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  1. Hm. I must say the dimplex Opti-V doesn't seem terrible. I think it's logs made out of, or covered with red leds, with an 'LCD screen' sheet in halfway, and well a speaker for the crackle. It's... not very authentic, or warming. But pretty convincing? Plus what about the angry neighbours complaining about the thick smoke. So conflict much weird.
  2. Yep, I was wondering about if it is doable to have the 'feeling' of a fire (which is something I like, childhood yadayada) but indeed having an airtight house. Obviously trying to create as little heat as possible, and to compensate one could open a window while gas-firing.. Yes, only-ASHP seems to be the direction I'm going.
  3. No duct-taping the gimp, then? I guess I'd love a dB reading but it doesn't sound too terrible to have this e.g. right next to the kitchen? Or would it be a bit of an annoyance? Fair point, I have not 100% decided if I want a gas line or not. I've always assumed so but I suppose we could do away with one.. Perhaps we can forego it..hmm but but but my ornamental gas fireplace... (which has to somehow work with the well-insulated house, I know..) Plus perhaps compensated by not wasting so much cold water? Makes sense Bah a little aerosolized bird crap never killed anyone.. right? Yep, I'm aware. Not trivial. Thanks a ton mr @Bitpipe, you certainly know your piping.. super helpful. Lots to think about. I suppose I am partial towards having a "eco friendly" solution rather than necessarily 'most cost efficient' (and while I appreciate e.g. a dual boiler system will be more complicated, the added price will be in the low thousands I imagine, not break the bank necessarily) however clearly at some point you have to say nevermindnevermind. Perhaps a powerful electric heating element (6kW?) can be fitted into the water storage for "OMG the entire family has to shower in 15 minutes!@£" emergencies and that'll do away with the need for a boiler, even in the -10 winters that will surely come after global climate change..
  4. One additional question though: How much noise does a plant room make?
  5. 17. No wait 18! Do I win? Fair, although the idea of putting it close to the bathrooms does appeal to me. I'm not quite sure yet what a 'hot return' is that supposedly fixes the cold pipes. Will research a little later. OK but indeed def not a negligible box. And I think there's also a ton of manifolds that might sprout up above it? Yes I did mean AC. My current plan is to "hope" (with science!) that ASHP/MVHR/Insulation will work well, but to have a backup plan, e.g. maybe not yet purchase an actual AC unit, but at least be ready with ducting and indeed a spot on its wall. Ceiling void, why is that the best spot? Are you suggesting to e.g. have both the internal and external unit inside+outside the loft will be optimal somehow? (presumably on the shady side.) As you noticed I'm a bit hesitant to accept ASHP to work in 100% of situation this house will encounter in the coming 40 years, so while I might not actually buy a boiler during build, I figure making it easy to add one as a backup (so allocating space and maybe some plumbing) seems sensible? I've looked around but can't find pictures of yours.. care to share? Fair enough.. I guess I am a bit more 'pre-planning' for things like a boiler and an AC that might never materialise.
  6. How much space am I going to need just for "heating, cooling, water" equipment? I tried to find a few representative pictures on these devices.. MVHR Forced Air System which includes the airconditioner condenser coil I think ASHP, ASHP Buffer Tank & Hot Water Storage (or can one cilinder handle all?) Gas-based boiler (backup for deeply cold days) Rainwater storage? Photovolt convertor and electricity Storage? Is the above anywhere near fair, and if so, am I correct you need a pretty sizeable 'plant room'? Feels like a 3x3 space is the absolute minimum if leaving out rainwater storage
  7. Thanks for all the info! Not sure I get this one, other than a joke Huh, didn't think of this one. But clearly we'd have laser anti-fly defense. Seriously though, from the inside it will still be a bit of a faff, but the windows, from the 1st floor, would be only maybe 4-5m away from my head, I expect, so that's doable once in a while?
  8. Yep me too, am gravitating towards Markilux 3300 pur, based on this post - this is the very first in-wall one I've seen which makes it a LOT more elegant. Did they tell you how the architect should build the wall to make it ready for this awning? https://patioawnings4less.co.uk/ ? One further note: make sure that your wall will actually hold an awning whilst the wind hits it. From I think the haus company: - 5m wide awning weighs 65kg - needs 40cm space above the roller - 6 fixings (3 on each end) - Each fixing max load 6.925N (under windy conditions) Frankly that 6925N sounds crazy (because it implies that effectively each fixing needs to be able to hold 700kg.)
  9. Fair question, I'm assuming the inside is permanently fine 😃 - we aren't smokers. But perhaps that's a little optimistic, but still, indeed I was assuming the poles would reach Dunno, maybe? Yeah I was wondering about this, I haven't done the math yet (hmm pytagoras where art though) to figure out how long a pole you'd need and how steep a roof. My hunch is the pitch has to be more than 45 degrees, at least? And then not *too* far off the ground, but we only have ground, first, and "loft/roof" so shouldn't be insanely high.. It is an interesting point that indeed also any PV might need an occasional good clean..
  10. So we are considering skylights almost at the top of our 2 storey house, to form a double height hallway all the way up, so these windows would be about 9m up, on a pitched roof? Given the current design of the house, they would not be (easily) reachable from inside the house. Maybe with lots of ladders.. A bunch of questions came up: 1/ How quickly do they dirty? (There's no big trees near) Would they become noticeably grimy after.. 6m? 1y? 2? 5? 2/ With zero accommodations for cleaners, when will cleaners simply say "NO". E.g. is there a certain steepness of the roof that has most/all of them refuse to do it because of danger? 3/ Would any window in the loft help? Would they want to climb out there? Or would they simply use their own ladders? 4/ We are thinking of a smallish balcony on the 1st floor, would installing a permanent staircase from there to the roofline help? Or are we overthinking this?
  11. Just two quick notes: 1/ If you're serious about a basement, probably better to do a ground water level check sooner rather than later. If your basement is going to have to hold back the water price jumps massively. 2/ Assuming ground water is not a problem, I received a handwavey quote from a builder in the area of 2500/sqm
  12. @epsilonGreedy why did you revise your ideas? Purely because the quality was poor?
  13. Quite so, there are some very cheap internet brands, but I think my 'quality' selection has been narrowed down to: - Luxaflex - Haus - Markilux - Brustor As a rule of thumb, these awnings cost 2000 GBP per meter width, incl install (probably a fair chunk)
  14. Ha my dad sent me the flier for the awnings.. just as a blast from the past (I want horizontal extending so you can walk under it..) - Max 450cm wide, should be 10cm wider than the window on each side. - Dralon anti-mould fabric. Eh. It lasted 'okay' for 60 years.. - Simple 1m rotating area.
  15. Interesting, indeed we were thinking to create indeed some awning-able area. And perhaps an awning like the IQ might be a bit more 'solid' (wind resistant) than the standard stretchy-army one. One thing I haven't found yet: my parent's 60's awnings are actually built into the window frame. The 'control' is actually some band that you can pull around from the inside to raise/lower. I'm not quite sure I'd want to build this stuff deeply into the house wall even if I could (replaceable parts and all that) but it's worth considering..