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  1. Could the builder claim he was working under the direction of @MaryMwho by her actions had appointed herself as the project manager and that planning applications are the responsibility of the project manager? If I understand correctly the builder has demonstrated he is capable of delivering work that meets the standards of Building Control but the whole conversion fell foul of planning restraints and has been condemned as unapproved. The issue now at hand is remedial work to restore the room back to a garage but that triggers new building control regulations because the part converted garage is now in a functional no mans land, is this right? I also recall the OP and the builder were friends? When the builder initially suggest the project would be classed as an improvement and not a conversion was he offering informal advice as a friend over a cup of coffee or professional advice included within the scope of a contract? The wording on the planning portal site does indicate that the householder is ultimately responsible for for sorting out planning matters. So can Mary prove that she commissioned her builder to sort everything out including planning and building control compliance?
  2. Try a horse & pony or farming online forum if you do not get a response here. I recall previous references to land owners insurance on this forum but not a specific named insurer. A quick Google search for "land owners 3rd party liability insurance" produces many links to follow.
  3. For a year of zero build activity then self builder site insurance, costing typically £400 to £600, would be throwing money away. Self builder insurance can include personal tools, plant hire theft, onsite storage, static carvans, worker & public liability, personal accident plus of course the big one = property rebuild cost including taking away the remnants of your part built fire gutted home. From an insurer's point of view a green field with 3rd party liability cover is a small fraction the risk.
  4. Many here report that their site insurance renewals increase at a punitive rate that reflects a captive market rather than true insurance risk. I think it makes sense to delay the date an expensive site insurance policy starts and when you are ready then buy a lengthy policy that covers the whole duration of your build. I recall that other forum members have insured their idle green field plot with cheaper general land owner insurance. In my case I found that Protek's self builder renewal quote was a little cheaper than the first policy, maybe there was some undisclosed no claims bonus applied.
  5. The Guardian is maintaining a useful live feed on all things Coronavirus at this link: https://www.theguardian.com/science/live/2020/jan/25/coronavirus-china-death-tolls-rises-to-41-as-france-confirms-three-cases Edit: Another reliable source is daily situation reports from the World Health Organization: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports
  6. In the case of Wuhan Virus it must be difficult to calculate a mortality rate at this stage with the disease in its current phase of geometric infection expansion. How many more of the reported 1300 cases will succumb to their developing infection, conversely others with mild cases will not have presented to medical authorities. I just hope that Brickies are genetically special enough not to contract Wuhan Virus.
  7. I know you are too polite to add self build forum members to that list of the excitable.
  8. There was a news article on TV the other day which stated 30% of students at Liverpool Uni are from China or was that 30% of their foreign intake?
  9. I read somewhere that increased virus zapping UV levels during the summer help curtail infections rates, is that true?
  10. After reviewing the timeline of specific infection chains experts are concluding transmission is occurring before obvious symptoms which opens up the time window for transmission before a patient retires to bed.
  11. If exhaled droplets are the mechanism of transmission I was hoping there might be some protection from a mask providing the masks are routinely replaced as done by medical pros. This time the virus seems to have legs, both confirmed infections and deaths have doubled over the past 24 hours, think the figures are now around 41 and 1300. Hong Kong has declared a state of emergency and closed all schools, this is beginning to sound like the script from the film Contagion.
  12. Given that a virus has displaced Harry & Megan off the top of the news agenda I guess it is time to start worrying. How effective is a builder's anti dust mask at keeping a virus out compared with surgical mask? During the swine flu scare I remember an expert saying masks as worn by the general public only help contain the germs of the infected and when worn by non infected people there is a risk the mask might capture virus laden droplets and put the mask wearer at increased risk of contracting the disease.
  13. Ok full story. I was going to order 4 standard length (3.9m) boards and 4 shorter boards for laying internal wall courses in smaller rooms. Delivery costs from a national supplier seemed to negate the price discount compared to a local BM with free delivery. However local BMs only supply standard 3.9m boards hence the proposal to order 6 standard boards and cut two in half. I hope the cut ends will not fragment prematurely particularly if I buy some board end metal bands and nail them in.
  14. If I take delivery of some new scaffolding boards, cut them in half and fit some metal end bands to the just cut ends will they be as good as new?