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  1. Just to confirm is that total 1643+1113 total cost of tiling (labour only) or was total labour cost 1643 and you had to pay 1113 to others. If layers. Its seems very competitive. I was told one bathroom tiling labour cost was 1000.00
  2. Do people use MGO board for internal instead of plaster boards eliminating the need of were plaster and I heard it's a lot more solid so you can hang things on it without the need of timber joists at the back? I know price wise it's a bit expensive but if you take into account saving of wet plaster and flexibility for installing fittings on it, would it not still be sensible to use internally?
  3. I Ok I understand. My render was mostly on the bricks (I had to remove old pebbledash). For the cavity bay windows, I used wood wool board and K-Rend K1 silicon scratch finish (without the basecoat) and at some places e.g. around the dormer window I used stainless steel mesh. Both have worked, though I am not sure at all about the insulation properties of these.
  4. This is probably the third story on this interesting thread of render going wrong or render (not sure why do we call it a 'system') failing. Is it really that common? I have been planning to replace the ugly render on my house and based on the previous experience to year ago, K-rend silicon worked. Is there any thing I should bear in mind when looking at Render 'systems' other than not choosing Baumit! Thanks.
  5. Hi, how long did it take for it come off. I had done K rend silicon with base coat and mesh in Dec 2020. So far its has not come off
  6. Further Update: so spoke with Surveyour and he really helped to put my concern at ease. He said the issues are most definitely related to the drainage. Further intrusive investigation required has already been done in the form of Geo Technical Survey. So in summary fixed the drainage may be £1500.00 outlay plus rebuild the floor slabs and utility area wall at approx cost of 10k. Then involve the local architect for the build upward who will employ the relevant engineer to assess the strenght of existing foundation. Then we can decide if it's a rebuild altogether or build up. I am thinking the conversation with surveyour is on a positive so we will continue with our purchase...so just waiting for the probate to come through.
  7. You are quite right. I had a chat with the previous owners who had some historic survey from 1800s. He said there used to be an old river right on the edge of the garden where it floods. By river he meant water stream. Hence the water level is higher at that end.
  8. Pricing seems reasonable. Did you get the plans costed? Someone suggested here estimators online website. They charge £200 and cost up the plans. What is the covered area for the main house. 70k seem quite optimistic for the shell, I think.
  9. Thanks. My understanding was that if they are NHBC contractor then the need for the regular inspections goes away though I understand that payment of warranty cost is still required? Is that correct?
  10. Can I please confirm if your builder is NHBC approved or are you sourcing the warranty separately. Does the cost include warranty and building inspection etc to support the warranty?
  11. I have already had the CCTV survey done and they identified some crack with roots coming in near the wall where subsidence was. He suggested three patches on the front side at £300 per patch. At the rear the guy missed the stormwater drain so will come back and clear the blockage. Couple of the wall rebuilds required are 3m wide and floor leveling by these can only be done once drainage has been fixed and cracks monitored. How long we are required to monitor these. Plus I am not sure what should be cost 3.5x2.9 block wall. I need to get some quotes. Is there anything in there which require drastic measure as underpinning etc? I cant think of any. PS: soakways wont work here due to here due to high water table so just need to fix the drainage issue.
  12. UPDATE: I have now received the structural survey report and it is attached. It seems partly good news and partly not so good! Good news is that it suggest the cause of subsidence relating to drainage issue (though not conclusive and ask for additional intrusive survey work to be carried out). Not sure what would that be. Not so good news is that it mention progressive subsidence in the extension area and also in rear wall under window and in the porch. But it offsets it buy saying the cracks are mainly where the drainage is. It suggest that we do the drainage rectification work and then monitor in 9-12 month is the issue is stopped or still ongoing. Not sure how cracks can be monitored. Is the survey report to worry about or is it not bad. I am not familiar with structural survey so cant say either one or the other hence I have mixed feeling. 357422325_StructuralSurvey-MMD042068101753(1)-compressed.pdf
  13. In the past I used interface flooring (they do carpet and LVT which you could use to make flooring patterns. Used in leisure and offices etc quite a lot. Their min order was 200sqm to and the wholesale price worked out to be £25.00sqm. But you would need to add the flooring fitters cost on top. Just thought I share my experience with you in case you want to explore.
  14. Thanks. Very helpful. Is this including or excluding fitouts (bathroom/kitchen/landscaping etc)?
  15. At 2500 it should the top spec. At 3000-3500 I would feel someone is having a laugh but then I am in Midlands and prices in surrey might be double but really?
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