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  1. I’ve had some preliminary feedback from my archaeologist today. They were suggesting raft, but my architect was against this solution for some reason. They are saying at the moment they are saying there is 200mum to play with, although I am waiting for them to clarify if that is on top of the hard standing which must be at least 200mm itself. Im feeling screwed!!
  2. Hi all, Another day another question! I'm going around the houses (pun) with acceptable materials, the planners like the idea of modern materials, however the house is quite conventional. I think grey aluminium frame windows look excellent in a contemporary build, or with white render but I'm not inconvenienced it looks good with red brickwork. Am I wrong?
  3. Cheers guys, thanks a lot!
  4. Hi all, I have a concern I have been thinking about for a while, so would be appreciated to have someone else's view. If all goes well I'll be starting my new build very soon, I'm going over all the details at the moment. I had planned on the downstairs loo being on the same wall as the bathrooms upstairs, makes sense really. However, this means the living room and the kitchen will be separated by the loo. I'm thinking a much better idea would be to have it on the opposite wall so I can have an open plan living, dining and kitchen area. This means the loo will be on the wall which the drive way is on, if the waste pipe is sticking out I'm concerned it will make parking harder, causing either damage to the pipe or we will be tripping up over it. Would it be possible to have the waste pipe go under the house so it does not obstruct the driveway? Many thanks Ive attached a VERY rough drawing, if it helps
  5. Is that really the case? The council seem to want me to spend as much as possible and don't seem to want to enter into any negotiation. Perhaps we need to go harder.
  6. They aren’t keen to quote me :( Site is too small for them, I’ll push and see if I can get a price.
  7. Unfortunately not at the moment, I will get the full report next week. It looks like they have puled that episode of grand designs.
  8. It will be fully documented, there is a structure underneath so not sure digging it up would be an option.
  9. Thanks for the link, I'll give it a read. We have an archaeologist, they have just finished trenching and before that they did a DBA. The archaeologist is getting the final report ready, but they have said we should suggest the least invasive foundations to not disturb the site and try to settle for a watching brief. I must have missed GD, I'll watch that thanks!
  10. Thanks. Yes, as far as I'm aware we do have to, to satisfy the archaeologist. Fair point regarding the construction, I was thinking about if there was a water leak they may have to cut/smash the floor to repair it.
  11. I need to come back with some proposals for our foundations, short story is there are archaeological findings under where the house was planned to be (can't move it), so the preferred solution is to come up with some foundations which will not disturb them. I have been doing some research and wondered if a raft or piling foundations could be the answer? Raft should be shallow(?) and piling could be guided to safe areas. Bit concerned with a concrete slab as if there is an issue with say utilities under the slab it would be a nightmare to repair, that said piling concerns me too! I would need to find out where we can go, the archaeological fees have already been expensive, so want to try and keep it to a minimum. The house is brick and block, the footprint is only around 40-45m2. Any ideas?
  12. Hi all Sorry another question from me! We need to choose our windows, the planners seem open to both timber and aluminium. So the issue is we are on a budget, spanking 25k on some quality wooden windows isn’t going to happen, it seems we can get some okay soft wood windows for about 7k which is approximately what we were quoted for some aluminium windows. Now, I prefer the wooden windows, but I’m worried they will let more noise in. Are windows rated? Is there a standard they must adhere to?
  13. As far as I’m aware the PP isn’t that detailed, but we are at the stage of choosing materials, so it’s decision time! The problem is I know I will want to change and update things as I go.
  14. Thanks, its the fact we are in a conservation area which worries me, looks like a poster in that thread got knocked back.
  15. I'm a really indecisive person, I change my mind and tinker with things all the time, there must be others like this on here. My concern is and I know this will happen, say I want to change the style of the window, the rear doors leading into the garden, or maybe some minor exterior detailing small changes to materials etc How do you deal with changes as you go along? It would be painful to tell the planning officer every time, delays have been bad enough as it is! Do you just go ahead with it and try to get the changes signed off at the end? I'd go for this approach but being in a conservation area I think it will make it much trickier.