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  1. Before automating anything you must do due diligence and read https://twitter.com/internetofshit
  2. Snowbeetle, I have a similar project in the pipeline. Can you mention the floor structure thicknesses and what floor finish do you have? Also, how has the drainage performed in terms of moisture in the building? Thanks!
  3. I'll post any update as I get it but for reference Christine pointed me to her thread here. Thanks!
  4. Me mate hooked this up to Alexa... "Alexa, precondition the BMW" he say. Tosser 🙂
  5. I've been quoted ~£20k to connect into SPE network for main electric. £13k if digging myself. Note sure on their routing but its about 200m across a field or down a road to the nearest supply. I've contacted "Independent" Connection Providers and quotes are pending. At least one said don't bother with independents as they're not interested in single connections. Any toptips to reduce this? If not then off-grid solar is looking attractive.
  6. That pricing is quite encouraging. Well, I've been softened up a little because I've just received a quote for mains connection. Spare £20k for mains anyone?