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  1. Recently, a neighbouring farmer submitted a planning application for a 12m high, 450 sq m agricultural building. Under the 'Site Visit' section of the Planning Application form, there is a question "Can the site be seen from a public road, public footpath, bridleway or other public land?" The person completing the form has checked the box for 'no'. In fact, there is a public footpath 15m to the North and in addition, the to-be-designated English Coastal path will be 100m to the south, as well as the building being clearly visible from public highways. So the response to the question on the form is clearly false. Can anyone advise as to the significance of this particular question? What action could or should be taken when a false response has been submitted?
  2. Fallingditch

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    Another update on the The Financial Services Compensation Scheme page, last updated 30/2/2019. "30 January, 2019 Following our update on 21 November, CRL Management have recently identified a potential replacement insurer. FSCS is continuing to work with CRL Management, the Alpha Liquidator and the Danish Guarantee Fund to secure replacement cover for Alpha latent defect/structural damage insurance policies that terminated on 11 August 2018". comment: matters are proceeding very slowly, but there does appear to be progress so I'm not going to take any action at this time.
  3. Fallingditch

    Vaillant EcoTec Plus 838 versus 938

    OK so two years on and I am 100% happy with boiler performance. 1. Even though its on LPG, it has enough energy to heat two simultaneous showers. In fact, it is probably the water pressure which is the limiting factor; I am running two Hansgrohe showers which run at around 8l per minute (=16l per minute); I have 5 bar pressure but my flow rate is only just adequate for two showers. (That's because I am pumping from a borehole to a pressurised tank, and my pump/borehole capacity is the limiting factor, I believe). The built in storage is not really a factor - that's about 20l only I think, and its really there so when someone turns on a hot tap, hot water is readily available without boiler having to fire up etc. 2. Yes - but measure or estimate your flow rate to the bathrooms. If you believe you can get 16l per minute, the boiler will cope. If you can't get that, or your pressure is too low, you will need to put in a pressurised cylinder and associated plumbing (plenty of threads on this elsewhere). This is the critical factor! 3.Unexpected benefits: we have underfloor heating. The wunda mixing valve which I installed in not effective at controlling low temperatures. But I found out to my surprise that it is entirely acceptable to run the boiler at 43, or 40, or 35 (or even 30). So that's what I use to control the UFH temperature depending on time of year. Really rough and ready, but not a big deal in the scheme of things. (What I need to do and I don't know whether it is possible is to remotely control boiler temperature, and set that according to weather forecasts ...). NB this boiler temperature is independent of the DHW temperature, which is set to 65. 4. Running Costs We've now run this setup for two years with average three people in a very well insulated 200 sq m house. - heating goes off (say) 1st April. comes on (say) 1st November. We use heating during that time for hot water and all gas cooking. We buy two bottles of 47kg at a time (typical price £55 per bottle in NE Essex) and they last 6 months with no heating. So I estimate we spend maybe £220.00 pa on hot water and cooking. (or four bottles - fag packet, I know). - the house is well insulated, and has high solar gain. Our biggest problem is overheating (so we open the doors and windows to control temperatures - even when the underfloor is on). Our total gas consumption during the last year was 12 bottles. Take off those four bottles for washing & cooking and that leaves 8 bottles for heating or £440.00 Could I work this out more accurately? probably. But tbh, at these levels of consumption, I am not very concerned. (I have other issues!)
  4. Fallingditch

    System design - mains and well combination.

    I have recently received my water analysis results. (Should have done this some time ago!!). Results posted elsewhere on the site. pH equals 7.1 Hardness equals 395 mg per litre (very hard) Iron is less than 0.1 mg per litre Manganese is 0.61 mg per litre My 4/5 bed new build is on low lying land. All water is drawn from a borehole. Because the aquifer is only about 2 m below ground level, we use a simple self priming centrifugal pump ESPA Delta 1755m with a raising capacity of 9 m. Water is stored in a 500L pressure vessel next to the pump in the garden shed. It then flows through a 5 micron water filter, and then a blackthorn ultraviolet sterilising unit before travelling underground through 28mm pipe a short distance to the house (I plan to install a water softener downstream of the sterilising unit in the house). Part 42 of the House at Mill Orchard describes how Jeremy injects ozone into his supply using his home-brewed generator, feeds the water into an accumulator, and then passes it through an Aquamandix and sand filter to wash out the accumulated oxides, before passing it through filter and softener An update to Part 42 suggests that Jeremy could have done it in a simpler manner by using a smaller filter with aeration, and Turbidex filtration media (rather than Aquamandix). However in responding to Albert on this page, Jeremy suggests using the same Aquamandix unit as is installed at Mill House, but locating it upstream of the accumulator, and with no ozone generator. I think I need to remove the manganese from my supply because of its undesirable staining effect on sanitary equipment and because of the effect it has on water taste. So I need to install a Turbidex or Aquamandix, and I need to size its filter housing. I wonder if @JSHarriscould suggest which solution I should go for?
  5. My LA was not very helpful in regard to organising a borehole test. I found a private testing company known as Lancrop or Yara based in Pocklington, Yorkshire. Their principal market is a range of tests for the the farming community. However they do offer a standard SA4 Borehole Test for £55.00 + VAT (SA4). All done by post and very efficient. For interest, my results were: Analysis Result pH 7.1 E.C. (mmhos/cm) 1.13 Total Alkalinity (mg/l) 288.1 Hardness (mg/l) 395 Total Hardness (mg/l) VERY HARD Turbidity (Units) < 4 Nitrate N (mg/l) 4.52 Nitrite N (mg/l) 0.014 Chloride (mg/l) 147 Fluoride (mg/l) 0.3 Calcium (mg/l) 113 Magnesium (mg/l) 27 Sulphur (mg/l) 53 Aluminium (mg/l) 0.001 Copper (mg/l) < 0.05 Iron (mg/l) < 0.1 Lead (mg/l) < 0.01 Manganese (mg/l) 0.61 Zinc (mg/l) < 0.01 Coliform Count (no/100ml) 0 E Coli (Beta G Pos) (mpn/100ml) 0 TVC 22C (in 1ml) 0 TVC 37C (in 1ml) 0
  6. Fallingditch

