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  1. Lighting bollards

    I have some picked but as they haven't come I cannot recommend them. One thing I decided is that if these lights are to be left on for long periods of time I would get ones with changeable bulbs as otherwise if the LED electronics go (which they frequently do) then you will have to replace the whole fitting.
  2. Plan change - is it worth it???

    If I was doing that I would continue the first floor roof down at the same angle to hit the top of the ground floor wall, it would look much less awkward. The same as above the garage. As drawn it could look like an extension even if it is not. I don't think that you can extend both floors as the roof would then obscure the some of the solar panels on the other elevation. It would certainly require a lot of changes to the shape of the roof, again making it a more material change. As has been said though, if that wall is to the north of the window and doesn't shade it then it is much less of a worry to have it there and I would probably just leave it. It might also create some shelter from the wind sitting out there depending on the prevailing wind direction. Would you actually use the space in the drawing room, I purposely reduced the size of ours relative to the size of the house as often large houses have drawing rooms with loads of empty floor space that never gets used, especially if it is to be a rarely used formal room.
  3. Good news when I was up there today. We have run through another 2 bottles of gas! They have 2 dehumidifiers in the kitchen, but they weren't able to run them and the heating at the same time as it put too much strain on the site supply. So the UFH had been on since Friday, it was -6 outside when I got up this morning. This is much colder than normal. It was 12 degrees in the kitchen and 15 in an upstairs bedroom with humidity in both in the 40s. I told them just to keep the dehumidifiers on in the kitchen until tomorrow so it is warm. They will start putting the kitchen in tomorrow or Tuesday. Tomorrow we can get the mains gas connect up as they put the meter in last thing on Friday. The front door is in and looking good, it just wasn't sealed up around the edges so they had covered it up with cardboard hence I thought it wasn't in. There are still a good few holes such as where window sills are to go in and around the front door. As these get sealed up it will get warmer. I can already feel the benefit of the triple glazing, you could not feel how cold it is outside standing right next to the windows. The current temperature is -2. There was ice on the outside of the windows. I am pretty hopeful we will get in at the end of next week as planned.
  4. Thanks. Will speak to builder re dehumidifiers today. He was talking about getting some in. I hadn’t thought about the aspect of them warming the place up also.
  5. Tiled roof design

