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  1. Simplysimon

    I beam wall construction

    thanks guys, were both these stick built or did the walls come in panels? @MikeSharp01 any pics? cheers
  2. Simplysimon

    Positive placement nailer

    paslode now do a payment plan to buy new guns, apprentices buy the ppn guns instead of doing it by hand so the firms supply the nails to suit. at least up here they do!
  3. Simplysimon

    Timber clad suppliers and advice please

    unless you burn it to give it a natural protection, colours it at the same time, win/win
  4. Simplysimon

    I beam wall construction

    could anyone who has had an i beam construction wall please give me a detail for the soleplate to wall plate. i'm trying to figure out the best method to construct the wall as a a unit rather than stickbuild. jji shows two thicknesses of solid timber, one soleplate and one wallplate, touchwood shows i beam as wall/soleplate with infills. cheers
  5. Simplysimon

    Insulation in old barn at pitched roof level

    @jfb if you are rendering it, what about Diathonite to improve thermal properties?
  6. Simplysimon

    Discharging planning conditions

    don't need to go that far north, i did exactly the same. was about to say it was the laid back approach up here, then remembered BC
  7. Simplysimon


    elu, better than dewalt, (bought out and copied them)
  8. Simplysimon

    Breakdown of Fees

    so where about 'in the east' are you building?
  9. Simplysimon

    Nu heat fast deck

    they don't tell/show you much
  10. Simplysimon

    Confused can anyone help.

    disabled access to shops would need to be provided
  11. Simplysimon


    in an estate of houses built at the same time, an epc means diddly. buying a house comes down to; is it on the main drag or in a quiet cul-de-sac, has it been extended, large drive, garden? the last question is, if asked at all, is it efficient? we are old house people, lived in a wimpey semi for the last 20years, was supposed to be 3 max but schools/uni and settled kids.... started looking about 4-5yrs agoat older properties then someone bought a horse and ended at looking at houses with land. nice house, lousy gound, good land rubbish house, i'm not moving that far out, you want how much?!! there's a plot in a good area, wasn't that a good idea?.........
  12. Simplysimon

    Sunamp in partnership with Vcharge

    going by the v-charge page, someone who can talk a good game has had a good idea and is now looking for people to bring it to fruition.
  13. Simplysimon

    Waste Removal

    i can't believe people would rather fly tip than pay to dispose of their rubbish over and above their concil tax, beggars belief.
  14. i' glad this topic has been posted, i am (was) intending to only have ufh downstairs but this has got me thinking whether i should put in post heating in the bedrooms just in case. walls and roof to u value of 0.1 and a Zehnder Comfo Q350 R . i had already thought to put elec towel rads or ufh mats in the bathrooms to bring them up a bit, any thoughts? i reckon water post heaters too much faff but these would do. have and not need as opposed to need and not have, but will i need them as woud rather do without the extra cost?
  15. Simplysimon

    Window Boards

    @ProDave back the flooring onto a piece of mdf/ply and mitre the front edge, a piece of solid oak mitred and fixed to give the edge. as for the standards, where the door is, rebate slightly more depth than the thickness of the door and beyond the margin for facing, fill with oak. alternatively, if fitting planted stops then a full oak facing slightly more than the depth of the margin.