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  1. Thanks for that. Looking at what I have leftover in my shed I see I must have used CAT6 to run a connection into it. I dont think I have previously used CAT6A. Is it even thicker etc than the CAT6? Is there much difference in price. Given that we plan to stay in our house for the foreseeable future which could be many decades my thinking is that I should wire CAT6A but is this needed for all purposes? Maybe only audiovisual? Or if you mix and match 5/6/6A in a network does everything come down to 5 speed?
  2. Can anyone advise a good supplier for CAT6/6A cable, coaxial, speaker cable? I am also keen to source a decent crimper/cut for pass thru ethernet cables and the pass through plastic bits as well. The crimpers I have seen so far all seem much much more £ than the basic ones. thanks
  3. Thanks @alig that's a good suggestion. However on closer inspection it turns out I dont have a problem after all ... the plastic twist handle actually comes off so essentially is the "key". Photos make it clear I think...
  4. I am getting a new 3phase supplied installed in a couple of weeks. The cable is going into a box that my electrician has mounted on my shed wall. I am getting the meter put in this box and ultimately the feed to the new house when it is up. The box (Schneider) does not have a lockable handle which surprised me. I thought I read somewhere that it needed to be lockable? I am in Scotland if that is relevant.
  5. Hi I am getting 3phase put in shortly. I have had our electrician fit a box to accept it on a shed wall. The plan is to wire up our outbuildings' supply to it during the build and then take the new 3phase into the house from the same box. I thought I had read somewhere that the box had to be locking ie come with a key or have some option to use a padlock but the box fitted has neither. Is that an issue (in Scotland)? thanks
  6. I have read this whole thread now - has no-one spoken to Mitsubishi direct to get a firm answer on this standby power from them? I may try now as I am interested in one of their ASHPs. On a separate point, we are getting 3phase into the new house - does this give any issues to be aware of with an ASHP? thanks
  7. Would you be able to say which companies - maybe by private message?
  8. What are the pros and cons of the different refrigerants you see mentioned?
  9. Anyone got any comments on Daikin or NIBE heatpumps? Finding it hard to find any local options for Ecodan.
  10. I am sure that's correct but I took it from the PHPP summary I received from my architect - will need to ask him about that.
  11. Yes it is to be a certified PH! I didn't understand that I needed a PH certified ASHP for a certified standard PH but I think you have confirmed that I don't in your answer! That's just as well as I am not familiar with the majority of the products on the certified list
  12. I had wondered about a 300 litre and then for the "annexe" part of the house which is where (potentially) another 2 adults could be housed, an electric shower and potentially an electric instant hot water solution for the washhandbasin and hot water for the kitchenette there. The thinking being that it may only be used sporadically and even if it is then we are hoping to put in a 9kW solar PV system that may power it directly during daytime use? But anyway back to what I was asking - any leading manufacturers of the main ASHP unit?
  13. Hi Treated floor area m² is 189.1 m2 Heating demand kWh/(m²a) 17 Heating load W/m² 10 Not sure of the hot water usage - 2 adults and a child but the house is flexible enough to provide accom for 4 adults and a child down the line
  14. I am looking to get quotes and see that a number of local installers appear to specialise in Daikin. Are they any good? Or is there a leading brand? Is looking for the highest COP the main consideration? thanks
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