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  1. Yes there is a footpath which is across our land and all the other services are under this footpath so it seemed logical with the support of the plans it would be there. We had the emergency team out they just referred back to the department that move it. Sure we will get there eventually, we knew there would be challenges on the way.
  2. Has anyone had the issue of having to divert a gas main for the foundations and idea of costs? The contractor is 3/4 through the foundations and discovered a steel pipe. The initial inspection points to it being an old gas pipe that has since had plastic fed through it. We now await follow up inspection, then can apply for a quote to divert. We checked prior to building the location maps it looks like the network drawings are slightly out. It should be under a flagged footpath the same as all the other utilities, we can only think that many years ago it was decided lower cost to put under what was softer ground compared to taking up old flagstones. Disappointed that not only has worked stopped for an unknown period we will get hit with the extra costs to divert despite carrying out all relevant checks. Anyone ideas on pricing per metre or how the process works in terms of time would appreciate comments, online I can only find prices for meter diversions. ? I couldn't find any other information on this forum so think its another potential hidden pitfall to be aware of for future self-builders, we were grateful it wasn't damaged.
  3. Yes sorry I should have mentioned its a new build for us to move into when complete, thanks
  4. Trying to finalise my budgets and cash flow for my new build and not clear on VAT. I have read as much as I can and mostly clear on what can and can't be claimed. However not clear how the process work with a contractor. For example these are my thoughts but feel free to correct. Builder 1 is not registered for VAT if he purchases bricks etc. he pays inclusive of VAT, as he isn't VAT registered he cant claim the VAT. The alternative is for me to pay directly for the materials then claim back VAT, otherwise I pay the VAT to the builder and loose it. Builder 2 is registered for VAT if he purchases bricks etc. he pays the VAT then claims it back himself or can ask me to pay directly and claim back myself. Ideally I want to pay out as little VAT as possible during the build then have to claim from HMRC but maybe there is no choice . Maybe I am missing something obvious. Any help appreciated. - thanks.
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