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Found 36 results

  1. We have one of those maddening, tightrope-like conundrums where there is no easy answer, so this thread I guess would ideally be a poll of sorts. basically we have PP to demolish 2 outbuildings and build a large home office in their place. We also have full PD rights. our planning strategy (over time) HAD been as follows: Home Gym > Change of Use to Granny Annexe (under PD, with Cert of Lawfulness) > Change of Use to Separate Dwelling (PP app) however, we are now staring down the barrel of the c. £25k VAT bill on assembling the "home office" structure, which of course could be avoided if this were constructed as a full separate dwelling from the outset As I see it we have 3 options: stick to the "softly softly or lily pad" planning strategy and simply suck up the £25k VAT bill in the spirit of strengthening our planning position over time blow our cover with the council and steam ahead with a full "separate dwelling" app, putting all building works on hold (of course this app may be approved, rejected, approved at appeal or rejected at appeal) persuade our builders to post-date the invoices, start both building and the separate dwelling planning app simultaneously, and then (hopefully) the timing works out whereby we're granted approval and the structure is well on its way to being finished If anybody else has other ideas for a way round this I would love to hear them. And also would love to hear which option you would take. Clearly the problem here is that this isn't £5k, or even £'s £25k. And also we will lose our slot with some very good builders if we delay.
  2. Hi everyone I'm wanting to build a shed. Been looking through various sources online and through local council information, which is terribly difficult to actually find anything, to see what rules i have to follow with regards to planning permission. I could have sworn i read somewhere that there is a clause that if i wish to build an outbuilding within 2.5 meters of a highway i need planning permission. However that was a little while ago, now I'm looking into it more seriously i can't find that information again. If i look on the kirklees council planning & development site ( it directs me to the Planning Portal ( which has no mention of highways. Only maximum height if im close to a boundary. Where we live we have a section of land behind the house which is more than big enough to put a small shed on, but it's right up against the road, no path or anything. Just my land, kirb, road. The road isn't a through road, just a small road for access to the houses at the bottom. Can anyone confirm or deny that because the boundary is up-against a road I am indeed going to have to seek planning permission to build it? I hope not, It'll be a right faff just for a shed. I wouldn't even know where to begin! Thanks.
  3. hello ive an issue after more than a year with planning, i made a non material amendment to my permission granted single story & side ext, so have two drawings both with permission. the landing side window on amendment was changed from opener to closed, so spoke to my planning officer and was told both plans have been passed i can use the existing roofline side window detail. yesterday i received the email below from an enforcement officer. so do i have to implement an amendment Am I right in assuming you have carried out the planning permission as approved under 16/508020/FULL? If so has it been carried out strictly in accordance with the 2016 permission or only partly? I must remind you of the informative in the no material amendment which states: “Informative(s): (1) The applicant is reminded that this decision runs in parallel to planning permission 16/503457/FULL and therefore all conditions attached to the existing decision remain in place and must be observed” once this has been established, I will be able to advise accordingly.
  4. I live on a new estate where all the houses are open plan. I hate my open plan front garden its a cat toilet and plants don't grow as concrete has been laid underneath. Looking at the Planning Portal I can pave over the garden with permeable materials. However, it doesn't say whether I can raise up the height of the garden. I can foresee kids cycling across the property if I pave over the garden. There is also a water meter in the lawn itself. Id appreciate any ideas for improving the front garden if any.
