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  1. it was the successor to the clay tablet, don't you read history?
  2. unfair, we came down the lecht in a 5ton motorhome, coasting in neutral.....good fun, wife wasn't amused though
  3. may be a tad expensive for the amount required though
  4. rhs, slightly wider than yours
  5. of any use?
  6. unless you get caught behind the usual sunday driver doing 40mph or tractor and very few places to overtake, lovely road to drive but not if you're in a hurry
  7. 200mm of kooltherm under the pipes here though not a refurb so easier to install
  8. @scottishjohn, just read the particulars - 'and has good road networks to Ayrshire, Glasgow and beyond.' don't know how that truth was stretched without breaking unless they mean, drive along the a75 to the m74 then drive to glasgow and south to ayrshire.
  9. @Roz, i'm trying to understand the reason for the 150x150 oak, if the underside is seen, then the wallplate will be seen as well and won't match? if you use joist hangers they will be seen on the underside, housing the trimmers in would be neater.
  10. hell no 🤣🤣🤣 though i'm not a registered psychiatrist, but you must be close. that's sounds like quite a project, how much work does the falling down grade 2 need? welcome to the forum of those with varying degrees of lunacy.
  11. don't mention the first again, no, no, you haven't found out why yet? 😉, the second, isn't that standard sectional size? advice, for now, given. drawing for steels and founds would be appreciated to see why so expensive unless already posted?
  12. if it's laminate they shouldn't be sanding the surface to remove glue, as you say it will remove the finish, and i can see where they've done it.
  13. is the 'fag packet' sketch with the collared truss the working drawing?