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  1. https://www.costco.co.uk/search?searchOption=uk-search-all&text=pv&sort=price-desc
  2. simple, get them to make and fit the correct height windows
  3. ok, distance from floor to top of bathrom wall and thickness of bathroom wall extending out
  4. do you know who the manufacturer is?
  5. that was a quarter landing not a quarter turn, your first post almost had the the quarter turn but was missing the last tapered tread
  6. is it not possible to put a full quarter turn at the top?
  7. ahh, with your reply, ithought that the pic showed it with the floor as original prior to joist being removed above bathroom. 1m will be fine, as long as you say, the window allows the required headroom
  8. it doesn't look as though you're going to have sufficient depth of landing
  9. if you can get that option to meet regs then it would be ideal. i thought you were constrained due to number of steps and rise. building up on top of the bathroom wall and creating the landing will also look better than the double winder
  10. i would agree with that depending on joist depth, does that meet stair regs?
  11. nothing wrong with dressing screws and showing care has been taken
  12. for min movement and stability it has to be HDF, when it come to scribing the internal cornes it's horrible as it's so friable
  13. depends if your roof is all the same size, i bought mine from screwy. on one roof it just touches the gutter and is easy to get on/off, the other bit of the roof is longer and the ladder stops short making it more difficult getting on/off
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