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  1. All good ideas, but if you want to do it properly your local concrete ready mix company will do a product called flowable fill, it’s a very weak mix that flows out the back of a redymix truck, used for filling voids and around pipes and stuff.
  2. Get another design and quote and compare the two. If there attic trusses surely the load would be would be the same for any habitable space.
  3. Have you had this done after plasterboard, I’m thinking of doing mine beforehand so I can remedy anything. Any thoughts.
  4. Are you friendly with your neighbours? if so crack on, and wait for the flack, it may never come.
  5. Nope, not comparing rolls Royce to Chevrolet comparing a new car with a new car, not a second hand one if You paid £10,000 for a car or £50,000 you would expect it to come without faults, the engine might not be as smooth as the £50,000 one but you would expect the doors to fit and the boot to shut properly. The original poster must have noticed the faults as he posted the pictures up 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Nope, a house is the biggest investment you will make in your life ( probably) most people spend more time looking at a new car than they do a new house. If you compared that house to a car you would be walking around it seeing that the door doesn’t shut properly, the sunroof leaks. Why would you put up with glaringly obvious faults.
  7. Have any of your neighbours done similar stuff, have a walk around and be nosey. Knock on a few doors and say, I love your extension, this normally gets people on your side and there only to happy to show you. On a different note, have you thought of moving. Putting £150 grand into a house might get you another rung up the ladder if you move or a better neighbourhood
  8. Not sure what you mean by turning an external wall into internal, you would normally just plaster over the bricks so it becomes internal. You dont sort of take half half of it down to make it thinner, it stays there as it’s holding the roof up, you just hide it.
  9. I’m looking for a trim @nod that I want to put on the edge of the boards that go into a window reveal. I want to thin skim the reveal but want a clean line against the windows, not a plastered line that will crack and require caulking. Hunting around and just just looking for recommendations. Cheers.
  10. I don’t think it’s amateur builder, I think it shows a rushed cock up, so what else is hiding, missed insulation, forgotten cavity trays. The list could be endless.
  11. @Tomfromsurrey Better to walk away ready to fight another day. Imagine what is lurking underneath if that roof is what’s on show. I put a deposit on a plot and walked away when things didn’t add up, lost loads, don’t worry move on.
  12. Table saw, but make yourself an 8x4 table drop a sheet of ply over the table and then make some legs up for it. You can then screw a timber down as a long fence for cutting multiple cuts. Forget the extraction and set up a leaf blower pointing directly at the blade, any dust extraction gets blocked quickly, better to blow it away from you. Sod the neighbours.
  13. Then it’s a no brainier really one of the protected chipboard floors, all glued and screwed, get it 99% finished and then a nice engineered wood board on top. Gives you the chance to change colour scheme, and also if your budget gets tight towards the end you can wait a while and fit the finish floor later, just leave the skirting off.
  14. Why is the porch roof not running in line with the garage roof. Walk away, will be a valuable life lesson.