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  1. So far we have had three quotes of fire curtain. Fire Curtains seems very expensive and low in terms of value add compared to ptotected fire escape staircase. The plan image above with protected fire escape staircase seems to be best option and still give us decent amount of space. We have visited few projects with gallery views and open plan living space as well as dual height ceilings. These buildings are way above standard houses in terms of wow factor. Overall we are quite happy with the concept and the design. Many thanks to everyone here for highlighting very important points. These have been of great help.
  2. Also please could the helpful readers provide the feedback on the option of using combination of charred timber plus zinc/aluminium shingles on the left v only charred timber based on the pics below. 3d render of charred timber all round seems better but it might be just because it's 3d view but it reality the addition of shingle might give a bit of character. Please also note the difference in porch glazing in the two pictures. I am also considering the idea of cladding only on thr front and might cover the sides with render or brick due to cost conisderation. Thoughts on that would also be welcome.
  3. @Alan AmbroseHad a chat with a supplier and was told 4-6k per curtain. They can do 10x6m which might be slightly more expensive. I think the key is to get through BCO so might be worth having a chat with BCO Initially to get their view (someone helpfully suggested earlier).
  4. Yes. The extra staircase is the fire escape route from the second floor and was proposed as a way to counter potential fire engineered solution involving fire suppression system/sprinklers/fire curtains (fire curtain being the most expensive option. I have not had any quotes on the fire curtain but it seems to be around £2.5k per sqm based on quick google search and we will need to have c50sqm for first and second floor. So yes based on this it will be extremely expensive. Might need to speak with company to get a quote. Your suggestion to speak with actual fire engineer is good one. I might try that. I was thinking if there are any clever design modification which can be done to counter the issue I have?
  5. Please help if you can! Have received amended plans and bit heart broken to see loss of space due to addition of fire escape route on all three floors also giving house very commercial feel. The fire engineered solution would be expensive with fire curtain to be most expensive. Fire escape route however does not deal with smoke issue to the left wing of the house so not sure if it is going to work in any case. Any thoughts as to what could be done to make the design fire safe without fire engineered solution or dedicated second staircase while allowing the light to spread from south facing front to north facing rear. Happy to lose the curve staircase but wanted to keep gallery feel and double height ceilings.
  6. That is true; in order to keep the open plan, feature staircase/gallery view plus double height ceiling in the living room, not sure if there are any other solution but will be keen to learn about.
  7. There is a possibility of fire curtain system which can counter the issue of smoke spreading through the hall but understand the additional costs.. Have seen one in the office but not sure if with that installed the requirement of mist system might disappear so net cost might become manageable.
  8. Also I been looking at some ed render which used charred timber through out with grey bricks and seems to like it better compared to using aluminium/ zinc shingles. I think my initial brief was contemporary and arts craft coming together but feel charred timber through out for more contemporary look could be better out come and it will make it less busy. Thoughts on terms of comparison to the image posted in original post above?
  9. Thanks. I have been informed that loft area will be protected from first floor by fire doors and that I would need mist system for the ground floor as fire suppression system. Obviously this will add to the cost but cost of fire doors and mist system (likely 5k) seems manageable. I have not been told about protected fire escape route and the plan currently does not have that so not if that will be required if we have taken the measures mentioned above.
  10. Hi @ETC. Just wondering if in your view, using a differnt kind of Hob e.g. Induction in the Island in the large kitch will be acceptable be less problematic, given the dirty small (secondary) kitchen is already proposed to be isolated? Or one can omit the hob in the main large open plan kitchen or replace it with Teppanyaki plate.
  11. Now add the development loan to include land + ERP as currently on 5year term + moving onto hight mortgage interest rate after completion. With assumption it would take 18month to rebuild, it could add up nearly c275-300k. Simply Finance cost are astronomical for self build developmental loan. Self build with funding from bank eats all the profit that a project has. Self build is only worth for a small proportion of overall development cost or if you are planning to sell to realise whatever profit has left.
  12. Yes definitely a good idea and that what it might turn out to be but thinking in that way will help organising things. Great advice.
  13. I will prefer the rebuild if I have the money to afford it all on my own without recourse to financing but unfortunately that is not the case. Just the finance cost to fund the rebuild is 230k including development loan/remortgage/bridging and early repayment on the mortgage and then moving go higher interest rate once the development is complete. I just cannot believe rebuild will be worth that much extra. Plus there is no doubt rebuild will cost a bit more but agree it will be better over all product. I just cannot fund 400-500k extra for a marginally better product. The payback period on that will be more than 50 years which is not worth it hence I will happily do the work in stages or reduce the overall work. Though, I appreciate all the advice regarding the rebuild but unfortunately that is not question here. Question is what is the reasonable breakdown of the elements within the tender and how could the cost be lowered. Some very helpful advice is here in terms of taking further quotes which I will do.
  14. So So when I think the quote for extension and remodel is too much do we really think rebuild will be cheaper even after including significant amount of finance cost and mortgage complication. Rebuild is out of question for finance management reasons unless I win a lottery to pay the mortgage. I am more than happy to do work in stage or do less work to manage the work but rebuild will cost around £1million and that plus other reasons make it a impossible. The key question for me is that how do i get value for money quote and what should be that number. Once the planning comes through I will go to QS and also speak couple of other builders. I think one has indicated he (European) would only work on Labour only basis with me sorting all the materials.
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