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  1. steel staging is galvanised, and even with galv creep it will still rust due to the demands and abuse it gets. you really should finish your house before the rust becomes structural!
  2. Simplysimon

    Kitchen cooker

    in the last house we had a nat gas rangemaster, it was 20yrs old when we moved out in january. was as good as the day it was bought and nothing went wrong in that time. don't know whether the quality is the same now though.
  3. also looking at his feedback, he's sold a lot of cameras. you don't tend to own that many so where is he getting his stock?
  4. Simplysimon


    what is the detail for across the window/door at the bottom?
  5. Simplysimon

    Guessing ...

    but what have you spent on cr4p ones so far? sell it when you're finished, and you should be so lucky!
  6. Simplysimon

    Guessing ...

    @pocster just for you, the no. 1 is at 13.14mins. quite like the post fixing
  7. Simplysimon

    Discount Offers of the Week

    too small for the opening!
  8. Simplysimon

    How much should it cost to install windows?

    ffs, i should start getting my hands dirty again! 3.5 guys fitting 1.25 windows a day, they're taking the pi$$
  9. @Tony C there's a lot of care going to be required with all those 60mm sheets to avoid any gaps and potential cold areas. possibly worth considering i beam or twin stud construction with a blown insulation.
  10. used/well used though must have pegs and wedges, keep your eyes open especially on gumtree, preloved and ebay as prices vary wildly for quantities. if possible go for steel staging. i'm buying as and when to get sufficient.
  11. Simplysimon

    Power Connection - 35mm Cable

    i did the same as @ProDave although blockwork wall. elec connection no problem, though still awaiting a meter, gas connection no problem, meter connected. strangely both gas and leccy meter applied for at the same time through the same company and the gas has been in for two months. b"$£&£"$. don't mention water f^&*!^% b"$£&£"$
  12. Simplysimon

    That was close, very close.

    do it once, do it right, don't do it again. that includes decoration!
  13. Simplysimon

    Laying paving slabs on a slope

    you say the ground will be 60mm higher than patio, what is the ground, grass, flower bed? can it be banked away from patio. what's to lower side? possible to build a small wall to separate and delineate or at least give a vertical junction.
  14. what type of construction are you doing?
  15. Simplysimon


    sarking used if slating as to allow nailing. nailing into osb with slate nail will mean quite a few broken slates. if tiles are to be used then i'd go osb, faster sheeting, does the same job for racking strength but don't need to be careful in the nailing as tiles fixed to battens. yes you can osb and slate, however, you will need to batten/counter batten out as well