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  1. Agreed Jinko Panels on GSE trays, no earth bonding. Sparky happy
  2. Take a look at this schematic from the Sunamp installation manual (this is from a UniQ eHW12, so may be subtly different). No pump required PRV set to 3 bar Without a PV diverter, your Sunamp will start charging as soon as the timer switches on, regardless of whether the sun is shining or not. By the time the sun comes out you could be fully charged from the grid and your opportunity to self consume your PV generation is lost for that day. Most people say a PV diverter pays for itself relatively quickly. It's a must have really.
  3. Whilst re-reading the excellent VAT reclaim guide (what else is there to do at 5:30am?!) I stumbled on a detail previously overlooked. @newhome states: "for example if there is a condition in the planning permission that states that the dwelling can only be used by a person employed by a specific business, or where an annex has been built that cannot be sold separately from the main house. In order for a VAT claim to succeed these restrictions must be lifted before the claim is sent in and potentially before completion certificate is provided. Retrospective amendments are not allowable as can be seen in the tribunal cases below" I have a condition on my PP regarding an internal annexe that was on the floor plan when we submitted. "The separate residential accomodation assocaited with bedroom 4, including the kitchen, ensuite and siting rooms hereby permitted shall not be used as a separate dwelling and shall be used solely by the occupants of the main replacement dwelling hereby approved, in connection with their enjoyment of that residence." After planning approval the floor plan was changed and Bed 4 is now part of the main house. Do I need to get this planning condition removed prior to VAT reclaim? Or would an updated, building control approved, floor plan be sufficient?
  4. Why horrible to use? I can tell its gna be a pain to fit
  5. Got a trade account so would assume trade discount...
  6. Does anyone have any real world experience/photos of Howdens In Frame range? I understand its fairly new and they aren't selling a lot. We like the look but the added installation faff is massive and it'll be me doing the work and cursing the decision if its not plain sailing. Also not sure about of the faux butt hinges Attached the installation guide howsdens in Frame.pdf
  7. What amount of discount is the max Howdens will give? I got it up to 45% on my recent kitchen quote (pre sale) after trying quite hard, just wondering how much is possible now that Sept is approaching
  8. Any piece of tech or equipment has lifetime impacts to consider, I don't see anything to suggest that a heat pump has substantially greater lifetime impacts which counter their major benefit of running on (ever greener) electricity? I'm not sure low temp UFH has higher total impacts either. Conventional steel rads inevitably rust and go out of fashion requiring replacement. UFH pipes have the potential to work for a generation at least. Also many gas boilers use UFH as emitters. Still confused by this statement
  9. Can you explain this? Is it because of the refrigerants used?
  10. Thanks for that I had been wondering. It's 5 to 10 seconds of hammer, unlikely to occur in the middle of the night but even then I doubt it will disturb. 63mm up and in to the inspection chamber which is just a couple of metres and then standard soil pipe down and away. Wouldn't like to open the I/C when the pump is running! 63mm MDPE is a beast to work with. Ended up capping and filling with boiling water to get it malleable enough to wrestle were I needed it to go.
  11. I have mine just 4 metres from the back door. Not ideal but that's the best I could do. I've never notice any smell coming from it although it is ventilated much further away. Practically silent when pumping, however when the pump stops there is some water hammer that reverberates through the soil pipes into the house. I'm hoping this will improve when soil pipes are properly insulated and toilets and water traps in place.
  12. Not yet in my selfbuild with ASHP but planning on getting an E7 meter. At the moment I'm living in a flat with E7 meter but we were unable to shift enough of our consumption to the off-peak hours to justify the expensive on-peak rate. This was easily fixed by switching to a regular tariff (same both day and night) with no need to change meter.
  13. Tape or additional glue isn't going to do anything. All you can do is check sufficient fixings have been used and add any that are missing. Three per joist per board so 21 total. Floortite screws and not nails ideally
  14. Define niche? I suspect what you consider niche (very well insulated and properly air tight) will, in time, become the norm for all new builds (even poor quality large developer builds). For which ASHP's are ideal. It's clear their prevalence is going to increase and become fully mainstream