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  1. The kick up is due to the lead and is unavoidable with those thin cement-fibre slates.
  2. Hammer fixings are normally what I see used on jobs. https://www.screwfix.com/c/screws-nails-fixings/hammer-fixings/cat840070?cm_sp=managedredirect-_-screwsfixings-_-hammerfixings#_=p
  3. If it's only started since the work was done next door I'm willing to bet they stood on your roof and caused this.
  4. That's the union you can see, not the membrane.
  5. Those Rosemarys are on a 6 month waiting list right now, not practical if you really need the roof done. The join is also no more likely to leak than any other section of the roof, if done correctly.
  6. Contact the site agent and inform them about it so they have a record before the habitation is done. The cut ridges are also smaller than allowed by NHBC.
  7. We are using the Marley solofix clips.
  8. The tiles are really good to use, I'm doing a site with them just now and plan on using them on private jobs from now on.
  9. Why should we do breakdowns though? We price as we feel necessary, if you don't like the price then just ask someone else. Like @Russell griffiths has said, there is more to think about in a job than just labour and materials.
  10. Also if I ever get asked for a breakdown of costs I tell them to take it or leave it. I don't need to justify prices to anyone. You either like it or don't.
  11. Get some more quotes if you're not happy with them.
  12. Checkatrade is the problem here.... any idiot can sign up and claim to be a roofer. I genuinely have zero sympathy for people that get caught out while using these sites. Word of mouth is the best way to find someone, ask around local roofing merchants/well known builders and they will tell you who they would recommend. Ask someone you know who has had work done previously. Also when you say takes longer and costs more, that will all be factored into a quote or estimate by a professional.
  13. You can just cut a tile in half and have a perfect half bond.
  14. You can get this from doing a 1 day course so it means nothing. Also firestone is not the only brand of EPDM, they could have used something else.
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