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  1. Hello everyone, Looking for some advice if anyone has had to deal with this before them selfs, planning have come back with we had to agree to a condition to be added to our planning saying we will submit a landscape design and planting plan... see email text below "I noticed a number of trees had fell during a recent site visit to the site. On further consultation with Argyll and Bute Councils Biodiversity Officer, she has confirmed that the site is located out with the Ancient Woodland, which was highlighted as a constraint near the site. What the biodiversity officer has requested in regard to the proposal is that a Landscape Design and Planting Plan is conditioned with the planning permission and suggests some native trees in a grouping, to what is established south of the boundary to help balance out the loss of the woodland and settle the proposed dwelling house into the landscape. " does anyone know how detailed this needs to be, or anyone we can contact that could help us with this or is it something we could just sketch ourselfs to keep them happy? best regards, David
  2. Hi Alan, How is your self build journey going? we are also with HAUS in inverness, still waiting on planning right enough. have your prices risen much since your initial quote with them? are you getting a bespoke design or something similiar from what they have on their website? regards, David
  3. thank you for your replies, we have moved the pocket door further up towards the back of the hall cuppbard as far as it can go, this should give us enough space for the tv on the wall now.
  4. Hi Deejay, that would be great if you wouldnt mind sending me that acroos, would be a huge help to have a look at your spreadsheet. ill send you a private messege with my email
  5. Good Afternoon, our plans are currently in for planning so next stage is Building warrant, weve been asked about positions of all our electrics, what lights in each rooms, sanitry/sing positions. thought this would be easy to decide but we just cant seem to agree on what we would need, looking for advice of anyone, or is there somewhere online who helps with these sort of things. I have attached our floor plans for reference. House FF.pdf House GF.pdf
  6. About to apply for self build mortgages, just wondering if anyone can clear a small point up, when doing the affordability checks, do they take your current temporary accommodation rent payments into account even though once the house is build you wont be living there, so there fore wont have any of that as over heads come completion time?
  7. Good Afternoon All, I am currently starting a self build on the Isle of Mull, i am wondering if anyone has any spreadsheet templates for keeping track of spending/materials/VAT paid to help watch our budget throughout the whole build. Many Thanks David Maclennan
  8. Cheers Dave We are fortunate that the land won't be sold to anyone else as its a friend we are getting it off for an agreed price. Is this certificate B you are talking about? Been typing to find the form on the argyll website but haven't come across it yet.
  9. Can anyone help with some advice, I have a plot of land I have been offered to purchase to start a self build, it doesn't have any planning etc on it, so is it possible to apply for planning in principle in argyll (scotland) on the land myself to get that decision atleast before dealing with solicitors etc and purchasing it. I do have site plans
  10. thats great to hear, Flemming is who we have been looking at using.
  11. thank you for this, great blog, i will spend time reading through it properly. can i ask what timber frame company you used?
  12. thank you for your reply, unfortunatly i am building on the isle of mull so trying to get a 2 story through planning in a rural area is just about impossible, 1.75 is realistic although they seem to push for 1.5.
  13. Good Morning, as a general idea, how much of a price difference is there between getting a 1.5 story kit from the likes of scotframe etc to getting a 1.75 story? i will be emailing kit companies but just thought i would ask here first for a general idea
  14. Thank you for your reply and information, Really like the layout you've gone for. Did you ever get a price from a kit manufacturer for your build to see how much you saved by just building it on site? At what point did you clear your site? As soon as you got planning permission? We are just waiting for final site plan to come back then can start the design stage to get planning underway
  15. looking for some advice, We have a plot on the isle of Mull and starting to look into various routes to go down, Route 1: use a timber frame supplier such as scotframe/flemming that offer architectural services and get them to do our design, planning, building warrant and kit supply or Route 2: get an architect to design our house, do the planning, building warrant and then get local joiners to build the kit onsite? what are peoples experiences on both and recommendations? Many thanks
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