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  1. Russell griffiths

    Ooh ooh it’s getting bigger.

    Screws are from nudura, hire the poker from nudura as well as the mud snake @Tosh was it my recommendation that pointed you towards nudura who is your rep if you haven’t placed your order yet get in touch as I have a lot of ancillary parts left over that I could sell cheap.
  2. Russell griffiths

    Sticking wood to concrete?

    Grip fill the one in the green tube apply to both surfaces and squidgy about as you put plate down to tear up any skin that has formed on it, as it skins over very fast
  3. Russell griffiths

    internal walls

    I have two internal walls in icf, but both project through the roof and up again i kept thinking how to do it in a different method but couldn’t work out a good method of providing the strength so just did them both in icf, glad I did as it’s solid.
  4. Russell griffiths

    Icf on fleebay

    About £40 per block.
  5. Russell griffiths

    Icf on fleebay

    Looks like to much money for a few full sheets and mainly off cuts.
  6. Russell griffiths

    Positive placement nailer

  7. Russell griffiths

    Positive placement nailer

    Sorted jewsons hire one for £55 for the week.
  8. Russell griffiths

    ICF wall hangers - Lavann..

    You can order over length joists @Ed Davies that you then trim on site.
  9. Russell griffiths

    Construction timeline

    Tbh I suppose there’s nothing to stop you laying an insulated slab that is your structural element, then having a screed on top with you ufh pipes in.
  10. Russell griffiths

    New Build Design

    Is that correct in that your gutter and roofline over hang the boundary.
  11. Russell griffiths

    Construction timeline

    you Probably need to iron what method your going to use before you spend to much time looking into the finer points i spent a good few weeks looking at a passive slab, only to find out that my finished floor height would not allow the build up associated with a slab, we had one structural engineer suggesting that we lay one slab and then insulate and build another slab on top just to get the 750mm height increase we needed. We ended up with block n beam as that suited our site issues probably better to get ground surveys done and engineering to establish how you going to do it first.
  12. Russell griffiths

    Construction timeline

    Not with you. What floor build up are you looking at.
  13. Russell griffiths

    Positive placement nailer

    That’s exactly all they do,
  14. Russell griffiths

    Construction timeline

    Nope. If you go beam n block you want to keep the ufh pipes out of the way, otherwise you will struggle to put your propping system up with all the screws in the floor. Each prop in the pic has 3 screws in it. If you go for a slab your pipes for ufh will be in that, @willbish came up with a method of fitting a scaffolding board to the floor, screwed in carefully selected ares to not hit his pipes and then the props sit on that. I do believe, please correct me if I’m wrong.
  15. Russell griffiths

    Temporary Path

    Chipboard flooring laid on roof battens, screwed from the top down laid on sand to iron out any undulations paint with very cheap gloss paint and throw sharp sand on the paint to form a non slip surface. By April it will be ready for the skip. I know this works works as I had to install a temporary path to a public toilet, whilst a new path was being built, had hundreds of users over a week.