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  1. Hi @Gus Potter I had written to my GI survey company as to the possibility of softer ground below hard ground asking what safeguards were in place to reduce the risk of aforementioned issue. They came back with the following. what are the view in respect of accepting their comments/going for desktop study/reinviting them for few other boreholes after demolition. Quote from GI as follows: The risk of softer ground below the borehole termination depth is considered to be extremely low, with the cementation of the sands indicating the beginning of the Sidmouth Mudstone Formation, part of the Mercia Mudstone parent bedrock group from c.7.5m, with the bedrock formation for this area, based on British Geological data for the site, being indicated to be in excess of 150m thickness. As to safeguards of no softer ground below the final borehole depths, with any investigation there is a cut-off point where further progress cannot be practicably achieved with the equipment on site without risk to the drilling rig/samplers, etc. Given an SPT value of 45 is generally sufficient to undertake the pile design, a 'refusal' N value of 50 was adopted in the quote, as strata with values above this level when using conventional bottom driven piles are generally sufficient to prevent pile penetrate much beyond this point/level. The direct standard penetration tests confirm increasingly competent ground from c.7.5m depth with very dense/strong strata at termination levels. The probe test in BH3 also confirms the continual increases in strength of the apparent weathered sandstone with depth. Final blow counts of 73 and 111 were recorded indicating very competent ground with a bearing capacity of >750Kn/m2, this value incorporating a minimum factor of safety of 2.5, or, the ground at refusal depth in the boreholes can take a load in excess of 15T/m2, with anticipate loads from piles being considerably lower than 500kN/m2. If the above still does not give you the confidence regarding the ground and you want/need to prove the competent strata continues even deeper than the termination depth of the existing boreholes this will need to be done either; after demolition is undertaken to allow access to the rear garden area or; using the drilling rig we are in the process of purchasing and which was only delivered to the UK last week and which we will be collecting this week, the rig being specifically designed for limited access site having an access width requirement of 800mm, as well as the ability to dynamically drill and rotary core/open hole into bedrock which has until now not been possible as all available rotary hire rigs need >1.5m width access.
  2. Not sure why planner would appose a classic design unless you live in the conservation area. Some time every property in the road is unique so easier to get permission. But if there is strict adherence to certain design feature due to conservation area etc then even your glass porch might struggle. But having said all that you know the road well and what's on there. PS: roof design and balcony something should be reconsidered. I have not ever seen such a roof.
  3. This is high risk especially for strong spices used in curries when cooking in the open plan living area? The guys at very upmarket kitchen showroom mentioned this subject to cooking styles in the house. I would definitely consult on this as last thing you would want the smell across the house via MVHR. Though all depends on the cooking styles employed in the household. I have open plan living area which we dont use other than to have dinners. For me personally need for separate living room is hard to ignore.
  4. Given you have plant room I am suspecting you will have MVHR. Someone told me that open plan kitchen and MvHr might not work and gave me the idea of scullery (smaller dirty kitchen) and a larder in addition to open plan show-off kitchen especially if you cook curries /stories etc regularly. This might not apply to you.
  5. People here certainly dont flower their feedback and sometime this is exactly what we need. That garage structure is too big in the context of the house. One stand alone double garage set bit away from the house would be ok. The georgian design is better definitely and timeless. I have seen few houses recently built with glass porch nearby and a georgian house built in 2008. One of the house (first pic) is very similar to yours though their width of the main building is 12m and the roof is much simpler and seem nicer. Flat in the middle and pitched ok the sides and this gives you much better space in the loft and look nice or compared to what your architect has drawn. All photos attached just for a your information and comparison purpose. I will suggest going to Golden Triangle Beaconsfield (last pic) for a drive/walk for inspiration. There are some YouTube videos of those properties as well. There you can see classier design winning by greater margin and people pay premium for them. Looking back at the design for the the rear of the house I am not sure about the balcony unless you have grand views (even then). I would also suggest showing the plans to a local estate agent and getting their opinion as to how to maximise the value from the design.
  6. Think you can attach a garage on the left hand side as additional building to the front?
  7. Thanks. Nice plan. Though I have been noting comments on another thread about balconies. They would make sense if you have great views to enjoy (base on Escape to the country show -shropshire episode ). Jewson costing seems quite reasonable. I am not sure if this would be achievable via turn key builder in Surrey. Are you project managing yourself or appoint one builder to oversee all? Yes, my own project will be similar though my plot could allow me 21m width. I will need to send brief to the architect yet so at early stage compared to yours.
  8. Thanks. Can i please ask the sqm if the property?
  9. Great thanks. Did you get a quote from QS?
  10. Hi. Have you tried I have been told they charge around £135.00 and will cost up the plans though I have not tried. I totally disagree with 3500 per sqm. Someone would try to milk it at that price fairly easily. There are people who have built their houses for 1200-1500. In west midlands I had a quote for a builder and he is turn key builder. He quoted 1600 -1700. Surely London cant be that more expensive. I would suggest trying the above link or QS but please note that QS has some fat built into it just incase.
  11. For a similar design, I am currently paying side and rear extension to 1930s BTL semi c2.5k including building regs. Whereas much more for the self build. I just don't get why it would take c1m to build. That's surely is wrong or miscalculated or the plot is in very expensive place like Chelsea or Mayfair. @IndyIndy has it been costed via QS? Where is the main spend if you dont mind me asking.
  12. Some great discussion points here which no doubt be useful for the brief I need to put together for the architect for my own project. Given @Indy is demoslihing the house and rebuilding it I can understand the desire to maximise the floor space as floor space is equal to value is most cases. However, the layout out seems to standard out of the box new build house (similar to what a developers would do). You can add the wow factor by internal fitout but the the way the internal layout is set out I am not sure if its wow enough in the design. The trend these days seems to be of vaulted ceilings in the hall to create galleries in the hall landing and loft. This is what my architect mentioned to me. @ETC design seems to take this into account plus there is lot more light end clever use of space and light to create circulation space though personally, I am not a big fan of side. But the property width is a limiting factor. I would say OPs design is standard value for money and hence easier to resell but lack the vision that an Architect would have if designing his own house to live in it for longer term (so pretty in line with what others have said).
  13. It is a self managed project to build a house for own use c500-600sqm. Demolish existing banglow and simply build a new one to live in myself hopefully.
  14. Thanks all. @PeterW in a situation where a ground workers company (multi national size) insist there should be someone else a principle contractor and not them and only then they would take on the job; is there a way around it? Or must I find a different groundwork company in this instance? They have not yet been asked if they can act as principal contractor for that phase and that no body else would be around.