  5. Hi All, has anyone had any experience with submitting planning permission for an end terrace? Had the planning officer round last week to run through our proposal and he said it was an awkward plot; putting another 3 bed house on the end would make sense and looks right from street side (already a single story garage in the footprint of the proposal) but the main detractor was that as the rear gardens of the neighbours all look onto one another building up another story above the garage may be over bearing to the adjoining garden. I'm planning to push back on this due to a number of reasons; -Privacy; all the back gardens look onto one another from the outset and if it comes to it we could use obscured glass on the top floor - Light doesn't seem to be a problem -View; the garden within the closest proximity cant actually see the open air view from the window, can only be seen when in the garden. Additionally he said a extension ( half house = 3m) would probably be allowed but the difference between this and allowing the new build really would seem negligible. Looking at other submissions in the area new infill houses and extensions have been built although not in the exact same situation apart from one up the road which was given planning permission due to an administrative error! The refusal was printed on a piece on paper which said PLANNING PERMISSION GRANTED and so had no conditions which is an interesting case. Does anyone have any advice on what to emphasise in the application? Pictures attached, thanks for any help given
  6. Hi guys, This is my first post and would appreciate some advice if anyone can help. My parents own an office building which they have been trying to sell but I have always had other plans for it and suggested making it in to flats as its such a large space. They had a buyer which has recently fell through and now they are finally considering converting it into flats. The positive from the situation is that the person who tried to buy the property had gained prior approval for Class O Permitted Development however, the plans he had were not what I had in mind and he wanted to make a HMO. So now we need to put another prior approval request in with new plans that match what we want. I have tried contacting the planning office numerous times but no response, i'm assuming due to Covid. I wanted to get a bit more info about what we can have under the Class O PD but don't want to pay for pre-planning advice if can be avoided due to cost and the time the council will take to reply. I have also looked at the legislation which is very vague and can't find anything on the internet. My question is, with Class O PD, can you keep part of the building as an office space and convert the rest in to flats without getting full planning permission? I have attached an original plan of the building and drawn on the other to show the flats and the office as I would like them. I believe you can have as many self contained flats as you want at any size under this PD but i'm just not sure about keeping part of the building as the same use class as the original. I hope someone has had some experience with this and can please help! Thanks Sam Office Original Plan.pdf Office Original Plan 2.pdf
  7. HI, I am looking to change my flat bathroom roof to a sloping roof, would i need 1)planning permission 2)building control 3) both the above 4) none Images : Before!AnciZIqTBf0Vg8UEs3KjIQhyt3tXvQ?e=RZirih!AnciZIqTBf0Vg8UDJkuCsCJi9Wvqhg Images : After!AnciZIqTBf0Vg8UC-hi62Wv6bAGMLQ?e=AbiKDA Reply to topic
  8. Hi everyone, I have plans to build a log cabin on my croft land and I'm looking for some advice. Hopefully one of you can help me out ! If I were to build a "caravan" (log cabin) on croft land to serve as a holiday let/self catering accommodation, do I need planning permission for this ? Is it possible for me to build the caravan without planning permission and then apply for change of use to a holiday let ? Would I need a building warrant for a drainage connection and if so how do I go about getting one ? My local council is the Highland Council. I've tried my best to find these things out without contacting planning etc but no luck. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks !
  9. Hi all, Newbie here fantasising about building our dream house! After your opinion on the following: We live in a semi-rural area in the South-East of England. There is one main road in the village (about 1.5miles long) and there are house either side of it all the way along. There is one area where in-between two lovely, big houses and opposite some lovely, big houses that is farmland – a small farm of about 6acres. The visible part of the farm is in-between all of these houses facing the road. There are some derelict barns that have half fallen down and look absolutely terrible – in the two years I’ve lived here there have been two cars visible in the barns that are complete wrecks as well so it is basically like it’s not used at all. That’s the only part you can see from the road. If you look at satellite view it looks like any of the ‘working’ farm buildings are much further back and it also looks like there is some sort of house but I can’t be 100% sure. I would like to approach the owners and ask if they are willing to sell any part of their land. Ideally the front part (the part visible to the road). Probably half and acre. We’d probably have to make sure they could access the farm behind with some sort of road which I’m fine with (it would be a very wide plot). I understand a couple of the obstacles are as follows: They don’t want to sell! This is agricultural land so we wouldn’t get planning permission anyway. IF they did want to sell to us what do you think our chances of gaining planning permission are? Bearing in mind the current eyesore this is amongst million pound plus house – so we would be improving the general look of the area which I think appeals to councils? I also don’t know if this is active/working farmland – I can’t find any information in regards to what they farm. If it is an active farm and they want to carry on with it I am not preventing this either if we only buy a portion of the land so feel this could work in my favour? I understand you would have to draw up a contract if it got to the stage of them be willing to sell stating sale would be subject to planning. I am also aware that they could also decide to gain planning permission themselves before selling because obviously the land would then be worth a lot more! Basically, do you think I stand a chance and if you do, how would you suggest I approach this? Thanking you in advance and apologies for the lengthy post! Charlotte
  10. Folks... I very recently bought a plot with full PP for a perfectly nice oak framed house, the problem is it's someone else's interpretation of nice and not my dream. I would very much like to change the design to a more contemporary and simpler clean lines design, optimised to suit contemporary timber this doable??. If I go for a complete re-application it will be the third in four years..The plot is in the conservation area of a village in North Herefordshire. Any similar experiences out there?
  11. I'm looking to build my own house (in Scotland) using 2 static caravans joined together, creating a 90 square meter house. Would using static caravans as the structure for my house pose any problems for planning permission?
