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  1. HI, I have had an estimate quote back for connection to our plot, there is OH HV cables (11KV) running along the boundary of the field, and at the road a Transformer supply 3 other properties. My enquiry asked for a quote for 15KVA or 20KVA, just so I could get an idea of costs before committing to purchase. The quote came back stating that the existing transformer would be upgraded to 50KVA, associated reconnection of other properties and then laying and connecting to an enclosure (groundworks and enclosure by me). The quote came back at £3500+V for 15KVA and £5000+V for 20KVA, all cables the same. When asked where the difference comes from its basically I either pay for 15KVA /50KVA( 30%) or 20KVA/50KVA (40%) for the transformer with the rest stumped up by the network. So am I missing something or should I just opt for the 15KVA? it will still have 100A cut out? TIA
  2. Hi, I've been reading through a lot of posts on Stick built vs kit etc, and leaning towards stick built, however I read that structural warranty is difficult if the frame is built on site. I'm thinking of getting the frame designed (possibly Cullen Timber Design), then panelised drawings and working from them. straight forward rectangular box, gables and roof. I would be interested not in the stick built vs TF company, but thoughts from builders who went the stick build route on their structural warranty views, did they get one, which ones etc. any info on this would be great. thanks in advance.
  3. Budget is the issue😬. The main expense is the ASHP and Tank. But I'm buying them anyway. So if I can use them it's got to be cheaper than individual units etc. Is my thought.
  4. I'm in the planning stages of a small croft house 86SqM, and initially 2 self contained glamping pods, possibly more in the future. The site is in the Highlands near the East coast. I have an Idea and would appreciate any thoughts. I'm thinking of installing an ASHP in the main house, and a vented thermal store with solar coil. (Vented so I can plumb myself) and UFH with passive type slab All straight forward, but then I'm thinking of trying the heat UFH of the pods and supply the hot water as well. Outline plan pods will be 30 and 40 meters away. Can be changed. Lay pipes 22mm hot X2 and flow and return with insulation about 1m maybe deeper in the ground. T into 1 pod then onto the 2nd. Firstly due to lengths I'm thinking of recirculating the Hot water (hense 2xHot) so a concern is that this just drains the heat from the tank, If the temp drop of the returning hot is too great. Any ideas suggestions / thoughts / criticisms more than welcome. Regards Pete