra internal layer of PIR lined plasterboard?
  15. Condensation? Have you been plastering? Is the heating on this winter?