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  1. willbish

    Air Test Passed

    @Big Neil I've enquired but had no response from Pacific Aerobarrier regarding UK or European distribution. Could be an opportunity for someone to bring this product to market here if anyone is quick off the mark.
  2. willbish

    Grading crushed rubble

    Have you got a machine handy? You could hire a riddle bucket
  3. Do I need a specific ridge tile/slate to suit my needs? Front pitch is 45°, Rear is 16° then transitions to 45° Im thinking a half round would better absorb the transition. I'd like it to be seamless from the front that there is any change in pitch going on at the rear, if that's possible? It will be a 'dry ridge' to allow for ventilation
  4. willbish

    Fence Calculation

    Interesting intentional use of rust streaks from nails
  5. willbish

    Hidden Door: anyone made one, installed one?

    Significantly cheaper than Risinger but still effective https://www.instructables.com/id/Hidden-Room-Bookcase-Secret-Door/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email
  6. willbish

    Advance Self Build Mortgage

    I'm in a similar position to you, self build mortgage on building only not land. Before the mortgage is granted I was required to submit a thorough costings including contingency. Once approved I was told I could have as much of the mortgage as I wanted. I have initially drawn a little under 50% and expecting this to get me to a water tight stage. Subsequent advances will be subject to another valuation and fee. To check the money has increased the value of the property! I will probably draw the remaining funds in one go so as to minimise hassle and fees of a valuation. However you only need to make repayments on the funds drawn so not much point having thousands sat in an account whilst servicing the debt. I am with Ecology building society who have been excellent so far.
  7. Very true but Mr Ecologist has specified 'open loft space' cant be crowding the bat roost with trusses. Even an attic truss wouldn't satisfy. Lord have mercy!
  8. Nada, will bung them an email tomorrow. Yep that's what I'm imagining. I would also think the top flange would need supporting to prevent any rotation The wall plate is lower. The rafter sits on the wall plate in a traditional way. The SE has said select joists from a standard span table. They are not part of the roof structure just ceiling joists. But the span is 6750 so solid timber isnt really an option. Most joists will have a stud wall or two to bear on but as these aren't structural I don't want to rely on them (might change layout one day). Also its only an attic with low loading. It doesn't need to be future proofed for a loft conversion; ridge height is too low, oh and the bats have priority! Just exploring options really and thought Id see if JJI was a possibility
  9. Is there a standard method of fixing/hanging JJI joists to solid timber rafters?
  10. willbish

    Passive slab - is this sketch correct

    Yes, high radon area and full protection measures required. I agree the effectiveness of the sump is questionable in that location. I didn't want to cut a hole and a channel into my insulation to accommodate just below the slab, so I proposed placing it in the Type1 to Building Control who were happy. Exactly 👍
  11. willbish

    Passive slab - is this sketch correct

    I've left a 75mm perimeter gap between inside skin of ICF walls and first UFH pipes. I'm going to fix scaff boards down at one end for the props to sit on. Like Russ says many many different ways to do it. The added faff of messing about with scaff boards out weighs cost of UFH in separate screed in my case.
  12. willbish

    Passive slab - is this sketch correct

    Page 8 of the AFT catalogue has some section drawings which may be of use to you Particularly if you want to build a solid outside skin AFT(29515)Groundshield_Installation_V2.pdf
  13. willbish

    Passive slab - is this sketch correct

    Its quite difficult to make out your scan. Here's a drawing I did of my passive slab. The hardcore layer needs to extent beyond the edge of the insulation which isnt shown. Part of the reason I chose Isoquick was because the concrete has 300mm under all areas. Some other systems have less insulation around the ring beam. Foundation Section.pdf
  14. willbish

    Sunamp container bulging

    The sunamp home page says they are stackable? I hope this is not another marketing diversion like the advertised A+ ErP rating but in reality comes with a C sticker. (That has annoyed me because I can't see how it is anything other than false advertising and purposely misleading) I was planning to stack my units...
  15. willbish

    Online Condensation Analysis

    Thanks @A_L Would help if I spell it correctly, permeance