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Found 29 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to find more information on how to go about building my own home. Online research has given me various different requirements and I'd like to know more about the specific process, ie the order of doing things and realistic expectations. I have been looking at land plots but I'm unsure of how I should get started. I live in SW Scotland and plan to build here. I'm not very clued up on the process as everything I've found online is geared towards England or they don't match the advice I've read elsewhere. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello Everyone, I am completely new to forums so will make mistakes there for sure. Its taken me ages just to get to this bit. I am a stained glass artist, been making windows for ages and more recently glass art with concrete, so I am happy with that side of buildings. I am about to self build a new studio for myself and need to learn what to do. I have had ridiculous quotes from builders for over 30k so there has to be a cheaper alternative. Luckily for me I found this site and am looking forward to reading all the advice you have to offer.
  3. Hey everyone - pleased to be involved in this fantastic forum. We are building a house in Somerset and are tantalisingly close to being able to lay carpets but still need to finish bits like the kitchen and bathrooms off etc. My question is regarding VAT (the VAT office phone line as others have reported is not working). [Moderator: The VAT question has been moved here] On a side note - can anyone recommend an insurance company who will insure the property with us living in it before it is building control completed but has gas and electric signed off? I really appreciate any replies that can help us. As ever, the government don’t make it easy!
  4. Hi all, It's never a smooth ride with this self build stuff is it, I've been to site today and there has been a bit of a cock up somewhere and now one window goes all most all the way to the ceiling. I'm trying to work out what went wrong as it was suppose to have 15cm between the window and the ceiling. However it is what it is and does anyone have any ideas on how I can make this look good? Hanging a curtain pole will be impossible, I wasn't specing blinds throughout either. ARGH! It isn't possible to move the window head lower, it needs to be the level it is. Lifting the ceiling up I think will be very expensive, the first fix has been done and there is a room in the loft. Thanks all
  5. Hi everyone, we are finally at the other side of thee new build. Just outside work all to do now. I'm hoping to start kerbing and drains and piers for gates. I have now idea for lights outside but should all these cables go in now and cables in peirs for lights and electric gates if wanted in future. I've recorded some of my build in the process of you would like to have a look.
  6. Hello, I have just found this forum, too late for many of my questions as we finished our self build last year. It would have been so useful. It will however be great to chat with others on their own self build journey and get advice on the items we still need to tick off...what has been a very long list over the past few years.
  7. Hello, SoI’ve been dreaming up a small home on a small plot. Sadly the neighbour has encroached to prevent (its a complicated story) but they have essentially pinned my little garage in and taken 2 feet of my land and is essentially attempting to force a sale. ...for now I need to repair the garage before everything in in is ruined. What can I do without planning permission for now until I have resolved the boundary situation? This is a case of someone with money taking of advantage of someone without....very frustrating! Please help. Thanks, Micc
  8. Not sure if it’s ridiculous to consider solid walls for a new build. I have done a lot of googling on the subject, it seems you can get a decent U value without the wall being too thick, some suggesting even thinner than would be required with cavity walls! Im considering it because there is a flood risk, and I believe solid walls are preferable in this situation, water in the cavity wouldn’t be pleasant even if I chose closed cell insulation. Other positives could be, depending on route chosen, dense block work could be a great sound barrier, or it opens up the possibility of more interesting brick bonds. Have double the bricks would be pretty expensive though. I can’t work out if condensation is a risk, some people say it is a risk with solid walls, others think cavity wall insulation will be the next ppi for its damp risks.. That brings me on to the next thing internal or external wall insulation, it seems external is preferable, however internal offers the chance to have more interesting brick work. In my mind I think external would be more effective, however with external surely you will lose a lot of energy heating the dense blocks? You wouldn’t have this with internal insulation. Hmmm. Going around in circles with this one!
  9. Hi all. I'm a reasonably competent DIYer around the house and have now got it in my head that I can self build a large combined garden room and shed at the end of the garden. I can work through most problems and am researching the hell out of it before I commit so am pretty confident I can do this 🤞. Lots of interesting threads on here around related topics so looking forward to tapping into the collective.
