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  1. Why do you need an expensive Ubiquity switch? I would've thought a cheaper unmanaged alternative would suffice and then add the Ubiquity WAP's
  2. I have similar requirements to @Adsibob and will likely follow @JonJump advice and fit an unmanaged switch in front of my router with 2 decent ceiling mounted wireless access points. Currently looking at switch options and it seems that most 19" rack mounted POE options are all managed. Is that the case? I'm looking for 24 port total but only really need a handful POE. Currently have all 16x cat6 terminated and patched ready for the next step..
  3. No, hasn't been used with any type of diverter yet
  4. Thanks Russ. I feared that might be case. Another mark against the eejit that spec'd the thing. I wonder if there's an option to upgrade the controller šŸ˜•
  5. Not much Sunamp chatter for a while... Does anyone know if my UniQ eHW 12 will accept little bits of power from a PV diverter? I have looked at the current range and read the manual for the +iPV model. It talks of using a 4 core cable and permanent live from the PV diverter. Starting to wonder if Ive bought the wrong box of gloop for my needs as no mention of controlled input power in my manual
  6. Finally making a start on fitting the internal doors. First one swung beautifully... then... a problem. The door latch wont recess when the door is pushed closed. A video below shows the issue. Initially I assume I haven't installed it correctly, perhaps the face plate is impeding. But no, all looks good Quick call to the company and someone from Sales reckons as these are 'heavy duty' latches the door will only close when the handle is pressed or knob turned. That cant be right surely! I can think of some seriously heavy mortise locks and latches on many different doors that will close when pushed and no need to operate the handle. Have been told I am 'welcome' to escalate further to customer services but tbh I'm not sure if this is a fault with the latch or if it has genuinely been designed to like this. Any ideas? VID_20220430_081500.mp4
  7. Thanks @Radian There may even be an option to get a cable to the other end of the profile direct from the transformer, via the ceiling void, if the COB doesn't perform as I had hoped. Hadn't considered running cable in the profile, pretty sure that would work too. Nice to have a few back up options šŸ‘šŸ¼ Will likely press ahead with the LEDYI quote. Just a shame their products doesn't have a UK stockist
  8. Perhaps for the areas where a longer run is required I should look beyond COB? They will be behind diffusers after all. One area in particular has the 12v transformer already wired in the ceiling, which will be accessible when I eventually cut a hole for a ceiling speaker, but has 2x lengths at 4.6m. Im not after any RGB just 3000K
  9. Luckily this isn't one that ive bought a transformer for yet so will switch to 24v
  10. Ive bought a few 12v transformers already but still have a couple to buy. Haven't seen any 24v that has 25mm cutting intervals all seem to be 50mm which puts me off Would 24v 15W/m really be brighter than 12v 15W/m? Longest length I have is 5 metres
  11. Looking for any recommendations for LED strip suppliers, preferably UK Specifically after 12v Chip on Board COB Ive seen some 12v versions can be cut at 25mm intervals which would be a lot better for reducing any dull spots at the ends of the profiles I have plastered in. The LEDYI range is excellent but purchasing direct from China land is adding $$ in shipping
  12. I've had exactly the same issue with Protek and my flat roof, albeit with Bauder as the materials manufacturer. Bauder only supply a 'company backed insurance supported' guarantee which didn't meet Proteks (changing) requirements. Also after nearly a year of back and forth, I have had this signed off. In the end the installer agreed to cover the materials alongside their workmanship guarantee. They were reluctant to do so and needed approval from their insurance backer. They only did this because I argued they had breached contract by not supplying me with a roof that has an insurance backed guarantee for materials and workmanship and that they would be liable if I chose to rip the roof off and get another firm in to deliver. I felt a bit for the roofing contractor as they did a good job and didn't deserve to get roped into Protek's unwillingness to warranty.
  13. Closed cell is the premium upgrade. Icyene basic offering is open cell
  14. Widespread use of hydrogen for heating looks very unlikely
  15. Did anyone else fall for the new series called Bland Designs šŸ˜† https://www.instagram.com/p/CbzJ4COIFVD/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= I thought the concept of stripping away the architectural nonsense and showing the real nuts and bolts of self building would be great.
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