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  1. I am watching the price of lead sheet. Could we temp @Jeremy Harrisback to the forum, he must have a blueprint for the construction of a nuclear bunker.
  2. The news just in that France has intercepted a Russian cargo ship at sea under new powers moves this matter up many notches. We could be at a Cuban Missile type stand off within a week it this keeps escalating. The Russians could view this as state sponsored piracy which is awfully close to an act of war.
  3. A few details would be useful. Location, budget, internal area requirement, house/bungalow, eco passiv house expectations.
  4. I watched a video showing how the small claims mediation process works. The case in question involved a householder who sacked a builder 2/3 of the way through a job because she decided the builder would not finish on schedule and then she only offered to pay 1/3 of the total quoted job. She was not successful.
  5. I am confused, how many arms do Boris and Vlad have?
  6. What legal entity did you give this 5 figure deposit to? Getting that back would be a higher priority to me than knocking up a minimally functional budget kitchen.
  7. @Russdldo you recall specific CO2 ppm numbers as the air quality declined?
  8. A typical 1600 sq ft house built to scrape a pass mark for thermal building regs will loose heat at a rate of 6kW at a 20 degree delta. Once your room, mezzanine and hallway have warmed up where will the stove heat go? But to answer your question the Clearview Vision 500 with the mid height bungalow hat makes a statement in a large fireplace with a not ridiculous max output of 8kW. https://www.clearviewstoves.com/clearview-brochure/#16-17
  9. You need a bigger phone screen. Today was a record peak for UK wind power, must be the result of Triton Knoll coming online. I regularly drive over its feed into the national grid and it clonks my suspension. Enjoy today while it lasts, how many turbines will tumble tomorrow?
  10. GridWatch is just a weekend side project run by an enterprising computer programmer. He publishes data from industry realtime feeds. The PV data is synthetic produced by a model created by Sheffield University. GridWatch wind data should be good. https://gridwatch.co.uk/Wind
  11. Your original post lead with data from GridWatch and I chose to debunk your predictions by exclusively using data from GridWatch. In response you now cherry pick from multiple sources including the Guardian. Rampant gas price inflation and astonishing kWh price inflation illustrate that wind is not yet delivering what you claim. There is a 5 to 10 year gap between reality and your happy clappy tree hugger view of the world. That reality gap is causing real suffering millions of Britons.
  12. @Ferdinandyou need to rework your projections and factor in the following: Total installed wind capacity in the UK is 24GW Peak wind output in 2021 was 14GW Average wind output was 5.6GW You are greatly overestimating net increase due to new wind farms. By 2028 the UK power insecurity period will be over but until then we are in for a difficult time. Re. The new link to Norway. Is this good news from either a kWh or CO2 perspective?
  13. What low carbon progress do you expect to arrive over the next year to achieve such a startling change in energy generation? The reality is that we will likely see a rise in carbon-based UK electricity generation because our nuclear capacity is being retired early with 1.4GW due to be lost this year. New wind farm capacity will only nudge the dial a percent or two each year, for example the biggest recent news in wind farms was Triton Knoll which took years to build and came online last year with 0.8GW capacity.
  14. The issue is about growth rate. Your figures illustrate how many ASHP installers are new to the business and how many newly formed business in this sector will be inducing these inexperienced installers with more money to install the next 3 million ASHPs. This is the economic environment that leads to high prices and screwed up ASHP installations.
  15. In the Sunday Times this morning there is a prediction of the oil price shooting up to $120 a barrel. Does the gas price track the oil price?
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