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  1. I'm a roofer and a lead worker. It is an awful job and needs fixed by someone that actually knows what they are doing. Get 3 quotes from other roofing/lead companies and don't let that guy near your roof again. If he requests let him collect his scrap lead when the job is redone
  2. Get a good quality Spanish slate (CUPA), the H3 is just as good as Scottish slate and you can get them in random sizes
  3. Enewall is the new name of Powerwall if that helps.
  4. Mate not a single house built that long ago has the original roof on it. The nails would have went after 100 years or so if that
  5. Cupa H3's are the best Spanish ones you can get. Apart from that Scottish slate is the best
  6. Roofer here. Whoever done this never battened the roof correctly. You should work your way down from the top of the dormer while measuring both side of the batten. It can be fixed without stripping the full roof back but that would mean 6 tiles would not be fixed with a nail. Could narrow it down to one if they used clips.
  7. Few hundred? Some of these guys charge just less than I would to completely renew the roof. Any tile manufacturer will strongly advise against power-washing tiles in any way as it can damage them.
  8. Slate may withstand it better than concrete tiles but if there is any slight issues on any part of the slates/tiles it will break them. I actually get a decent amount of work out of fixing roofs that have been power-washed and painted.
  9. Never power-wash a roof! I'm a roofer and it's a good way to make sure you need a new one.
  10. I'm trying to source some Scotch for a job I'm doing in a conservation area. If you don't mind can you message me when you have them off?
  11. What is the quality and the quantity of the scottish slate?
  12. Yep, went out and found my roll that I had. Guide/Building membranes/Roofing underlay/Ventilated roofing underlay.aspx
  13. I can't remember the name of it and I have a roll of it somewhere in the yard.... If it helps Geoff Capes was used in the marketing of this felt.
  14. The ventilation issue should have been sorted before hand. Being a roofer myself I see this issue a fair amount. It will need vents installed to be properly ventilated. Roofers should have multiple roof ladders to deal with different situations.
  15. It shouldn't cause you a huge problem, bring your concerns up to the roofer and they should explain everything to you. For the ventilation issue you need to install slate vents as close to the eave as possible.