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  1. Do you have bats ? if you do I would do as much cleaning up of the ground as possible prior to the survey
  2. You can build on F3 ground, just need to be clever with design and make the flow of water around the building acceptable to EA. A decent hydrologist should be able to help with that. Not true in my experience, I thought just placing a building on piles would eliminate the planning problem but rules are rules and common sense doesn't come into play.
  3. Has anyone used roller latches for internal doors rather than the traditional door lever latch type.
  4. So today applied Dulux Trade Quick Dry Gloss (water based) paint to panelled doors with a wood grain effect. Used a synthetic brush as it says on the tin. I would probably class myself as an average DIY painter so wasn't expecting to see my reflection. The paint went on easily, I wet the brush with water but didn't spray or wet the door as worried it may run too much after reading some comments. Yes the paint is thinner than normal oil based gloss. Best way I found was not to load too much paint on to the brush, this stopped the brush dripping. The finish is very good, not the shine you get with oil based gloss, but if you are a skilled painter I think with a bit more paint it would shine more but wanted to avoid runs. My main aim was to stop the yellowing that I found on a couple of doors that were painted around 3 months ago with Dulux Gloss. I found a little trick, if it is getting too tacky just go over the area with a paint free wet brush and then the paint loaded brush very gently. I use brushes as I just cannot get on with rollers but I am sure a roller would work well and obviously a lot quicker. Not sure if I could paint a flat door with a brush without getting brush strokes showing, but lucky I don't have any of these. Colin
  5. Just ordered Dulux water based paint, will update once completed all the painting and the experiences and any disasters along the way. After further research it is the lack of light that makes oil based paint yellow and I had always thought it was the Sun that turned it yellow so Oil based Gloss is propably best to use for external use. Colin
  6. Hi All, Looking for recommendations on the best gloss paint to use on internal doors, painted doors around six months ago and they are starting to look yellow, I thought this was a thing from the past with paints. Non smoking house and and no sunlight gets directly on to the doors. Thanks Colin
  7. We have found a supplier for the doors, it is aluminium windows we are looking for as the company only provides doors. Just trying to find full aluminium windows rather than ali-clad
  8. We are looking at slide and turn doors, but would just like so see what aluminium windows are available
  9. Hi All, Currently our timber frame company has included ali-clad Rationel windows and door, but they do mot supply the patio doors that we like so trying to find aluminium windows and door at a sensible price. So far had one quote and they are 50% dearer than Rationel. I thought aluminium windows would be slightly lower price than ali-clad, have I got this wrong. Thanks Colin
  10. What proof can I produce to claim the VAT as after reading many comments on here about building warranty I am considering not taking this out, am I heading for trouble ? Also, unless I have missed something there is no CIL covering my area so cannot provide this as proof. What else can I use
  11. My Architect has decided to retire, I have gained planning permission but now need to find someone to produce Building Reg drawings. Am I likely to find a company or individual that would be willing to take planning drawings and produce a set of building reg drawings. What are the typical costs for Building regs for a simple 2 storey box shape timber building.
  12. I have to use shiplap wood cladding on the external part of the building and it has to be cream colour so will need to be painted. Looking for the type of wood I should use, it seems that English Larch/Douglas Fir Shiplap Cladding is the cheapest option, is this suitable or should I use a different type of wood. Recommendations and where to buy would be much appreciated. Thanks Colin
  13. Hi, this is a different package, it is Drawing Express ‘ by Trial Systems' in the UK. I don't have the package, it is my architect who uses the package but he doesn't know how to find the facility. It uses a tablet and pen so I guess it is selected somehow from the various areas on the tablet rather than selecting File etc from the screen. . Colin
  14. Hi, Couldn't find an exact forum area to put this so sorry if in the wrong area. Does anyone know how to export DWG or DXF file from Drawing Express, I don't have the package but my Architect doesn't know how to do this but has said he will send me the file if I can explain how it is done. Thanks Colin