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  1. Sorry meant to say that no its not different one. I understand the mastic also shouldn't be used as it allows the water to track potentially causing a leak!
  2. Thanks folks. I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that I don't need to reduce the slate head height due to the nature of how the hall hook works and also that almost all the slates I need to fix don't have nails. I see hooks being used in quite a few properties and the benefits are obvious however I've not seen any I can think of in our more exposed parts of scotland, has anyone else? It is very shoddy I don't know if its a local thing but a new build up the road from us has already what appear to be 3 full dropped slates with no sign of nails so I assume they were mastic'd in place!!
  3. Is that the same as the one I mentioned and have a link for? Thanks
  4. Hi folks just a bit of an update to this, it appears that the rights we have on our title seem to cover what is required (for now) so fortunately that will make things a bit cheaper / easier. The conveyancing solicitor is quite adamant they never missed anything so maybe a lesson learned that if I (you?) were to be buying land its worth getting a services survey and check for servitudes carried out, ironically as the pipes were in our case private and don't always show on services maps I'm fairly certain they wouldn't show up in a survey anyway unless it was a physical one!!?? Thanks for all the input thus far!
  5. Hi folks, we fully replaced our roof (well a roofing company did). We are in scotland so have Sarking boards and its got Roofshield membrane over that. I've got about 7 dropped slates just now. The majority of these slates are from when the roofers removed the irons and inserted a slate joined to the roof with mastic / silicone. Several failed days after the finish but were "fixed" it always seemed a very shoddy method anyway..... I have no faith in this company coming back to make good and I want to sort them myself as I feel I properly can make a longer better repair without damaging other things!! Anyway has anyone used the spring like hall clips / hooks - https://www.geniusroofsolutions.com/products/hallhook/ I though they looked great but the reviews are a generally good but some mixed. Are there any alternatives is there a better adhesive? I don't want to use copper or lead straps as in my opinion they look awful!! Any input appreciated, thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone so far! I’ve got hold of the title deeds and surprisingly it details servitude rights in favour of us regarding service media, access and repair / replacement of said service media. The wording is in plain law so I’ll be getting our solicitor to translate at the first opportunity as there are also servitude rights regarding services for the estate.
  7. Yes, but it was stated on home report as SW are the supplier, which technically they are however it’s nice SWs pipe!
  8. It does show on the SWater services map as a private main - they showed me on site on a laptop, but I’ll need to get a copy.
  9. That’s interesting to know - this was in Scotland though?
  10. I like your general thinking, and after a lot of reading I think you’re right - there should definitely have been an agreement and their conveyancer should have picked up on that when I bought the land. The impression I was given was the my solicitor should have picked this up, do any parties normally check services maps during conveyancing?
  11. The pipe is owned by an estate, they have a land agent company to manage things. This is a good point and the impression they gave me was that it was my issue and I would be responsible / liable, they also mentioned servitude / other agreements that other properties may have on the pipe, I assume that is regarding supply? You are right in that it appears they may be trying to make me pay for their original mistake and if I was to do that it would be to my detriment.
  12. Haha whilst I suppose that is an option all parties are on good terms so would rather do it the right way, issue is the right way looks like it’s going to cost me £2k in fees getting an agreement drawn up!
  13. That’s what I was initially of the understanding. However the pipe owners, agent wants an agreement put in place regarding servitude rights relevant to all parties utilising the pipe.
  14. Hi folks we have a private water pipe passing next to our house (in our garden supplying us and other houses). It has to be moved / rerouted a few metres for our extension. When we bought the house we weren’t told the pipe was private and the solicitor didnt picked up on it - should they have? We now need to move the pipe and I’m getting conflicting information as to what we can do. SWater aren’t interested as they don’t own it. I’m seeking advice from the solicitor but things are slow so was just interested on some input. I see terms way-leave, easement and servitude mentioned not sure what’s relevant to me and what I should be expecting! many thanks!!
  15. Thanks for the input so far, that was a worry that it would be to sensitive in the cupboard! i think I’m going to need to bring it out into the stairwell. I’ll double check but I assume it’s 300mm from anything and 500mm down from the apex?