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  1. Check your deeds as well. There can sometimes be restrictive covenants as to what you can do with gardens that are open plan and on an estate in order to preserve the look of the area.
  2. Mine has been in for a year now and the dishwasher installed and working for about 10 months. No sign of any problems with the outer door.
  3. vivienz

    Soffit lights

    I will need to check back and let you know. They haven't been fitted yet - winter storms, covid and other impediments put a siginificant delay on things.
  4. That's all looking fabulous - you must be delighted! The roof lights are beautiful.
  5. How about using some of the solid laminate from the likes of Worktop Express? It's very nice stuff (a friend installed in her new kitchen extension recently) and would double up perfectly well for this purpose.
  6. Phew! That will be toasty in the summer. I'm going for a home made silk twill mask with elastic to hook around the ears.
  7. How big is your site? We're on clay and so dug a large pond into which rainwater from the house is directed via a land drain from the gutters.
  8. Ours needs a bit of extra heat upstairs in winter. Two of the rooms upstairs aren't ensuite and so can't benefit from heated towel rails etc, and they got quite chilly. One is my office/work room and I needed an oil filled radiatior on in there in the absence of completed UFH.
  9. It's always worth getting a separate quote for transport in case you can get a better price that way, but it's often difficult to get one that will know how to transport the goods you need.
  10. Are they Schroedinger's cladders? On furlough but on site at the same time, and only being observed by someone will determine which is the actual state at that time? Perhaps they're embarrassed that your work is as good as theirs? Certainly looks good!
  11. Your neighbours are never going to be your besties, anyway, so build first and let them complain later. The speed that MBC work at, whatever complaint is made will be barely acknowledged by the time MBC have finished that stage and moved on.
  12. The PV is on the house. It wouldn't be too much effort to put the batteries onto a trickle charge in the garage overnight.
  13. Your logic is flawless, @SteamyTea , but we would need much more than 20m of cable to get power out to the greenhouses, hence my initial ponderings on the battery. I will ponder further.
  14. Thanks, Jeremy, that looks good. Off to investigate.
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