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  1. My ecology mistake was to withdraw too much too early on. I was under the (incorrect) impression that I would be paying for a valuation before each draw down. Now that I have enquired about withdrawing some more I have been told that because of my LTV I can continue to withdraw without a valuation or even administration fee upto a surprising amount. The process is also very fast, so from applying for more funds to cash in account has been 48hrs.
  2. Thanks chaps. I didn't think the threshold would extend the whole width of the door including the frame but that makes sense to me now.
  3. Bit of an idiots question, and not just applicable to Rationel, but with a cill detail like this: How are the jambs fixed to the threshold? And if they are not, what stops the jambs spreading apart at the bottom before and during installation? J__TECHNICAL_DRAWINGS_Website Sections_FormaPlus TGU_FORMAPLUS TGU-Outward opening doors DOUBLE AND SINGLE DOORS (1).pdf
  4. Prices from £450+Vat and this should be as simple as a connection could be. I will make some enquiries with the DNO, but I'm wondering whether I'll have to say it's a business premises as it certainly isn't a dwelling. It might be the dog house though if I don't get off the internet on valentine's Day
  5. I've been offered a piece of land to rent, somewhere I can put my cabin and the rest to be used as an allotment. There is an overhead Low Voltage power line running across the land and a telegraph pole close to where I would sit the cabin. Is it possible the DNO would allow a new connection to the cabin? I guess they'd see it as a temporary structure without an address, would this make it ineligible? My thinking would be to have a prepaid meter, on a tarif without a standing charge, exactly like I have on site at the moment.
  6. Sounds good @Russell griffiths Did you paint blowerproof liquid all around your reveals prior to installing your windows? Seems counterintuitive to make an airtight seal onto EPS which is not airtight
  7. Personally I skipped a lot of questions that weren't of interest. Was sure to answer Q51 though "Currently only a proportion of new dwellings are required to be airtightness tested. Do you agree with the proposal that all new dwellings should be airtightness tested?"
  8. A consultation from the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government is coming to end on Friday. If you agree that future homes should be built to produce significantly less CO2 than they do at present click the link and give your opinion. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TQW8GQ9 Its open to anyone with an interest, including builders and home occupiers (everyone surely?!) AECB have uploaded a webinar discussing some of their objections to the Future Homes Plan.
  9. This stuff claims to be ultra flexible. Not sure what its make up is. Im looking for something I can use on first floor and weave between posi-joists.
  10. I've not long finished building with Logix ICF, welcome to come for a look and a poke around if you're passing south Bristol
  11. Pretty sure it was @Triassic who made his own raft. How much of the £2k saving will be eaten up by timber formwork and moving aggregate around? When I looked at pricing the savings from DIY was a lot more. Have the raft foundation systems held their pricing whilst the price of EPS has creeped up?
  12. Interesting article but the example of the office block with a 1,140kWp PV array is barking. If I'm not mistaken that's over 3700 panels, what sort of office building would have space for that?
  13. The extra £1500 how much is that as a % of the total bill? Anything over 10% extra, I'd want to be notified prior to the work being done.
  14. No need for a specific fitting. Just use a standard Y junction and then use a 45 to bring it back parallel with the input. Insert appropriate length of pipe between Y and 45 for required offset.
  15. If you don't feel confident making your own formwork for the falls you could use Impey Aqua Grade system. Although they are a couple hundred ££ and you are limited to their sizes and waste position.