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    I am new to this information, but I also am affected by the bankruptcy of Alpha A/S. On the Alpha group website, there are three links. The one at the bottom of the page is to the The Financial Services Compensation Scheme page, last updated 4/9/2018. The section on latent defect currently reads: How are UK customers of Alpha Insurance protected for premium refunds on their latent defect / structural damage policies? FSCS is working closely with both CRL Management Ltd and the Alpha Liquidator to ensure that eligible policyholders either receive a premium refund or benefit from a replacement policy arranged by their broker. Please keep checking this page for updates on this. From reading through the entire thread, I didn't spot anything which suggested that the FSCS was trying to arrange a refund. So its sit tight fingers crossed I guess. (PS I paid CRL with a BACS transfer).
  7. I have similar issues to those mentioned by others. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can actually measure my deflections? (We actually used easijoists, with the design specified using the easijoist software. I have asked a rep from the joist suppliers to come out and let me have their opinion. First thing to ascertain is whether the construction has been carried to spec 🙂 )
  8. Just received email from OnTheMarket: https://www.onthemarket.com/details/4698800/?utm_campaign=property_alert&utm_content=20180303&utm_medium=email&utm_source=property_alert&utm_term=property Its actually a triangular site bounded by roads, which will explain why its so cheap. But you don't often get development sites in this desirable part of the world for that sort of money.
  9. I noticed that Screwfix are selling twin power sockets which also provide ethernet and wifi: https://www.screwfix.com/p/wifi-connekt-single-band-n300-13a-2-gang-switched-socket-with-ethernet-2-0a-usb-starter-kit/1571T?kpid=1571T&ds_kid=92700030947269124&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1248181&ds_rl=1249481&gclid=Cj0KCQjw7Z3VBRC-ARIsAEQifZSltcGt2EjWr_wpOk0v7W9npZTK4DFS9yrv0E9L3PxrlkR5RgwClmoaAiioEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CKOz8K_36NkCFdPiGwod66kApw Keene electronics also. Has anyone any experience of using these? I think at one stage Schneider were selling them but can't see that they are now. Maybe this concept is very difficult to make reliable?
  10. Fallingditch

    Hey from Essex... xx

    Hi there and welcome! Which part of Essex are you in? (We're in Tendring) :-)
  11. Fallingditch

    Motion sensors in hallway

    We built a three storey house - there's two staircases, three halls and a corridor on the intermediate first floor. We've fitted four presence detectors - one in each hall and one in the corridor. The two on the intermediate floor are wired together so if either detects presence, lights will come on. They are all driving LED panels inset into the ceiling. The attached picture shows the intermediate ceiling with LED panels, 1 x smoke alarm, 1 x WiFi access point and one of the presence detectors. We went for Steinel is d360 presence detectors. (I wanted to use a good quality make because I wanted to have confidence they could be adjusted for run on time, and background illumination detection). Think they were about £30 each - sourced from eBay over a period of weeks. They are also under master time switch control to force them off in the middle of the night (but that might be overkill). I am 100% happy with the way that they work - I would absolutely recommend such a setup.
  12. Fallingditch

    diy-kitchens.com any experience?

    I actually made a long trip up north to visit their Showroom. They are not your normal kitchen supplier - they do what it says on the tin - DIY. They are doing very well - lots of sales, expanding. Staff are very helpful and it's an excellent showroom. (A friend also bought from them and they are very satisfied). However, in the end whilst we did go the DIY route, we didn't go with this company. The main reason was the choice of material for the drawer and door fronts. We decided to go white high gloss. We then went to some other kitchen suppliers and picked up the white high gloss samples. The sample we preferred was Vivo because it was more dense and solid than the others. We then looked for a kitchen supplier who could supply Vivo (and Blum drawer runners and hinges) and we came up with TK components in Manchester. TK are trade only. My builders opened an account with them and that's how the basis of our kitchen and utility was built. We bought the granite separately from a local firm. We bought the handles from PWS. We gradually bought the sinks and appliances from eBay. Taps from Germany. Specialised pullouts and drawer organisers direct from Germany. Have to say I'm extremely happy with the result - both quality and cost Going back to your original question I believe most people are happy with DIY kitchens so you shouldn't worry about buying from them. Then again I'm 100% happy that we went the route we took, and I'd recommend TK to anyone.
  13. Fallingditch

    Thermostatic showers

    "Can anyone recommend a Thermostatic shower" Yes: Grohe or Hansgrohe. I bought my showers from a couple of different sources. BargainBundlesUK on eBay who could probably supply you with components you need for flush showers eg one like this alternatively, buy direct from Germany. (See other posts). Here's an example of a complete Hansgrohe Croma 100 from Skybad (search SkyBad for other posts re grman suppliers) for about £120. I bought from both these organisations - no problems at all (and the Germans do returns).
  14. Fallingditch

    80w outdoor warm white floodlight - any recomendation?

    Flour sacks go up the front LOL