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  1. There might come a time where invasion of privacy is welcome. Advancing the clock 40 years how would you feel about NHS spy cams in the home that can visually detect with AI image analysis when an OAP falls? Similar technology is already being trialed for monitoring intensive care beds in hospital.
  2. There will be a minimum for any stove below which the fire fizzles out. This was the kw number I was seeking. p.s. The answer to my question might also relate to fuel top up frequency.
  3. Is there a performance scale for homes that meet the qualifying threshold for a Passiv House? I ask because with a little knowledge on the subject I reckon your house exceeds the Passiv house minimum performance threshold by 30%.
  4. Are any figures available for minimum Kw output of a wood burning stove? I see Max and Nominal quoted by suppliers.
  5. This is my thinking as well. From a political perspective I reckon this nation state is in trouble and will not be able to maintain uptime for services over the next 30 years that we have come to expect. I get that a scientific calculation leads to an electric-only solution as the optimum for a Passiv house but I would feel more comfortable with some diversity.
  6. Is it possible those corner mouldings are just that i.e. bits of plastic intended to shape the grp lamination at the corner of the roof? If so this is not a failure of bonding but a failure by the installer to wrap a continuous grp layup around the corners. OP: What are the corner pieces made of?
  7. Is there any industry tolerance standard for how large a chunk can be missing in a concrete beam end before it needs to be replaced. This was transport damage. Most of my my beams are slightly oversized because they are dispatched from stock that is precut in 50mm increments, hence I can chop say 20mm off the end and still maintain a full beam end seat of 95mm.
  8. Yes in most cases though one first floor stack might be problematic because of a last minute tactical drainage change of plan. We had to flip the ensuite stack to the other wall in order to prevent one stack dropping directly into a horizontal pipe. It now flows via a bend into a y-piece then the main branch as per the @PeterW advice in another recent thread.
  9. It allows the concrete beams to butt end-to-end while still giving each beam end a 100mm seat. The architectural technician did not specify the sleeper wall and instead specified a beam span of 5.5m.
  10. Yes. Not for an air brick, just open square holes about 200mm wide x 150mm high formed within internal sleeper/supporting walls. I have seen photos posted here of completed footings that include the same large open holes to promote air movement between compartments of a suspended floor void. That is what I intended to do but I have come around the larger open square holes.
  11. No it was a local builder, just part of his standard construction method as applied to my site. Yes detached with external air brick ventilation on three sides. The way I look at it the cumulative area of the ventilation slots below the infill blocks will be x3 the airbrick area on the opposing external walls.
  12. I have 5.5m by 6.0m sitting room with an extra sleeper wall, 215mm wide, mid way across the room to allow half length beams and also prevent excessive bounce in the middle. The block & beam floor will be laid across the sleeper wall with the half length beams butting end to end at the sleeper wall. I am being advised that the sleeper wall needs a square size ventilation hole cut out with a lintel over. I feel the new ventilation hole is not required because the gap between every beam creates 400mm x 50mm ventilation slot hence this will create more than enough through void ventilation between the sections bisected by the sleeper wall.
  13. The drainage pipe work is in position and the major components are concreted in. I hope with a 600mm rise the the stack to FFL the stack pipe can be tweaked away from the wall by an extra 10mm.
  14. Ok so a stabilizing bracket is recommended even for the 600mm unsupported drop in the void below the floor block?
  15. You just anticipated a question I was due to post in 2034 when we plan to retired the garage utility room and move some white goods into into the rear entrance hall. Would this boss allow a washing machine drain to be clamped onto a soil stack just below or above FFL? The washing machine will be sited just 2ft away on the other side of a medium block partition wall.