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  1. willbish

    7n concrete block prices

    100mm still £1 a block inc VAT round these ere parts
  2. willbish

    Which ASHP are set up to cool

    Would large volumes of air recirculating through fan cooling units cause any upset to the MVHR unit?
  3. I found exactly the same so went for used steel staging. When the time comes to sell I think it'll be easier to offload steel rather than used timber
  4. willbish

    ICF Foundations +/- 5mm

    I wouldn't want a 45mm mortar bed on the low spots. I think you need to take the high spots down by grinding grooves and then chiseling out the excess. Are you using stater track for your first course? The track I used was about 30mm deep and I put shims inside the track to level to the mm.
  5. willbish

    Plumbing Schematic

    If your house is stretched out and groundfloor only, maybe you would benefit from a hot return circuit to minimise wait times for hot water. Could be well controlled by Loxone eg only running the hot return circuit pump when activity in the house is detected.
  6. willbish

    Perforated land drain to 110mm

    Cheers Russ, yep could make it work like that
  7. willbish

    Perforated land drain to 110mm

    Land drain/ French drain
  8. Simple question I'm sure. What's the correct/best method of connecting the flexible perforated land drain in to 110mm fittings? I'm using 60mm pipe but can't find a suitable adapter. I could use a 68mm downpipe adapter but the must be something better out there.
  9. willbish

    Living wall in a passive house

    A living wall is on my wish list, i'd like one in the stairwell opposite the stairs. I think the idea is to chose plant species that match the environment rather than the other way around. My cousin is a florist and general botanical guru. She'll be deciding what's most suitable. I have considered making provision for an irrigation system if it becomes too much effort to water the highest plants... That might be on the list for after BC sign off.
  10. Yep that's right. Pass my regards to Martin, very helpful chap
  11. @Tony99 Yes you could open a couple of windows to create a draft running through the house to ventilate the incoming heat out. But what if no one is home when the sun pops out? Having to rely on windows open isnt ideal for security or noise or air quality. When a well insulated house is heated up, say over the course of a sunny day through solar gain, opening a few windows in the evening will increase the air flow but it could take many hours for the fabric of the building to cool to an acceptable level. Much better to design out over heating strategy whilst you still can.
  12. willbish

    Is this feasible?

    The Kappa would fit under the window but it isnt 'super' slim. I don't want to build the rest of the wall out 80mm. The Pura model I was looking at is 80mm deep so almost fits in the 70mm EPS layer. Was thinking another layer of PB over the rest of the wall to build it out. If anyone knows of a super slim cistern for a wall hung toilet then Im interested.
  13. willbish

    Is this feasible?

    Also means the toilet seat will cover the flush plate when open but I can live with that
  14. willbish

    Is this feasible?

    @PeterW I'd like to use a Geberit frame but the toilet is situated under a window and there isnt enough vertical space to fit any of their models in. This Pura cistern will do the trick but means compromising with a back to wall pan rather than wall hung.
  15. willbish

    Is this feasible?

    Thanks @JSHarris, I had some slight concerns about condensation on the cistern by moving it into the wall. I was interested in how much space I am going to need to comfortably get 2x90° bends between the concrete and first joist. 135mm should provide some wriggle room. What I should probably do is buy the pan and cistern now so that I can be sure before placing the first joist but I've very little space in my lock up at the moment.