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  1. Think I have the same one and vintage. However in the early stages of my build I did not have enough covered storage and the jaws got wet then turned to mush. Can they be replaced?
  2. I wonder if the younger guy missed the communal site environment working alone on a large private build? Anyhow the building industry is raw ruthless capitalism unfamiliar to many cosseted by decades of salary checks and is driven by Friday afternoon cash. If the OP is 500 blocks short of wall plate then adding 50% to the block rate will trigger interest. How heavy are these blocks?
  3. That is how the big sites work. My brickie had to divert to another job for a few weeks to finish off gables and bank the whole job completion money that was being retained.
  4. I agree and thought I was saying that. As we convert to wind the national grid progressively looses the reservoir of kinetic energy that provided an instant automatic reserve to keep the grid frequency within limits as the operators scrambled to bring quick start reserves online. Pumped Hydro is one example I assume. Your Wiki link on the subject of Synchronverter contains references that illustrate more enlightened countries than the UK are mandating that Wind generators must also provide additional reserved power for frequency stability to replace the inherent stability that the old power provided before they were retired. The science and problem is clear to all except @SteamyTea, the solution either requires some new hi-tech wizardry or as @pdf27suggests old fashioned heavy spinning flywheels might be cheaper and more reliable.
  5. At a point in time the stability of the grid is a function of the total kinetic energy in the weight of the bits spinning in power stations at 50hz. I know this because the man who the Government sent out to Bosnia to rebuild the war shattered grid over there, told me so at the pub. That nugget of information lodged in my brain for 20 years until I started reading reports by informed people who expressed concern that the regional summer trip-out 2 years ago can be explained in part by the lack of trad power stations providing that kinetic inertia for the grid. You are claiming loss of kinetic energy does not represent a problem so the onus is on you to support that claim.
  6. Neither do the people who install these things or those who promote the technology, hence their poor reputation outside a few specialist internet forums. My predictions are just that. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/prediction The unfortunate incident highlighted another problem. This country will have to build dummy power stations that consume energy to spin large heavy armatures to provide grid stability which is diminishing as trad power stations go offline. Well yes if we abandon CO2 reduction targets then many power generation headaches go away. Now we can find a new subject to debate, let's talk about the future of the NHS and assume no adults have a BMI over 25 and that they go to the gym 3 times a week and never drink alcohol.
  7. I was thinking more broadly about where a timezone error could creep in and throw out @canalsiderenovationdaily usage profile. Downstream of the meter the whole smart meter system might be offshored to India and if timestamps are not handled correctly and the server-time is local, then that would translate peak UK evening consumption to 2am. Other problem areas might be the customer's preferred timezone with a registered account, then there is the mobile phone's timezone or even configuration of personal preferences in the smart meter app itself. Plenty of opportunity for timestamps to be mangled along the way due to poor program code. Given the latest update on this saga it seems to be affecting multiple accounts so likely the problem is a routine software error deeper in a smart meter data handling server.
  8. Fitting ASHPs into Victorian or 1980s housing stock does not deliver a COP of 3 because they work too hard and then need to waste electricity on defrost cycles. Next you need to build loads of new hydrogen power stations to generate the gigga watts of energy currently delivered by natural gas pipes to homes. Even if natural gas heating is maintained at current levels we will struggle to keep the lights on by 2025. Your plan for mass retirement of gas central heating boilers in favour of ASHP will plunge us into sustained blackouts. An ASHP with capacity to heat an old house is 5 times more expensive than a 25kw gas boiler. You want to move too fast, we need an extra 40 years to implement your vision.
  9. The discussion has moved on, we are talking about what to do with surplus overnight wind power. Wind was peaking at 11 to 12 gW last week. A Conservative estimate is that over the next decade it will double again. Fitting ASHPs to old housing stock just compounds the problem of keeping the lights on at 6pm in 2025 on a slow weather day in mid winter as nuclear capacity declines.
  10. More likely a response to perceived grid supply instability? What KwH unit cost do these container generators deliver?
  11. Just the point I was going to make, an UFH slab is just a 50mm thick storage radiator. The issue the country faces is the majority of housing stock leaks heat too fast to benefit directly from surplus overnight energy. As the Daily Mail pointed out we will need a 4x increase in wind power to squash our natural gas consumption for electricity generation and get us through winter days when the weather stops. The problem of surplus overnight wind generation will rise dramatically, we need to do something useful with that capacity. Hydrogen production is one answer.
  12. We live in a world drowning in "facts" that support a spectrum of opinion on any subject. Opinion shapes the destiny of human civilization, facts are just the cattle-feed that provide fodder for the lemmings who follow the thought leaders who craft new ideas.
  13. The people decided 30 years ago that E7 + storage radiators is a failed concept, why waste brain cycles on this? Normal humans do not want to be cooked at 3am and shivering by 8pm. There are more important matters to debate. All our nuclear power generation capacity is due to be retired over the next 11 years with one new station arriving 5 years from now. The French have canned further euro power links post Brexit. Gas power stations keep the lights on when the wind stops mid winter but only just. The easy wins in domestic power efficiency have been banked, with EVs and ASHP demand will now rise. Natural gas central heating will be legislated and taxed to extinction over the next 10 years. An ASHP is barely viable in a house built to a scraping 2013 regs pass. What is your plan to keep a family of 4 living in 1000 sq ft 1985 vintage 3 bed home warm in 2030, candle power excluded.
  14. I thought Gretta has decreed that COP26 in Glasgow should be postponed for a year and so I was hoping for a year of zero emissions from fringe save the planet science.
  15. Very snake oily I agree. I assume their pitch is once gas boilers are outlawed what next for low-end housing where a domestic hotwater tank takes up a disproportionate amount of space. Hydrogen is the answer, we are going to need massive over capacity of wind generation to cope with quiet weather days and deal with the flakyness of end-of-life nuke powerstations. Given that currently the wind farms are paid to feather their blades some nights to prevent excess power in the grid we may as well direct the surplus power to hydrogen production plants.