  12. A very quick sanity check on a couple of things that may need PP / Building Regs. 1 - In England do I need PP for a loft conversion with a road facing roof window? (Rear facing roof window is already in place) 2 - In England do I need PP to insert a new rear-facing window in a bedroom? (I think the answers are probably yes to 1, and yes-but-I-may-get-away-without-it to 2 for PP, and yes to both for Building Regs approval). Cheers. Ferdinand
  13. I am of the view that there seems to have been an increase in the number of consultant reports required by self-builders (and developers, but that is not the topic here) over the last 20 years. My view is that this is in part down to Councils playing safe because it is more attractive to demand a report anyway when somebody else pays the expense, rather than the scarier prospect of not insisting on one. However, that is anecdotal. My suspicion is that we are in a position where a dynamic exists where some bodies want more reports to grow their businesses, in addition to protect whatever they say they are trying to protect. But I need to begin to get a handle on some evidence. I am trying to frame an FOI request to get data from a typical authority about 2 sample periods (perhaps Sep-Oct 2018, and Sep-Oct 2006), to get a snapshot sample. I think a more-complete request would be too much expenditure to get through, and to be justifiable as a load to place on Council Staff. Question 1: Does anyone have or know of any data on this? Question 2: Where is the definitive list of statutory, and hopefully non-statutory, consultees? Any comments are most welcome. Ferdinand
  14. Friends of mine have viewed a property (in England) that they are interested in buying. The listing from the estate agent mentions a detached garage but when they viewed the house the garage has been converted into an annex for the owners' parents. It has a bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen / laundry. They asked about it and were told that it has been done under permitted development and that the conversion was done before they bought the property. My friends have tracked down the estate agent listing when the current owners bought the property in 2012 and the conversion had indeed been made then as the listing mentions it but at that point it was only a half conversion at the back of the garage with a bedroom and a bathroom. Now the whole garage has been converted and the other half is now a kitchen/laundry and living room. They don't appear to have got either planning permission or building control sign off. My friends are still interested in the house but I thought that if a completely separate annex had been built not only did it need PP but that it would mean that separate council tax was due too? Can they avoid this if they immediately remove the kitchen? They would like to retain the laundry facilities if possible so that they have somewhere to wash their dog beds but have no wish to actually use the annex accommodation at this point. There is a other brick built building in the garden that is used as a summerhouse that appears to have no permission either. Sounds like a minefield to me TBH especially as they would like to extend the main house at some point anyway.
  15. We submitted our plans for pre-application advice, paid the fee back in Nov'2018. The Council states they aim to deal with these in 10 working days, and set up a meeting in 15 working days from submission date. It's been almost twice that long (even taking Christmas out), and last time we gently checked whether they received the payment (the payment process is separate from application, so some doubts around whether they can match the two correctly) a reply came that they received both and aim to respond last week. Nothing since, and the weekly update on council website shows they are dealing with applications submitted later than ours. Hence, the questions - should we chase them again, or we risk getting into their bad books forever? I know, patience is a virtue, but there is patience and patience. Am also mindful there will be another 8 wks once we submit the full appl;n. Advice?..
  16. I'll keep this short and sweet. Judge for yourself whether my anger is justified. In order to obtain planning permission, we had to have an ecology desk study , a phase one and two ecology survey. That study found that, within National Guidelines, great crested newts were in danger. Finding that out cost a couple of thousand. After planning permission was awarded we needed to implement the Action Plan under the terms set out in our permission. Cost? a further several thousand. I'm so angry, I can't bear to look it up. In the blizzard of local applications for planning permission - and by local I mean 400 meters - the following occurred; Applicant No 1 took our survey (published online - not by us, but the LPA, (Wyre Borough) and used it as their own. No permission was asked. In response to Applicant No 1' Wyre Borough's ecologist suggested that instead of the measures we had to take, No1 merely needed to put up a sign saying the equivalent of Seen a newt? Kiss it and put it in the grass Applicant No 2. No need for a survey Applicant No 2's second application, no need for a survey Applicant No 2's third application, no need for a survey Applicant No 3: - application for permission to build within spitting distance of a pond which I had to have surveyed - so I know for rock bottom certain contains newts (GCNs), was told to put up a sign saying Seen a newt? Kiss it and put it in the grass The system is sick. Ecology has not got its act together. National laws are disregarded. Applicants for Planning permission need to know that before applying for permission - in West Lancashire - Wyre Borough to be specific - you can tip a load of pig manure in a pond and then wait a bit before applying. In addition you can rip your neighbours off by using their survey instead of paying for your own. And finally, Wyre Borough Planning Department does not appear to check any of the advice given by its ecologists. Why would they? Anyone with an ecology degree can set up as an ecologist, and so be recognised as a competent person. Full documentation is available online, and if you wish to PM me, I will gladly supply every reference. I could add the Iinks in this post, but I do not wish to embarrass my neighbours. I do not feel anything like so coy when exposing Wyre Borough to the most severe critique of their practice. How is it that two ecologists can read the same guidelines and come to completely different conclusions? The cost for me several thousand quid. For others, zero. Shame on you Wyre Borough, shame on you.
