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  1. Before you fit the board, run a fat bead of some sort of air tight caulk along it, then tape over the join afterwards. belt and braces.
  2. My neighbours have built a large sauna on metal skids, just like a pair of ski’s he can then drag it to different locations with a large mower/ small tractor.
  3. You will need to insulate the pipes well to prevent the heat escaping into the cavity. I would core out a large hole and run the pipes inside insulation, inside a rigid plastic duct, seal the dpm with a mixture of tape and liquid dpm.
  4. Morning. need some pipework run to gas up a cooker hob, it will run from 2 LPG cylinders outside, it’s only for the hob. what sort of paperwork should I be looking to get from the installer. cheers.
  5. Nobody has answered so I will chuck something in. any retaking structure like you have there will move and settle resulting in grout cracks. you would have needed it to be built to a huge over specification to say I want no movement. im afraid I think the design is flawed, and fixing such a ridgid thing as tiles to the face and tops of a wall and steps, somewhere along the line something will move, resulting in displaced grout, or a loose tile. I think the design is too rigid looking and needed some movement joints incorporated somewhere. either gravel strips at the junctions of walls and paving, or movement joints at internal corners. I think your design will not fair well in the long term.
  6. My neighbours have a system that moves around to track the sun, far more efficient I believe.
  7. I would like to see a bit taken from the Australian planning system we had two applications approved in Australia, one an extension and the other a new build. both had planning passed the same day I took the application to the council your development has to fit in with certain criteria laid out by your local governing body. take your application in, if it fits in the criteria then it passes, simple. if you design something outside of the criteria then it has to go before a planning officer to be assessed and dismissed or passed. this bit can cost loads and take a good while. it frees up planning office to deal with a minimum of applicants.
  8. You shouldn’t run a cable behind the skirting. it is not a safe zone, all electrical wires need to be in the safe zones as set out in the electrical regs.
  9. I’ve been looking at this recently it looked like the cheaper end had 25mm panels and the dear ones 40mm panels. look for one with a threshold that has an upstand that the door closes down to with rubber sealing strip. I thought the u value quoted was pointless as the weakest area would be air leakage around the seals.
  10. It sounds like your talking to SE without having one come to site. pay for a 2 hour site meeting, get the plasterboard all ripped out upstairs so you can see what’s going on. it will all become clear very quickly.
  11. I tiled first and door linings sat down on top. I would cut the bottom of the lining with a multi tool sat on top of a tile to get the correct height then slide the tile under. look so much better.
  12. I looked into this back in 2018 ish. I didn’t think they had a very good insulation value and you needed to add more. is this still the case.
  13. I’ve bought all sorts of crap over the years, but that one would worry me slightly to the point of putting things on hold for a minute. That needs more investigation.
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