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  1. vivienz

    Pressure Washer Recommendations

    Well, after years of resistance OH finally bought a pressure washer a couple of years back. The drains regularly block at his parents' house (waste from other houses) and the old drain rods finally gave way, as did he with them. Besides doing a good job on the drains, he has relectantly admitted that cleaning the car with it is so much easier than by hand having damned them as the work of the devil for many years. How age changes one's view!
  2. vivienz

    Wrong Floor!

    They haven't fulfilled their contractual obligations, it's as simple as that. Proposing a half cocked unsatisfactory solution that will never be as good as what you have ordered and paid for. Far less painful to put right now, at the supplier's expense, as they have made the error. Hard to fathom why they didnt figure out the error until the entire floor was laid. Did no one read the spec?
  3. Where are you located? Perhaps visit some real world examples to get a feel for things. I'm in north Dorset if that's any help, and at the tail end of second fix with most of the decorating done - things look different again when they've been painted. I should add that we have a contemporary open plan build and 2700 ceiling height downstairs.
  4. Gosh, what a fabulous house! Amazing attention to detail.
  5. vivienz

    Running toilet problem

    Ah, if only. MIL won't have him back.
  6. vivienz

    Running toilet problem

    My aged mother in law has a problem with the loo in her house. A plumber visited recently to replace all new innards inside the tank, including float, arm, etc, and it now has a dual flush mechanism. Since replacement, the cistern in filling continuously. OH has tried the adjustment screws and raised the float height to no avail and the tank is still running. Unfortunately, the instruction booklet that came with the new assembly has already been lost. Can anyone give us some pointers as to what we should look at in the tank?
  7. Hubby and I want to use quite a few large rectangular concrete planters around the place, typically 50cm deep and about 80 x 50cm area, as a minimum. We've looked online and once you get to large sizes, they're very expensive and we probably couldn't afford any plants to go in them once we'd bought the planters. How difficult would it be to make these ourselves? We've looked at some utube videos with what seem like varying of competence. Making a mould of the right dimensions is simple enough, but then it's a question of ensuring being able to remove the mould and the robustness of the planter itself. Any thoughts, anyone?
  8. vivienz

    Wall finish in attached garage

    Thanks all. My BCO is generally very relaxed, perhaps a little too much on this occasion. Will get some more PB in!
  9. Whilst I wait for a reply from my BCO, does anyone know what building regs require as the finish on the garage wall once the fire rated plasterboard has gone up? The BCO has already confirmed that a single layer of pb is fine, but someone raised a query about whether the inevitable gaps between the boards need to be sealed in some way. We don't want to plaster it, if avoidable, and the BCO was fine with this but he didn't mention anything further about the finish.
  10. vivienz

    How to get Howdens prices

    I priced up the units for my utility with Howdens recently and they were nowhere near as good value as DIY Kitchens, so I got the same ones as I've used in the kitchen from the latter. I have to say that Howdens are persistent but don't try hard with their prices.
  11. vivienz

    Warning - scams

    My bank never calls me. They're afraid that I will ask them for money to spend on the build. 😮
  12. Blimey, that approach would discount most of the stuff that goes into a passive stsndard house, on the basis that it's not ordinarily incorporated into most UK houses.
  13. I've had my external electric blinds done as supply and fit, zero rated as it's a new build. In fairness, there's a strong argument that they are part of the fabric of the building as part of the installation is done as a first fix item before the cladding.
  14. I smell success in the air. Keep at 'em.