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  1. Thanks all, I think I might be okay with the kitchen as is, with the skylight as rendered, but I'll keep an eye out. And indeed those idems from @mvincentd seem pertty nice for bathrooms and such!
  2. Hmm dunno, that 'before' picture has a certain charm... But good to know that the kink can only do '30deg'. Surprising really, wouldn't a straight mirror not be able to bounce 90deg..
  3. Heh, interesting point, yeah given that it's close to my 'home cinema' I'll have to be careful Of course it doesn't have to be fully horizontal perhaps, but definitely pretty flat..
  4. Has anyone got any experience with sun tunnels? Context: I'm a bit worried about my kitchen being dark, and the closest sunlight is more-or-less at the edge of the kitchen. Is there some way to 'duct' this kitchen sun light pretty much horizontally towards a more central exit in the middle of the kitchen? Or are there many downsides that should stop us considering it? See attached example: The last bit of direct sun hits the garden room ceiling as per picture, which in this example just hits the tap on the island. But while the 'wide window' is fairly classy looking as it is, I'd like to know if it is even an option to create an effective sun tunnel from the side (rather than having to punch through multiple floors!) Would this work? E.g. https://www.velux.co.uk/products/sun-tunnels/pitched-roof
  5. Just giving some offhand comments, I've browsed through this thread quickly so if I'm redundant or way off, just consider it as some minor food for thought and/or confirmation of agreement.. - No issue with master & living being close, at first floor, although I would increase sound separation. You have one thin wall between your bed and your master. You could perhaps consider sealing off the stairs to buffer the sound. - Not ideal to have no bathroom near kitchen/living. I'd consider sacrificing the end of the utility, which is currently massive. - The word 'snug' to me always translates to 'I have no idea what to do with this space'. Are you certain it's a good idea? Why not a larger bed2 (ensuite?) - The porch is sealed? I can kinda see the point of a open space, but if it's basically a room before your house then unless you have horses you need to scrub I'd skip. - The living space feels a bit 'tennis-court-y' - no real separation of features, which includes kitchen noises and smells. Haven't thought deeply on if it's fixable - If TV/movies is not your thing, fine, but obviously putting a TV in that corner will not let you get close to a nice viewing experience. - Have you thought about storage space in dressing area? Can you fit all your clothes in 1.6(?) m of wardrobe? Offhand, I'd put the stairs in the bottom right corner, and reclaim a larger amount of space for a living area, perhaps even separate it off (pocket door? dressing door down as far as possible?)
  6. Just called a basement guy. Their handwavey quote for a 5x5 basement was 20,000. I wasn't 100% clear on if it's including or excluding excavation and removal (I suspect ex.) He also noted it might be better to do a Non-material amendment after PP, so planning team doesn't take e.g. living space in basement under deep consideration... Nono the primary reason is being a plant room. Noisy/bulky Stuff. Yup. It might make a lot more sense for the basement guy to do the full foundation with the basement right under the hallway.. and then discuss if we want to go full-basement
  7. Cutting out everything that's understood, with thanks, @Bitpipe - v. useful stuff. A few small ones left: Well it's all about actual needs vs cost. Even GBP 1 is wasteful if we don't really need it, and I've been working under the assumption that a basement is rarely something that increases the sale value beyond what I've paid for it. Not to mention that a 250m2 house on a 400m2 plot feels about 'the max' anyway. If I were on the lookout for houses I'd raise an eyebrow if I saw a 350sqm house on that plot.. No? Main goal for basement is to 'hide away' noisy or bulky stuff and make the garage usable for actual cars, should the need arise. 3x4 is the minimum. 5x5 seems perfect. Anything beyond that adds to the stuff we don't really need, so unless the next sqm would be almost near free I don't think we'd do it? Or am I being shortsighted? (of course there's also a budget to think of..) Not sure what you mean.. clearly an actual room-in-the-garden would eat garden space, and we are VERY tight on that, we'd love a larger garden than we have, this already is a sad compromise... Hm? Not sure why not? Both our actual garden room, a theoretical extension later, or a basement need some PP? I sense I'm missing your point... Fair. My initial idea was literally copying the basement one level down. But I figured that if a basement is harder to build if you're close to the neighbours, why not move it more centrally.. but I can see the point of having walls align etc, so perhaps the best mental model is to have it straight below the hall (also less weight, since it's fully open above?) which is 5.8*3.5? Some people (maybe you?) suggested to do a full basement somewhere (140-odd sqm!) but I doubt that'd pay off, unless somehow the cost of e.g. the foundation would disappear.. Idon't think I've gotten to this part of house building theory yet 😃 not sure if this is the time/place but can you be slightly more specific?
