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  1. What detail did you go for here in the end @Alexphd1?
  2. willbish

    Hi from Dorset- re-build project

    I'm using them for my build. You're welcome to come take a look when the ICF action starts
  3. willbish

    Hi from Dorset- re-build project

    Logix ICF are based in Poole, could be handy if you need a couple of extra blocks at short notice!
  4. The government have have appointed a former ASDA exec as 'food supplies minister'. Yes the media are hyping it up, like they always do, but I think the possibility of shortages given a no deal scenario is possible. Unless this appointment is a red herring designed to make us fearful of no deal brexit and accept any agreed deal. https://www.indy100.com/article/food-supplies-minister-brexit-no-deal-uk-joke-8557496
  5. Just what I wanted to hear. Many thanks 👍
  6. Quick query for our resident VAT expert @newhome 😉 Most of my invoices are addressed to my home address, I also have a couple, addressed to the site. Is having two addresses going to complicate matters when the time comes to reclaim?
  7. willbish

    Rendering EPS

    Any photos of this please @MikeSharp01? Sounds like something that could work on my build
  8. willbish

    Box sash on ICF with Stone cill

    😀 Thanks Russ.
  9. Ive been playing around with a few design details for the windows. What are your impressions of the following? First pic, section through the middle of the window Second pic, section at end, with 18mm ply three sided box, Id like to keep the cill away from the concrete (warm) core if possible The cill providers I've contacted seem happy for me to fix up through the cill into the window frame. Undecided whether to have the cills as wide as the window or extend wider. Wider is more traditional and commonplace, but I think shaping the EPS to accept the cill could be difficult
  10. willbish

    ICF bracing

    Could you share these or PM across pls
  11. willbish

    ICF bracing

    Thats good to hear. Should last at least 3 builds then. Using our own timber or passing that on too? I have a fairly reliable source of used stock from a commercial site hoarding company. One standard gable here. 👍Good, not interested in the catwalk brackets
  12. willbish

    ICF bracing

    Be good to hear all about these. I'm leaving 75mm around the perimeter which will be clear of UFH pipes to fix down into the slab. So @Russell griffiths how many zont units are you looking at and what's the price? Are you thinking that you would buy the lot. I give you 2/3rds purchase price on collection, @Alexphd1 then gives me 1/3rd purchase price when its his turn? After that @Alexphd1 could sell the lot and we split what's left 3 ways. Or we could donate to the Buildhub tool library! You never know you might need them again for your next project? Looking at the units I'd imagine the life expectancy isnt as long as their heavier steel cousins
  13. willbish

    ICF bracing

    Its my first time using ICF and the support of Logix is something I value. They will be on site for the first concrete pour. That said the zont system looks up to the job and might even be superior for my build. Ive been quoted hire of £6 per unit per week (maxed after 4 weeks) and need 62. Gulp! Timescale is tricky, I’m pouring my slab first week of October, then I’m waiting on finances and 6-8 week lead time on the Logix, it’s likely I could follow you and would need at the end of the year.
  14. willbish

    ICF bracing

    Hi @Russell griffiths, potentially I could be interested. My quoted hire charges are also significant, I will have to check with Logix that they would be happy for an alternative bracing system to be used. But yes could be a goer.
  15. willbish


    Colleague with knackered knees always had cold gel pads ready for break times. He swore that putting them behind leg instead of on the knee cap was much more effective.