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  1. I'm looking for advice on orientating a GRAF One2Clean treatment plant. The angle between inlet and outflow is ~120 degrees but the one2clean has fixed inlet/outlet in-line. If no words of wisdom here then I'll align with the inlet to avoid blockages, and have a bend on the outlet pipe since this is sweet clean water only.
  2. The procedure to claim once the build is complete seems clear. I have plumber and builder invoices which have 20% vat and materials/labour are not separate line items. (They supplied material). I've asked them to zero rate these invoices but some sort of documenation is needed. Can anyone clarify what documentation is sufficient? The build is a barn conversion not lived in >10yrs.
  3. I can recommend the tools from ParkerBrand (.CO.UK). I strim about 1/2 acre of scrub twice a year with their £120 strimmer/brush cutter (2-stroke 52cc). No issues and their other tools are sound as well (chain saws, generators, rachet set, pressure washer, etc). Budget class but they're managing the quality control well and good phone support etc.
  4. Hi Garry, don't despair, at least not in my case. I've been quite red-pilled on the use of natural lime breathable solutions rather than destructive techniques. I'm surprised by the architiect since he was aware of my preference towards a breathable solution, and is an advocate of it. Like I said, K11 is even more unneccessary since this has an internal timber frame decoupled from any potential damp issue. I was disappointed with the requirement to have the timber frame, since the existing walls are in excellent condition and I hoped the new roof structure could bear on existing walls. Alas the structural engineer insists on the timber frame, and I can empathise with his perspective dealing with known structural elements. The project loses in terms of missing a beautiful stone interior and also 100mm floor space on each wall. Besides structural reason, the building control requires the high insulation of the timber frame. Ho-hum. Next project will be "repairs" under the radar. Thanks for podcast link.
  5. Thanks both for the reply. I see there are other products to choose from and I'll probably do something in order to stabilise debris, bridging would be bad. Definitely not dealing with hydrostatic pressure here so K11 seems overkill. Let it breathe they all say, let it breathe!
  6. The scenario is a barn conversion with 50cm thick stone walls. Internal structural timber frame is specified demoting the stone walls to a facade rain shield. The architect notes specify application of Sovereign Hey’di K11 to the internal stone surface to mitigate damp issues. The builder "ain't seen this before" and doubts the effectiveness given the timber frame has the usual comprehensive DPM and vapour barrier 50mm stand-off from the stone walls. The 50mm cavity is to be ventilated. I support the builder's pragmatic view, but I'd like something on the stone wall, not least to prevent debris falling into the cavity off the stone wall (natural stone with lime pointing). The question for you lot is whether to go ahead with the K11 tanking or don't bother. The builder showed a couple of other jobs drawings where it's not specified. Perhaps a case of belts and braces from the architect. An aside is the following pic, finally getting started on the build, floor dug and prepared waiting on steel mesh and sub-floor. ? (builder also reckons mesh is overkill +£500)
  7. Thanks all. Will try the adhesive option then ballast if they end up in the next field @jfb no welding gear nor the experience and wouldn't want to wreck the water tightness
  8. Today's challenge is to secure a couple of solar panels to the top of a shipping container. Just to be interesting you're not allowed to weld or puncture the container with fixings. Assume high wind conditions but panels may be mounted flat on top. Bodge ideas expected!
  9. I went ahead with £450 protek since my site has an existing building and have ongoing plant hire liability plus storage/caravan coverage. I'd say the risk is near-zero apart from storm damage but the main benefit is a better night's sleep. A simple theft of hired plant would kill the project. Protek was best of two quotes.
  10. Thanks all for the comments. The consensus seems like pricing isn't far off. The site has good access, plenty of space and the trees to fell are mature so ~20-25m tall. I expect they'll need some rope work for the thinning. Includes processing and stacking the firewood with plenty time to season before a fireplace is ready...Rare sunny day pic for reference!
  11. Hi, we've a £1400+vat quote for some tree work, estimated two days work. Felling 2 old Ash trees and thinning dead wood from half a dozen others. I was naively expecting half that cost but have no point of refererence. Any comment?
  12. I highly recommend this 4G LTE camera from Reolink including the small solar panel. Its been very reliable and has PIR recording to local SD card. I installed it 12 months and haven't needed to mess with it since. https://reolink.com/product/reolink-go/ I have a couple of other Reolink WIFI-only cameras but my Huawei MiFi hub is not up for the job since it switches off when not being used, even with external power. I am looking for a better off-grid wifi hub so any suggestions in addition to Adam2's would be welcome.
  13. Noted. The architect did mention a possible coconut husk filter or some such. I like the 'Burn' approach. SEPA should just require occupants to down a pint as reassurance of the quility of output.
  14. Righto, will check those. Yes the GRAF is blowing air. I've yet to see the open ditch run dry as its in Dumfries & Galloway ? Pretty sure SEPA will be ok with it. Building warrant details nearing completion!
  15. Hello, my architect is recommending a GRAF One2Clean 7 person sewage treatment plant and I'd like to research alternatives for the sake of due diligence. Any recommendations? The property is off-grid so it'll be powered by solar PV/battery and also holiday home rate of usage for 5 people, at least for the next 10 years. Scotland regs apply and my understanding is sewage treatment is the only allowed tech these days. I'll be digging the hole myself after dicovering the joy of excavator hire. Outlet will be an open field drainage ditch, very rural.
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