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  1. Insulation provider and my builder. I wouldn’t have time to check they have been installed correctly, I trust my builder though. I understand your point though. I’m not too price sensitive, and the increased floor space would be welcome and valuable.
  2. Thanks, it would be designed from the outset this way, so I would hope some of these issues would be limited.
  3. Im not set on a 100mm, if it can be reduced I'm all for that. It is just I am told 100mm will be sufficient for the insulation panels I was looking at.
  4. Apart from polyurethane foam they would all have a cavity, okay maybe some will be small, say 10mm. What's the problem with no cavity and injected polyurethane?
  5. What don't you like about lightweight blocks? I was considering these along with aerated blocks.
  6. Thanks, is that the same as the K106 panels?
  7. Well colour me embarrassed, it looks like aerogels are not suitable for cavity walls!
  8. Hi all, Would appreciate your thoughts. I am looking to keep the wall thickness to a minimum (withing reason), while meeting BR, which I think is 0.18 W/m2.K? Traditional brick and block construction, hoping at worst to have a 100mm cavity which would mean 302.5mm. I've asked for a price of Spacetherm which is a silica gel product and I'm considering Kingspan's OPTIM-R, lastly injected polyurethane foam would really suit the build but I think the performance isnt great? Many thanks
  9. Good call on the 3 phase, ill ask for a quote. They aim for under 5 days to quote, it took them 3 for me.
  10. Thanks all, looks like I'll accept and get on with it.
  11. Hi all, Just had a quote back from SSE for my connection, it could have been worse, but would be good to compare to what others paid. Not too sure what a joint hole foot path is, I suspect its digging up the pavement? Many thanks!
  12. Thanks Rob. Does that not screw the insulation and what not?
  13. Hi all, I was hoping to spec a semi concealed gas meter box but after talking to BG they no longer offer this option. They say the alternatives are internal or recessed, any thoughts on these? Will be good to hear what others have opted for.
  14. Hi it seems that if you have a passiv-esque house you will not need UFH upstairs and maybe no heating at all. My build is is more traditional, it won’t be insulated to that level or airtightness, for this reason I think I need to consider the upstairs heating as a must. Im reluctant to opt for radiators, one because it will waste space and two because I think they need to be run at a higher temperature. So with that in mind, I was considering UFH not only on the ground floor, but the 1st and 2nd floor too. Although I’m concerned about this set up too as there will be little room for insulation and I think the efficiency will be poor. Especially if I have wood flooring. Stone flooring upstairs doesn’t seem right some how. Another option is skirting board heating, but it looks *relatively* untested and also runs at a higher temperature. It is however neater and you don’t lose any space. Any thoughts would be welcome
  15. Cheers chaps, I'll have a think about this one.