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  1. vivienz

    Kitchen Layout

    I'd have wall units. You can never have too much storage space in a kitchen.
  2. vivienz

    And we're off

    Well, I did have a separate digger and operator on site but not from the same firm that provided the muckaway service. Do they need to be from the same provider to be zero rated?
  3. vivienz

    And we're off

    Absolutely! I shall get onto this first thing on Monday morning. I love Buildhub.
  4. vivienz

    And we're off

    Can you tell me more about the muckaway being zero rated, please? I've been under the impression that it wasn't and have paid full whack - it would save me a tidy packet if I can reclaim it. Muckaway is a horrible expense - ours is clay, too, and even if you have a large site, it's hard to lose as you still need to cover it with decent topsoil. That would cost more than muckaway - a lose/lose situation!
  5. vivienz

    Hairline plaster cracks

    Yes. An MBC build with passive slab.
  6. vivienz

    Hairline plaster cracks

    Excellent. Anything that saves on a bit of effort now is a plus. Thanks!
  7. vivienz

    Hairline plaster cracks

    As my building settles and the newly skimmed plaster dries out, the usual hairline cracks are appearing here and there, mostly along beading lines. Whilst my scaffolding is still up in here, is there anything I should do about these, or should I just live with them a while and revisit once the building has settled some more?
  8. I'm using tier system on my build (timber frame). This is stone veneer on a backing board, and is applied with adhesive to builder board. The builder board goes onto battens, although I need to use counterbattens as well as the centres of the battens aren't at the right spacing for the board. I sourced everything from Sydenhams after ringing around for prices; they wete by far the most competitive. The standard panels were £ 51.05 sq m, corners were the same per linear metre, the adhesive was £21.9 per bag (44 needed for mine, 126 sq m in total area excl. corners) and the builder board was £36.24 per board (sorry, can't remember the size, but same as plasterboard). Depending on which colour you want, lead times can vary enormously. Mine took nearly 2 months to arrive as it was on a slow boat from Vietnam.
  9. Interesting. I've no other experience of wayleaves or easements and just assumed they would be on everyone's deeds. I suspect it was on mine as we bought the plot from an old farming family and the land hadn't changed hands since the 950s.
  10. I wonder if it's the north/south thing? The wayleave for my place is on the deeds for my plot,
  11. I thought that wayleaves do stay with the property when it changes hands. When we purchased our plot, our solicitor made us aware of it as it is noted on the deeds. They are still voluntary, though, and can be withdrawn by any new owner, unlike an easement.
  12. Definitely get your connection quote first, then you know how hard you need to bargain. My case was resolved to my satisfaction in that the necessary work will be done and it hasn't cost me anything, but then there are no poles on my land for the overflying cables (11kV). I already had an existing connection that I moved and eventually buried, but the overflying ones were a separate issue. There was an existing (ancient) wayleave for the wires to overfly the property - these are voluntary agreements given by the landowner and can be withdrawn, so in exchange for the wires being moved further from my garage at no cost to me, I will give them an easement which cannot be withdrawn and is lodged against the title deeds at the Land Registry. One word of caution on times and timing. If you need to negotiate a new agreement with them, it can take a really long time. It can also take a long time to get a new connection. If these wires prevent your developing the land, you need to get onto the electricity issue as soon as possible.
  13. Lovely design. I second the comment about switching the hob to the island. Cooking has become a far more sociable activity and it could be tricky if you have people sitting at the island whilst you're cooking but have to have your back to them most of the time. To separate the family room, the altered ceiling level has worked well for me but you could also look at internal bi-fold doors. The tricky bit with these is that you can't have an MVHR gap below the door because they need to run on a track. There are plenty of other internal folding doors, though. Never underestimate the amount of space you need for the utility, plant and srorage. It's a bit like when you first work out your build budget - whatever you think you need, you will always need more.
  14. Good points, we are doing this but I forgot to mention it.
  15. vivienz

    Sewage SOS

    For the perimeter drains, installation of the sewage plant (already purchased), all labour and materials, 11k. He has stated 2 weeks labour for the 3 man team and included 3 lots of muckaway. It's the materials cost I have the issue with, not labour or plant hire.