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  1. Our Architect is recommending we construct our extension in timber frame. The pros of doing so are not lost on me, especially the time it takes to build on site! However, as I understand it, sound insulation can be a concern, specifically it's not as good at reducing outdoor noise as a traditional brick/block or ICF solution would be. For those that have opted for timber frame, have you found this to be the case?
  2. I've not fully costed it, but slate tiles will probably come in around £40/sqm. It's difficult to get concrete prices for PV tiles, but from what I can find online I guess they will be approx £300/sqm. 7.5x the cost of standard slates?
  3. We'll have approx. 12m of south facing roof space on our extension. The Architect has suggested it's well positioned for PV but not gone so far as recommending it. Our plan would be to use it to heat the UVC and then power the rest of the house before feeding back to the grid. SWMBO and I both work from home now, so we do have laptops, monitors, kettle running throughout the day, kids when they're at home are on their tablets/TV etc but still not enough to absorb what the array should kick out on a good day. We don't have any intention of installing batteries. That was a long winded way of saying we're also leaning towards not fitting PV...
  4. Sounds like the flow chart was missing a "Is it cold?" decision point
  5. I commissioned our system first purely so we could deal with any cracks if they appeared, but given the OP appears to have already laid tiles etc, I'm not sure what the benefit would be here.
  6. How old is the house, does it have an existing DPC? We had similar problems with our 1850's house without a physical DPC. All advice we received was to excavate and lay a slab. Micro digger and dumper in to excavate then 150mm MOT 1, 25mm sand, 100mm Conc, 100mm PIR and 60mm screed. We were also rewiring at the time, so dropped all our services from above to avoid ducting within the floor itself. We did most the work ourselves and it was messy, uninhabitable during that time. It would have probably have been cheaper to replace the joists when DIYing, certainly not so when paying a contractor. Since we did ours, others have raised concern regarding a new slab with a DPM potentially pushing moisture to the perimeter and therefore up the walls (without a DPC). Those concerns haven't come to any realisation (yet...) (FWIW, if I was to do it again I'd probably go 150mm MOT 1, 250mm EPS (50mm as a sand blinding), finished with a 100mm conc reinforced slab instead. Slightly deeper but better thermal properties and arguably cheaper than PIR + conc + screed.
  7. Looks sensible to me. Rather than focusing on insulation depth, my advice would be to focus on estimated u-values as that can alter dramatically based on your PA (perimeter area) ratio.
  8. Differential movement and you start seeing cracks
  9. Best to check with your BCO, but I'd have thought you'd need to drill and rebar into the set section before pouring the rest.
  10. I had to email the company to get this far. I'll PM you the email address of the guy I was speaking with.
  11. Perhaps somewhat controversial; I never really got the need for so much PIR. We used 100mm and given our PA still met PH requirement of 0.15. Of course more insulation is better, but the cost of PIR is only going up and the cost to excavate/dispose of an additional 50-100mm soil won't necessarily be cheap either. Is a slab that achieves less than 0.15 really that noticeable?
  12. I can certainly see that (artificial inflation). The valuation on the house we lived in last, which we now rent out, has jumped 86% in the last 3 years. It's insane. Rental values in the area don't seem to have followed though... Certainly seems like a bubble getting ready to burst, to me.
  13. I have come across these Rationel windows. Apparently they're custom spec'd by Enlightened Windows
  14. Looks lovely. We're only ~ 20 miles outside of York and in need of windows of a similar style so will be watching this thread with some interest
  15. At least the notes are polite - it could be worse
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