  10. Good morning to Y’all. Newbie here about to start a self build in Suffolk and stumbled across this group. Looks good. Will probably have a number of questions to ask in due course but reading all your Q&A’s is pretty helpful too.
  11. Hello all, First Post!! My girlfriend and I have our properties on the market, with the mortgage in principle and our equity we are looking at a sum of £600k very max. with almost 50% deposit. I have found a beautiful 6 acre plot in a rural location. It has a basic structure (an old small barn) which is being used as present accommodation for the current owners and it has all utilities. I must emphasise this is very basic and small but could do for a year! The plot has PP and the footings are complete. I don’t fully agree with the house design that was submitted, but the foot print is suitable, it’s just the first floor we want to change. This is such a beautiful spot and I would love to grab it! However the plot is funnily enough £600k! I even have my doubts the bank will agree to this for the mortgage in principle. Does anyone have any experience with this? Also.. we need money to build the house, maybe another 350k… I am in no doubt that once complete, with properties to compare with in the area, we would be looking at a final property of between 1.5 - 2 million. This is for our forever home though and we are not looking to profit from the development. How on earth can we source the additional funding? Parents can’t help, are there some sorts of loans instead of a mortgage that would allow for the final build and then…?! I have no experience at this! I have a reasonable salary and my GF has an ok salary, the amount we could borrow with mortgage in principle was the most for our salaries combined. I have about £70k in shares, but am not willing to sell due to the hammering they have had this year, if I wait a couple of years I’m hoping they will be double if not more once they have recovered. So my shares are a no go at the moment. We just have no more equity.. Is it possible, or are we dreaming?
  12. Hi there we started building our house back in the Autumn, was our old Silage shed. Been a rollercoaster with planning, getting builders on site then the wet/windy Winter. Demolished the surrounding buildings last Summer/Autumn. Stripped the old roof very little photographic evidence of that!😙😳 Then when the weather allowed fitted the roof again by ourselves, builders arrived Nov/Dec and been on sight on and off. I’m doing as much as I can alongside them groundwork’s, steel cleaning and painting, outside cladding... Electricians on 1st fix, which leads me to this site, need some MVHR help, so will be posting a separate thread on that. Lee Here’s some pics and our Instagram page.
  13. Hi; new to the hub and my first post. we are buying a plot of land to put a new house on; we will project manage only - not getting involved in the actual build. The hope is to then sell - at a profit. Our understanding is that VAT reclaim is only for a self build you intend on living in - so our costs would increase substantially. First question is whether contractors would still zero rate their invoices - so it's not quite as bad as it could be? but is there a better way to set up - ie start up a VAT registered Ltd co; in which case could we reclaim VAT and the end supply (sale of house) remains zero rated. anyone with experience to suggest the optimal route please?
  14. Morning, I've been quoted £1,000 per square meter to take the build to up to and including 1st fix, the price excludes the cost of windows and doors. The costs coming from builders is around £2,200 for a complete turnkey project. Does the cost to first fix sound about right? Architect says £1,800 per square meter should be possible. Cheers
  15. Hi all, In order to keep costs down I am thinking about having a main contractor complete the build up to 1st fix and then completing the second fix onwards my myself. I've no construction experience but I'm okay at DIY, fitted bathroom, kitchen etc. Any thoughts on how this could play out?
  16. Hi all. I embarking on my first self build next month. We have a budget set for electrical work, lights and switches of £10k (200m2 flat roof bungalow). I'd like to try and future proof the build so I can install CCTV, network servers, home automation etc at a later date. What should I be asking my electrician to install now. Just a load of CAT 6/7 cabling into the main rooms (remembering their exact locations) and then terminate into a singe location where the servers will reside? Any help or experiences greatly received. Cheers
  17. hi I am sue. My sister and I are planning to convert her large house into 3 flats so as to sell two, pay off her mortgage and for her to live in the third. She has claimed and received a self build exemption for one flat but my research suggests she will not be able to supply any of the 3 forms of evidence required at the end of the self build ( vat letter, self build warranty or self build mortgage) as none of those seem to be available for conversion of a house into 3 flats... has anyone had any experience with this? The Cil is about £20,000 and is making us think twice about whether the project is viable.... love to hear from anyone as this self build exemption looks like a nightmare. thanks sue
  18. I seem incapable of fiddling and completely revising designs. I've quickly knocked this up, I think it has potential, but its not quite there. Love the contrast of dark grey and white, but I fear with such a large about of "dark" it could become over powering. Any thoughts, feedback is hugely appreciated
  19. Hi All, we are keen to settle in NI in the Enniskillen area and are looking to buy a building site with PP in the region of £60k to build a bungalow on. Any help with details on how to trace an owner of land and pointers on where to start will be greatly appreciated.
