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  1. I think I may not have been clear here, @AnonymousBosch , as it's not an additional SA in its complete form that I have requested but just the electronic controller unit.
  2. It wasn't so much a great nervousness about SA that prompted me to request an additional unit so much as our experience at work. OH and I run a small manufacturing business and our machines are all varying degrees of old. The mechanicals themselves are robust and have stood the test of time very well but the thing that leaves us most exposed is potential motherboard failure on one of our bought in brush making machines as the electronics go back to the late 80s and will no longer have manufacturer support in a few years time. I was pondering this whilst discussing the SA with Nick and it struck me as an obvious and easy to achieve way of time proofing the SA unit as one can never be sure how long manufacturer support will be available, particularly with a relatively young company who's owners may want to sell it one once established.
  3. I can't add anything to the discussion of the circuitry itself but I asked @Nickfromwales to acquire me at least 1, preferably 2 spare control units for my SA that will be installed very shortly. Given the projected lifespan of the PCM obsolescence of the unit is far more likely to occur through failure of the electronics than other matters. Given the direction that SA as a business seems to be going in, there's no guarantee that spares will be available in a few years' time, so I would far rather pay for a couple of spares now and mothball them than find myself with no way of replacing them in the fullness of time.
  4. They don't have to be render. We went for slate and stone as coverings.
  5. Well done, nice to get it sorted without disagreements.
  6. Caffeine anxiety is nothing compared to self build anxiety!
  7. Purely from a taste point of view, my vote goes to cafetière coffee made with freshly ground beans. I understand the attraction of a good crema on the coffee for the aesthetics but the pressure needed to achieve this always seems to add a sour note to the flavour of the coffee. I opened a new bag of Columbian arabica beans this morning. First mug was made in a cafetière/French press - delightful. All those nutty, chocolately volatile oils coming up strongly and nice and hot, too. I've just made another one but this time in my Krups machine (I've had 3 Gaggias in the past) and much of the delicate volatiles are gone and there is that sour note again. The beans were freshly ground in a dedicated Iberital grinder on an espresso setting. I drink my coffee at what sounds like a similar strength to you, Lizzie. Can't be doing with Americanos - barely coffee at all, really. I never adulterate good coffee with milk either, it seems a terrible abuse of good beans. FWIW, a close friend had a Jura - very pricey (he wouldn't tell me how much) and it wasn't a good long term buy, it dies within about 3 years. Another good friend seems to get through a nespresso machine every 2 years! As I type, in the interest of science and decent coffee (of equal importance in my humble but correct opinion) I've just made another small cafetière of coffee. The brew is by far superior to the machine one for my tastes. Still, each to their own. I'm happy to recommend the little Krups machine but it's not a bean to cup I'm afraid, Lizzie.
  8. You do still have rights regarding overflying cables, as they are known. I have power cables over flying our land and had a to-do with SSE over these. They can't put cables wherever they choose without permission, regardless of whether there are poles on your land. The cables cross your land subject to your granting permission, agreed in advance.
  9. Not the best of photos, but this is my Harvey water softener, boxed up and shortly to be installed in the garage. The void is for a standard 600mm kitchen cabinet where my dishwasher will go.
  10. Coke/cola is also really good for softening denim in the wash, too.
  11. Isn't this something along the lines of 'plan for the worst, hope for the best'?
  12. vivienz


  13. I've had reasonable success with contacting ebay sellers for VAT receipts, so it's worth asking.
  14. No, it's Tier System by CED Stone, via Sydenhams. Very easy to apply, no specialist labour needed. Almost like giant tiling. I have used Autumn from their range of Contemporary Panels