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  1. Noise. You will need plenty of sound proofing in there if you don't want to hear it in the rest of the house.
  2. I would be very cautious about letting any utility company put anything across my plot without a written agreement. Once it's done and situ it's far, far harder to change anthing compared to when they want something, i.e. access to your property. Utilities are quick enough to invoke their rights (even if they don't have them) but uncooperative at best when matters are the other way around.
  3. Wow, that's expensive. A small claim court procedure for the maximum £10k costs about £450.
  4. Always handy to have a bit of spare charcoal for the bbq.
  5. Oh well, looks like the standpipe outside for me, then!
  6. A footnote to this thread with a bit if unscientific follow up research. A couple of buildhubbers visited yesterday and we were chatting about the different qualities of softened and filtered water. My main house water is softened but the kitchen sink tap is a Quooker that provides filtered water. A glass of each was poured and a taste test completed. The softened water had a pronounced salty tang to it but the filtered water was neutral. 3 out of 3 voted for filtered as drinking water on the basis of taste.
  7. Get it drawn up properly by a solicitor. It's not worth scrimping on a few hundred when there are many, many thousands at stake. One of my biggest regrets of our build was taking the word of a trusted main contractor and not having things in writing, only for our verbal agreement to be reneged upon in the final stages. Hope for the best but plan for the worst.
  8. Well, that describes me. We even have 2 cats in residence although their kittenhoods are long since gone. I'm not sure about the cannon, though.
  9. It seems that the most likely common factor is a highly insulated house with only a couple of occupants, so each loo only gets used a couple of times a day, on average.
  10. No doubt at all. We've never had off mains sewage before so I've been going easy on the various cleaning fluids for fear of having a worse mess to clean out of the treatment plant. I've only recently noticed the mould and snotty cistern and we've been in since early August so it's not too bad, really, more a case of adapting to a modified cleaning regime.
  11. Ours is mains, not well water. I suspect that it may be more to do with well insulated houses (not quite pun intended). Because the cisterns are recessed into 300mm blown cellulose they are maintained at a toasty temperature, ideal for encouraging this sort of thing.
  12. An update on this thread. I made up a dilute solution of household bleach in a spray bottle today, as per Jeremy's example. I gave a little squib to clean all the toilet bowls but the most interesting effect was on the cistern without the flush plate. I gave a couple of sprays directly into the cistern and much of the snotty slime was gone in a matter of hours, so it seems an easy one to solve.
  13. The Quooker doesn't soften, it filters.
  14. We're not in a conservation area but it's a very rural location. The plot came with PP for a traditional Edwardian style 1.5 storey house. Had a chat with the planning officer, who said that he greatly disliked pastiche design, prior to putting in for our completely different contemporary design. It passed first time with minimal conditions. Don't assume that because all around is old and traditional that the planners want more of the same.