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  1. Silly question perhaps, but is an overdimensioned ASHP (e.g. 15kW even though the calc says you only need 9..) going to be quieter since it doesn't have to break a sweat? Is that a good reason to go large? I've never been 'near' an ASHP, so not sure how loud it is in best and worst cases, but I hate to be a bother so if I can go for 'quiet' I will..
  2. Can I interject with one small question - people seem to speak about ASHP without ever mentioning brands etc. Are there any particular ones that are "clearly the best" according to certain metrics? Obviously I want the quietest, powerfullest, cheapest..... (I know, I know.. pick 2..)
  3. Problem. I like sitting in the garden in the sun! But when I'm honest, there's a really thin area of comfort associated with this. - Not too hot nor cold - Not too bright - Not too much effort to get there - Quick way to hide from a small shower - Needs to be a comfortable chair that's not wet - Needs to be okay in the shade So .. What do you all do to do this? One thing I will likely do is have dedicated chair storage near the sitting area. But how do you all handle getting into the most comfortable state?
  4. They might be slightly smarter than we give them credit for - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portia_(spider) Ton of instinct too but perhaps if IR attracts moths, it is beneficial to them to also have 'IR sensing' equipment to go where moths would go etc tec
  5. Frankly my current view is effectively eye height and just an open shelf. Clearly any 'clever system' itself needs space, so perhaps a set of thin shelves might help improve floorspace. I wonder how much shelf height is optimal. With many layers of pots, having an overview (looking both on top of, and past the first layer of things on a shelf) is helpful, so cramming shelves too close together will inhibit that view.. Unless perhaps one could design a certain staggered layout..
  6. Hey, what kind of storage/dispensers have you designed(built?) into your kitchen are you using for often-used stuff with long shelf life? And importantly: does it actually work as well as you imagined? Would love to hear ideas in particular about bulkier stuff like pasta, rice, flour, peas? E.g. (ideally a little more elegant, but you get the idea) Is the time spent filling these worth it? I hear waitrose is rolling out bulk stuff so I imagine you go there with a large 'bucket' and go home? But also spice racks - are there any that actually make your life easier? I currently just have two shelves (a-m and n-z) to rummage through, which works fairly well, but I can be convinced some setups could be more efficient.. Maybe this works really well: Or maybe it just looks cute but suddenly you can only store a tiny amount of bottles or you keep on spilling, or it doesn't fit all sizes or..
  7. One followup question (err.. to myself..) in general: Many 'ecosystems' (hue, tradfri etc) are dual-mode: - Control your stuff over the internet, often through the manufacturer's internet portal/API that connects everything - Direct wireless communications. E.g. the tradfri dimmer will pair, then work with devices without any internet needed. Can this be replicated with tasmota/tuya/whatnot? If I can, I'd love my (fancy) wall switches to always work, even when the internet is down. Am I correct in understanding that Zigbee will not always speak to Zigbee e.g. I hear that Hue hub rejects Tradfri bulbs, or is this not a 'political' thing and people are ironing out these problems?
  8. Yeah I noticed that - it didn't work. At least it didn't ruin my device either 😃
  9. My sense is the same here, these 'cheap chinese' type of things are often made as economical as possible - fair enough, but indeed I would prefer not to skimp on the actual controls, but I don't care if the nuts and bolts are plasticy. Has anyone found a decent set of controls that feel "fancy"? Indeed dimmers, switches etc?
  10. I was *just* about to write a post about the non-turntable-ness of my microwave. To be fair, my last microwave was a bit of a pain to clean once spills happened, but perhaps some modern well-designed microwaves either CAN heat evenly, or DO have an easily cleanable turntable? Anyone have a microwave they are... 'glowing' about?
  11. Eh, it *seems* fairly straightforward - this guy seems to outline a process to upgrade sonoff to tasmota over the air. No wires needed.... Might just test this soonish. Yeah.. uh.. about that. Indeed, I do intend to have the house be kinda-sorta be revertible to ye olde mode, but I don't intend to sell, so that eventuality ranks low-ish on the amount of time/effort i want to put into that. (that said, I will likely ask to put in covered wall switch boxes and running the room power through.. or perhaps some similar approach (maybe even squeeze the sonoffs into said socket, so you can replace them (although I think having a battery of sonoff style room switches centrally, next to the wifi AP, in some central wiring closet appeals more..)
  12. Ours does too, but the situation usually is that there's urgent food to be handled, door opened with one hand, etc. It just happens too often.
  13. - When I stop my Neff microwave early because the food is already hot, it will beep indignantly for AGES to let it finish its job. - The lock on our sliding door is so difficult it literally stops me from using the sliding door. Same with my front door, I sometimes go in through the garage if I'm in a hurry. - My Chef King induction hob keeps its fan running for 3-4 minutes after I've stopped using it. - One toilet takes so long to fill, going to pee can extend from 1 minute to 4 minutes if the first flush didn't get some paper.. And so on. Perhaps to rephrase the question slightly: any avoidable practical annoyances that we all should look out for?
  14. Am I assuming correctly that you're not actually using the Tuya services (e.g. their 'gold' service, which I think is a monthly $$) but instead just flash the hardware to tasmota? Ha, frankly as I get older my time to 'geek around' is less and less, but it might be worth the time and mildly fun.
  15. I wasn't aware of this, but Velux might also be making smart windows - https://www.velux.co.uk/products/smart-home - connected to Netamo.. haven't looked deeply enough yet into that brand, but I think it can be used with the commons (Alexa/GoogleHome). And windows installers heavily recommend velux over pretty much any other brand, (sample size of 2 window installers..)