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  1. It’s a factory formed box profile gutter for standing seam. It’s possible they could be used, what’s the risk factor for rain water getting kicked up it? It’s a very exposed aspect!?
  2. Thanks unfortunately we aren’t using them due to the gutters we are using.
  3. Hi folks, looking for some soffit based inspiration. I’m having larch cladding (horizontal) on the exterior and was just going to do a upvc soffit but now thinking larch would be better for the soffit as well. I’m also thinking that a long linear vent would look better than hole vents in the soffit but looking for suggestions. Any photos or input appreciated. many thanks.
  4. Hi folks, where would my best option be for larch cladding in the Perth / Stirling area? Without beating about the bush need to get as cheap as possible!! Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi folks, my standing seam metal (green coat plx) gets fixed to my 18mm ply deck. What membranes has everyone else used. I’m thinking Proctor Roofshield but open to suggestions. Thanks
  6. DC5

    Help finding joiner!

    Thanks for the replies Folks, I’ve hopefully got a couple of potential people lined up!
  7. DC5

    Help finding joiner!

    There’s a lot of rumours flying about but there’s some truth in them. With some major commercial projects facing vast fines for failing to deliver on time the £1100 a day one joiner here was quoting per day for finishing work in central London may not be as far off the mark as you think!
  8. Hi folks, so we have had a bit of a disaster where by the timber kit erector that was building our extension has disappeared he was a one man band recommended by our builder and does work for a lot of major house builders. It would seem that a national house builder has made them a better offer! They appear to have done a good job and all the walls are up. However we need the rafters cut and the roof sheeted with 18mm ply! It’s very frustrating as there is currently a good run of weather and also every tradesman in the country is up to his eyes in work load! Our roofer is chasing to fit the standing seam so all in all a total disaster! If anyone can recommend a joiner in the Stirling/ central belt area worth trying please let me know! Many thanks.
  9. Hi folks, we are about to start getting our kit put up and the frame is specd as 145x45 c16. My merchant has offered two options one a 6x2 cls treated finished at 140x38mm the other described as reg and treated carcassing 47x150 finished 45x145. I was just about to order the 140x38 but for some reason doubted it - both my joiner and architect are on holiday and need to order the timber so not sure what to do! The rafters are stated as 170x45 and 195x45 so no idea what sizes that will equate to either!! this is a Scottish build by the way.
  10. I noticed that on my plans the roof detail says that OSB cannot be used it has to be ply has anyone else come across this when standing seam has been spec'd?
  11. Thanks very much for the responses. The plans state a lintel bridging any opening however I’m struggling to get a 140x220 lintel in any length - not sure if anything else could be made to work.
  12. Hi folks, some advice please! I am going to have to take the properties new main water supply (32mm) through our extensions foundations - 3 course of 140mm dense block on strip and up through the slab. On the plans it says no pipe through founds unless a lintel is used. What one should be used with the 140x100x440 block and how far should it bridge? Does anyone have and pics or spec on this it’s in Scotland if it makes a difference! Any input appreciated!
  13. Sorry meant to say that no its not different one. I understand the mastic also shouldn't be used as it allows the water to track potentially causing a leak!
  14. Thanks folks. I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that I don't need to reduce the slate head height due to the nature of how the hall hook works and also that almost all the slates I need to fix don't have nails. I see hooks being used in quite a few properties and the benefits are obvious however I've not seen any I can think of in our more exposed parts of scotland, has anyone else? It is very shoddy I don't know if its a local thing but a new build up the road from us has already what appear to be 3 full dropped slates with no sign of nails so I assume they were mastic'd in place!!
  15. Is that the same as the one I mentioned and have a link for? Thanks