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  1. when making multiples of an item, or one which isn't square or is curved, a workshop rod is drawn, 'a story stick'. this may be one which shows sections to position joints or full sized if a shaped item for the placing on and marking of joint positions.
  2. quick search produced these but if there's a problem getting the correct length between spindle and keyhole then a handle and escutcheon would do
  3. currently the kit is in the process of being built, getting there, slowly
  4. welcome from another south of glasgow. all i can say is, good luck with the timescale and even more so with removing the tie, hope it all works out
  5. ladder should be 1m above stepping off point and tied in. it's not the stepping off which is difficult with nothing to hold onto, it's the going back down.
  6. was it not possible to site the ashp closer to avoid long pipe runs?
  7. perhaps he was going to use a tower 😀
  8. door and window next to each other presumably external, whereas a vestibule door is internal. a frame isn't structural? depends upon position and what is meant by 'frame'
  9. wouldn't have thought there would be all that much heat coming off an induction hob
  10. have had quotes for cellulose, however, they are from a while ago and need updated. looked to see whether there were any other installers and came across BCA insulation. wrote an email to their contact address, it bounced back. phoned them this afternoon, 'a quote will be £75 but is refundable if we do the work'. i don't think so says i and hang up. business must be good!
  11. yup not much better in spring, summer or autumn, 'and it's so much warmer in the house' than outside , blockwork and shuttered walls with double glazing, no sign of insulation 🤣
  12. this episode looks like portpatrick? @JSHarris
  13. we had corian in a motorhome around the wash basin. it came with a stain but was easily polished out.