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  1. Fabulous lights but the whole project us looking gorgeous.
  2. vivienz

    Ventilation of cold flat roof with parapet

    Hmm. I have a meeting with the architect tomorrow morning. I will see what they and MBC have to say about switching from cold to warm. I could see if we really need the parapet, as I think this is a design rather than a structural issue. Thanks, chaps.
  3. My house design has 2 deep, long balconies off the bedrooms on the upper floor. The decks have been designed with parapets; the build is by MBC Timber Frame and it will be a cold roof construction. The architect is doing all the necessary for building regs sign off and it's nearly there, but they are flapping about ventilation of the decks. Their concern is that the cold roof on the decks must be vented, but they don't want to put any vents through the vertical face of the cladding that will be on the outside of the parapet. As yet, I haven't seen the type of vent that they are trying to avoid, but does anyone have any other solutions for venting the roof other than going through the cladding? I've seen a few ideas where the air flow goes to the edge of the deck then up through the inside of the parapet, but I'm not sure if this would give sufficient air flow and achieve the necessary ventilation level. Any suggestions welcome.
  4. Good news. Never assume you have free time- if you think hard enough, there's always something that's been out off to another day!
  5. vivienz

    custom build - budget/any advice

    Something that's worth having done is a soil survey or ask if the vendor has had one done. My plot is on highly shrinkable, dedicated clay which, broadly, means an extra £20k for me due to more complicated foundations than we had initially thought. Ours is still within our budget ( for the moment) but if things are tight it's better to know before you purchase in case it makes the whole project unaffordable.
  6. vivienz

    Foundation 4 - Final stage

    Still loving the view. Even a JCB can't make it look bad.
  7. vivienz

    The Butterfly Effect

    So, this list of luxuries - is it fixed and has this been agreed in writing? Just saying.
  8. vivienz

    ducts....oh dear!

    Bugger! Has someone cursed you, Lizzie? Even the simple things don't seem to be going right. You must have been a very bad girl in a past life😎
  9. I think that's how they do it in France, too, especially when the farmers go on strike.
  10. We had the hedges removed and laid by a tree surgeon and they chipped/shredded as much as they could on site, using their industrial shredder. Much of what is left is scrubby rootball and, quite frankly, if it wouldn't go through their shredder, I very much doubt that it would go through anything I could get my hands on. We currently have one set of near neighbours who know that we will need to burn this stuff and have no issues with it as long as it's done properly. Re. the wildlife, this is why I want to move the heap from its current position in the garden and into the field - it will give a chance for any wildlife to escape in the process.
  11. Good point about the grass- better to do it sooner rather than later, methinks, as the ground should be a little wet after the predicted rain at the weekend, which should stop the grass going up with it. I will have a word with the neighbours too, of course. Any more advances on how to start it? There's way too much for an incinerator/dustbin.
  12. Following on from all the hedgerows removal and hedge laying that was done earlier this year, I have an enormous pile of woody waste that needs to be burned. It's currently resident in the garden area but I may get it dragged into the field. My past history may be chequered but being a pyromaniac is not something I ever aspired to and so I have no idea how to actually set light to this stuff and get it all burned. Is it as simple as a judiciously applied can of petrol and a match or two, or is there a more scientific approach?
  13. We had our asbestos survey done a while back and it confirmed that there is asbestos present, all low grade and not requiring licensed work to dismantle. It's most old floor tiles inside the bungalow itself and the corrugated roofing on the concrete garage block. Even though this isn't a complex case, it will still cost ~£1100 + VAT for disposal, mainly due to the transport costs to get rid of it. It's easy to dispose of a small amount that may crop up in households from time to time but a skip load needs to go to a specialist facility, of which there are few. The nearest to us is Swindon and of that £1100, half of it is the transport cost. By the time the VAT and the cost of the survey are taken into account, it's the thick end of £2k for an uncomplicated case with nothing aggressive in it. It makes you pause for thought.
  14. vivienz

    external blinds

    Watching with interest.
  15. vivienz

    Green roof

    The best one I've seen in real life is in Brittany and belongs to the office building of a garden landscape company! The roof is a wave shape and covers quite an area, but one would imagine that it would be in good nick, given their line of business. It's certainly been there for at least 8 years and still looks pretty good.