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  1. LOL to be clear, we tendered the work, signed a contract, and they've been working onsite since January (with a 3 month lockdown pause) so I think they've already very much got the deal. We're already over paying, with 20% VAT on the EWI just because of going through a main contractor; had we contracted this separately we'd be looking at just 5% VAT ... and now the £5k bung too doubles the potential savings. It would be tempting to think about, except I'm now busier than ever without thinking of taking this on (itself due to Covid cuts at my place of work). [I probably deserve to have my forum membership revoked for admitting any of this. Not very "self" build, am I... ]
  2. Well we have 50% off meals out for August, so that's helpful! + VAT reduce to 5% on prepared meals , hotel accommodation, and theme parks + £5k voucher for insulation & energy saving measures (redeemable only via registered installers, so doubt I'll get this as we already tendered the work) + stamp duty removed for houses under £500k until March next year + various job creation schemes for under 24 year olds.
  3. They distribute via a long of different plumbing merchants so recommend going there, and likely get discount off list price: " There are many in your area HBS Heating & Bathroom Supplies, Tucker French, Beggs & Partners, James Hargreaves are all independent plumbing & heating merchants, alternatively PlumbCity, Plumbase, City Plumbing Supplies, Wolseley or Graham Plumbers Merchants who are all national plumbing & heating merchant chains to name just a few." In the end it makes much more sense for me to purchase it via the guy installing the ASHP too, as that way I'll pay 5% VAT rather than 20%. Happily I'd already gone through all the details with OSO sales office, so when my ASHP guy contacted them directly they already knew the project and what I wanted so put him straight onto a preferred merchant who they knew would do a good prices and arrange delivery direct to site. All done via, super helpful folks. I'll of course withhold final judgement until its installed and working, but so far I'm quietly optimistic this will be spot on for us.
  4. And not by coincidence, these are exactly two makes of car that are constantly in the local crime reports for getting stolen off of driveways. Seems pretty common around here for the big houses to have (at least) one of each so the organised crime units seem to treat them as "nick one, nick another free" opportunities. The BMW and range rover security is so bad you have to figure it's by design as this way they sell more from all the insurance claims.
  5. Slightly different situation, but a near-neighbour installed a 14kW split system Ecodan and when it's driving the UFH he finds it can't modulate low enough so is constantly short-cycling, and only achieving COP of 2 or less. He's working on a claim under MCS to get it replaced as it's over specified for the property. So while oversizing is fine for heating a cylinder, also check it won't be too much for the heating circuit.
  6. A colleague did a major renovation (the inspiration for own own project, in fact) this way: everything was open-book and indeed managed through BuilderTrend. Both aspects of this suited them very well, as they wanted a lot of control over design elements that could only be decided as it progressed, and having the app give full visibility of the process start to end, including what they wanted done each stage and how much it would cost before it happens. One snag was he (as client) had to take control of the "architect" / contract administrator role in the app to keep things moving at a reasonable pace. Fortunately his brother was the architect/contract admin so the trust was there to make this work. (No idea if the builder ever new this is what was going on). I know from our own project the 3-way builder-architect-client decisions can be painful. (But I find much worse the situation we've had once or twice where architect approves a change without looping us in, and then a month later we get a surprise bill for thousands on work changes we would have preferred having input into, or at least advanced warning of. BuilderTrend REALLY should solve that problem at source. I wanted to use it before we set out, and would definitely seek to make that a requirement of any future job like this). That said, no idea if it's because of my colleague's tastes, the fact they just weren't super cost-sensitive, or because of the area (London) or what, but their project did end up well over double the initial agreed budget. So while going open book gives visibility on price, it is not necessarily better for controlling it.
  7. It's not the question you're asking, but quite related: make sure the toilet bowl you purchase is "low cistern" compatible. Unfortunately there's no standard marking to tell you this, but the bathroom sales guy (earning his fee) warned us that modern "whirlpool" style rimless bowls really need a bit more drop to get enough speed up to really work. (And then, they really work very well). Also, a higher cistern means you can leave the lid up and still get at the flush button (This is either a feature or a bug, depending on your outlook). Anyway these are the reasons we got pushed to 120cm cistern, and redesigning the boxing in to deal with it.
  8. Agree, majority of our quotes are ex VAT and indeed handled via a main contractor so it would be very difficult for them not to pass through the VAT savings. The one wrinkle on those is where we've already personally put down deposits inc VAT (mvhr, windows, internal doors) we won't see that tax back. Had our contractor paid deposit and not yet billed us it would be a different story. I'm sat on numerous other quotes wanting a deposit (bathrooms, kitchen, ashp) so will hold off on those for another few days now. The main place we'll be going to consumer retailers is kitchen appliances (Curreys, JLP etc) so aggressive online price comparison could yield some results. We won't need those until November or so. And some fresh furniture in the January sales 👌 All that said, bet he won't drop it.
  9. My local installer was happy to quote supply and install for the 8.5kW with matched Ecodan 300L tank. That was his default suggestion, in fact. In the end I switched it out for the OSO Geocoil tank which actually reduced the quote and also reduces standing heat losses.
  10. Full VAT, full fat renovator here. Please, don't get my hopes up of yet another VAT saving we'll somehow manage, through extreme ingenuity, to maneuver ourselves out of [Current 30% of our way through the spend, having just shelled out 13% of our total spend in the last 24 hours...]
  11. Panasonic have the PAW-FC-D15-1 at list price for £230 which I think is totally reasonable, if I can just find someone to supply one
  12. And even less if you have an export tariff, in which case you'd want to use the market spread - difference between average "buy" and "sell" prices. So about 10p/kWh On the other hand, the point here was batteries allow a system design where ASHP will maximize its contribution to DHW needs from the PV, rather than using the immersion, so allowing the COP of 3+ to come into effect, which does provide a little more economic up-side. Still, at this point anyone installing it is doing so for more than pure economic value alone. (Be it environmental, or the benefit of grid failure backup - which itself maybe an economic justification in these days of home working)
  13. To be fair, this is "how much battery storage can I get for £13,000?" which if very different to "how could I usefully spend the £3000 I save by not going with a sunamp?". To the latter, I think 2x PylonTech US2000B plus an inverter and installation might be possible around £6-700/kWh? (And easy to add more storage in future as prices drop).
  14. @davidc In the U.K they come with cooling disabled. Cooling can be enabled by adding a "coding resistor" Once again, @Dan F knows the products better than their own sales people.
  15. ^ all of which is to say, your question is a very good one and I'd also be interested to know if anyone has experience of this with the Vaillant too :-) But don't hold your breath waiting to find an installer that will give a straight answer!