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  1. To be clear I'm going more for 'HUH'. Srsly, I have to be realistic about the amount of space (in my smallish plot) I can free up purely for doing stuff like that. While So yeah, if we're going for 'rate my crib' or some MTV show where superstars show of how they invested their money kicking a ball.. How small was this manor house anyway? To be fair my current design is 25ft high ceiling, 16 x 10 floor.. Good idea. One Arch I spoke to today mentioned that having the far end of the hall a bit narrower creates the impression of distance, Not sure what you mean here, 'sacrifice' the sneak pantry for a wider hallway? Good idea. Like this? (the right one is my current) I have no idea 😃 do you count a base cabinet as '1' and the overhanging wall cabinet as another one? Or is the entire height of the house 1? Assuming base+wall = 2, then currently I have about 25. True, but well, at least currently I'm doing computer work. No need to assemble complex machinery. Still, not terrible to reconcile a little. Thanks for your responses so far!
  2. Looks fancy How often do you use it, and for what?
  3. Absolutely not, this is the finalfinal amazeballs design worthy of the Bill S. Preston Esquire and Theodore Logan price for excellence and anyone raising any critique is wrong and makes me and multiple puppies very sad. Form over function, obviously. Slightly more seriously though, what I think you're saying is that for simplicity and therefore build cost, walls should ideally be in a straight line through multiple floors, not offset. Makes a ton of sense, and well, this is frankly purely laziness on my part. Meaning: our architect has provided quite a nice design for our top floor (I'm not sure I can share her work freely on this open forum.. I think they retain some ownership on this, plus they were just sketches so far. I can share privately if interested, PM me, but it wouldn't fit the ground floor either.) so the top floor of this house is not really mindfully designed to actually fit, but really just a bunch of ideas thrown together. You're very right that ha, pretty much no 1st floor walls match with the ground floor ones. I award myself a B- for Bogus design. Single-storey roof though, not sure if that's a problem? I guess we have 'more than one roof' - one 2nd floor and "a few" 1st floor sections, is that dramatically more costly than one big roof? I'm sure it is.. but the house does look prettier for it. As an example - compare a pretty old version of the house design: with the current (sorry a bunch of render artifacts in the current that I meant to fix, but you get the idea) Perhaps it's not worth the $$$ and of course mindful of your point of supporting walls vs beams and columns etc but IMO the new one is a more aesthetically pleasing design.. Uh. Ask a pro, not me. QUick note: many people speak about very expensive omgomg and actually mean "5000 GBP extra cost" - yes it adds up and I strongly appreciate sturdy/solid/elegant designs, but purely from a financial point of view 5000 isn't making me blink too badly.. Yup, sounds sensible Difficult to be honest about from my point of view, I'd like to think my view is more 'as a whole' than you give credit for but frankly it is true that my requirements doc provides a ton of 'atomic' requirements that are patched together rather than a big vision through and through. You and I had the same discussion earlier and perhaps I'm too engineery and not artistic enough ... for one, this is exactly why I'm using a proper architect in this as well I'm hoping my design has a decent philosophy behind it, and ticks a ton of boxes.. but there you go Do you have some examples of what it would look like? Well, I do agree, but if anything that's what I'd argue I was doing.. for example not going for a full garage, having a large hall sacrificing 'bedrooms' (both number and size.. I could easily do 5BR if I really wanted) etc. Well, surely that's exactly what we have with the very oversized living area? Example? As for under-sized rooms: - Utility is currently massive, obviously. Only turning it into a real garage is a compromise the 'next buyer' could choose to make - Sneak pantry... I could imagine this going away in favor of even larger garage but there should be plenty storage anyway.. it got there mainly because the wife envisioned the whole 'not bothering the movie-watchers' scenario. - secret/consumer unit- reason it's there is that for having a nice TV watching experience, the office was actually too big.. the sofa was far away from the screen... Anything else? I kinda agree with the 'feeling' but I'm not sure what exact steps to take. I think EGreedy suggested removing pantry/toilet, but he(she?) needs a massive garage, we definitely don't.. This I think you might be correct in.. of course that pantry is a culprit there.. but I'm hoping our Architect will optimize that. Yes, that's Ferdy the Fern. No, it's.. one of the artifacts of my design crappitude.. which is that my top floor is not reallly solidly designed. The key reason that I didn't do your below suggestion: Is exactly because the space is only a small amount of sqm and it makes the spacious feel of the hallway much much better in the renders: vs I would much prefer that walkway to 'go somewhere sensible' but even when it doesn't, the spaciousness seems to matter... Well, perhaps.. I'd love to hear better solutions.. maybe I'm a cynic but I think *most* of houses such as this one don't have any solution for 'sneaking into the kitchen while the main living is in use' use case, they just assume that people will have to deal with people barging through the 'theatre'.. But maybe no solution is better than a poor one? It's a fair point. I guess this might come from my simple assumption to create a small-but-feasible optional garage, and take everything else from there. The space was there, the hallway had to be in its current place to not clash with the pillars in the living room... it's good of you to flag since it might not even be needed. Good idea. Hm, choices. The problem with such a design would be that we enjoy "looking at the garden" - in particular from the seating area. Either the seats would face directly away from the garden(as I think you are proposing), or the screen would block said garden view... Someone put it to us once that "unused space is a luxury" - I wonder if thats a correct sentiment in general and here in particular. Agreed that you could never put something permanent where the bifolds are now, but Id note that the bifolds will probably be open 99% of the year, only to close in the case of guests who we would want to shield from kitchen mess/noise. This is an interesting idea i'd have to mull over a bit more, thanks. Still, the point stands that in your proposed spot, the cineroom would be too 'cine-room-y' and not 'family-living-area-with-nice-multimedia-y' - eh, depends on how many kids there will be "Very Carefully" .. Worth thinking about but that one doesn't sound too hard with some extend-o-pole-swiping thing. A lot harder with windows above a piece of flat-ish roof on the 1st floor. Thanks a ton for all your candid comments, they are much appreciated, I was hoping for you to respond