    I guess you could do this if you had a wall in line with the small ridge in the second diagram and the front area of the roof was higher than the side part of the roof. The side roof would have to be at a shallower angle than the front roof and the wall would be in line with the ridge, they couldn't share a pitch half way up as you have shown as the side roof would have to rise the same height over roughly twice the distance. But it would look very strange from the side, very strange. If you want them to look the same it would probably be much better to change the porch roof so it didn't have a ridge.
  6. I have joined the electric revolution. Just picked up my Model X. So smooth, absolutely lovely. I had to put it in "chill" mode as they are scarily fast.
  7. The front door is on site, I will try and make sure they put it in on Monday. I thought it was going in this week. Clearly it is going to be a big source of heat loss until then.
  8. I had figured out that the gas heaters were a bad idea, they were using them for a few days before we got the UFH running. The wight within the insulated envelope includes 550 square meters of 200mm thick concrete planks. These have been in situ for over 6 months and were probably manufactured around 9 months ago so I am guessing they are pretty much dried out. Then we have around 1000 sqare metres of 70mm screed. That has been down for around 4 months so it will have dried out to a good extent. It has been some time since I have seen a damp area when someone put something down on the ground Then we have the Porotherm clay blockwork, most of the internal walls are made of this and there is the internal layer of the external cavity walls. However, this has insulated plasterboard on it so maybe I should exclude it from what we are heating up. This was built between 6 and 9 months ago and the mortar is only 1mm thick so hopefully it is pretty dry. The main recent wet trade has been plaster skimming all the walls and ceilings. Some of these were just done in the last few days, indeed they have not done the hall yet. It is only a few mm thick and seems to dry out after around 2 weeks. The humidity is running at around 40% with the heating on but the temperature not that high, I will see how it is tomorrow with the heating cranked up a bit. But maybe most of the drying out has occurred. It is definitely something to think about when scheduling a build and a much bigger problem due to the low current temperatures. I thought the front door would be in this week, but it wasn't when I just drove past. We have sanded and sealed the screed and started to tile, the wooden floor underlay has a damp proof layer, but they do not want to lay it yet. Hopefully the temperature will warm up with the humidity not going too high. I have suggested that as it warms up we open the veluxes in the top floor to create a chimney effect and draw the moisture out. More new tomorrow after I meet the builder
  9. I do have an IR camera, I might take it round on Sunday, the floor definitely felt warmer to the touch. Looking at the gas use, it might be that I would need around 6 bottles over a week and a half to get it up to temperature as I reckon around 5000kwh including losses. I don't know how much heat the builders have been letting out and the massive drop in outside temperature in the last couple of weeks won't have helped. The builder has suggested doing a room at a time, but we don't have the heating controls connected up yet, so we are just running it with open manifolds.
  10. It was an RCBO board yes. £630 plus VAT for a 19 way board
  11. My thread followed what a nightmare this issue was for us. We took months to get building warrants signed off when selling out house and only got it done two weeks before completion. Basically the solicitor wanted all the drawings lodged with building control for any work done on the house along with the completion certificates. These will be lodged with the deeds to the house. I did not have all the drawings, in many cases I had never even seen them, and I had to apply to the council records keeping for copies. I then had to get all the little jobs the builder had not finished signed off. What I found was that everything was safe and working, but if you do not comply with the full letter of the law then the bureaucracy gets you. For example should a kitchen have a smoke or a heat detector. I had three different inspectors each produce totally different lists of things they wanted done to be compliant. I wish I had known all of this before starting any work This was the first time I had owned a house where I had extended it or done any other work requiring approval. If you do this work it will make life a lot easier when you sell the house if you get all the paperwork and signs offs at the time the work is done and keep it. Because of the ever increasing level of electrical regulation I ended up having to replace my CU at a cost of almost £1000 to get a sign off of previous done electrical work. You basically end up with a creeping need to comply with current regulations irrespective of the age of the house.
  12. Hi, We have had the heating running for around 7 days and the interior temperature of the house was around 11 degrees today according to the builder, the outside temperature has collapsed to 3 today. This is clearly not helped by them being in and out all day leaving does open etc. Also the front door is not in so it is just a frame with waterproof sheeting over it.(It may be in now) the MVHR is not on etc. I tried to calculate how much energy required to get the house up to temperature. I reckon there is around 600tonnes of concrete and blockwork inside the heated envelope. This would require around 3000kwh of heating to raise the temperature 20 degrees. Plus any heat losses which are probably running at a few hundred kwh per day in the current unfinished state. Heating up the air will require a negligible amount of energy in comparison. Does anyone have any experience of heating up a blockwork or ICF house and how long it took to get up to temperature. We need it to be in the high teens by Tuesday for the kitchen to go in. I had not really considered this but due to the much higher weight of this kind of construction, even if it is as well insulated as a wooden house it will require much more energy for initial heat up. The heating went off at one point after running through 2 large bottles of Calor gas in a 4 days. That seems to be around 1300 kwh of gas We are restricted on how much we can turn up the heating flow temperature so as to not cause cracking. I thought this was not a problem as the flow temperature should not have to be high. This is true once the house is up to heat but starting from a low temperature I am worried that the 30-35C flow I think we are running will not be enough to heat the house up quickly.
  13. Thanks @Onoff Looking at reviews it seems that things either go smoothly or very badly. There is nothing in between. When things do go badly then they seem to have a very bad attitude. Getting the car up the driveway would be easy. Their other arguments included that there was a step up from the drive to the garage and that there are unfinished cables in the house. The garage and driveway complaints are nonsense as I am sure that they regularly deliver to people with gravel drives and a steps at the front door. The people who moved my snooker table two days earlier had no problems. As for the cables then the power is not connected so they are also a non issue. Unfortunately as I was not there it is hard for me to argue the toss. I might well take pictures when I am there on Sunday. The key thing is making sure they deliver on 22 December or indeed we will be into the realms of Christmas being spoiled and legal action will be likely. The house was supposed to be ready to move in on December 8th. We are now looking at the 21st. The delays are probably costing me around £3000-4000. I have mixed feelings about holding the builder liable as he is working very hard to get things done, but he shouldn't have got so far behind in the first place. The original completion date was July.
  14. They claimed there was too much work going on. They were taking down some scaffolding when they arrived. I don't think it's clear cut enough to argue about sadly. My wife pointed out that she told them it we were building the house and they had the address but they never went to see the place until they took the furniture round there. We were quite happy for them to offload stuff into the garage or a downstairs room. Of course once they have your stuff in their possession it is quite difficult to argue about it. This is the first time in my life we have ever used professional movers, we have always done it ourselves before. My wife had a go at them and they told her that they would decide what they were doing, she argues harder than I ever would. She has it in for them now. They did agree not to charge for storage, just for the redelivery. I said that they had to come back and say they were happy with redelivering before we paid for the redelivery charge.
  15. Back at their depot with a £500 redelivery charge. I knew there would be a problem when my wife told me how awkward they were yesterday when they came to pick everything up.