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  1. sorry maybe wasn't totally clear but will most likely need to use ip65+ but most of my first choice light fittings were ip44 or less so was just trying to clarify
  2. Thanks folks appreciated all the comments, that youtube video is actually very good (for me)! Can anyone confirm where I am best locating the fan isolator switch, i understand above door frame height?!
  3. Thank folks appreciate the help on this one, looks like the only option is as a few people mention to work from the centre out and fill the gap with a plain tile at the edge. One corner and most on 2 side walls are hidden by a freestanding bath and a shower so I will discuss also starting from one corner and working diagonally to the other that way the 2 visible sides are perfect!!!
  4. Hi folks, does anyone have a pic or link to the current / up to date regs for bathroom lighting. I can't seem to find two articles that agree! I'm fitting lights to a loft bathroom and tight for space and not keen on some lighting styles that comply with ip.... so trying to find out for certain what and where I can fit! Many thanks!
  5. DC5

    Bathroom fan options

    On a couple of other forums (sparky related) quite a few installers seem to be complaining about the quality of the moldings and the ability to assemble / de-assemble without breaking the cover retaining tabs, also the grill contacting the fan upon installation and modification is required. I think if yours are in you have nothing to worry about!!
  6. DC5

    Bathroom fan options

    thank you, its combing with a slate vent like below with a 110mm exit and onlt a 200mm or so roof thickness into a loft bathroom of 3x2m. I did see the 30 but wasn't sure i liked the large collar - appreciate form of function probably needed in this case to be sensible though!!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Klober-Slate-Vent-Roof-Tile-Vents-Roofing-Ventilation-Klober-Tile-Vent-/253585187835
  7. Hi folks just wondering if anyone has any fan recommendations? I think I'm looking at an Airflow Icon eco 15 as it moves the required 15l/s+ required for B/C. Just wondered if anyone has any other recommendations, my research tells me that Vent Axia is no longer what it used to be quality wise - certainly at this domestic / resindential end of the market! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AIRFLOW-ICON-ECO-15-EXTRACTOR-FAN-72683501-BRAND-NEW-230v-2600-sold/181020693942?hash=item2a25ac95b6:g:VCUAAOSwoudW3YOZ
  8. Hi folks, we are keen to use these tiles in our bathroom: https://www.toppstiles.co.uk/berkeley/berkeley-charcoal-border-tile The tiles are basically 45cm long and the room is exactly 3m so doesn't divide evenly. Is there so trick or tile magic to get the borders to fit without an awkward cut and the design to butting correctly at one point in the room? Any help appreciated!
  9. Thanks yes I saw that it has it on one edge but I've got a few protrusions to work round and there will be a couple of vertical laps to do as well. That's great I'll check that out, I was hoping to get it done over the weekend though - one of protects tapes looks very like a normal foil tape, could a foil tape be used?
  10. Hi folks, what options do I have for sealing Barriair vapour membrane at the edges, struggling to get the official Protect tape locally! http://www.protectmembranes.com/protect-barriair-avcl/p/13
  11. Hi thanks for the reply, yes that was discussed however it would really only give me max 2 lights per bay which isn't terrible but I didn't like the aesthetics of the cables running the length of the room. I'm not familiar with led strip so thanks that's good to know, we may have to buy a couple and try them, which will be a little tricky without the final finish but should give an idea. The plan is probably just to paint them white. I saw image this and wondered how this effect was created?
  12. Hi folks, we are converting our loft into a playroom / livingspace (5x4.2m) and a bathroom (2.4x3m) both with collar ties at 2.2m. The original plan was to put track lighing on the top of the collar tie with about 3/4 lights per tie, on every second tie. This meant the lights could be aimed wherever we wanted up or down etc. I've just seen a few photos of people putting a form of narrow led strip lighting on the top of the tie which looks great and is practically hidden but think I may need to put a strip on every collar tie which seems quite excessive. Just wondered what other people have done, I will probably need to do something else in the bathroom to conform to the regs. The wiring is still to go in as is the top layer of kingspan and plaster board but it should leave about 1.2m clear on the top of the collar tie.
  13. Sadly not was via bank transfer, fair question though!
  14. Hi folks, I've been looking into this. I've tried a few people "remotely" however the most positive communication I am getting is from people locally. The first quote I've had back is from an Architectural Technician they are saying £2.5k for the warrant drawings & digital submission plus a further £750 to £1k for an outsourced structural engineer plus the council warrant app fee approx £600 . I am told the council warrant app fee is discounted because an SER registered engineer would be used on the above. This person is pretty much wanting to start from scratch and do a full site survey and proceed from there. I am unsure if this is a reasonable price or not can anyone provide any feedback would be much appreciated!