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  1. Simplysimon

    Ceiling insulation in garage

    @JSHarris you're really looking for a framed door clad in galv tin which would allow ins to be placed inside frame
  2. Simplysimon

    Ceiling insulation in garage

    sliding track along the wall, used to be king track, with rebated doors to allow for the corner
  3. going i joists, as well as for walls and roof
  4. Simplysimon


    this is how i've always made them
  5. Simplysimon


    it's not good practise for the mortice to be overly long without a haunch as it will weaken the timber if the string is 30 x180mm wide there should be 60mm tenon 60mm haunch and 60mm tenon, therefore 1/3 @12mm thick tenon and correcty sized
  6. Simplysimon


    hi @nod straight forward job, i'm a bit surprised at the tenons to the newels. they should have a haunch in the middle as length of tenon shouldn't exceed 5x thickness to avoid weakening the timber with an oversized mortice.
  7. if it's been done correctly, it should have gone through BC and have a completion cert. no cert, no guarantee, however, cert and still no guarantee. pay the money take the pb off and check, don't buy if in doubt and worried.. how much do you want it?
  8. Simplysimon

    Forget PV and start thing magic mushrooms.

    my celium! my pressures!
  9. Simplysimon

    Forget PV and start thing magic mushrooms.

    so hallucinations are produced by small amounts of leccy?
  10. Simplysimon

    Why timber frame?

    point taken, must use drier timber up here or it doesn't dry out to the same extent due to the weather as i've always seen ext. wall built to soffit
  11. Simplysimon

    It's a start.

    wonderful detailed photos
  12. Simplysimon

    Hello from east london

    would need to be built with dressed red pine as opposed to regularised, good bit more expensive for materials, though no pb and skimming. but yes a good joiner and it will cost more for the quality of work req.
  13. Simplysimon

    Why timber frame?

    exactly, kiln dried timber won''t move to that extent. soleplate/headplate - thickness minimal movement, joist - width small amount of shrinkage, binders - width small amount. doesn't add up to 20mm.
  14. Simplysimon

    Why timber frame?

    seriously? why? been in the trade for too many years and it's the first i've heard it. afaia yellow pine is the only pine which has any measureable shrinkage in it's length
  15. looking for blown cellulose and came across this. would it be an idea to have a section for published building data and product data to allow comparisons