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  1. There is support trays there but they are cheap pish. The bottom ridge is also a blockend, you can see it in the first picture. The problem is that they have used too many battens underneath. Its stopping the clips from going down properly. 100% tried to do the hip in the rain but it's a site and they are on poor money so I'm not shocked.
  2. Not a problem, best of luck
  3. Speak to Burton Roofing, they should be able to get them easily as they are owned by Cupa
  4. Never trust those sites or any review based sites! (unless it is council run) it's easy to have people you know fake the reviews. I'm confused by the rubber stuck to the tiles. I would recommend taking a picture when you can because if it is how I'm picturing it, it will leak.
  5. Where did you find this roofer? Were they recommended? Can you take pictures of the flat roof joining the pitched roof?
  6. 1.5m is fine with code 4. It's the max recommended by the LSA.
  7. I'm doing a school in Edinburgh right now and we are using Spirtech, it's only lasted 4/5 months during the lockdown and is now needing replaced. £200 odd a roll and it doesn't last long with our rain and UV
  8. If it's slated properly they don't rattle on a vertical. This happens when the people doing the roof claim to be roofers and don't know how to make the slates swing so you can get a fixing at the irons.
  9. It's terrible, I could do that better and we don't use cement in valleys much in Scotland. Seems steep but would depend on where you are based, how busy the roofer is etc Get 3/4 quotes and make a decision from there.
  10. Usually word of mouth or speak to some well known builders. Go to your local merchants, they will know who to use and who to avoid. Never trust these checkatrade sites or anything like that.
  11. That means nothing really, you can do a 1 day course and claim to be trained
  12. Use hammer fixings to attach the battens
  13. It's a universal angle ridge so even if they can't find an exact match there will be something really similar. Personally I never reuse the original ridges on any dry ridge or hip system, if one breaks like this then it is hard to match. Looks much better with new ridges.
  14. I'm a roofer and this work is poor, the new ridge isn't any good. It needs to be tight. The mortar should all be cleared off of the ridge and the price is all dependent on size, time and how easy the access is etc