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  1. Yeah I go there a lot, it's just that for most pictures they don't list the "thoughts behind it".
  2. But where would you attache the volleyball net?
  3. Any pictures of suchlike, or photos of 'similar places' that inspired you?
  4. It's quite popular to have a massive family space with open plan kitchen (money permitting..) So much room for activities!.. But honestly, while I want a large room, many architects and/or interior designers make me feel the space is more squash court with some sparsely scattered pieces of furniture. (of course I picked an extreme example) What are techniques to make the family space a bit more 'cozy'? Dividers? Staircases in the middle of the room? Big statement furniture? Height differences? All of the above?
  5. I bet someone did.. but it might be this one guy in Manchester with way too much time on their hands etcetc.. Just hoping they're on buildhub..
  6. Of course, but I was planning to have a few choices for critical things, e.g. "ultrafancy/dream one, budget conscious option" Does that mean you can't choose 'any' window but have to pick from the timber firm's list? Did you not worry those tiles needed to match with 'the rest'? It kinda sounds snobbish to me while I write this, but "should the entire house not match the same theme" (rather than independently start picking bathroom tiles when you don't yet know the livingroom colours etc? That's what I'm trying to do =) Well, I'd love to see an 'after the fact' list as well, just any list as long as it's complete-ish. =)
  7. For posterity - one thing that did come up is heat management things - it's no fun to find out your house is uncomfortable during hot days. It's probably a good idea to over-spec cooling options (at least - the 'plumbing' to add them later).
  8. So as starting new-builders, I keep getting told all the time: "You will have to make a TON of choices!" Okay.. but - does someone have a list of all the choices? Excel sheet perhaps? Down to the max detail - which - Anything you typically don't have to choose yourself, or is optional vs which are really important I can imagine I don't need to bother with the choice of screws, or cement, or grass seed type.. - when will the choice need to be made I can imagine that the choice of brick vs timber is super early, whilst the choice of 'which doorknobs' could be done a lot later - changeability which choices can be made early, and which depends on tons of factors The choice of a hob could be made/researched today (ok.. new hobs might come out.. but e.g. induction, builtin hob etc..) The choice of tiles for a bathroom depends on the entire feel of the bathroom, etc?t ta I'd love to just get the list now, and start researching. -
  9. Excellent thread so far. Some useful stuff to learn I might be able to avoid.. thanks.. One thing I always struggle with is .. well.. clouds.. meaning: on a cloudy day, during spring and autumn, a good patch of sun can meaningfully heat the place, whilst a batch of clouds can make the place a touch chilly and perhaps manual heating would be good. Does anyone have a system that tries to react to external brightness? Is it a good idea? I could imagine having windows blinds up and down and up might be a bit noisy.. and of course once you heat the place, you can't "roll it back"...
  10. "99" sounds quite optimistic. No idea what is a fair point but as someone who loves light and can't get enough in winter, I worry having venetians would block a noticeable amount.
  11. puntloos

    Automation Planning

    Just as a general thought, currently I have: - Google Home stuff (home mini, JBL screen) - Nest hello, nest thermostat - Samsung Smartthings driving ikea tradfri - ewelink (sonoff) wifi power sockets Most of these still work or at least have basic functionality, even if internet is down. And most of these also support physical buttons
  12. puntloos

    Automation Planning

    Just starting to think this through, but some thoughts: - Would love to find a good source for built-in hardware. Many of these things have to be 'stapled onto' your wall whereas in a new build I'd love to have 'in ceiling' devices like a motion, temp, humid sensor that I can hard-wire into some central control device. Alternatively something that uses one of the bigger brands - e.g @JSHarris is right to point out that some random company might be gone in 5 years, but "Samsung Smartthings" is probably here to stay. - Would love to link temperature sensors and possibly underfloor heating controllers to something like Nest, or at least 'IFTTT' so perhaps a high detected temperature in a room can roll down the blinds or turn on the ventilation. - Rain sensor rolling back the awnings would be great, but I don't think "smart wifi awnings" exist yet, so instead I'd love some hardware switching box that can connect to RS232 (and other) wired control systems. This guy seems to have manually rigged it up with an Arduino or two.. would prefer something more off-the-shelf-y.. Anyone have solutions for some/all of the above?
  13. puntloos

    lawns - input please

    I'd note that depending on how long you intend to stick around, grass is one of the weirdest, arguably stupidest crops in the world, keeping it watered and maintained will, over time, certainly outpace your carbon footprint of some sturdy fake grass...
  14. puntloos

    Plumbing Schematic

    Wildly in general it would be great to have such a set of resources once they are a little 'community approved'
  15. Good tip, I might have to get a subscription I suppose. Also many modern manufacturers now bring out a new model of a 'thing' pretty much every year, with a different model number, and only minor improvements to the internals, so a year-old review of the previous model is probably going to be helpful if perhaps slightly too negative (since the new model might've had some snags improved..)