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  1. vivienz

    Brise soleil

    It blocks out plenty but you can stil see easily to the outside. That face of the building is almost due south, so the brise is to reduce solar gain from that window as much as anything. The other windows on that face will either have blinds or, in due course, plants in front of them.
  2. vivienz

    Brise soleil

    Pending a blog update, here's a picture of my new brise soleil that had the rails and fins fitted today. Details will follow, but it's too pretty not to post a picture.
  3. vivienz

    self build.....where to start.....

    I looked at Danwood when we first started. As with plenty of other similar offerings, you have to get all the groundworks done (yes, paid for up front by you) and there is a really tight tolerance on how level the slab must be to receive the subsequent building.
  4. vivienz


    I've bought plenty of lights via aliexpress which allows smaller quantities than Alibaba. Delivery can take a while but the goods are fine and much cheaper than UK prices.
  5. Wishful thinking, I'm afraid. If you've never built a house before it's astonishing how much there is to do once you have a house-shaped object. I'm finally coming towards the end of second fix and decorating and feel like I haven't stopped for months, and that's just with the PM and decorating on my plate.
  6. vivienz

    Why do internal doors have handles? I bought all my door handles and hinges from them, as well as screws when I have time to order. Good products, good value.
  7. vivienz

    Electrician Costs

    All cheaper than I paid 12 months ago for equivalent jobs on my site in Dorset.
  8. vivienz

    sarnafil rubber roofing

    We have sarnafil on our garage roof, a section of flat roof over the stairwell and the parapets around the balconies. I can't speak for its longevity as it was only completed at the back end of last year. On the face of it, it looks very similar to @lizzie's. The main problem I'm having with it at the moment is connecting the rainwater outlets that the contractor installed into gutters, as the outlets are all 90mm and don't fit into any standard size guttering/downpipe available over here. The contractor was singularly useless and said that he could supply elbows but of the same diameter, and these would need to feed into hoppers, which we don't want. Anyhow, I think I've found a solution from a French supplier. The installation of the roof was okay, apart from the vagaries of the installers not coming when they were supposed to, etc. but in general the standard of the work is fine.
  9. vivienz

    Anyone used ARCO2 in Bodmin?

    Our architect did a nice job of the design of our house, but failed spectacularly to grasp the concept of low energy requirements. He was arguing in favour of a log burner almost until the timber frame went up!
  10. All the ones in my house were cut with a multitool.
  11. What's your ground like? If it's clay, beware of muckaway costs - they can be prohibitively expensive.
  12. vivienz

    Yellow planning application notices

    The council will put them up once your applicatipn has been received.
  13. vivienz

    VAT increase on PV and storage

    It's £85k now. Inflation is a terrible thing!
  14. vivienz

    Popped plasterboard fixings

    Thanks, Jeremy. My plasterer is an excellent fellow and rang me earlier. He is coming back to finish a couple of areas and will take whatever remedial action is necessary. The lateral movement makes sense as I had the posijoists put in at 400mm rathet than 600mm centres to reduce bounce. All will become clear in a few weeks.
  15. I initially thought that my plumbers, who are working upstairs, had come through the floor to the hallway ceiling below in their enthusiasm, but it seems that some of my ceiling plasterboard fixings are popping. There's one in the hallway but a run of 4 along the snug/hallway ceiling join. I'm waiting to hear back from the plasterer (his crew did the boarding) but what's the best way to deal with this? I assume that I need to dug out and re-attach as I don't fancy having unsecured boards on the ceiling and I imagine it will only get worse once the house is occupied and has more movement inside.