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  1. Im also looking at sash windows. Still pondering the Adpol aluclad but with one leaf fixed to reduce the amount of seals. Air Permeability is only class 3 (out of 4) and seems a bit weak for a window labeled as 'passive' 2019_AluClad FLUSH SASH SPRING Ug05.pdf 2019_AluClad_FLUSH_TIMBER_SASH_WINDOWS_DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE(1).pdf
  2. LoopCad is the software. Free trial for a month. Alternatively the likes of Wunda will design for £50. I made the wrong choice and faffed around with LoopCad for far too long!
  3. I'd imagine you would run the ducting in a service void on the underside of the floor
  4. Yes a national manufacturer that can 'build anything slower'! Timber first floor, only because I dont have the vertical space for concrete
  5. willbish

    Cost of a cube

    Readymix £86+VAT for my most reason ICF pour. Pump was less than all the above but I'm getting a great deal as the pump has to travel less than a mile to my site.
  6. £135 per week (inc VAT) for 30 props I'd be asking the company to include/hide the hire cost from the invoice so that it can be zero rated. Assuming your build is eligible for 0% VAT
  7. Clay plaster Venetian Plaster Microcement Tadelakt I dont have direct experience with any of these finishes but am also interested in alternatives.
  8. One each side is what i had assumed, but cant see any reason why it shouldn't be 4
  9. Yep still liking this idea after sleeping on it. Using these hangers, may need to add an extra timber on top of the steel for adequate face fixing
  10. Yes the SE has seeming ignored the different pitches. Looking at the reams of calcs he sent me, he has assumed the roof pitch to be 30° on both sides... coincidence that 30° is the average between 16.2° & 45° Total ridge length is just under 12.00m. The 358 is 8.0m then 203 is 4.0m with the SHS supporting on blockwork wall
  11. Not that I can see No such level of detail here. Having an attic space/bat loft I think 2 steels could work, but £££ 😕 Sure, previously Under construction: Now that seems a good idea. Excuse my crappy hangers, but something like this?
  12. It certainly is an odd configuration. The rear rafters at 45 is to achieve symmetrical gable end which mimics the characteristics of the previous property that stood on this footprint. Modifying the steel is an option. I've considered adding some Rectangular Hollow Section on top of the flange (to the rear half only) so the depth of timber plate used is the same throughout. I could also increase the smaller section of the steel to match rest of the ridge which would simplify the RHS modification. Getting the feeling architect and SE have happily created something that's frustratingly fiddly to build..
  13. I have a steel ridge specified with two sizes. 203x102x23 joined to 356x171x57 The pitch of the roof to the front is 45°, and to the rear 16.2°, although there is a section to the rear that is 45° highlighted above The rafters are 195mm x 45mm @ 600c. I'm having difficulty finding a suitable position for the steel that allows an acceptable birds mouth on all rafters. I've found that if I offset the steel by ~100mm to the rear I get a good seat for both rafters on both sizes of steel. Like this: Having an offset doesn't work for the section where the rear rafters are also 45°. So I'm now thinking the steel has to be on center line. But to get a decent bearing for the rear rafters I would need extra timber, a lot of extra timber which is not acceptable, is it? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  14. I think, do you need the 25mm insulation? Is it going to be make a significant different to target Uvalue. The supplier is probably right, the temperature in the void between the posi's will be very close to room temp. Chance of condensation very minimal I would have thought.
  15. True, although @JSHarris then went on to say that he had deliberately misled. Intentionally and deliberately are fine hairs to part. I'm trying to understand why he is considered such an untrustworthy source when his ideas and arguments garner support.