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  1. Okay so lets have some fun, got my approval through (yay), however... 13 conditions
  2. The floorplan works at the moment, want the option to convert the loft in the future, hence some of the height. They may say that, I would need to talk to them again, its not easy to pin them down.
  3. I think having them different helps make the two parts distinct, although the difference needn't be so large.
  4. Agree the door would look much better, I will do that thank you. I was thinking of using a cladding rather than render, but my IT skills are lacking.
  5. They are typical Victorian. The planning dept would prefer a contemporary design that's far removed from those houses.
  6. I seem incapable of fiddling and completely revising designs. I've quickly knocked this up, I think it has potential, but its not quite there. Love the contrast of dark grey and white, but I fear with such a large about of "dark" it could become over powering. Any thoughts, feedback is hugely appreciated
  7. Sjk

    Cheap plot. Potential?

    There is already an entrance in the residential road. So access won’t be an issue. I’ve already got enough to do with my self build so not one for me. Yes its it’s not the best area and house prices are cheap in the area.
  8. Im no expert, so probably missing something. This plot seems ridiculously cheap, perhaps its deliberate to drum up interest. Surely getting planning wouldn't be so difficult? Maybe the trees are the issue.
  9. Thanks all Yes there would be a wider space the other side of the house, there are no windows etc to deal with as the neighbours house used to be attached pre slum clearance. I havent planned any windows for that side, but perhaps a small one for a loo would be nice.
  10. I'm going over all my plans again and trying out new designs. Say a neighbours property is build up to the boundary, what is a good minimal distance to keep between them? I was thinking 1m, but not sure if this is a little too wasteful. Thanks!
  11. Yeah I had to pay and wait an age as well.
  12. Sjk

    Objection from watercourse

    Try your neighbour first, if not then I think they will let it flow under your house, I’ve seen it happen a few times.
  13. Sjk

    Being on TV

  14. It was how I got my plot, so well worth it, there were a few other plots I didn’t get. So maybe it depends on the local authority. Mine were sold by the gov.
  15. Sjk

    Thin bed "mortar"

    Been looking into thin bed joints for my brick facade, I think with uniform bricks it will look superb. Now this is a long shot, but it would be great if people have experience or any input to this. There are a few solutions offered on the internet, from no viable joints to traditional thin mortar joints. The thinnest results come from using special bricks or using a glue. One of the bricks I have seen Other solution is to go with the traditional method. Any input would be appreciated as I don't think this is very common, and it could become a total nightmare!