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  1. nod are you a self builder? I remember someone on here had a construction company
  2. the guidance also states "Note Please note that all invoices must be for goods that have been supplied to you. We may ask you to prove that you’ve paid for them" Sorry if I've missed your point
  3. But he wouldnt have charged you vat so you can't reclaim what hasnt been charged. If he paid for some materials in say screwfix and just had a till receipt which he gave you then maybe
  4. and if the invoice is in his name they will probably reject it.
  5. will hmrc actually repay it though? don't want my reclaim held up
  6. I have paid the net as I didn't want to hold it up. Electrician. The reason *I think* is because he paid vat on some material which obviously makes no difference as he can still reclaim.
  7. Not a lot really, I'd structure the contract differently and if I did it again it would only be once more!
  8. Hi all, Finishing a new build house and one tradesmen is unwilling at the moment to zero rate his work, it's only £14 in VAT but I feel why should I throw the money away? He was good and came out quickly but still argh! What would you do?
  9. I believe so too temp. I want to future proof so will try to do it now. That said I'm getting quotes of around £1,100 for what is a simple install compared to some.
  10. Hi all, Has anyone managed to get an EV charger installed at 0% VAT? Thanks!
  11. Fair enough. Why is everything always double what you expect.
  12. Afternoon all, I've had a quote to connect to the sewer which includes one chamber and 7m of pipework, it will involve digging up a path and part of the road although as it's at the end of the road it wont require traffic lights etc. Quote came back and it's just over £8k! I'm stunned it's that expensive does it sound reasonable?
  13. haha. if it wasnt up a slight hill id be up for trying.
  14. thanks all. think it is going to have to be a beefy forklift or a small telehandler. I hope they don't cancel the order as the bricks are about a third of the cost elsewhere. eek. pulling them up an incline will probably be too difficult, I'm guessing each pallet is probably over a tonne
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