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  1. tbh the laptop runs fine it is a few years old but it was well specced at the time, just had a new keyboard and battery. it was more that win 7 is no longer supported that i thought to update having followed this post. an ssd in the future would be the logical option
  2. just to highjack this thread, running win 7 and this could be a realistic option to win 10. is it worth paying for the ultimate over the core? cheers
  3. just because you ask a sensible question, does not automatically mean you will receive a sensible answer here 😀
  4. fit a door properly and leave it open when finished or if you've been married for 20+ it won't matter
  5. what would the future use be, garage or accomodation? if accomodation it could be done later if eveything is there and you are only applying for a garage
  6. make provision for both but wait until completed and signed off
  7. nice and neatly done, i would say, to aid removal, a slight splay at the ends would help, as would oiling the timber and cable. used to be whale oil, stank to high heaven and there are less lethal oils on the market now.
  8. nothing in NHBC, 95mm galv nail gun nails would be fine
  9. looks like the protection needed to hold a drop bear
  10. don't know wheher you've read this item, sounds as though it should be pertinent though
  11. searched for narrow oak boards and this was fifth and the second i looked at
  12. welcome to the forum, nice to see another close by
  13. hadn't considered a tilting fillet as i've not slated a roof on battens previously, i suppose it would work, the low pitch isn't an issue and that detail is appalling, for the sake of changing the angle of the fillet.