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  1. vivienz

    Window fitting

    I've yet to get to the fitting stage, but my window company, Norrsken, have gone to a great deal of trouble to liaise directly with MBC over structural opening sizes, fitting apertures, indents in the slab for turn and slide doors, etc. I will still be measuring everything once the openings are there, but so far the attention to detail from my window company has been good. They have worked with quite a few timber frame suppliers, including MBC, and are supply and install. Whether reality matches the plan remains to be seen, but I will report back in full once the windows start going in on 24th September.
  2. vivienz


    Best keep your trousers nicely pulled up, then, in case people think I'm installing indoor bike stands.
  3. vivienz

    I'm Curious

    Welcome! We're equally curious - tell us more!
  4. vivienz


    Okay, stand at ease, chaps! I've been very kindly offered the loan of a time lapse camera which will be even better.
  5. vivienz


    Thanks, chaps. On the basis that you get what you pay for, I don't think I'm prepared to pay enough to get a decent one, so I shall stick with photos taken with my feet firmly on the ground.
  6. Such a useful visit! I'm happier about progressing a number of niggling issues now and have a clear idea of how I will deal with others. All of this vould have taken me ages to work through by myself but one day out on a visit and all sorted. Brilliant.
  7. vivienz

    Results, and cock ups

    Another thought - in one of the self-build magazines recently, there was a house right on the edge of a lake. It might be worthwhile to write to the owners of the house and find out what they did. I'll see if I can find the article.
  8. vivienz

    Results, and cock ups

    I had my soil survey done about a year after we bought the plot, and because our builder insisted on it. I knew we were on clay, but this told us how much clay (loads) and brought us to the decision between a massive reduced dig or piles. I nearly pooped myself at the thought of piles, but in the end it was okay, but our ground wasn't made ground and wasn't full of crap. It would certainly be worth speaking to a piling contractor and see what they have to say about it.
  9. vivienz


    My timber frame is due to go up in a short while and I'm thinking about getting a drone to film some of the action. I've never bought one before and have no experience of them; I also don't want to spend too much. Is it worth it and does anyone have any recommendations?
  10. vivienz


    I know it was an awful experience for you Lizzie, but thank you so much for posting about it. I hadn't given a great deal of thought to it, but now the smoke alarm system is high on my to-plan list. I've also started unplugging my hairdryer and straighteners at home, something I have never done previously. There but for the grace of god, and all that. I've also discovered that we have 2 powder extinguishers in the garage, according to OH, so I will do all the necessary there and put them somewhere more accessible. Thanks again for the post.
  11. vivienz

    fire in the house

    Holy cow, Lizzie, it's about time you had some good luck. I can offer no advice, but please keep us posted. I'm now thinking about the hairdryer ans straighteners that I left plugged in but switched of at home. A habit I shall break as soon as I return tomorrow.
  12. Be there. I'm not officially project managing, but more organising the sequence of main contractors that are building the house, but being there to answer what are small questions or uncertainties at the time has already saved a whole heap of difficulty/expense/confusion further down the line. I live an hour's drive away from our build and I certainly wouldn't want to be commuting to it from much further.
  13. vivienz

    Protecting windows during a build.

    Thanks, @HerbJ That's a very useful yardstick. I shall keep it in mind.
  14. vivienz

    Protecting windows during a build.

    Okay, so it's a superior finish on what the second fix plumbing/kitchen fitters would be able to do. We will have 2 bathrooms (one wet room), a downstairs loo, large kitchen and utility. I'm guessing that would be about a day's work. What's the going rate for a mastic man?