  20. Hi everyone. Shortly to start a blog with some more info. We have some woodland up near Cannich (not far from Inverness) which luckily already has full planning for a house. We're shortly to resubmit, as the existing planning is for something much larger and expensive than we need. This will be our first full build, although we've helped on bits and bobs of building in the past. I'm a hydrologist by trade, so questions on water supplies, hydro and flood risk are welcome! cheers
  21. OK, it's a bit lonely and quiet in here, but I guess this is the right place for my new project so here we go. This is right at the very start and was hoping to start this after the initial meeting with our architect. However the snow here in the North East of Scotland is REALLY bad today and the appointment has been postponed until next week. Anyway, this would be my first project of this size. I intend to get the roof and glazing professionally done, but the rest will be myself. Well, that's the plan at this early stage. I work from home on a part time basis, so I'm fortunate to have the time and be onsite. The plan is for this to be an investment. At the end the intension would be to sell both properties and move on. How realistic that is, will be up for debate and discovery! this is outline of the plan: We have a very rural three bed house here in the North East of Scotland and as is often the case here, it came with various outbuildings and a small steading which is just a Scottish term for a barn. We've done a lot of work to the house, and now it's time to carry out our long held plans to convert the steading into a small 2 bed dwelling - if possible, allowable and feasible of course. The building is of granite construction and apart from some lime pointing, the walls are solid and true. The rood will of probably have to be completely rebuilt with the intension of slate tiling, but hopefully some of the main beams can be re-used. Though of course, some are rotten. Originally, the building had an extension on the left of the main picture below which you can see the signs of mortar of - just above the tyres. We hope to restore this small extension and hope this - together with original pictures from the 60's we have - will help get this through planning. This would give us a large mezzanine type master bedroom, with a smaller one at the opposite end. We also intend to install a large window where you see the existing doors and blockwork. It is only a small barn (lets call it that from now on), but I feel it would be still a good size for open plan kitchen/diner and living space + 2 beds, bathroom and utility. The overall internal size is 5m x 16m which I believe would be small, but perfectly formed - especially if we get the small extension approved. I would welcome with open arms any comments, questions or experiences anyone has had. At this very early stage, I feel a little overwhelmed yet excited about it all. Yet I know there are going to be some painful times ahead. I will keep this thread alive and will let you know what the architect says on Monday. Hoping the snow stops by then! Cheers,
  22. caliwag


    Howdy, I'm just exploring the implications/costings of selling my book 'Self build...the last thing you need is an architect' as an e-book......any help or assistance/experiences gratefully received. (Price link removed by moderator)
  23. caliwag

    Future ebook

    Please click on if you may be interested in a copy of an E-book of 'Self Build Home...the last thing you need is an architect'
  24. Strikes me there's a good bit of doom and gloom about..... So, what are you most pleased about in your build or refurb? Not the place for moans. Not the place for groans. What puts a grin on your face when you go on site?
  25. Hi Folks, Just thought I'd say hi, just finishing the purchase of my new home and will be starting the planning for the demolition of the existing 2 story extension and construction of its replacement which will include a kitchen/diner and laundry room on the ground floor and Bedroom (ensuite) and Bathroom to the first. Lots of questions I need to answer hopefully with your help, hoping to do the majority myself, looking to construct timber frame and clad in wood or sheet material to avoid brickwork (not my forte). Hopefully, I can also bring something to the table, although a manager in the Building controls industry now, I'm an Electrician by trade. I like to think I'm reasonably knowledgeable although I'm sure plenty would disagree... Thanks