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  1. Im wondering if i can have a higher ridge height at the rear.. Not sure how the planners would react to that.
  2. Thanks all for the replies I’ll have a good read later. The overall footprint is 6.2m by 9.3m, ridge is 7.75m and eaves 5m.
  3. I wonder how much space is taken up by the width of the roof, ie tiles, rafters, insulation etc.
  4. Yeah it’s not going to be easy but that’s the challenge. Hopefully shaving off cms here and there will make all the difference.
  5. Sorry should have said it’s the 3rd bedroom with an en-suite.
  6. Maybe I can get the floor widths down to 250mm, an 10cm would help. Wonder realistically how high I could push the ridge height undetected. 🙈
  7. Hi all I have proposed ridge height of 7.75m, eaves 5m, maybe we could get away with cheekily pushing the ridge to 8m.. Going to use 195mm easijoists, so estimate the total floor widths would be 300mm, and I believe the standard ceiling height is 2.4m, so that leaves very approximately 2m of height for the loft. Now I'm wondering if it would be wise to reduce the ceiling height to 2.3m or perhaps keep 2.4m on the ground floor and reduce the first floor height as it only has bedrooms/bathroom. Any thoughts? The loft is a must as need the extra bedroom.
  8. Hi all, I don't think this will be a "go-er", however land has come up in a good location for my office, any idea how I can get a reasonably looking, 2 storey office on there cheaply? I've looked at modular buildings which look good, not seeing many prices though. It will be around 8 by 8 meters. Any thoughts appreciated
  9. Sjk

    What does this even mean?

    I feel for you, I lot of us have been there, it doesn’t make it any less painful though :(
  10. Really liking the idea of this, will contact them for an idea of costs. Would be good to hear from anyone who has used this method.
  11. Thanks peeps, still mulling this over at the moment.
  12. Thanks I’ll have a look at Tony’s build. ICF, I have to say I didn’t really give it much consideration before as I thought it may cause problems being a more unusual construction method. Flood risk, well it’s never flooded but with tail end risk plus climate change it could, with the EA wanting the FFL 600mm above this figure it’s not going to be an option to Elevate the house much and definitely not to the EA level. At the moment I’ve only been looking at u values, the solid wall idea is a new ish one after someone posted.
  13. Not sure if it’s ridiculous to consider solid walls for a new build. I have done a lot of googling on the subject, it seems you can get a decent U value without the wall being too thick, some suggesting even thinner than would be required with cavity walls! Im considering it because there is a flood risk, and I believe solid walls are preferable in this situation, water in the cavity wouldn’t be pleasant even if I chose closed cell insulation. Other positives could be, depending on route chosen, dense block work could be a great sound barrier, or it opens up the possibility of more interesting brick bonds. Have double the bricks would be pretty expensive though. I can’t work out if condensation is a risk, some people say it is a risk with solid walls, others think cavity wall insulation will be the next ppi for its damp risks.. That brings me on to the next thing internal or external wall insulation, it seems external is preferable, however internal offers the chance to have more interesting brick work. In my mind I think external would be more effective, however with external surely you will lose a lot of energy heating the dense blocks? You wouldn’t have this with internal insulation. Hmmm. Going around in circles with this one!
  14. Sjk

    Heat and sound insulation

    any one got any thoughts on Internal vs External wall insulation? Seriously considering a solid wall. If i had IWI I could have a full brick wall, which would open up some different brick patterns, although this would be more expensive. I should be able to fit all the insulation myself, which I wouldnt be so confident doing with EWI. EWI I could use cheap blocks, and I think the render would be more hard wearing than bricks... Although the bricks specs are as following. Compressive strength ≥ 75N/mm2 Water absorption ≤ 7% Durability F2 Active soluble salts content S2
  15. Cheers chaps, it looks like I’ll need a pro as the measurement need to be to the cm, the gps equipment is hugely expensive.