  8. Has anyone ever considered pre-made basement solutions - eg. http://www.readymadebasements.co.uk/brochure.pdf ? Their quotes are here: http://www.thermonex.co.uk/?q=node/48 "16,000 for a 5x5".. I assume that's not including a bunch of hard work (esp the digging, removal)...
  9. Thanks @Bitpipe - a ton of useful detail! My key question about all this is 'when to start this process'? We're basically ready to submit for planning permission, should we get the SE out 'now' before we do PP? Or would you do this legwork while the approvers do their thing? I have no idea how to 'find' a groundworker though. I have one building site right across from myself right now (!) so like you suggested I might just ask them. They're a big construction company but still private (building some appt complex). It is, 3x4 maybe Not sure how to determine this, but assuming the current house is gone there is a 15m wide side to the plot that faces the road, incl a 3m pavement. Again 'close' is subjective.. but the house is planned to be 13m wide on that 15m, so 1m on each side, then the border (a thin fence) and then about 1m on the neighbour's sides as well. Is that close? "I don't think so" - it's standard british clay, but clearly we need to verify this. Will do.. but as asked earlier: should we try to do this before PP submission or can I take a little time? Of course PP would need to specify the basement but I was thinking to just have a basement completely central in the house (so it would in fact be 7m away from any neighbour! Basically: Neighbour - 1m gap - border - 1m gap - wall - 5m away from wall - 3m basement - 5m away from wall - wall - 1m gap - border - 1m gap
  10. Hrm yeah 35K is more like it I wonder what gives, why this builder is so expensive (while they 'seem reasonable') on most other costs.. Anyone have a more recent job done near(ish) london?
  11. The outlook is not great, 1m of space, then the border (a green hedge on a garage) Of course if there are no downsides (other than price...) I would prefer the fanciest one.. but is it solid enough to be used as really the primary tap in the entire kitchen?
  12. Ah I assumed it would have a direct-from-mains function too. Good to know, I suppose I'd have to put a second tap on the island then? Here's a new render of the kitchen. As you might imagine I haven't thought the color scheme through too much yet. Layout:
  13. Def interesting 'science' to think through how you would use devices matched with reality. The quooker would serve so many purposes (and perhaps we should use it only for its intended, which is 'unusual water').. but the idea is: - Rinsing stuff pre-prep - Easily and quickly getting a glass of water (chilled for me, chilled+sparkly for the wife) -> in this case you're right, having glasses near it would be good, although in my render the large cupboard next to the fridge would have the glasses, so pretty close.. - Easily refilling the water (easier on the island than deeper into the kitchen - Boiling water for tea -> true that it would be handy to have the leaves and cups etc near it - Boiling water for pasta/rice -> sliiightly better on the island I suppose, but not a big diff. Would you use the quooker to rinse, or does it feel like it would break under too much use a normal tap could do?
  14. Ah right, I somehow thought you said you didn't use the space. - ah "Also it has one of those long areas on the right hand side which hardly ever gets used." - I think you are referring to the hob having one of those strip heaters maybe? That's an interesting point, I didn't think of that. Indeed the hob, I think someone here said it might cause some safety issues with pan handles sticking into the walkway, but that's equally true for the front.. What's standard? 600 deep?, how wide? Yeah they do say drill ventilation holes etc.. so indeed maybe my currently specced 500mm wide area for the quooker sink could work.. but getting a bit more "anti splash" area might be better use of my limited space than the 30cm I put next to the hob... (also perhaps good to have a spot to temporarily put glasses on) Yeah also the 'weight' thing.. would a cube be in the way etc...