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Found 53 results

  1. Hello all We have just had our application for a larger homes extension refused, which we will appeal but I was wondering if any of a number of basic errors would lend support to our case? The decision notice has been issued by another local authority over 150 miles away by someone with no previous involvement with the application. Were in Knowsley, Merseyside and the PDF is from city of Sunderland. The issue date is 2002?!? Are there any rules on these things? Without wading into too much detail, the decision maker also states assertions on our behalf which we simply never made. I am lucky in that I've never had to appeal before but would massively appreciate any guidance from those who have. TIA
  2. Hi all, I've been looking for a suitable plot for many years and recently come across a few that finally look suitable. However, they all seem to have a public footpath or bridleway either directly through the plot or around the side of it within the plot boundary. I know the process to re-route/divert can be long and costly. Does anyone have any experience of obtaining planning permission to develop a site whilst a footpath diversion application is in place? Just trying to ascertain if the site could still be developed at the same time the diversion order was being processed. Obviously if the diversion order has to be completed first before any planning permission is granted you might be talking 2 years for the diversion order to complete, then a year for PP then a year or so for build which is obviously a considerable amount of time! Thanks
  3. Hi, We have recently moved into a property and are looking to utilise all the garden space. Currently the garden is separated by a 2m wall which we want to knock down and extend the garden into the unused space in Picture A and Picture B (yellow line depicts where the 2m wall is currently). We originally wanted to place fencing behind the small wall but pre planning advice has let us know that it will be rejected as it "will negatively impact the character and appearance of the local area". We have attached the Pre Planning Advice Response for reference. So our second thought was to knock the small wall down and erect 1m high rail fencing and plant some 2m high hedging as we know that doing both of these, should not require planning permission. However we have been advised that this will also require planning permission to change the use of the land from from private open space to private garden land. In our Deeds (Picture C) or on our Title Plan (Picture D) it does not show a separation the the two area. We then asked the council to provide where they have acquired this information from and they sent us through an image of the original landscaping plan with a clear divide (Picture E) with this email; "I have attached an extract from the landscaping plan as part of the original planning application which informed my assessment. The plan shows the dwarf wall, the planting location to the rear and then the location of your boundary fence to your garden. Similarly, the planning layouts also show a clear division between the rear garden of the properties and the current wall position. It is for this reason that I concluded that this land is used as strategic landscaping / amenity land. Your proposal would materially change the use of the land from amenity space to garden land and therefore a change of use planning application would be required." No one maintains the area, and it is full of weeds and litter. We believe it is our responsibility to maintain it but we have no access to the area and we would not benefit from putting any effort in, as we do not use or see the space. We now don't know what to do, where to start, or whether it will be futile trying to get the change of use in the first place. TIA. Pre Planning Advice Response Letter.pdf Pre Planning Advice Response Report.pdf
  4. Hi to everyone. I am looking to options to extend my current house (mainly to increase the upstairs footprint and increase the number of bedrooms), and am after any advice on the balance between this needing planning permission, or falling under permitted development. Ive attached a couple of quick block drawings to show the house (and the houses to either side). At present there are 4 houses (semi detached, with the party wall in the middle), 2 floors in one half, and then a single floor on the other (blue in the drawings), and the proposed extension in orange. Ive also attached a floor plan, with the blue sections being the house, and the orange being changes previously made (at the bottom an internal garage conversion, and at the rear a 3*3.5 extension). In terms of work i am looking at, i would look to add a 2nd story above the current single, running the full length of the current rooms. I dont plan on going further forward, backwards or outwards. Currently the single story has a flat roof, and i would propose to retain a flat roof on the extension. I do have a short session booked with the duty planning person, but thats not for a couple of months (they are quite booked!). Any comments, guidance etc on the plan, and which path its likely to fall under would be appreciated. Any questions please ask - im happy to clarify.
