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  1. we were 7-10m asl in the previous house, going to be 90m when built, will be nice to have a house near the beach.
  2. like noddy up here. (fish wife)
  3. i could never understand sandtex, as an outdoor masonry paint i would want as smooth a paint finish as possible. having it smooth doesn't allow dirt to accumulate, sandtex on the other hand is a rough texture which dirt will adhere to. in the past we used weathershield masonry paint
  4. he's on a farm and will probably get permission with agricultural restrictions for a workers house
  5. poystyrene insulation as opposed to kingspan. different materials and different u- values.
  6. if you need them relatively soon,within next 6-9 months, don't bother. i asked for a quote and months later got a response. it's a good job they are busy as their communication is almost non existant and i would not recommend them
  7. a camera on a phone, what will they think of next, i thought i was doing well with a titanium case 🤣
  8. obviously a thick brown envelope changed hands 😉
  9. £100 discount for requesting a brochure 😀 be quick!
  10. Simplysimon

    Cost of a cube

    depends if you are going readymix or volumetric, volumetric will give a consistent mix every time and to the consistency you want but will be more expensive. i've used these guys before
  11. @Anitha have you looked at sold prices in the area to give you an idea as to what they're going for
  12. keeps the air from drying out. your house will have a humidity, which will vary between rooms, a dry room will be unpleasant.