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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all, Would appreciate your thoughts. I am looking to keep the wall thickness to a minimum (withing reason), while meeting BR, which I think is 0.18 W/m2.K? Traditional brick and block construction, hoping at worst to have a 100mm cavity which would mean 302.5mm. I've asked for a price of Spacetherm which is a silica gel product and I'm considering Kingspan's OPTIM-R, lastly injected polyurethane foam would really suit the build but I think the performance isnt great? Many thanks
  2. Hi all, I was hoping to spec a semi concealed gas meter box but after talking to BG they no longer offer this option. They say the alternatives are internal or recessed, any thoughts on these? Will be good to hear what others have opted for.
  3. Hi it seems that if you have a passiv-esque house you will not need UFH upstairs and maybe no heating at all. My build is is more traditional, it won’t be insulated to that level or airtightness, for this reason I think I need to consider the upstairs heating as a must. Im reluctant to opt for radiators, one because it will waste space and two because I think they need to be run at a higher temperature. So with that in mind, I was considering UFH not only on the ground floor, but the 1st and 2nd floor too. Although I’m concerned about this set up too as there will be little room for insulation and I think the efficiency will be poor. Especially if I have wood flooring. Stone flooring upstairs doesn’t seem right some how. Another option is skirting board heating, but it looks *relatively* untested and also runs at a higher temperature. It is however neater and you don’t lose any space. Any thoughts would be welcome
  4. We are installing a downstairs toilet in our extension but it will be 12 meters from the drain and the drop is only 1meter deep! Will this be enough to flush and not cause problems in the future or do i need a pump installed? Help!!!!
  5. We are building our new home on the South West coast. We have demolished the existing bungalow and is going for a beach house style and have joined this forum for ideas and help! We are now out of the ground (basement) and it’s all starting to take shape. Still a long way to go though.
  6. Not sure if this is the best place or if it is better in the design section? One of my planning conditions is Prior to the commencement of development, detailed proposals for the disposal of foul and surface water shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The submitted details must include a diagram of the surface water system, including details of the hydrobrake system used. I am allowed to use a the foul sewer (darker green lines) for excess surface water (blue lines), but have to use a hydrobrake to limit it to the agreed amount. I've been trying to come up with the plans needed to satisfy the condition, I'm a little concerned there is a 3 foul sewer pipes (lighter green lines) under the house especially considering it will have a slab foundation. It all looks rather messy, the land slopes to the front of the house. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Hi all, One of my conditions is “No works shall commence on the dwellinghouse hereby approved until full joinery details, at a scale of 1:5, including section/profile details where necessary and all types of finishes, have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Before I call up the planning office, has anyone else had this condition? If so, would you mind sharing what you submitted? I'm assuming its details on the bargeboards, windows and doors? If that is right, not sure on the level of detail they are expecting.
  8. Hi all, I don't think this will be a "go-er", however land has come up in a good location for my office, any idea how I can get a reasonably looking, 2 storey office on there cheaply? I've looked at modular buildings which look good, not seeing many prices though. It will be around 8 by 8 meters. Any thoughts appreciated
  9. Hi all i am really keen to get great sound and heat insulation, searching on here if I see many have timber frame or other construction methods. I was wondering what the best way if achieving good results with a brick and block construction? I dont really have extra space for thicker floors or walls to pad it out with extra insulation, maybe there is higher spec material I can use etc? any way tips are massively appreciated
  10. If my build evolves as I go along, I can’t be the only one, does any one know what happens to the initial approval? Do I need to do the whole thing again etc? is this something that is easy to do? thanks in advance
  11. Hi all, I just want to make sure I have this correct in my mind. So I get a SE to draw up some technical drawings, then pass these on to LABC (other providers are available) who give the initial "all clear", then they inspect the build at various stages to ensure compliance? How many of you have opted for using the same company for inspections and warranty? Thank you in advance
  12. I know its fairly standard. "All building works including demolition, construction and machinery or plant operation should only be carried out between the hours of 0800 and 1800 hrs Monday to Friday and 0800 and 1300 hrs Saturday and at no time on Sundays or recognised public holidays." I was hoping to do a bit my myself at the weekends... What would you do? Keep quiet and hope no one notices?
  13. Hello, I am building some residential houses in Frome and after completing one, have found dealing with C-R-L a horrible nightmare. They held everything up for nine weeks by ducking and diving, and then tried to extort £24,000 from me. I'd be interested to hear from other people who have experienced the same problems. It should be a matter for the Financial Conduct Authority. The deliberate effort to create delays, the poor keeping of records, the ineffective governance scheme, the rubbish complaints procedure, the flagrant disregard of the client's interests, misrepresentation of information of information to the underwriters, amounts to financial crime. namely insurance fraud. I hear other people have had same experience with them and if you like to join me in taking the matter to the FCA, please get in touch.
  14. I'm going over all my plans again and trying out new designs. Say a neighbours property is build up to the boundary, what is a good minimal distance to keep between them? I was thinking 1m, but not sure if this is a little too wasteful. Thanks!
  15. Tamara


    My name is Tamara, I have just joined the build hub community wow lots of information and posts to read through thanks....while browsing I came across a post that was of interest, I am about to start a new build and had spotted a posts regarding new building spreadsheet, I must say its been several years since I put my office skills to test and I think I am about to experience an awakening of costs, schedules and admin....and the rest!! if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. kind regards Tamara
  16. Hecateh


    Hello I decided it was time to retire and downsize to fund my retirement. Took retirement and couldn't find anything I liked at a price I was willing to pay. The main reasons being I have fabulous views over open countryside from my current house and anything modern, which I wanted for ease of maintenance was a tiny little box. So I decided to explore the possibilities of building in my 100' by 40' garden. That was late last year - I am now just a few weeks off the building starting. Planning permission is in place and plans currently with building control. I haven't the first idea what I am doing and am excited and scared in equal measure. Having just read a few posts on here I can see me being a regular visitor and asking lots of questions. I just hope I can understand the answers.
