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  1. vivienz

    It's getting there

    Do you want some of mine? Happy to share! Buyer collects, mind you! Flint work is such a lovely finish for a building.
  2. Find out lead times for things that are critical to the flow of work on site as delays to deliveries can mean extra expense elsewhere if you miss timeslots with other things, as well as over run costs on things like scaffold hire and site insurance.
  3. vivienz

    Bit of a rant!

    I wouldn't even have attempted the amount that I do without BH. There's just so much scope for problems to occur even without being hands on.
  4. vivienz


    I had a physio review yesterday and was measured on a few strength tests. Despite not having got to the gym much since my last review due to a frantically busy period on the build, I aced a couple of the tests and this is purely down to shinning up and down scaffolding ladders and temporary staircases for much of the time I was on site, so self-building isn't all bad!
  5. vivienz

    Wonky wall update

    A brief update on my inward leaning gable that I posted about recently. Just to recap, I spotted that the gable section of my west facing bedroom wall was leaning inward at an angle and made it look as though there was a problem with the window, which turned out not to be the case. Over the last couple of days I've been liaising with my timber frame company, MBC, and my window company, Norrsken, to see what needs to be done. I've taken plenty of photos to illustrate the problem and the MBC team will be on site week commencing 22nd October to put things right. They would have come earlier but I have some other things that are scheduled for next week and need to get those done first, so I requested the slightly later date and they were happy to oblige. It's clear enough from all the photos that the problem lies with the timber frame but it's still very reassuring that MBC haven't argued or quibbled over anything and have been positive from the start, agreeing that it does need fixing and setting about organising it. Because of the position of the section that is out of line, the window will first need to be removed. The Norrsken team were due to come back at some point to go through the snag list and they, too, are happy to come back that week so that as well as sorting out the snag list, they can assist with the removal and re-installation of the bedroom window. It has to be said that with the weather that we've had this year, I've had something of a charmed run on the build so far and given how complex and large a project building a house is, I'm amazed at how few problems I've had to date. Even so, I've always been prepared for something going wrong at some point and my view is that it was almost inevitable. What is less predictable is how the parties involved respond to the problem to get it sorted out. In this case, I have been really pleased with the responses. Pretty much as soon as I contacted MBC and brought the issue to their attention, the response has been to get it fixed. At that stage, they couldn't say what caused the fault and until they see it, they can't be sure. What they have been emphatic about, though, is that they will get it sorted and before the next stage of works are due to commence on 5th November. Norrsken also deserve a special mention as they haven't hesitated to co-ordinate and make sure that MBC can do what they need to do whilst the windows are taken care of. All that remains now is to see just how the Leaning Wall of Bagber will be rectified; it doesn't look like any easy job to me and I'll be interested to see how it gets done and greatly relieved once it is done.
  6. vivienz

    Potential building plot Kent

    That's lovely and very similar to the old pre-fab bungalow that we demolished on our site. A lot more land with that one, though!
  7. vivienz

    Pre-App Site Meeting

    I was very open about our intentions for our plot when I met the planning officer. I was anticipating some difficulty as we knew that we wanted a very contemporary house when there is nothing comparable in the area and he deals with many of the conservation type projects. It turned out that he had no problem with modern buildings and preferred them to stylized pastiche designs and we had zero objections or alterations to our submitted plans. We even put a pond into the PP request due to its size, as well as greenhouses on the agricultural part of the land. No problem with any of it.
  8. vivienz

    How do I fill this gap?

    I'm in site this afternoon so I will get some more photos and detail then.
  9. vivienz

    How do I fill this gap?

    Thanks, Nick. I will investigate tomorrow.
  10. vivienz

    How do I fill this gap?

    That looks good, Onoff. I will take some measurements and see what volume I will need. Quite a lot, I suspect.
  11. vivienz

    Resolution of the window film saga

    I did think about the sage glass but 4.8k of that cost is the suplly and install of the brise soleil that's been a design feature from the outset and that we would have had anyway, so the addition of the blinds isn't quite so painful. I agree, though, that any of these things need to be thought about as early as possible.
  12. vivienz

    Not so square after all

    As it stands, Russell, I haven't approached MBC because I dont think that they can do much, short of dismantling the roof. If performance isn't compromised and the building won't fall apart then there isn't a problem to solve, as such, other than the potential issue with cladding. I shall draw it to their attention, however, in case they there is any action they want to take.
  13. vivienz

    How do I fill this gap?

    The floor is going to be something like amtico, so about 5mm plus adhesive.
  14. vivienz

    How do I fill this gap?

    Thanks, chaps. Just love all the little TLAs (three letter abbreviations).
  15. vivienz

    How do I fill this gap?

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is SLC?