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  1. i see that the 8mm hole size fischer fixing A2 ,,from what i think i am reading right is 0.27kn...for the Hilti it appears for the 8mm hole size fixing it is 0.30kN Nrd & 0.50kN Vrd ...what does theNrd and Vrd mean,,any idea?
  2. the spec for build says Hilti and i was just wondering if there was a comparable alternative with the same spec, it is for fixing sole plate to concrete slab
  3. Any body have one of those, just discovered the can fire round head nails, though it is a clipped head framing nailer. they can use the paslode round head, just thought i would share it, increases the flexibility in nail choice
  4. Have just done a little more reading,, the Hilti are made from carbon steel and zinc coated, the shear strength is apparently greater than the stainless steel for same diameter of fixing
  5. Has anyone used an equivalent fixing for sole plate to concrete slab, i was thinking of using Fischer Hammer Fixing A2 Stainless Steel - 8 x 100mm, any ideas? where do you find the sheer strengrh data?
  6. Hi mike i have been told it is structural grade and sourced from Kronospan, though they have not stated as yet whether or not it is OSB 2 or 3. I have e-mailed Kronospan to query is this the way the normally send their materials out of production and how could i tell what grade it is other than being told so by Builders Merchant
  7. I have been told it is structural Grade and their source is Kronospan, though i am still waiting on a reply as to whether or not it is OSB2 or 3 and as to why they do not have stamped identification on them. I have also sent a query to Kronospan in UK. I will also speak to Building control for their thoughts on it as i am half way through constructing the timber frame panels but i am not to keen on sheeting them yet until i get some more info. The last thing i want is to have the ground floor erected and be told it is not adequate.
  8. Hi Mike , no it came banded and shrink wrapped. Yes it is for the outer sheathing on the external timber panels and for some racking load bearing internal panels.
  9. I ordered time 3 weeks ago and it cost £4786 and when i originally priced it Aug last year it would have cost me £3054, i also priced up my trusses last year and i am frightened as to what the price will be now
  10. Hi there Temp thanks for the reply, the reason i am a bit confused with it is that on looking at a site Building.co.uk, it has an article on OSB and it states that all boards should have various markings on them to identify manufacturer , ce marking , panel type, thickness etc etc
  11. Hi there i am just new to the site so please excuse me if i have not created this topic in the appropriate section. My query is to do with OSB 3 Sheeting, i have just received a pallet of this from my builders merchant as i requested, i asked for OSB3. In the past when i have ordered the odd sheet of OSB3, i normally see writing on it stating what grade it is, however the stuff i have just received from builders. all the sheets are blank with nothing indicating what grade or manufacturer. Is this normal? The board sizes are 2397mm * 1197mm allowing for 3mm expansion gap i presume. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. This is our 1st self build.. Regards Jack & Yvette