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  1. willbish

    Alu-clad french doors

    Thanks all, @ProDave no problem at all, just want more choice! Adpol have also advised that they do 3G aluclad french doors with a choice of timber, oak, meranti or accoya. Has anybody any had any experience of this company? No mention anywhere else on the forum
  2. willbish

    Alu-clad french doors

    I am looking for near passive standard aluminium clad french double doors, but am struggling for suppliers, can anyone help? There are many window producers to chose from but so few for doors. Considering ditching the alu-clad and just going for timber to get more choice.
  3. Tax doesn't have to be taxing! But it is, and needlessly causing trades to lose work. Seems a shame after agreeing scope and price of work for the deal to crumble just because one party doesn't understand their tax obligations.
  4. Yeh this is true @vivienz I did consider taking the approach of @newhome and getting him to do the work but paying the invoice ex vat but I think these sort of games might do me no favours in the long run. He's friends with a good chippy I'd like to use for other work, i don't want a dodgy rep for not paying. It's hard enough getting quality trades as is!
  5. Thanks for the advice. I wasn't able to convince this guy to do the correct thing and zero rate the work. He tells me he has had complications with zero rating work in the past and that I should just reclaim the Vat instead. 🧐 So unfortunately Ive had to look for someone else.
  6. The chap I have lined up to demolish the last of the cottage is questioning whether he can zero-rate the work because he is an agricultural contractor and not a builder. I've read the rulebook (again!) and cant find anything that would mean he cant zero-rate. Does anybody have any experience of this? Thanks
  7. willbish

    Energy efficient laundry

    Is anybody using a hot fill washing machine? Or are they all a thing of the past. Could I connect a normal cold fill washing machine and even dishwash to a plentiful 34° hot water source?
  8. Around the 3min mark
  9. A brine heat exchange ground loop might be worth considering. I wish I had the land to bury 100m of pipe but I just can't fit it in unless it goes partly under the slab which I've dismissed as a foolish idea but can't get it out of my head! Your architect @Visti has also installed this system on his new build and there is a brief YouTube video where he chats about it.
  10. willbish

    Would you go on a cruise?

    Smaller ships = smaller ports = less crowds. I worked onboard Princess vessels for years, sometimes in the Caribbean we would dock with 4 other large cruise ships at the same time. 15k people descending on one place and most wouldn't stray more than half a mile from the ship. It was like a theme park! Not my idea of a holiday. But there are some great smaller, more expedition style cruises on the market, these are much more 'personal'. If you chose a vessel with 4000pax+ & 1100crew+ you will be queueing to get on, queueing to get off, queueing for the buffet, the theatre...
  11. Producing an electric current from PV’s come rain or shine! Is this going to be a significant development for PV panels?
  12. This has got to be ideal for someone
  13. willbish

    Soil investigation

    @Russell griffiths Yes he certainly does, although I would question why you would need to go to such depths, but I don't know what you are planning to build
  14. willbish

    Soil investigation

    Im not sure I would second this advice. My SE asked for bearing capacity at 600mm below slab height. Unless you are digging down metres then a small rig, like which was used on my site today, will easily be able to tell you the information you are after. I'd want to know sooner rather later if I was going to have to change foundation design to accommodate unsuitable ground conditions.
  15. willbish

    Soil investigation

    Had my Ground Investigation done today Used the same chap as @vivienz after the positive recommendation on her blog. I had two quotes and MSS were significantly cheaper. Was quoted £1250 in VAT for two boreholes to 2.8m with SPT testing. Fortunately the results are looking very good and the ground is suitable for a raft foundation. There is a small amount of clay on site but that will be more than removed when we scrape back to the level required for the hardcore.