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  1. can't understand why, it burns really well, about the only thing it's good for. ohh, unless you're cladding the external side of your kit 😯
  2. hi @Tennentslager leave all rafters long, string line through when finished and then cut plumb and seat cuts.
  3. get a deeper sink! the other option would be to have a slight fall towards the front of the units to prevent water running backwards.
  4. absolutely, may need to use breakfast bar to get enough width
  5. hi @sean1933 thickness was 100mm, price was fromm £56 up to £112 depending upon pad size. what really pi$$ed me off was i do the build over and above what is required for bc and jumped through their hoops and the house next door put the steels straight onto foundations and get away with it. brown envelopes?
  6. if it's not visible, and bco don't know it's there, i certainly wouldn't enlighten them. if your conversion goes ahead and gets signed off the 'problem' will be too late to do anything about.
  7. i'd love to be able to tell you how mine are, however, someone is storing them 😉 prior to being delivered due to slow kit erection prior to total covid shutdown. apparently we'll be back up again on the 22nd woo-hoo!
  8. and then preferably with a mid stile rebate otherwise a gap will be visible as will be........
  9. as @ProDave says, if bco don't know it's there and you don't tell him....... otoh, i wouln't do as tough yella @ToughButterCup has done, i know what my family will put down a toilet, i have no idea how careful the neighbours would be. i'd be happy with two tanks but there is then an increase in costs.
  10. you did turn the bottle on and switch it to the correct bottle? ☺️ just asking😉
  11. have you looked here?
  12. welcome to the madhouse, in three years you'll have caught up with @joe90
  13. i take it that as you know it's clay with sand, you know how deep to put the hardcore in to? the pile of recycled material will be fine for bottoming, compacted well with type 1 on top. as @Declan52 says, you can build up in block and fill with concrete, alternatively you can build up in well compacted type 1 and then shutter the slab on top.
  14. he's not too sure on what's required and is covering his ar$e