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  1. Sjk

    Choosing bricks

    Thats actually a good idea, will go for a walk around.
  2. Sjk

    Choosing bricks

    Any tips? Dont want to cheap out on the bricks, it’s almost impossible to tell from looking at a computer screen. I will have a look look at the builders merchants in a few days but really struggle to scale it up and imagine how it would look.
  3. Sjk

    New build Basement

    Just to bump this again. I do need to get a pro out to look into it for me, I was having a difficult time to estimate the costs. I think I can do the excavation myself, while I want to do as much as possible I am worried about compromising the watertightness. The basement would be an extra living/family room and utility area. I wont be able to get it to open out onto the garden, but would have long window overlooking the garden. The basement walls wouldn't back onto the boundaries, and the site is flat. Interesting ragg987, when I spoke to a specialist they recommended using waterproof concrete and a drain/pump system. Thanks again for all the advice, land values are aprx 650£ per sqft, and the basement would be 450sqft. Although it is probably worth it, I cannot justify spending more than 100k, I dont think.. I should be able to estimate the excavation costs now, just need to figure out the rest.
  4. Thanks, I thought it was a non starter but having to dance around a bit.
  5. Due to site constraints, I have been told to investigate a deep bore soak away. Does anyone know if they need to be a minimum distance from the property?
  6. I don’t think we draw too much on other new builds as they are all so different and most wouldn’t be accepted on this site. What I can say is they are all to a high standard, which I plan for my build. We are not saying there are worse designs, we are saying you wanted us to use the characteristics of a building and we have. As I said, he’d be happy with the roof changes he requested, changing the orientation, as he feels this would make it more individual... Maybe a meeting will be worth it.
  7. Yep using an architect, we have both spent a significant amount of time talking on the telephone with the case officer. I would gladly have a meeting with him, sadly I don’t think it will progress the matter although I will keep this in mind. Talking of progress, it has stalled for the moment, and got an email to say he was on holiday for 2 weeks and would discuss on his return. Will try to find the other elevations, they are pretty standard. Other new builds is the conversation area are all totally different to each other, although there are similar designs to mine.
  8. So to begin with i was told the house needed to design cues from this building near by. So we revisited our drawings to this I'm now told it is not individual enough, and he wants the roof orientation changed (minus the gable). Houses near by include the first image above and the following, as you can see a real mixture.
  9. I only have vague emails, which contradict either other. So no great help there.
  10. Thanks, I will upload.
  11. I have but we’ve hit a brick wall, so to speak.
  12. Hi all, Could really do with some advice, I submitted a planning application, the case officer wanted us to revise the drawings, which we did although not to the extent he wanted. We feel the house is well designed and fits in with the area, the officer agreed It fitted in with the near by properties. However, he is still not happy and wants me to make more changes which I am not happy about, the house looks fine and I need a design I am happy with. I'm tempted to let it go to possible rejection, anyone have any words of advice? It is in a conservation area. Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks, I will speak to my consultant who is due back from holiday tomorrow.
  14. Hi all, Need some help, my build needs a RWH for SuDS, if I use IBC tanks, in a DIY arrangement am I going to have problems getting it signed off? Many thanks in advance
  15. Sjk

    New build Basement

    Ha, I guess its relative, the initial ground survey I had done said it was high.