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  1. Simplysimon


    hefty for charging batteries, if i were you i'd get one with a 110v socket as well, may never use it, however, if it ain't there and you do need it.........
  2. Simplysimon


    depends on size, i bought one from costco, has started fine. only problem was it wore through pullcord very quickly three times, i rotated pull position and has been fine since
  3. Simplysimon

    AutoCAD 2010

    instead of putting into powerpoint i put mine into publisher, when saving you can then increase dpi to 300 and save as jpeg
  4. Simplysimon

    Storm ali

    this one is quite good as well
  5. Simplysimon

    Storm ali

    this one is quite good as well
  6. Simplysimon

    Storm ali

    this one is quite good as well
  7. Simplysimon

    Too flat a flat roof?

    EDPM roofing material is far superior to the felt roofs of old, however, i have fitted many torch on felt roofs and found it to be a good product. i did burn the felt to the osb as opposed to sticking basic felt to the roof by pouring hot tar over the osb and then torching felt to that. 'but that's the way we've done it for years'.............
  8. Simplysimon

    Just measured up for the timber frame

    at least we should all have a hard hat for when the sky falls in. 🤣
  9. not a lot of difference in the structural intergrity of the two buildings either.
  10. Simplysimon

    Neighbour problem

    definately, im struggling to see where they're building from and to, esecially in regards to founds
  11. Simplysimon

    Home Brewing

    anyone made folly from the vine leaves? used to make this years ago, dead easy as was Boots alchoholic ginger wine. probably still got some from 20 odd yrs ago in the loft! royal elderberry was a favorite as well, almost a port
  12. Simplysimon

    Gaulhofer windows and doors : Thomas Froelich

    we did the same in Edinburgh self build, he came down to see us and discuss the project. A sad day indeed, a genuinely nice guy who will be sadly missed. As with others, our thoughts with family and colleagues.
  13. Simplysimon

    Fitting Compriband round windows

    appreciate not the same window maufacturer but install vid colleague is fitting some in the future and was looking up 'how to'
  14. we just renewed house ins, was £5 dearer this year, the first time it was a reasonable rise. got a call from a very nice chap to ask whether we had received the renewal paperwork, if we were happy with the price and if there were any changes. the military mutual, no connection, just good service.
  15. Simplysimon

    Loft will be considered habitable space

    if the opening is wider than the space between the joists it's a bit more than that