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    Hi All, Sorry tried to remove but couldn't find how to do that so just taken out content.
  2. Just received a quote for block and beam floor and wondering if it is a fair price. 150mm deep 'T' Beams total of 28 beams total length of 75 metres £837.85 100mm wide Slip Bricks quantity 207 = £72.45 Medium Density Lightweight Infill Blocks 53 square metres £537.95 Total £1448.25 Exc VAT Install price £895 Exc VAT Thanks Colin
  3. Would appreciate if anyone can recommend 2 or 3 block and beam supplier, if possible close to Norwich. Thanks Colin
  4. Since initial post I have been shown this option where the Block and Beam are mounted within the I section of the Steel Beam, has anyone else built their foundations this way. Anyone see any problems with this method.
  5. After many months working through Timber frame companies and foundation options we are very close to making a decision but just looking for some views / clarity as to the foundation / floor insulation. We have to have piles due to being by a river that will have a steel ring beam. it is a small one and three quarter property approx 13 metres by 6 metres and looking to use block and beam. We are not aiming for a highly insulated house, walls have an estimated 0.16 U, and ceiling has an estimated 0.13U. The timber company can supply the floor insulation and have quoted 90mm Kingspan kooltherm K103. Does this seem a sensible thickness to get a balanced U value for the property, would there be any benefit to increasing the thickness for comfort / cost benefit. The bedrooms are on he ground floor and we have decided not to have UFH . Their diagrams show that the timber frame would be placed on two layer of bricks which I guess takes up the insulation and screed height, I was expecting the timber frame to be fixed directly to the screed / Block and beam. One thing that puzzles me is how everything is going to be held down if brick is used: Timber Frame Sole Plate DPC Brick Beam and block Steel Ring Beam Any ideas, comments, experiences, do's and don't or any views on any aspects welcomed. Colin
  6. How do they calculate the council band that the property falls in as I understand current tax bands are based on property prices many years ago.
  7. Maybe a non starter, but has anyone taken pipes through the inner service void area on external walls and then out through the plaster rather than up through the floorboards. This would make it so much easier to keep the floor clean and less chance of the pipes being bashed with the hoover.
  8. Trying to design kitchen layout, looking at having eye level Oven and Grill in tall unit but struggling to design where it should go in relation to Hob, Tall integrated Fridge/Freezer and Sink. All diagram I can find only show the typical triangle and never shows where to put an eye level oven. The area is 3500 x 3100, no windows just one roof light approx where I have put 'RL' in diagram. Not the best of diagram below but hopefully it shows shape of area. Wondering if to wrap any units round where it opens to the lounge. Ideas appreciated Outside Wall ________3500___________ 3 | RL 1 | This opens 0 | into Lounge 0 | |_______________________
  9. How does Concrete slab compare to Beam and Block on cost, weight and insulation. We have a ground floor area 12 metres by 6 metres, it needs to be on piles with a steel ringbeam as water has to be able to flow through in a flood situation. The gap from soil level to ground floor level will be approximately 500 mm, so looking for best solution Thanks Colin
  10. We put in for a Non-Material change requesting a small change to the 1st floor to extend part of the property to align with the rest of the 1st floor structure. The forms were accepted and I have been given a NONMAT application number. I have now received a letter stating that the statutory period ends on 25th Nov which makes it 4 weeks from when the application was agreed. They then make a comment that ' However if a decission is not made within this period I will assume that you agree to an extension of time, if you do not agree to extend the period please contact the planner within 14 days'. Do NOMAT chnages qualify for a refund of payment if they do not meet the dealine and is this a crafty way of avoiding any refunds. Welcome feedback as how should I approach this, will questioning the timescale cause problems between both parties. Colin
  11. Thanks for the replies, it does have to be natural slate, looks like Spanish wins the vote, would welcome feedback as to best size to use and also what price I should pay for natural slate tile. Thanks Colin
  12. We have to use natural slate as part of agreed planning condition, it will be a timber frame one and three quarter height building. The roof pitch is 30 degrees and the area to be tiled is 12 metres by 6 metres. Noticed that slate prices vary drastically and also there are many sizes of slates available. Looking for recommendations as to tiles to use, best size of tiles and hopefully at a reasonable price. Welcome comments as to if you only get what you pay for and what problems do the low price slates tiles come with. Are the online 'warehouse' type supplier anygood or can people recommend suppliers. Thanks Colin
  13. Kim, look to see if anyone else near has had a flood report done and see what the report is like and if they got the planning approved maybe asking for a quote. When I asked EA I got the feeling that they would be looking for all the reasons to say the area was not suitable for building on, you have also then put all your cards on the table face up