  4. How dare you sir. It will be a household XO Cognaq bottle.
  5. @epsilonGreedy - thanks for responding! Yup, you hit on my main concern that I'm trying to make sure I get right: pushing towards large/grand important spaces, and minimal "everything else" (utility, beds, where we don't spend a lot of waking time.). To us this seems sensible, and it's intended as a long-term home for ourselves, yet "resale value" is not completely ignored, plus we might be wrong about our own preferences.. would we "in retrospect" be "happier" with e.g. a smaller hall and larger bedroom? Yes, that is part of the plan. Interesting idea, I will mull this one over. One concern is that me and my wife have different bed schedules, so there's often one sneaking in/out of the bedroom while the other already sleeps, so indeed noise is a concern. Not sure if glazing is a great idea though, privacy and all. (ha, this view shows my shoddy attempt at lengthening the chandelier chain by means of a shower handrail ) Yep, thanks for the tip! Really easy improvement right there. Yep, as said above, I think frankly our plot/house/budget size prevent us from doing the effortless opulence of large/spaciousness and "money is no concern", but there are some thing we can do at acceptable compromises elsewhere.. I just really appreciate the opinions of people like yourselves on if this makes the house a 'nightmare' (all form, no function..) or actually positively impacts the experience of living in it (not just being ready for the off chance that the queen is going to visit..)
  6. Would you be willing to share a few details (perhaps private message) in particular things like photo, floorplan, cost (more or less than if it were occupied space?)
  7. Many ideas seem to be fads though. E.g. having a height difference in your ground floor as a feature, rather than a necessity bcs of the shape of soil etc..
  8. Theoretically (...) it shouldn't be unsafe.. of course lifts of any kind can theoretically malfunction, but in general other than that it might be a bit scarier than the kid imagined while trying it I don't really see a major issue? (not that I would encourage him to do that, but.. you should be able to open from inside etc..)
  9. How often do you use your dumbwaiter, and for what? Only laundry? Food? Garbage? Kids?
  10. I .. kinda see it. And I assume the actual floor of the lift would be flat, not stepped.. (unless your lift is not designed for wheelchair bound people... ).. but that would leave the challenge of how/where would you put the ramp to get in..
  11. I really like the idea of brizebox, but the key for the box seems super simple. I wonder if any mildly capable criminal couldn't open it in 15 seconds flat..
  12. What do you mean by this? A lift that glides diagonally?
  13. Yes. Black.. surely at least more like a Taupe design mark? But no this indeed is not quite good enough, I don't know what happened, probably when I put in the dumbwaiter I moved it to the side, but clearly it's required to be able to walk to both sides. I can correct by extending a little. Not a bad idea in general Not sure I get this part, since you'd already have to be up the stairs to see even the non-recessed door? Like this?
  14. Btw, general question: What do you guys think about the oversized hallway? We clearly like the 'view' of it, but there's some downsides: - Privacy: lots of angles to see us moving upstairs, currently not an issue, but they might be planning houses across the street. Are there ways to prevent this in the evening? Shutters I guess? - Space sacrifice - By my calculations, this hallway uses up about 12.5sqm extra space. (*) - Noise - All doors are directly connected to the hallway, perhaps with a smaller hallway we could have 'buffers'.. (*) a standard, 'cramped' hallway would be 0.6*5 (downstairs, for a standard-straight) + 1.1*5 (the upper deadendwalkway) + 4*1 (upper normal walkway, to be put above the entrance) = 12.5sqm less