  17. Can we claim tbe vat back on the street name sign? We had to do this as part of the planning process.
  18. This time in Islington. It’s not the end of the line yet I guess
  19. Interesting. Kevin McLoud of clan McCloud: The rest is here. Ferdinand
  20. A useful little checklist I cam across on my local COuncil website for people planning to object to a Planning Application, or trying to make a Planning Application bulletproof. What Is A Planning Consideration? Should you wish to comment on a current planning application, the following lists shows other considerations that will and will not normally be taken into account when considering a planning application Material Planning Considerations - what is normally taken into account? Relevant policies Overshadowing/Loss of light Overlooking/Loss of privacy Scale/Size Design/Appearance/Materials/Layout Dominance Highway/Pedestrian safety issues Traffic generation Site history Noise/Disturbance/Smells Local character Conservation (historic buildings) Loss of important open spaces Drainage issues Wildlife (particularly protected species such as bats or newts) Landscaping and trees Loss of important physical features Potential conditions Non-material Panning Considerations - What is not normally taken into account? Impact on property values Private property issues such as boundary dispute, access rights, damage caused to your property by a third property Matters covered by other legislation such as Licensing or Building Regulations The perceived morals/future intentions of developers Loss of a view Competition (ie new competitor business starting up) The above lists are by no means exhaustive but give an overview of the types of issues that would normally or not normally be considered. Link: Yay Newts! Ferdinand
  21. Well the foundations should be going in soon, the ground-workers are all lined up for clearing the plot .. but Stop! We found out a few days ago that 4 (of my 11 conditions) need to be signed off before we do ANY work, expressly making an entrance to the site from the road ...(sigh) anyway i have all the stuff they need so i fired it over, but then got told that i need to fill in this DISCHARGE form ...which looks like a mini planning app But what i didn't think was that each time i ask for a condition to be "ticked off" i pay some dosh! So i read the attached advice from the site, and was under the impression (see what you guys think) that if i submit ONE form, with the 4 conditions on it there is provision to list several conditions on it: then it should be one fee although i was told on the phone it is one fee PER condition
  22. Today was d-day for us as far as planning permission is concerned as it was the decision deadline. Approved, no amendments, exactly how it was submitted. I had hoped for the best and prepared for the worst and got the former. Now the real work begins!
  23. vivienz

    Good news

    To say I'm thrilled is an understatement. Our architect gave me a call this afternoon to say that planning permission has been granted and with no changes to what we submitted. I was fully prepared for the worst and even had a plan B in place so that we could deal with the summer bat roost in the roof of the existing bungalow before it becomes active again at the end of spring, so I can set aside that bit of scheming now. I had some concern that the planning officer would object to the larger size of the new building or its increased height but my concerns were unnecessary. One of the main parts of our briefing to the architect was that we didn't want more rooms than we have in our current house (3 bed with a loft conversion), but we wanted larger rooms. Much larger. In this case, size really does matter. Anyhow, all's well for the time being so we best our game face on and start the hard work part of it.
  24. Well, I know I have been quiet the last 4 weeks or so... ..been biting my nails and waiting... BUT..A few days ago we got APPROVAL of our 3 Bed Home !! Thanks to all that helped me with advice and sent me samples and guides to look over for the statement and gave me other advice Special thanks to Forum powerhouses ... Ferdinand and Jack I now have to get these conditions signed off for building reg I maybe I will be bothering you lot again soon regards Ed
  25. I need to get hold of some material samples for a house that will never be built. Bear with me, it will make sense in the end! Earlier this year, OH and I bought a site in north Dorset with an old woolaway type bungalow on the plot. There was an attached full planning permission to demolish and re-build; the proposed house is fairly ordinary, 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 storey. We are in the throes of applying for a new permission to build the house that we actually want, but between the backlogs at the council and an architect with no sense of urgency or even speed, this is likely to take some time to be agreed, even if it goes through without any objections. I want to demolish the bungalow under the existing planning permission because it has been confirmed as a summer roost for bats and this needs to be done before the end of April, when they come out of hibernation and may take up residence in the building again. It's quite likely that we won't get the new permission in time to satisfy whatever permission conditions are attached and give notice to building control, hence my desire to use the current permission. To do this, the existing planning conditions require me to submit samples of the external materials that will be used in construction, as well as windows and doors. I have been advised by the planning department that the tech drawings supplied by window and door manufacturers in their brochures will suffice for that part, but I still need to get hold of some bricks and tiles, etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this that won't cost me too much and that the council will accept?