  5. hi all, Desperate for some advice here. A dispute with our neighbour on land ownership (which they raised when our surveyor approached them for party wall matters) has brought a lot of delay to our house extension plans - now we are waiting to go to court. We believe the decision will sway in our favour, but our permission expires in 3 months Which means our permission is likely to run out, and party wall matters won't be settled (we are terrraced). Which (we think) leave us 2 options: Ask for an extension or somehow 'commence the works'. We emailed the council to explain, they said extensions are not granted as such. Someone said that is rubbish and we can request one by paying a fee. Which is correct? How do we apply for an extension, and will the neighbour be consulted for this (they didn't object when we initially applied 3 years ago but sure that if their consent is needed we are in for an unpleasant ride). Our understanding is we can't commence the works by say, digging foundations because we are a small terraced property and need a party wall agreement. Is there any other way we can commence the works? If we lift off the patio slabs where the extension will go, does that constitute commencement? ps: there were no specific conditions laid out for the permission other than re. materials used and potential party wall matters to consider. many thanks
  6. Afternoon, My decision date for Planning was today, 04/05/2021. On Friday afternoon, 30/04/2021, Planning informed me that a Coal Authority Risk Assessment would be required. So basically, I was given Friday afternoon and a bank holiday weekend to source a CARA. Any idea what will happen to the decision date? Will this just be pushed back an additional few weeks so I can source? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I'm hoping someone could advise us on what the best course of action is, we have approved plans for a wrap around single story extension to our bungalow, we are on a sloping plot so the height difference at the back door to ground level is around 0.8m, we have the attached design approved with a raised patio and steps leading down to the garden. We would like to change this by adding raised flower beds along the back of the house, first one at floor level, dropping by 0.4 then dropping again to ground level with steps and a pathway going through them so that we can gradually step down into the garden rather than a sheer drop. This is the plan we would like; We think this may be a non material amendment but are not sure, friends have said raised beds do not need permission as they are not a platform and you will not raising the ground level. We will be having steps and a ramp/pathway through the middle which will be higher than ground level so i think it needs permission. Could anyone advise on the best course of action, the builders are due to start in 4 weeks and want to do the foundations for the steps and wall at the start of the build. Many thanks.
  8. I've got a possible planning enforcement notice incoming. It involves a loft conversion, PD, prior planning approval secured and is...complex to say the least. Of course, the greyer the planning matter, the better for us Buildhubbers on the one hand....but equally more capacity a case has to develop in to a serious fight, as both sides look to exploit the whole "greyness" of the case to suit their own narrative, or goal. To my Question: the game in this case for me is going to be to STALL the entire process as much as humanly possible. The works are complete so a retrospective application is required, and stalling will give me the crucial time to earn lots of money in my day job which I can then funnel in to the best planning consultants to help me win this battle. Having never been down this road before, how long can one realistically stall the process? I assume it would go: Council enforcement strongly suggest a retrospective planning app for the unauthorised works (1 month lag) We reject said suggestion (1 month lag) An enforcement notice is officially issued (lag ?) Said enforcement notice is disputed by us (1 year lag?) then how would the process unfold to delay as much as possible? Appreciate any insight from people who've been down this road. *note, within reason I'd be prepared to take this dispute as far as possible, thereby costing the council as much as possible in the process....
  9. Hello, not sure if this is the correct topic to post in. I have submitted for planning permission on a plot of land, however no WAC tests have been carried out prior to submission. Would this be a cause for dismissing? Or would it be a planning condition to carry out the WAC test? I thought a WAC test would need to be carried out regardless by the Groundworker before any spoil is removed, therefore it would not be a necessity prior to planning consent? The land has had no prior buildings or situated near anything which would cause obvious contamination. Thanks.
  10. Hello all, I am just starting my journey to a self build. I have been lucky enough to be gifted some land to build on. I am doing a lot of reading up to learn as much as I can before we start the whole journey. I am going to speak to a solicitor aswell, but just wanted to get as much advice as possible from you. A few questions I have are; 1) to mortgage against the new build does the land have to be changed on the land registry first? 2) is there any tax I will be liable for? We will be living in the main property throughout the build and are planning to live in the property when built. 3) is there anyway to be in contact with the council reference planning prior to the application? 4) Has anyone got any advice from there experience that they can pass on. Thank you for any help and advice you offer.
