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  1. +1 Do this^^^^^^^.. Before living in the Highlands, I would have read this response and thought that's a bit overkill. I read this now and feel the earned experience of Highland living flowing through the advice.🤣
  2. Good example of this in Scotland, we now have a "Short term let Licence" (TAX) for B&B / AirBNB properties etc. The licencing officer gave me his card. He was the area Bereavement officer, point of contact for Births, Deaths and Marriage and now Short Term Let Licence Officer.
  3. I put a KuWfi link (wireless bridge) in for a neighbour to share his Broadband to his rental cottage 300M away, works fantastically. Only issue is power cuts as sometimes the handshake is lost and needs the slave switching on 30 secs after the master. I'll use the same to run a Lambing camera into the barn later this year.
  4. I built another building for Washing / dryer / power. This is now the amenity block for the cabins we rent out. Storage is the main issue on site, especially when weather is inclement, so as @Russell griffiths says go big with the shed. I managed to be out of the static in 16 months before the second winter, but keeping the wet clothes etc out (we didn't manage this) would be essential. We went cheap on the static, for budget reasons and motivation, I wanted to a reason to get up and get out, and for us it worked. I wanted my build up and done ASAP, We were building it ourselves full time so that was the choice we made, the static was a place to eat, wash, and get our head down. Be realistic with the reality especially if you are dependant on other people.
  5. I used Grass seed store, you can get bulk qty for acres if needed. You can get some wild flower, clover options. All good for Bees and you don't mow some through summer which has to be as bonus 😉
  6. For the driveways I'd be tempted to put them on a firm base, possibly concrete but only to the base level, or a flag stone. I would back fill all of them with pea gravel, or where I am quarry dust. If you ever need to dig them up you'll regret throwing in random stones. Make sure you get your levels and falls sorted. The main flow should enter the bottom of the channels, as the branches are usually higher.
  7. Yes we helped our local farmer with lambing (payment was our Ewes we there as well), there was over 250 Ewes, and the dead lambs mount up. Plus the odd calf or ewe that doesn't make it 😔
  8. It's doing what it's designed to do. Film won't work, I've built a few, too late but if livestock were going in .I.e. lambing or poultry you can use Opel sheets. Other option is to cut some windows in either end you'll definitely need cross ventilation. Mine is in the Highlands, 12deg outside can see mid 20's inside
  9. Oh she died, still waiting for the bill....
  10. Be careful.. 5 months ago, we had no livestock, just some poultry (hens and ducks), we then got four in lamb Ewes, followed by 6 more in lamb Ewes. Before our lambing we (as in the royal we) adopted a sickly boy as a pet, shortly followed by 2 more pet lambs, then our lambing produced 13, 2 lambs didn't make it, and one mum faltered shortly after giving us our 4th pet lamb, then last week the local farmer dropped of a thin twin who wasn't getting fed to join the rest of the bottle brigade. So the total stands at 9 Ewes, 10 lambs running with their mums and 5 pet lambs pictured below- fun fact it seems lamb powdered milk is equivalent in cost to gold by the ounce.
  11. Any warm air at all would have been luxury for our 18 month sentence 😜
  12. Is used sap4u, I think that's the name. An online service. I paid around £120 for the design SAP, and it was £50 to produce the as built. I paid a little more for the as built as I changed from timber frame to ICF. They wanted photos showing details as well as info from the ICF supplier.
  13. Expanding PU glue all the way. And loads of it. All edges, even cut edges, and joists. Depending on the set time I also use ratchet straps to squeeze the joints tight. Once dry the glue can be scraped of the floor where it has oozed from the joints. I used egger protect on my projects, with their own glue and you get a solid, water proof, hard surface floor. Rolls Royce solution. The glue expands and fills any unevenness and you end up with a flatter floor, solid and no squeaks, now or in the future.
  14. You don't mention your location, so assume not Scotland. For a detailed reply we need to know the dimensions, current floor make up, height between current build stage and FFL any. Details you have will help with a solution. What U value do you need to achieve?
  15. As @Dave Jones says extensions are different, and you can often offset deficiencies in one area with increases in others..I think your renovating a terrace? So EWI is not an option? The mantra of insulate and improve air tightness still applies. Design the small space efficiently (built in furniture/ bespoke furniture etc) to see if you can shrink the area to accommodate more insulation. Will 150 / 200mm make that much difference? Drawings and spec of the space usage may help with some ideas.
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