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  1. Honestly it's true, to rub salt into the wounds the guy turns up in a brand new top of the range G Wagon over £150ks worth of car. FML. Talk about kicking a guy in the plums when he's down.
  2. £88k 😮 What is a nail technician?
  3. Sorry didn't see the replies earlier. They are a 82mm flush timber frame. I've spoken to the manufacture and they are saying if I recess them it will block the weep holes which are at the bottom of the frame, how do other people get around this issue? You see many windows which are set back from the brickwork.
  4. Sorry Vijay removed, the whole section is about 2m long.
  5. Thanks, I’ve emailed them to see what they say. A car could easily clip it, well my car.
  6. Hi all, I need a bit of help knowing how best to do this. I had a new electricity connection for my new build, it was routed underground but pops out of the ground by the external wall and about 1 foot above ground level goes through a hole in the wall into the house. With all the regulations around electricity I was surprised about this, are there any minimum requirements? I was trying to research it online but not coming up with anything. Thank you
  7. yeah only managed to get down there today. It’s mostly 30 to 40mm with the a small section at 50mm.
  8. I don't mind if the strength is retained but agree losing a couple of inches isnt a problem.
  9. Anyone know if they can be safely refilled? If a concrete block was refilled with concrete would that be ok? I'm guess it is not that simple.
  10. I'm not a structural engineer but if there was only a small piece of the wall removed I wouldn't be so worried. Why oh why is it so hard to find good people.
  11. Well I guess the block work will have to be replaced. ffs. Unless I have misunderstood the building regulations.
  12. Yeah that was my concern, they blocks are 100 thick but I'll have to get back down there and measure the depth.