  11. We have some land to the right hand side of our property, which is our boundary, total length is approx 24 metres. We would like to install 6 ft close board fence panels from a safety and security perspective and will give us more garden space However adjacent to the land is a footpath I found this online with regards to the regulations "No planning permission is required for a wall or fence that is under 2m in height. However, if that wall or fence is adjacent to a highway (including a footpath) then the height of a wall or fence cannot exceed 1m without planning permission" However i am not sure what 'highway' exactly refers to, is it the pavement, road or footpath? Or all? Can i install a 2m fence without planning permission? Pics attached highlighting the area where we wish to erect a fence etc
  12. Hi all, I am about to begin the process of doing some major works to my house and I wanted some opinions on what you guys think of the design and if you think it is possible. I am looking to both extend my property and convert the loft. I currently live in a detached bungalow on a street with a mish mash of houses. Next door is a two storey house, the other side is a bungalow with a huge extension and then mine sits very small in the middle. My idea is below: A double hip to gable conversion, this will open the loft space up massively. Currently I have 2.6m joist to underside of the ridge beam, so I don't have too many concerns there. The space planned to use for the stairs follows the roof line up, the height restrictions would not be a problem for the 2m headroom requirement. The area that I am unsure on is the extension. although I could add a nice extension under PD, I want to take it a step further and I don't mind applying for planning if I can achieve the result. I would like to extend out roughly 6-8m and then make use of the upstairs space as a master bedroom. effectively one big loft conversion when you include the current house. The master bedroom would have a glass gable end window with a nice little balcony (the beauty of south facing garden). My garden extends out massively, I have no problems with taking up space by extending. I have attached a basic idea below (both options of roof pitch), which leads me on to the next area of uncertainty - can you build the wall height of the extension higher and decrease the pitch of the roof to allow more standing head room across the width of the new master bedroom or do it have to run from the current height of the existing brickwork? My knowledge is very small on restrictions, so I could be well out with my ideas but I value anyone's opinion highly. Don't worry about budget too much but I'm interested to hear what you would estimate. If I have missed anything, feel free to ask me any questions. I tried my best while using Sketchup to create my first 3D house model, so the details aren't quite correct lol. Thanks for taking a look! E
  13. We have applied for planning permission to extend our bungalow turning it into a chalet style, whilst increasing the footprint on the ground floor. One of our neighbours has posted an objection with the council, which I have no problem with, I think that the issues they have we covered in our plans. However, they have posted letters to all of our other neighbours, with a copy of their objection and asking "Should you have any thoughts or comments to add weight to our objection, you can view the plans and comments online". Are they allowed to do this? Should I mention it to the planning officer/parish council etc... Thanks in advance
  14. Hi everyone, After years of hard slog (mainly by my much more capable other half!) and fours house flips later we have finally bought a house for 'us' rather than one to do up and sell on - exciting times! So the property has a large detached garage with a first floor on top. The first floor is accessed externally and currently has a store room and another larger room which was used by the old owners as an office (so already has power). With the amount of space up there we'd love to convert it into an annex for family to stay, with the possibility of air bnb'ing it later down the line. We're doing our best to get our heads round permissions but getting a bit stuck! Having spoken to our local council we can have a 'pre-application advice' meeting for £80 to discuss changing it to an annex for personal use or £260 to discuss changing it into a 'holiday let'. Before committing to either of these (to potentially be told no - previous owner applied for planning twice to build another house on the land and main reason for denial was increased traffic in the rural area), I was wondering whether anyone could help me understand our chances of getting planning for either of the above.... or even whether converting it to an annex for personal use would fall into the permitted developments category. I'm completely new to all this and the information online is going straight over my head so any help in an easy to understand format would be very much appreciated!! Thanks so much.
