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  1. Thanks. I can't see many local companies offering insulated slabs, not sure if general builders are suitable or not?
  2. Stupid question, but could someone explain what the difference is between an insulated/passive slab foundation and a regular slab foundations?
  3. In that case it’s probably very similar to the prices I have.
  4. You should be able to get someone in for 2k per sq meter for the actual build. I wonder if you have other works included? I.e. services, demolition, complex ground work etc
  5. Cheers Joth I've gone into accept my quote, now it is telling me that I can use other providers (SSE) which could be cheaper with other ICPs and IDNOs. I didn't realise you could do this, is it worth it?
  6. Does anyone have more info on this? FYI PH3 was about £100 more expensive than single.
  7. All small builders, I think they are so busy they aren’t willing to budge on price. Very happy to be proved wrong, keep us posted
  8. Not a million miles away from you, we are getting quotes of around 2kpsqm for a very basic build like you say, ie howdens kitchen etc. Good luck getting a quote for 1.5k, if you do can you pass the details on to me?
  9. Sorry totally missed the paragraph about the house. It’s a standard brick and block build to a typical new build spec nothing fancy. Windows and doors will add approx 11.5k to the budget. I know we need to agree on exactly what is included but have a reasonable idea what his quote includes as he talked me through it. I was trying to get an idea of the cost ratio if that makes sense? I.e first fix as a percentage of the total cost. House is around 120sqm. While I’d be delighted to get to 1k per sqm, realistically when factoring in opportunity costs its never going to happen. I’d have to quit work, there’d be a big loss of income.
  10. Morning, I've been quoted £1,000 per square meter to take the build to up to and including 1st fix, the price excludes the cost of windows and doors. The costs coming from builders is around £2,200 for a complete turnkey project. Does the cost to first fix sound about right? Architect says £1,800 per square meter should be possible. Cheers
  11. On my phone so it’s a bit tricky, but added the door to the bedroom. The stairs and landing are where the blue arrows are. The square with the red dimensions inside is open space. I.e. there is no first floor there, so the landing looks down onto the ground floor.
  12. Not sure if this will help, they are both double winders with the winders being at the start and end of the stairs, there are "2.5" floors.
  13. Hi Buildhubbers, I'm having second thoughts on this, I was planning on having a small double height foyer on my build, now I am wondering if it would be better to use the space as an ensuite. One bedroom already has an en suite, and the other two bedrooms share a family bathroom. I don't want the build to be too "plain", I like the idea of the open entrance hall and I think it adds interest. Would like to hear your thoughts, this is a rough floorplan.