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  1. another for the jura, we've had an ipressa c50 for years. it gets cleaned when it tells me and a descale every couple of years, doesn't need it but it keeps it happy.
  2. more accessible place, inside base unit next to appliance?
  3. and even better if the sides can be splayed as well
  4. have you priced this, blown cellulose in a 350mm i beam roof would cost 4-5k for that roof size, less than your 200mm quilt.
  5. get some stainless insect mesh, rollup and stuff into holes?
  6. welcome @SNO man, no experience with ICF, but you've mentioned a term which will have others flocking to reply!😂
  7. the biggest issue with exposed stone buildings, how to insulate. you are normally buying them for their looks so tend to rule out ewi, however, interstitial condentation has already been mentioned by @A_L and this really needs to be taken into account if moving the dew point by fitting iwi. has it been re-pointed with cement mortar as that will stop breathability? being sandstone there will be a fair chance of having joist ends getting soft.
  8. 21m to the furthest do you mean that the pipe to the furthest point taken from maifold is then returned to cylinder? that being the case the other points won't have the return from them, therfore cooling down. i was under the impression the pumped return would reduce heat loss as the drawn water to the tap doesn't cool down therefore requires less heating up and had almost instant hot to tap.
  9. why do you need an RSJ? are there no supporting walls downstairs? here the requirement can be as easy as increasing the depth of the joist by gluing and screwing a suitable depth of timber to the top of the existing joist.
  10. surely the angle of repose is subject to the type of soil?
  11. hi all, starting the plumbing and was going with @Nickfromwales idea of two manifolds, i need a hot return due to length of run from cylinder to furthest outlet. can i have manifolds as well as a pumped return? read through topic below, i did post as a link but it came up as below. had thought of going 10mm but will probably go with 15mm plastic though thoughts welcome please
  12. +1 to above re the i beams, just beat me to it
  13. if you're drilling steel, and i know you love the firm which comes in a fetching shade of black and yellow, buy their hss drill bits. wouldn't buy their tools but these are superb