  15. Hi Guys, I wanted to try for planning myself. I did a larger project a few years back where the architect did it all, but this is a smaller project so I was hoping to do a little more myself. Anyway... I got my plans together and used to submit my application to the local authority. The confirmed receipt inside of 24 hours and rejected it citing 3 errors in my application - two of them were my own stupid fault and I corrected them. The third has me a little confused... This is a very small extension to the rear of my property. I'm basically squaring an L-shaped room off for a new kitchen. It's a ground floor. So getting to the point, they've asked me to indicate neighbours windows on the existing and proposed plans I've submitted. I've googled about and can't find any example of what they are asking me for. I called and a planning administrator wasn't sure what they wanted either? I've emailed the planning department for a little clarification but I thought I would ask here as well. Thanks in advance 11 Garth Road - Proposed.pdf 11 Garth Road - Existing.pdf
  16. Hi all, we have an outbuilding that was approved to be rebuilt as a "Home Office and Gym". We are genuinely going to be using it as such for a while, but the reality is that we will then in due course apply for a change of use Cert of Lawfulness under PD for it to be classed as a Granny Annexe. I spoke to one planning consultant who said: "be careful that you actually execute the purpose the building was approved to be, before going for different planning opportunities". He said don't just try and swap it immediately for a granny annexe as they could argue you never used it as it was intended. His recommendation was to gather tons of evidence of it in use as an office, lots of photos etc and then "in due course" put in the app for the Cert of Lawfulness. I pressed him on how long "in due course" meant in reality and he slightly shrugged and said "6 months". But was very convincing. But has anybody gone through this process? How tough - if at all - were the council on requesting evidence of the building's use as originally intended? How long is long enough? How much evidence is enough? Thanks for any thoughts
  17. Hello, SoI’ve been dreaming up a small home on a small plot. Sadly the neighbour has encroached to prevent (its a complicated story) but they have essentially pinned my little garage in and taken 2 feet of my land and is essentially attempting to force a sale. ...for now I need to repair the garage before everything in in is ruined. What can I do without planning permission for now until I have resolved the boundary situation? This is a case of someone with money taking of advantage of someone without....very frustrating! Please help. Thanks, Micc
  18. We have one of those maddening, tightrope-like conundrums where there is no easy answer, so this thread I guess would ideally be a poll of sorts. basically we have PP to demolish 2 outbuildings and build a large home office in their place. We also have full PD rights. our planning strategy (over time) HAD been as follows: Home Gym > Change of Use to Granny Annexe (under PD, with Cert of Lawfulness) > Change of Use to Separate Dwelling (PP app) however, we are now staring down the barrel of the c. £25k VAT bill on assembling the "home office" structure, which of course could be avoided if this were constructed as a full separate dwelling from the outset As I see it we have 3 options: stick to the "softly softly or lily pad" planning strategy and simply suck up the £25k VAT bill in the spirit of strengthening our planning position over time blow our cover with the council and steam ahead with a full "separate dwelling" app, putting all building works on hold (of course this app may be approved, rejected, approved at appeal or rejected at appeal) persuade our builders to post-date the invoices, start both building and the separate dwelling planning app simultaneously, and then (hopefully) the timing works out whereby we're granted approval and the structure is well on its way to being finished If anybody else has other ideas for a way round this I would love to hear them. And also would love to hear which option you would take. Clearly the problem here is that this isn't £5k, or even £'s £25k. And also we will lose our slot with some very good builders if we delay.
  19. Hi everyone I'm wanting to build a shed. Been looking through various sources online and through local council information, which is terribly difficult to actually find anything, to see what rules i have to follow with regards to planning permission. I could have sworn i read somewhere that there is a clause that if i wish to build an outbuilding within 2.5 meters of a highway i need planning permission. However that was a little while ago, now I'm looking into it more seriously i can't find that information again. If i look on the kirklees council planning & development site ( it directs me to the Planning Portal ( which has no mention of highways. Only maximum height if im close to a boundary. Where we live we have a section of land behind the house which is more than big enough to put a small shed on, but it's right up against the road, no path or anything. Just my land, kirb, road. The road isn't a through road, just a small road for access to the houses at the bottom. Can anyone confirm or deny that because the boundary is up-against a road I am indeed going to have to seek planning permission to build it? I hope not, It'll be a right faff just for a shed. I wouldn't even know where to begin! Thanks.
