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  1. Do Nudura specify a swellable water bar at the junction? I was told this was essential
  2. I've not spent anytime comparing prices for blinds yet, so i'd be interested to hear what you choose. Do you mean you've brought a Loxone tree cable to the blind? Not sure why you'd need that but it's all a bit over my head.
  3. In the process of doing it... Blindspace header boxes and side channels are in. Installer has spec'd 5 core flex to each blind, Loxone Relay Extension will do the work in the cabinet. Only detail on blinds I've been told so far is chose ones with 240v motors.
  4. Im after a boiling water tap where the tank sits behind the plinth. We have butler/belfast sink and I want to reduce the amount of gubbins in the small cupboard under the sink So far Ive only found the Franke Minerva does anyone know of any others? There was the Itho but that has been discontinued. I thought it was rebadged as the Grohe Red but the Itho website mentions Franke
  5. Yes you may be right. Cuppa tea before/after washing up 🤔 Sounds like someone has really put the frighteners on you @Adsibob I was under the impression that water softened with salt contains no more sodium than water from naturally soft areas. There's also significantly more sodium (several 100%) in cows milk than softened water. Also isn't the link between hypotension and sodium somewhat tenuous anyway? Pretty sure this topic was done in depth previously and other members, after conducting their own research, chose to use softened water at their main drinking tap.
  6. I'm wondering if there is any reason why I shouldn't feed the tank for the boiling water tap with hot water? My hot water is from a Sunamp and I'm expecting to have a surplus for many months of the year with diverted excess PV generation. When the sun isn't shining the Sunamp will be charged with 1:1 electrical resistance heating element, which is the same as the small boiling water tank. It seems to me like using hot water to fill the boiling water tank could save me some energy. The buts .. Replacing one or two cups of boiling water drawn off will not clear the dead leg in the hot water pipe run, unless hot water has recently been used at the kitchen tap. This could negate a fair amount of the savings. Are there any other reasons why I shouldn't plumb this way? The hot water is softened but I don't consider drinking softened water an issue. We haven't chosen a boiling water tap yet, on some that I've looked at the tank seems to be fed from the tap so no option to hot fill. Is this the case with many brands?
  7. I used Logix. On reflection very happy with the resul and glad I chose EPS version over woodcrete. @IanMcP if you google search "site:buildhub.org.uk logix" you will find plenty of info, where ive written about my experiences.
  8. The building needs to be empty for two years to qualify, then the VAT can be reduced to 5% https://www.gov.uk/guidance/buildings-and-construction-vat-notice-708#section8
  9. I dont really understand. If your builder is experienced with ICF he should know the efficiencies that ICF can bring. How much cheaper does he think block and brick will be? Or are you reducing the size of the build as well as changing the build method? Do a quick search on the forum for bricklayers. You will read stories of teams disappearing to other jobs for better money and not returning
  10. Putting the shell up is a surprisingly small part of the whole project. You still need groundworks, foundations, roof etc etc. Im an amateur thats built a 4 bed cottage with ICF on my own. If I can do it any half decent builder can too. What exterior finish do you have planning permission for? As you mention brick...
  11. The manifolds are Emmetti and the fittings I used were Rifeng. The fittings are more expensive than Hep and you'll need a spanner! But as its only one fitting per outlet pipe and a couple for shower heads, the savings weren't lost.
  12. Well I've done my domestic hot and cold in 16mm, all used from left over Pex-al-Pex from the UFH. The price of Hep2o pipe I found to be significant. Emmetti manifolds take the 16mm pipe and the MLCP fittings are easy to use & so far 100% reliable.
  13. Yes that does seem a lot. Ive just insured through Adrian Flux a broker who had no problems finding a policy that didn't require a completion certificate. Im at a similar stage, structure and first fix complete, EPC issued. No major works to require site insurance.
  14. I would guess that the offcuts you have are all quite small in size and so probably wouldn't work well internally. I buried all my ICF offcuts against an area of the house below ground. As it's not the main insulation it didn't matter if it wasn't complete or perfect but the extra 200mm should help improve the performance a little in that area.