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  1. +1 to the above and if it's not serious enough to come through the ceiling below, don't worry, especially as the roofs being re-done soon
  2. take the gate post down and reinstate your land. it's not been 10 years even if they did claim and let them take you to court. i'd reckon it wouldn't come to it drawings seem quite clear as to boundary. an old van would be ideal for accidentally removing their illegal post and wall as you were reversing into your garage, then offer to rebuild it for them, naturally in the correct position.
  3. could always rent it out down the line?
  4. get it's father, Elu mof 177e not a cheap knock off 😁
  5. scaffolding boards dressed and bolted together for an even more industrial look? they could even be cross laminated
  6. maybe they're trying, forlornly,to stop the cat $hi££ing in their garden 😀
  7. if i had a hedge as a border which the neighbour owned an i wished to build a fence along it, i would cut it hard back to the trunks, build the fence tight and try to ensure i didn't kill the hedge
  8. trailer less than £2800 brand new and 16' instead of 14', will it cost £6k to build it again?
  9. so the wall in the middle of the first pic is the boundary and the new fence on the left has encroached by .75 - 1m onto caravan park? up to caraven park owner to deal with, though they probably won't want the aggro.
  10. if that was holding my roof from spreading, i'd be seriously worried. knock it off, roof is absolutely fine the way it is. purlins are fine and well supported
  11. i would do as you suggested and cover with a trellis, better yet three, one towards the front and rear of the wall to even it out, plant some honeysuckle or clematis. what's not seen won't be fretted over.
  12. redwood should be a tighter grain and therefore harder wearing plus it shold be nicer to look at
  13. second last picture looks like a blocked down pipe as well!