  20. hello ive an issue after more than a year with planning, i made a non material amendment to my permission granted single story & side ext, so have two drawings both with permission. the landing side window on amendment was changed from opener to closed, so spoke to my planning officer and was told both plans have been passed i can use the existing roofline side window detail. yesterday i received the email below from an enforcement officer. so do i have to implement an amendment Am I right in assuming you have carried out the planning permission as approved under 16/508020/FULL? If so has it been carried out strictly in accordance with the 2016 permission or only partly? I must remind you of the informative in the no material amendment which states: “Informative(s): (1) The applicant is reminded that this decision runs in parallel to planning permission 16/503457/FULL and therefore all conditions attached to the existing decision remain in place and must be observed” once this has been established, I will be able to advise accordingly.
  21. I live on a new estate where all the houses are open plan. I hate my open plan front garden its a cat toilet and plants don't grow as concrete has been laid underneath. Looking at the Planning Portal I can pave over the garden with permeable materials. However, it doesn't say whether I can raise up the height of the garden. I can foresee kids cycling across the property if I pave over the garden. There is also a water meter in the lawn itself. Id appreciate any ideas for improving the front garden if any.
  22. Hi All, has anyone had any experience with submitting planning permission for an end terrace? Had the planning officer round last week to run through our proposal and he said it was an awkward plot; putting another 3 bed house on the end would make sense and looks right from street side (already a single story garage in the footprint of the proposal) but the main detractor was that as the rear gardens of the neighbours all look onto one another building up another story above the garage may be over bearing to the adjoining garden. I'm planning to push back on this due to a number of reasons; -Privacy; all the back gardens look onto one another from the outset and if it comes to it we could use obscured glass on the top floor - Light doesn't seem to be a problem -View; the garden within the closest proximity cant actually see the open air view from the window, can only be seen when in the garden. Additionally he said a extension ( half house = 3m) would probably be allowed but the difference between this and allowing the new build really would seem negligible. Looking at other submissions in the area new infill houses and extensions have been built although not in the exact same situation apart from one up the road which was given planning permission due to an administrative error! The refusal was printed on a piece on paper which said PLANNING PERMISSION GRANTED and so had no conditions which is an interesting case. Does anyone have any advice on what to emphasise in the application? Pictures attached, thanks for any help given
  23. Hi guys, This is my first post and would appreciate some advice if anyone can help. My parents own an office building which they have been trying to sell but I have always had other plans for it and suggested making it in to flats as its such a large space. They had a buyer which has recently fell through and now they are finally considering converting it into flats. The positive from the situation is that the person who tried to buy the property had gained prior approval for Class O Permitted Development however, the plans he had were not what I had in mind and he wanted to make a HMO. So now we need to put another prior approval request in with new plans that match what we want. I have tried contacting the planning office numerous times but no response, i'm assuming due to Covid. I wanted to get a bit more info about what we can have under the Class O PD but don't want to pay for pre-planning advice if can be avoided due to cost and the time the council will take to reply. I have also looked at the legislation which is very vague and can't find anything on the internet. My question is, with Class O PD, can you keep part of the building as an office space and convert the rest in to flats without getting full planning permission? I have attached an original plan of the building and drawn on the other to show the flats and the office as I would like them. I believe you can have as many self contained flats as you want at any size under this PD but i'm just not sure about keeping part of the building as the same use class as the original. I hope someone has had some experience with this and can please help! Thanks Sam Office Original Plan.pdf Office Original Plan 2.pdf
  24. HI, I am looking to change my flat bathroom roof to a sloping roof, would i need 1)planning permission 2)building control 3) both the above 4) none Images : Before!AnciZIqTBf0Vg8UEs3KjIQhyt3tXvQ?e=RZirih!AnciZIqTBf0Vg8UDJkuCsCJi9Wvqhg Images : After!AnciZIqTBf0Vg8UC-hi62Wv6bAGMLQ?e=AbiKDA Reply to topic
  25. Hi everyone, I have plans to build a log cabin on my croft land and I'm looking for some advice. Hopefully one of you can help me out ! If I were to build a "caravan" (log cabin) on croft land to serve as a holiday let/self catering accommodation, do I need planning permission for this ? Is it possible for me to build the caravan without planning permission and then apply for change of use to a holiday let ? Would I need a building warrant for a drainage connection and if so how do I go about getting one ? My local council is the Highland Council. I've tried my best to find these things out without contacting planning etc but no luck. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks !