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  1. No idea. Just hoping that new manufacturing location has high quality control standards. Have been told full order split over two deliveries, two weeks apart. First load will be a rigid lorry which I think should have a 14 pallet capacity My durisol quote from Nov 17 doesn't even mention a lead time. What was their excuse for taking so long? Or is 5 months a standard time for durisol?! Maybe it's from my line of work, but if I offer a customer 4-6week lead time I do my utmost to make it happen. And if I couldn't deliver within the stated timeframe I wouldn't accept the order without first highlighting the expected delays. Common decency? Or niave business practice
  2. I thought it would be the benefit of the buildhub clan to let you know about my (ongoing) experiences with Logix ICF. I will keep the details of this post a statement of fact. Logix management is aware that I'm going to post. If they decide to respond on this forum please everyone watch out for BS! On 27th Nov I made my order with Logix, confirming with BACS deposit to tune of £4.5k. The stated lead time on the quotation is 4-6weeks. As Christmas fell just before the 4 week mark I expected delivery would be not be until new year. Fine with me, more time for mince pies and cheer. On the 28th Dec, I was informed by email due to 'reorganisation, moving of equipment etc' delivery would be delayed until beginning/middle of Feb. Oh well bang goes January, so I drag the family to Cape Verde for some winter sun. Fri 25th Jan I start hearing some worrying information through the buildhub grapevine that LogixUK are not in a good place financially. Administration is mentioned. Im immediately set into a mild state of panic and although I cannot reach the management by telephone I do receive an email reassuring me that my order is safe. Several days pass and I am able to get some information from the horse's mouth. -Logix manufacturing equipment has not been sold -Manufacturing equipment for Logix not currently operating. Not certain of the reason so I shall not speculate. -Manufacturing scheduled to restart week commencing 25th Feb It was established that there are many other people awaiting delivery of their Logix blocks but I was near the top of the queue. Discount was discussed but no figure agreed. I argued that discount should be arranged now for the current delay and then if there were to be any further delays we could revisit the discount and adjust. This was not accepted. So bang goes another month. This time I'm mad and I'm wondering if I'm being led along. But I try my best to execute some zen like patience! I also tweet the new Vice President for Marketing of Logix based in Canada and hear naff all. Andy Lennox 27/02 I visit Logix office unannounced and find everything closed and post piling up on the door mat. On the phone to management, I'm told manufacturing not yet started, but it is imminent and delivery to be expected early next week. Also told that the blocks will be made in Arundel in Sussex. An easy bit of detective work and I'm on the phone with Styropak who confirm they will manufacturing the blocks in their factory. They tell me that the first trial blocks have yet to come off the production line. I assume delivery will not be 'early next week' after all. I'm getting used to the lies now. The first week of March comes and goes. Unsurprisingly no ICF blocks arrive, but more irritating is no explanation or apology from management as to why the 'early next week' delivery did not materialise. I am informed through a Buildhub member that a Logix customer has been having issues with the quality of blocks received. I speak to this guy and he tells me that many blocks have the inner leaf shorter than the outer leaf. It has affected his build considerably. So much so that he is switching to Nudura to complete the rest of the build. 11/03 find out by calling Styropak that some manufacturing was started on 08/03. I've found the quality of information to be much more accurate when speaking to Styropak directly. I now have a delivery date scheduled for 20th March, I did push this back by two days to suit my own work commitments. The delivery will not include the bracing props, that is scheduled for 3rd April along with the first floor ICF. So there we have it. If all goes to plan I will have waited 18 weeks for enough ICF blocks to build a moderately sized semi-detached cottage. If other builders are currently deciding which ICF manufacturer to use I would recommend proceeding with caution. It's unlikely that anyone else would have to endure similar delays now that the manufacturing equipment is set up in Arandel. However the fact that management has allowed this to happen speaks volumes. Nudura for instance will import product from North America, delivery 4 weeks! I have contacted Logix head office in the States to make them aware of what is going on in the UK and twice been told that someone will call me back. I can only assume their customer service is just as effective as here in the UK.
  3. My property was a semi detached derelict cottage. Bought with the vision of renovating but later gained PP to demolish and rebuild. Its a shame next door didn't have the same idea!
  4. willbish

    Should I fit solar panels

    Ebay price for the GSE mounts @PeterW Whats the IFRS system?
  5. willbish

    Should I fit solar panels

    How much is roof covering materials and labour per m2? Genuine question as Ive only really got ball park figures. In-roof solar does look a great better, so worth a premium IMO.
  6. Have they been hanging around since 2011?
  7. willbish

    Should I fit solar panels

    Im not sure there is much financial saving to be made by substituting roof materials for PV panels. Consider a GSE in-roof mounts and flashings for 16 panels (4.0kWp) is £1950 Where as an on roof system for same size would be £500 So an extra cost of £1500 for 24m2 Is the roof covering more or less than £62.5/m2? Not sure my maths is correct on this one though!
  8. willbish

    Glazing position on ICF

    Depending on how thick the outer insulation of your ICF is, I can see why you may want to move your windows and doors towards the outside for aesthetics. For a large glass door, sitting it on the concrete core would make sense from a structural perspective though. Although it may be possible, by adding some steel that would cantilever the door over the insulation, to move the door out. My windows will be installed in ply boxes so they can be moved closer to the outside but will have insulation surrounding the frames. Block and beam as a first floor, yes no problem. Pour the ICF up to height required for the beams to bear on, subsequent ICF poured on top.
  9. willbish

    Should I fit solar panels

    Hi Russ, With 4.0kWp at your location, due south, 20° roof (your roof is one shallow pitch isnt it?) The PVGIS page says you should generate 3840kWh per year A new but cheap 4.0kWp system should cost you <£2k. DIY install. Assuming your grid electricity is 14p per kWh (today's prices, will surely be more next year) So when you have consumed 14,286kWh of PV generated electricity it will have paid for itself. (200000/14) If you consume 100% of the 3840kWh generated that is 3.7 years payback (14286/3840) Realistically you may only consume 70% so 5.3 years payback (14286/3840*0.7)
  10. willbish

    How to hang Easi Joist

    Yep top chord on the pole plate @Alexphd1 posted some pictures here
  11. willbish

    Swellable water bar

    Someone with actual Logix blocks. They must've ordered last summer! ...13 weeks and counting here
  12. willbish

    Swellable water bar

    Thanks for the recommendation. I have had some worthwhile advice from these guys too and have decided to use a bentonite waterstop in combination with the Duel Seal membrane. Regarding keeping the cavity dry. I will allow the water to drain out through some weep holes and have been reassured that some moisture in the cavity isnt going to affect the ability of the waterstop. Yes agree. I think the metal upstand looks a good idea for ICF. Pity it is too late for my build. I'm thankful that where I've overlooked this detail it hasn't caused me too much of a headache. Fortunately Im only retaining 0.7m
  13. willbish

    Swellable water bar

    The Supercast SW10 is 5mm x 20mm What sort of giant water bar were they using?
  14. willbish

    Swellable water bar

    Ive not used it before @Big Neil, my understanding is its used on vertical and horizontal joints where water pressure could 'push' its way through between two sections of concrete. If the water bar comes into contact with water it swells up and thereby fills and minute gap between the two sections of concrete and stops any water travelling through.
  15. willbish

    Swellable water bar

    Good call, it was intentionally insulting