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  1. makie

    Identification of Membrane

    Yep, went out and found my roll that I had. Guide/Building membranes/Roofing underlay/Ventilated roofing underlay.aspx
  2. makie

    Identification of Membrane

    I can't remember the name of it and I have a roll of it somewhere in the yard.... If it helps Geoff Capes was used in the marketing of this felt.
  3. makie

    Slate roof advice please ...

    The ventilation issue should have been sorted before hand. Being a roofer myself I see this issue a fair amount. It will need vents installed to be properly ventilated. Roofers should have multiple roof ladders to deal with different situations.
  4. makie

    Slate roof advice please ...

    It shouldn't cause you a huge problem, bring your concerns up to the roofer and they should explain everything to you. For the ventilation issue you need to install slate vents as close to the eave as possible.
  5. makie

    Slate roof advice please ...

    If they don't have more than one roof ladder or one that can be extended they probably aren't that good of a roofer.
  6. makie

    Slate roof advice please ...

    Any roofer that knows what they are doing would not fully extend the roof ladder past the bellcast.
  7. makie

    Metal gutter recommendations
  8. makie

    Concrete screws ?

    Could use hammer-fixing or anchor bolts
  9. makie

    Vertical slate cladding

    I would say it would depend on the render finish, colour etc. Most UPVC suppliers will have a form of trim that would work with them. I know that it is usually done with battens in England but could you not do it the Scottish way and slate directly to the wood boards? or is that against building control down there?
  10. makie

    Vertical slate cladding

    You could use Cupa spanish slates and finish it off with either a trim or use lead.
  11. makie

    Metal roofing companies

    I've never used that company before but if you are considering standing seam I can recommend Catnic.
  12. makie

    How would you fill this gap?

    Sweet, I see a decent amount of people these days not ventilate their roof. I get a fair bit of work out of it so good to hear it's a vented ridge.
  13. makie

    How would you fill this gap?

    Make sure you have vent strips running on top of the fascia then. How are you finishing the ridge? In Scotland we tend to use ventilated zinc but I'm assuming you may be using concrete ridges?
  14. makie

    How would you fill this gap?

    So I would assume that you will be putting vents in the roof then, correct?
  15. makie

    How would you fill this gap?

    Are you going to have a ventilated soffit?