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  1. If you are setting up a self build mortgage, I’d use them for the ‘early stage’ of build rather than the ‘late stage’ from what I can tell it’s hard to get a self build mortgage if you e already started.
  2. It’s all dry Dave, but I know what you mean. lets see what’s underneath 😳😳😂
  3. It’s a 20% mortgage. My chippy says he can lift the floor and fit new joists in one good day. Surveyor says it’s not as simple as fitting new wood 😳😳 wouldn't be would it !! I said I’d fix it between exchange & complete
  4. Thanks Dave, I was thinking similar. Our buyer doesn’t seem too bothered at the moment and we are proceeding, but surveyor says we need a ‘rot survey’
  5. So as we’re coming to the second sale and second survey of our house, the second surveyor found none of the issues the first one found, but a few of his own. First and most worrying is what he claims is dry rot, although he said it might not be, but the surveys come back now and he says he thinks it is. He never looked under the floorboards, never checked anywhere else for it. The bay window floor area has dropped a little, and it a bit ‘loose’ or ‘bouncy’ underfoot. Has laminate floor on top. we have decking outside above the vents. Can anyone help me on this one at all ? We have a section of wallpaper that has bubbled, to the right of the bay, where we had a leak upstairs a year or so ago (we never re decorated it). Which might have gone into the joists below ? There’s no cellar, just an 18”-24” void underneath the floor. The loose section of floor is where the sofa is in the pic, straight across the room. Questions are, can you (or a surveyor) diagnose dry rot from a loose floor ? Has the decking made any difference to ventilation in the void ? Could a prolonged leak from upstairs, through the floors, create it ? Thanks all. pics of inside and outside attached.
  6. Cheers Russel, I’ve put them on eBay as buyer dismantles, got a serious enquiry already.
  7. Possibly, not sure where to start with that tbh.
  8. So, we will be demolishing the current buildings on our site. The new build will be pretty much the same footprint. Someone mentioned we should break all the current Redbrick & concrete into rubble and use it in the foundations and to raise the height of the building by a small amount, which is fine. Question, how does the ‘rubble’ affect the foundations ? Do we break it up, spread it over the area then dig the foundations out as normal ? Picture is the current state.
  9. Anyone have any info on a red brick supplier in the Yorkshire area ?? Any info on sizes (imperial/metric) as I see there’s lots on eBay described as ‘reclaimed’ are these old bricks and potentially old sizes ? Any idea on what price to pay ? Is it per SqM or per brick, tonne etc thanks Something like the ones in this link :
  10. How have you got on with `Build Aviator' Ian ?? What were the costs related to what they did if you used them ?
  11. Sounds good. Just thinking if I should have a “plan of attack” Listing dates & times of things like 1.foundations 2. walls 3. floor 4.roof 5. windows with a date & cost by each is there an ‘app’ where you can keep an eye on costs & timings on a build ? plus, is there a list of “things to do or need” like : insurance any tips or hints off anyone mid build on here ??