  17. Ideas please. If building with one eye on the market, what do home buyers seek in terms of layout and design? Where to spend money to the best effect? And where not to? What would a professional small-scale developer focus on? This is for a top-end but small (130m²) 2 or 3 bed house in the centre of a small city outside London. Here are my guesses… Buyers like… a trendy kitchen & bathroom curb appeal Buyers ignore energy efficiency, ASHPs, MVHR What about… Kitchen: separate vs open plan? shower only or bath too? style of internal decoration? Floor coverings? home automation? Anything else?
  18. I'm a really indecisive person, I change my mind and tinker with things all the time, there must be others like this on here. My concern is and I know this will happen, say I want to change the style of the window, the rear doors leading into the garden, or maybe some minor exterior detailing small changes to materials etc How do you deal with changes as you go along? It would be painful to tell the planning officer every time, delays have been bad enough as it is! Do you just go ahead with it and try to get the changes signed off at the end? I'd go for this approach but being in a conservation area I think it will make it much trickier.
  19. Hi. We have bought a small farm house in Lincolnshire, about an acre with a tiny 1910 farmhouse. We have plans to extend the original building, demolishing a portacabin like single storey and create a new two storey extension. At a preliminary meeting with the planner, they were happy with the plans in principle but asked why we didn’t want to knock down and rebuild. We hadn’t considered this and loads of advice says rebuild, better energy options, claim vat back etc. But we’re not too sure? Do people really get back their vat (or as much as they expect?) is it worth knocking down a small but serviceable 3 bed house to start again? We’ve got a sensible fund for the extension, but demolish and rebuild sounds a lot more expensive? Is it worth it in the long run ? Current property 160sqm. Extension would add 140sqm.
  20. Hello Building hasnt started yet, the idea of a basement is becoming more appealing by the moment. It would not extend beyond the walls of the house, but would give some extra space, and I assume this is the best time to do it. Anyone have any advice? I am worried about leakage but a subcontactor I have spoken to is very confident. I know, how long is a piece of string, how much extra is it likely to add on to the build? Thank you in advance
  21. Hello to everybody. My girlfriend is having built her own home she designed. 230m2 of living space plus large double garage etc. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, wc, kitchen, living room, office, utility room, cinema/activity room. The house is in France and is on a plot of 1300m2. The house is going to be complete in September. She is using individual trades and she manages the project. There have been no problems and it will be on or just under budget. She is using a brick construction ( lots of holes in it but don't know the name in English) with wood fibre insulation. Under Floor heating by town gas. All German materials for kitchen, bathrooms, boiler, windows etc Estimated energy (hard and electricty) costs per annum €500 Land cost €45,000 including fees. Build cost: €300,000 I joined the forum to ask a few questions and read up on theories and practise. Feel free to chat. Mark
  22. My girlfriend is having her new home built for her - individual trades. See photo. House is in France. All is going well. Over size is 230m2 plus a large garage. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, wc, utility room, upstairs and downstairs living room, kitchen and large play room/cinema. On a plot of 1300m2 Joined the forum to ask a couple of questions.
  23. Hi, Haven’t begun building the house yet, but I am thinking of ufh, I like the warm floors, reduced clutter and radiators take up room. Okay, so the problem is the house will be in a flood risk area, personally I think the chances are low as it’s never flooded before. However, I still want to be cautious, is it only the insulation which could cause a problem if it were to flood? if so does anyone know if there are any flood resistant insulation I could use? thank you in advance
  24. Good Morning All, I am glad I found this forum ! ..and a big hello to you all I hope to get some learned guidance and in turn (perhaps) help others ! Me and my wife are about to submit a full Planning application for our small plot of land to build our house (it will be a Potton Design) We have had a favorable Pre-Application advice ...BUT of course with this application has come a slew of OTHER things we need to consider and submit ...Tree and Ecological Survey (Done) Soil Phase 1 Desktop Survery (Still looking for a low cost one, as the land has ALWAYS been pastureland seems un-necessary ...but it has been asked for) Also on the advice letter it mentioned levels and spot levels Now this site is SMALL ...and the bit we are building on is VERY flat ..the footprint of the house is 39x39 feet. As money is tight (isn't it always) ...I was reading up on doing my OWN site levels ..I am certainly NOT from the building trade ...but I could borrow a dumpy level/ staff..and have been reading about "temporary datums" etc ..would this suffice ? I mean we are not in the middle of nowhere and there are houses all around? If anyone has experience on this, I would be grateful for advice ...i think the words used in the letter were "site levels before and after" ..well I can of course get the necessary information on foundations its a timber frame / SIPS construct and submit this with a grid of the land with readings from my borrowed dumpy ....but would this be enough?..from what I can see there cannot be more than several inches from the low to the high points ..If necessary i could take a shovel and make it as flat as a pancake for them LOL your advice is appreciated
  25. Channel 4 property series 'Building The Dream' is looking for new residential self build projects to feature for the next series. We'd love to hear from you if you are embarking on this exciting journey and would like architectural designer Charlie Luxton to look over your plans. If you're interested in finding out more information please contact us on: Email: Tel: 0113 394 5474. Further information about the series can be found online: